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SERMON 'X. In what good Offices the Ministry of Angels

confifts. PSALM xci. 10, 11, 12. There shall no Evil happen unto thee, neither fhall any Plague come nigh thy Dwelling. For be shall give bis Angels Charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy Ways. They fall bear thee in their Hands, that thou burt not thy Foot against a Stone. 232

The SIN of the Apostate Angels.

JUDE ver. 6.
The Angels which kept not their first Estate,

but left their own Habitation, he hath reserved, in everlasting Chains, under Darkness, unto the Judgment of the great Day.


S E R M O N XII. The FALL of the Apoftate Angels.

2 PET. ii. 4. God spared not the Angels that sinned, but caft

them down to Hell, and delivered them into Chains of Darkness, to be reserved unto Fudgment.

274 S E R



Christ risen from the Dead.

I COR. XV. 20.

But now is Christ risen from the Dead, and

become the First-Fruits of them that slept..


Ow different, my Brethren, is this Day's Solemnity from those

which lately called us to the “ House of God! How happy the Change, “ from Lamentation, and Mourning, and " Woe, the Tragedy of a bleeding and dy

ing Saviour, to Joy and Gladness, the Tri" umph of a living and victorious one! This " is the Day which the Lord bath made [as we “ have sung in one of the

proper Psalms,] he “ hath made it high, he hath made it high a“bove the rest, by rising on it from the Dead,

by being born a second Time, born from " the Womb of the Earth, born now not to

prove himself Man but God. This is that “ most mysterious Day that turned our SaviVOL. III,


or our's



our's Cross into a lasting Trophy, and his

“ Crown of Thorns into a Ray of Glory; ar that brought Honour to the once accursed

“ Tree, and by a wonderful Effect produced “ Immortality out of Death, and everlasting “ Renown out of Shame and Contempt. Let

us be glad therefore and rejoice in this “ Christian Jubilee, since Death, the last and " most formidable of our Enemies, is now « under the Power of one that can destroy “ him: All his Attempts upon the Captain " of our Salvation were weak and vain, and " therefore all his Force cannot prevail a

gainst those who fight under our victorious “ Leader. For this is our Security, this our

rejoicing, that the Lord is risen, yea, the Lord is risen indeed: Christ is risen from " the Dead, and become the First Fruits of " them that Nept: The Lamb who was sain,

now liveth again, and behold, he is alive for evermore, Amen; and hath the Keys of

Hell and of Death.Stanhope. With such pious Strains an elegant Pen of

our own Church begins his Meditations upon the Gospel for this Day: And such like holy Extacies of Joy did the Apostles first, and after them all the Churches of God discover at the Approach of this triumphant Morning,


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