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Página 217 - It is illustrated by numerous diagrams, exhibiting the various articles of food in their original state, " and there are also coloured plates to show how they ought to look when dished and ready for the t
Página 228 - Half-Hours with the Bible ; or, Scripture Scenes and Characters : described in a simple and attractive form, suitable for Young People ; beautifully and profusely illustrated with Engravings.
Página 222 - DALZIEL'S ILLUSTRATED GOLDSMITH. Comprising "The Vicar of Wakefield," *' The Traveller," "The Deserted Village/ "The Haunch of Venison," "The Captivity: an Oratorio," "Retaliation,"' Miscellaneous Poems, "The Good-Natured Man," "She Stoops to Conquer," and a Sketch of the Life of Oliver Goldsmith by HW DULCKEN, Ph.D.
Página 220 - Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to Come. By JOHN BUNYAN. With a Memoir of the Author by HW DULCKEN, Ph.D., and 100 Page and other Illustrations by THOMAS DALZIEL, engraved by the Brothers DALZIEL.
Página 225 - The reader will here find ample information respecting the Manners, Customs, and Geography of the Holy Land, and of those countries which were in some way associated with it in the historical pages of Scripture, And a good Index will facilitate every inquiry.
Página 220 - Dalziel's Illustrated Arabian Nights' Entertainments. With upwards of 200 Pictures drawn by JE MILLAIS, RA, J. TENNIEL, JD WATSON, AB HOUGHTON, GJ PINWELL, and T. DALZIEL, together with Initial Letters, Ornamental Borders, &c., engraved by the Brothers DALZIEL.
Página 105 - That he is the true possessor of a thing who enjoys it, and not he that owns it without the enjoyment of it, — to convince myself that I have a property in the gay part of all the gilt chariots that I meet, which I regard as amusements designed to delight my eyes, and the imagination of those kind people who sit in them gaily attired only to please me. I have a real, and they only an imaginary pleasure from their exterior embellishments.
Página 228 - Nursery Rhymes, Old and New. A Collection of all the most Favourite Nursery Rhymes, Jingles, and Stories ; also many New Ones now for the first time printed.

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