A Tangled Web

Doubleday & McClure Company, 1899 - 342 páginas
Impoverished by poor crops, William, one of two sons from a rural farm family in western England decides to go to sea, leaving behind his sweetheart, Ursula, in the care of Jack, his brother. Ill-treated by her father, Ursula first goes to Jack for sympathy, but a romance develops, and the tangled web resulting is finally unravelled in tragedy.

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Página 80 - We have ploughed, we have sowed, We have reaped, we have mowed We have brought home every load, Hip, hip, hip, Harvest home ! and thus, sir, the whole assembly shout
Página 276 - I shall never get away from the thought o' it," he wailed, when they had passed; and he put his hand over his eyes as if to shut out the sight of something before his mind. For a few steps they went on in silence. Ursula was the first to find the courage to speak. "Can be nobeddy o' these parts," she presently began in a low whisper.
Página 81 - They made a king of the reapers, whose word was law; and from farm to farm they went in turn, where they were wanted most, and every homestead found a feast.
Página 85 - Jacob muttered to himself, toddled up to this last bit of wheat, and, just below the ruddy ears, with a pride that made Jacob sick, he lied the straw, together in a knot. Whooping like a pack o' boys, the reapers all stood back in a half-circle and threw their reap-hooks at this mark.
Página 3 - ... a lilac just gone past on one hand, and a laburnum, still in golden flower, upon the other.
Página 186 - Take a bit of rancy bacon, rub the warts well, and bury it under the middle stone of the drashle of the stable door. The warts will then go.

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