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ABEL, whence denominated righteous, ii. 299.—-301. Im-

port of the name, 306.
Abraham, his faith, i. 126, 127. ; ii. 379. Fidelity and piety

of his servant, 261. Vision of the Furnace and Lamp, 324.

Seed promised to him, 387.--389.
Abraham, the God of, reason of this character, ii. 32.-36.
Alydenus, his account of the Deluge, i. 94.
Achet, remarkable display of Providence in his death, ii. 294,

295. ; in the punishment of his posterity, 291.–293.
Achan, what is taught by his punishment, ii. 98.-101.
Adonibezek, his punishment, ii. 85.
Adoption, of Israel, what it fignified, i. 360.-366.
Advantages arising from the historical mode of writing, i. 223.

Aflition, the lot of God's children, i. 375.-379. Divine fo-

vereignty displayed in this, ii. 247.
Altar, why only one allowed under the law, i. 307.
Angels, good and evil, the hosts of God, ii. 60. Divine So-

vereignty manifested towards them, 210.-217. Some elect-

ed, ib. All who fell, rejected, 213.
Angel of Jehovah, who he is, ii. 43, 44.


Apion, the Egyptian, his testimony concerning the Jews, i. 61.
Artapanus, his teftimony concerning the Magicians in Egypt,

i. 67. concerning Moses, 68. the division of the Red Sea, 69.
Afhaltites, Lake, account of, i. 87.-89.


Atonement, great day of, i. 454.-458. Neceflity of this, by a

Divine Person, taught by the Mofaic economy, ii. 86. 101.
104, 105. This doctrine not opposed to the Grace of God,
105, 106. Illustrated, 346.-369. 'Made, by the punish-
ment of the guilty, 347.; by a price, 348.; by substitution,


Baal, controversy between Jehovah and him, how decided,

ii. 26.
Dzulpeor, worship of, i. 174.
Balacm, an unexceptionable witness to the truth of Revelation,

i. 185.
Beautics of Sacred History, i. 207.-223.
Being of God, must be matter of faith, ii. 2.
Bulbuzzar, made the fin of Nebuchadnezzar his own, ii. 125,-

127. His guilt, how aggravated, 129, 130. Circumstances

of his punilhment, 289, 290.
Bcrofus, his account of the Deluge, i. 89-94.
Bible, the most proper book for youth, i. 179, 180,
Bondage of man iuder fin, i. 281.-283
Diefs burning, what it prefigured, ii. 325, 326.


Cain, punitive justice displayed as to him, ii. 74. Origin of
I lis depravit;, 299:-301.
Canaan, the curte entailed on his posterity because of the sin

of Han, ii. 109.
Cangan, this land typical of a better reit, i. 405.-708: Divi-

ded by lot, 409.
Curaanias, fome of them, who fled before Jothua, faid to have

fusiled in Africa, i. 154, 155. The wickedness of these
nations, 155. Their obduracy, 163. The command to
esterniin,te them, confiftent with Justice, 165. ; with Wif-
dom, 169: ; with Goodness, 171. It had no tendency to

render the ifraelites fanguinary, 175-183.
Carril confidenci, prohibited, i. 338.
Cerjri, used by the company of Kcral, preserved as a me
mcrial, i. 24.


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Ceremonial law, illustrates divine holiness, ï. 72.
Children, the death of, a proof of Original Sin, ii. 308, 309.
Chinese, their account of an universal deluge, i. 95.
Church, her history contained in the Scriptures, i. 185, 186.

Her unity, 199, 200.
Christ, death of, expiatory, i. 194. The whole of Sacred History

refers to him, 215. He taught by Parables, 266; by Ex-
amples, 267. Rejected by all in their natural state, 287,
288. The Leader and Captain of his people, 334-338.
Divides the heavenly Canaan, 409. The Fruit of the Earth,
413. His Resurrection, prefigured by the offering of the
First-Fruits, 412. His sufferings afford the greatest dif
play of divine Holiness and Justice, ii. 102, 103. The Seed

of the Woman, 312. 316. His Sacrifice, 366.-369.
Circumcision, what was taught by this ordinance, ii. 310. 331.
Cloud of Glory, a standing memorial of the truth of the Re.
velation given to the Israelites, i. 26.-30. Pillar of Cloud,
typical, 333, 334. 440, 441. Prelude of the Incarnation,

ii. 328.

Coats of skins, what they fignified, ii. 370.-375.
Concatenation of circumstances, in Providential operation, ii.

Conception, the curse written in this, ii, 310.312. See Mira-

culous. Examples of, beyond the ordinary course of na-

ture, 339-343.
Confervation of Believers illustrated, ii, 410.-446.
Contingent events, a particular Proyidence manifested in them,

ii, 293.-295.
Corinth, church of, corruptions in, i, 391.
Corn, an handful of, this expression applied by the Jews to the

Mefiah, i, 413, 414. N.
Covenant, mode of making one, ii, 356.-358.
Covenant of Works, both the grace and sovereignty of God

manifeited in it, ii, 206.-209.
Covenant of Grace, history of, i, 188.
Covenant, made at Sinai, whether to be viewed as a mere Dif-

pensation, i, 350.-357. Referred efpecially to the Surety- :
fhip of Christ, 356.



Covenant ; of Duty, its nature under the New Testament, i.

358.-360. Breach of it severely punished, ii. 132.
Creation, heathen accounts of, i, 95.-101. Account of it in

Scripture, worthy of God, 147.-151. The history of the
old creation illustrates the new, 153 ; ii, 381.-384. God's
power displayed in creation, linked with his miraculous ope.
ration, and the completion of Prophecy, a combined proof
of his being the only true God, ii, 24.-26. Illustrates the
doctrine of a Plurality of Persons in the divine essence, 40.

Contains various displays of sovereignty, 198.-202.
Cut off from his people, meaning of the phrase, i, 341.-349.
Cyrus, why called God's Anointed, ii, 238. His work, 2390



David, the progressive and hardening nature of fin, illustrated

from the history of his fall, i, 249.-251. Covenant of royal-

ty with him, what it signified, ii, 415.
Dealh, its reign illustrated from the history of the antediluvian

Patriarchs, i, 243, 244.
Decrees of God, unfolded in Scripture, i, 181.-183. Means

and end inseparably connected, ii. 163.-165.
Deluge, account of it given by heathen writers, i, 89-95. Its

effects, 156-163. Striking character of the history of it,
235.-241. Contains an awful display of divine Justice, ü,

Depravity, human, history of, i, 169.-175. Progress of, in the

world, ib. ; in the heart, 177,-179. Fruits of it, 179. Evi-

dences, ii, 297.-313. Its Universality, 301.
Diodorus Siculus, his testimony concerning the division of the

Red Sea, i, 70.
Drawing of water, in the Feast of Tabernacles, i, 442.


Earth cursed on account of the fin of man; evidences of this,
i, 156.-163


Egyptians, their Cosmogony, i, 99; their abomination, what, 173.

Vileness of their Worship, ii, 7, 8.
Eledion, of Angels, ii, 210; of Nations, 227 ; of Individuals,

219. That of Nations, terminating in a choice of Indi-

viduals, 225.
Elements, God's host, ii, 66.
Eli, judgments on him and his house, ii, 115.
Elijah, his plan for deciding the controversy between Jehovah

and Baal, ii, 26. His history a proof of personal election,

Elizabeth, her conception a fign, ii, 340.-343.
Enoch, his walking with God, i, 246. 248.
Enos, meaning of this name, ii, 306, 307.
Eftber, the book of, an history of Providence, ii, 274-278.
Eve, meaning of this name, ii, 298, 375.
Example, insufficient to account for the symptoms or universa-

lity of human depravity, ii, 298.-302.


Faith, its nature and exercise taught by example, i, 125.-127.

This the life required of the people of God, 379.-384. They
die in faith, 382. It finds great encouragement in God's

character as a Creator, ii, 26.
Faithfulness of God, in preserving his people, ii, 413:
Fall, traditions concerning this among the Heathen, i. 103.-

Families, Societies, and Nations, how God punishes them, ii,

143, 144. 151.
Fathers, their iniquities visited on their Children, ii, 108.-144.

Objections answered, 144.-152.
Feafts among the Jews. See Passover, Pentecost, Harvesi, Weeks,

Tabernacles, Ingathering.
Feasting on a sacrifice, ii, 358, 377-
Fidelity of the Sacred Writers, i, 208. Recorded their own

errors, 210, 211.
First-Fruits prefigured the Resurrection of Christ, i, 412.
Forgiveness, why called a covering of lin, ii, 363.
Furnace, smoking, vision of, ii, 324.


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