American Slave Trade; Or, An Account of the Manner in which the Slave Dealers Take Free People from Some of the United States of America, and Carry Them Away, and Sell Them as Slaves in Other of the States; and of the Horrible Cruelties Practised in the Carrying on of this Most Infamous Traffic: With Reflections on the Project for Forming a Colony of American Blacks in Africa, and Certain Documents Respecting that Project

C. Clement and published by J. M. Cobbett, 1822 - 119 páginas

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Página 93 - It is not for us to inquire why, in the creation of mankind, the inhabitants of the several parts of the earth were distinguished by a difference in feature or complexion. It is sufficient to know that all are the work of an Almighty hand.
Página 23 - England of his day, whatever its limitations, was seething with important movements as interesting, in slightly different applications, on this side of the Atlantic as well as on the other...
Página 37 - ... which maintains inviolably the maxims of public faith, the security of persons and property, and encourages in every authorized mode that general diffusion of knowledge which guarantees to public liberty its permanency and to those who possess the blessing the true enjoyment of it...
Página 112 - ... Those great ends, it is conceived, may be accomplished by making adequate provision for planting, in some salubrious and fertile region, a colony, to be composed of such of the above description of persons as may choose to emigrate ; and for extending to it the authority and protection of the United States, until it shall have attained sufficient strength and consistency to be left in a state of independence.
Página 109 - Society shall be called the American Society for colonizing the free people of colour of the United States.
Página 109 - The object, to which its attention is to be exclusively directed, is to promote and execute a plan for colonizing (with their consent) the free people of color residing in our country in Africa, or such other place as Congress shall deem most expedient.
Página 112 - ... the guilt and disgrace of which most of the civilized nations of the world were partakers) to become the honorable instrument, under Divine Providence, of conferring a still higher blessing...
Página iii - And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.
Página 102 - The more you improve the condition of these people, the more you cultivate their minds, the more miserable you make them in their present state.-. You give them a higher relish for those privileges which they can never attain, and turn what you intend for a blessing into a curse.
Página 50 - States, for the purpose of obtaining a territory on the coast of Africa, or at some other place, not within any of the states or territorial governments of the United States, to serve as an asylum for such persons of/ colour as are now free, and may desire the same, and for those who may hereafter be emancipated within this Commonwealth...

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