Laclede County, Missouri: History and Families, Volumen1

Turner Publishing Company, 2000 - 352 páginas

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When this Book was written, some documentation was not forth-coming pertaining to: BIGGS, Martin Erin "Tobe". The writer failed to document information correctly on specific Names and Birth Years to the Correct "Hardy" Biggs men! The name "Hardy" has been documented to Seven men of this Biggs family that are named: "Hardy" Biggs as of 2005! Thus, some information for one "Hardy" was Transposed from Two men named "Hardy" Biggs back in the early 1815 to 1865! * Re-documented by me Ralph Biggs, turned "Family Researcher" to LEARN the truth of my ancestors Past. Yes, I myself made some mistakes as others have done per the documentation of this "Biggs Family"; but, have since double-checked and re-documented documents from a Civil War Pension Death Benefit File of one Pvt. "Hardy L." Biggs who died in the Civil War in November 1863. * Pension was purchased in 2014! - Per this Book, it says Martin Erin "Tobe" is a grandson of "Hardy L." Biggs born 1815. - PARTLY True; but Very Miss-leading! - It took some time to figure Each "Hardy" Biggs man out and I had to re-adjust the System as to How to identify the Correct "Hardy" Biggs man by using his Birth Year and Numbering from One to Seven per AGE of Each "Hardy" Biggs man! THUS, the Correct system is to following them by #'s as to the way they document out. This walks out by better documentation for the past than what was found/used/produced before 2005. As it stands now; {Since I've not found any other "Hardy" Biggs men of this family.} * {# 1} - "Hardy" Biggs, born 1815 TENN.; SON of David and Francis Biggs has NO Middle Name or Initial! Was married Twice; Raised Two Families Together! {No documentation FOUND but, the initial "L." was INSERTED into His name by historians! First Wife has yet to be documented by Name since Lost/Forgotten over time! But, she bore him Eight Children at least and Their Names are shown on the 1850 Census listed under Two younger children from Second Wife, Elizabeth TILLEY! {*Name documented out by Missouri Death Certificate # 4814! - Mother of Albert Biggs born 1848!} * {# 2} - "Hardy C." Biggs, born 1829 KY.; Son of William Biggs and Elizabeth Manning! # 2 "Hardy C." married Cyrena/Syrena/Susan Asnet Booker in 1853 in Springfield, MO. and served in the Civil War with Three Cousins in same Regiment! {Documented from 2007 to 2014}. "Hardy C." Biggs died in 1899 in Douglas County, MO. * {# 3} - "Hardy L." Biggs, born 1839 TN./KY. {Depending on which Census one uses!} SON of # 1 - "Hardy" Biggs and First Wife! !!! This being the REAL "Hardy L." Biggs who did marry Elizabeth Jane Smith in October 1859 in Laclede County, MO. and MOVED to Greene County, MO. by 1860 to be near wife's parents for birth of their child in November 1860! {* No One documented this! or the Following until I purchased the Civil War Benefit Pension File in 2014!} * NOT documented by family: Elizabeth Jane Smith-Biggs DIED August 29, 1862 in Springfield, MO. just TEN Days after "Hardy L." {# 3} Biggs had joined the 8th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, USA and left Springfield! * {# 4} - "Hardy J. {John}" Biggs, born October 6, 1860 in Springfield, MO. SON of # 3 - "Hardy L." Biggs and Elizabeth Smith-Biggs! * HOWEVER, # 4 - "Hardy J. {John" Biggs will NEVER be documented out after Birth! - Grandpa Hiram Smith CHANGED this Grandson's Name in January 1870 without others Knowing this! - NOW to be documented as: JOHN NEWLIN Biggs, Son of # 3 - "Hardy L." Biggs and Elizabeth Jane Smith-Biggs. * {# 5} - "Hardie/Hardy" Biggs, born 1870 MO.; Son of Andrew Allen Biggs and Catharine Jane Rector-Biggs. - {# 5} "Hardie/Hardy" Biggs is my Grandfather and HE spelled his name BOTH WAYS! {I like the "Hardie" because it tells me real quick which "Hardy" is which 

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