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When the publication of this Magazine was undertaken, it was resolved to make as good a Magazine as might be in the power of the manager, whether or not any body subscribed for it. The remarkable favor with which it has been received by thinking people indicates that there are many who agree with him as to what is a good magazine.

It occupies a field similar to the old and excellent Eclectic Magazine and Littell'8 Living Age, discarding, however, all fiction and distinctively light literature, and giving special prominence to what is worthy of permanent preservation. It will draw largely from Continental as well as from English sources. Its cost, in proportion to the amount of its contents, is only a fraction of the cost of the Eclectic or Littell, and its form, for preservation, is unique among magazines and greatly superior to any other.

Previous to this date the LIBRARY MAGAZINE has been published for the price of 10 cents a number, or $1.00 a year.

"What is worth reading is worth preserving,” has always been a motto of this house, and with the special object of securing permanent preservation and convenient reference, the peculiar form and size of the magazine was originally adopted, and as each volume has been completed, it has been issued in bound form ; in the bound volumes particularly it has met with such remarkable favor, that the publishers have decided hereafter to issue it in bound form orlu. Instead of appearing once a month, and being of a specified number of pages, the frequency of its issue and its size will hereafter be varied according to the amount of desirable matter which

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