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12th 1900, Vol. 6, Part 2, Crops and irrigation. Le Grand Powers.

9, 3, Flouring and gristmill products. H. W. Wiley.
10, 4, Agricultural implements J. D. Lewis.

Patent growth of the industrial art. S. B. Ladd.


Bureau of Manufactures, Tariff Series No. 2, 1907.


49:460, 1895, Transportation of wheat in the Argentine Republic. W. E. Baker. Daily Reports:

1903, Agricultural implements in foreign countries. Nos. 1743, 1745, 1747, 1750,1752, 1753, 1754, 1757, 1763, 1764, 1768, 1782. Macaroni wheat in foreign countries. Nos. 1796, 1808, 1820, 1838. 64:438-444, 1900, Working of the German law against speculation in grain. F. H. Mason.


Experiment Stations:

Alaska: Annual Report, 1904. C. C. Georgeson.
Arizona: Timely hints for farmers. No. 20, 1900.
Annual report, 1901, 1905.

Irrigation at the station farms, 1898, 1901, 1902.
Arkansas: Bui. 29, 1894, Wheat experiments. R. L. Bennett.

42, 1896, Concerning wheat and its mill products. G. L. Teller. 53, 1898, Progress of investigation in chemistry of wheat. G. L. Teller.

62, 1900, Wheat experiments. C. L. Newman. California: Bui. 133, 1901, Tolerance of alkali by various cultures. R. H. Loughridge.

Circular 16, 1905.

Bui. 77, 1903 Unirrigated lands of eastern Colorado. J. E. Payne.
Bui. 83, 1903. Soil treatment for wheat in rotations, etc. C. G. Hopkins.
Circular 97, 1905, Soil treatment for wheat on the poorer lands of the
Illinois wheat belt. C. G. Hopkins.
Bui. 26, 1889, Wheat rust. H. L. Bolley.

41, 1892, Field experiments with wheat. W. C. Latta.

Forms of nitrogen for wheat. H. A. Huston.
114, 1906, Winter wheat.
Bui. 20, 1891, Experiments with wheat. C. C. Georgeson.
33, 1892, Experiments with wheat. C. C. Georgeson.
40, 1893, Experiments with wheat. C. C. Georgeson.
59, 1896, Experiments with wheat. C. C. Georgeson.
38, 1893, Preliminary Report on rusts of grain. A. S. Hitchcock.

M. A. Carleton.
99, 1900, Prevention of grain smuts. A. S. Hitchcock.

Botanical notes on wheat and spelt. A. S. Hitchcock. Kentucky: Bui. 30, 1890, A new wheat fly. H. Garman.

57, 1895, Wheat experiments.

77, 1898, Red rust of wheat. H. Garman.
83. 1899, Wheat.
39, 1900, Wheat.
113, 1904, Protein content of the wheat kernel. J. N. Harper.
A. M. Peter.

Louisiana: North Report, 1901. D.N.Barrow.

Maine: Bui. 103. 1904, Entire wheat flour. C. D. Woods, L. H. Merrill.
Maryland: Bui. 56, 1898, Wheat and lime experiments.

58, 1898, The Hessian fly in Maryland. W. G. Johnson.

Some important wheat diseases. C. O. Townsend. 14, 1891. Wheat. A. I. Hayward. Michigan: Bui. 101, 1893, Composition of wheat and straw. R. C. Kedzie.

160, 1898, Some insects of the vcar 1897. R. H. Pettit.
191, 1901. Shrinkage of farm products. C. D. Smith.

218, 1904, Some essential soil changes produced by micro-organ

isms. S. F. Edwards.

219, 1904, Soil moisture, its importance and management,

J. A. .Teffery.




Minnesota: Bui. 29, 1893, Wheat. Harry Snyder.

33, 1894, The Russian Thistle or Russian tumble weed. W. M. Hays.

40, 1894. Grain and forage crops. W. M. Hays.

46. 1895, Grain and forage crops. W. M. Hays.

SO, 1896, Grain and forage crops. W. M. Hays and others.

54, 1897, Human food investigations. Harry Snyder.

62, 1899 Wheat, varieties, breeding and cultivation. W, M.

Havs, A. Boss.

63. 1899, The proteids of wheat flour. Harry- Snyder. Class Bui. 8. 1900, Minnesota No. 163 wheat. W. M. Hays, A. Boss. Press Bui. 17. 1903, Winter wheat in Minnesota. W. M. Hays.

24, Seed grain.

Bui. 84, 1903, Injurious insects of 1903. F. L. Washburn.

85, 1904, Wheat and flour investigations. Harry Snyder. 89, 1905, Soil investigations. Harry Snyder, J. A. Hummel. 94, 1906, Soil investigations. Harry Snyder. Mississippi: Bui. 66, 1901, Soils of Mississippi. W.L.Hutchinson.

77, 1902, Analyses of commercial fertilizers. W. L. Hutchinson. Annual Report, 1902.

Bui. 80. 1903, Farmers' Institute Bulletin, 1902.
Missouri: Bui. 15, 1891, Wheat varieties and change of seed. H. J. Waters.

19, 1892, Soils and fertilizers. P. Schweitzer.

21. 1893, Field experiments with wheat. C. M. Conner.

62, 1903, The Hessian fly in Missouri. J. M. Stedman. Montana: Annual Report, 1902.

Nebraska: Bui. 32, Vol. 6. Art. 6, 1894, Wheat and some of its products. C. L.

Ingersoll, C. E. Bessey. 72, 14, 2, 1902, The adaptation and improvement of

winter wheat. T. L. Lyon. 89, 17, 5, 1905, Winter wheat—co-operative experiments with the U. S. Dept of Agr. T. L. Lvon, A. Keyser. New Mexico: Bui. 6, 1892 Cereals. A. E. Blount. New York: Bui. 194, 1901, The Hessian fly and its ravages in New York. 216, 1904.

250, 1904, The nature of the principal phosphorus compounds in wheat bran. A. J. Patten, E. B. Hart.

256. 1904, Seed selection according to specific gravity. V. A. Clark.

North Dakota: Bui. 8, 1892, Wheat growing and dairving for North Dakota.

E. F. Ladd, W. H. Whalen. 10, 1893, Grain and forage crops. W. M. Hays. 17, 1895, Effect of seed exchange upon the culture of wheat.

H. L. Bolley.

19, 1895 Treatment of smut and wheat. H. L. Bolley.

24, 1896, North Dakota soils. E. F. Ladd.

27, 1897, New studies upon the smut of wheat, oats and

barley, etc. H. L. Bolley. 39, 1898, Variety tests and changing seed wheat. J. H.

Shepperd, A. M. Ten Eyck. 36, 1899, A study of the root systems of wheat, etc. A. M.

Ten Eyck.

47, 1901, Humus and soil nitrogen and climatic studies with

wheat. E. F. Ladd.

48. 1901, Wheat farming experiments and soil moisture

studies. J. H. Shepperd, A. M. Ten Eyck. Annual Reports, 1901-1905.

Bui. 60. 1904, Analysis of formaldehyde sold in North Dakota. E. F. Ladd. 62, 1904. Weed studies. L. R. Waldron. 64, 1905, Root svstems of field crops. J. H. Shepperd. 68. 1906. Rust problems. H.L. Bolley, F. I. Pritchard. Ohio: Bui 2d Ser., Vol. 4, No. 8, Art. 12, 1891, Forty years of wheat culture in Ohio. C. E. Thorne. 82. 1897. Field experiments with wheat. J. F. Hickman. 97, 1898, Some diseases of wheat and oats. A. I). Selby. 110. 1899, The maintenance of fertility. C. E. Thorne.

129. 1901, Field experiments with wheat. J. F. Hickman. 136. 1902. The Hessian fly in Ohio. C. E. Thorne. 165, 1905, Experiments with winter wheat. C. G. Williams. Oklahoma: Bui. 47, 1900, Reports of wheat raisers. J. Fields. Annual Report, 1902-3. J. Fields. Press Buls. 99, 100. 1903, Wheat experiments. Bui. 65, 1905. F. C. Burtis, L. A. Moorhousc. Pennsylvania: Bui. 39, 1897, Variety tests of wheat.

46, 1899, Variety tests of wheat. G. C. Watson, E. H. Hess. 55. 1901, Variety tests of wheat. G. C. Watson, E. H. Hess. 67, 1904, Variety tests of wheat. G. C. Watson, A. K. Risscr. 76, 1906, Variety tests of wheat. G. C. Watson, N. G. Miller. Rhode Island: Report, 1894.

South Carolina: Buls. 37, 1898; S6, 1900, Wheat. J. S. Newman, etc.

South Dakota: Bui. 77, 1902, Macaroni wheat in South Dakota. E. C. Chilcott.

79, 1903, Crop rotation for South Dakota. E. C. Chi'.cott.

81, 1903. The artesian well waters of South Dakota. J. H. Shcpard.

Some destructive insects. D. A. Saunders. 89, 1904, Preliminary experiments with vapor treatments for the prevention of the stinking smut of wheat. W. A. Wheeler.

92, 1905, Macaroni wheat and bread. T. H. Shepard.

96, 1906. Forage plants and cereals. W. A. Wheeler, S. Balz.

98, 1906. Crop rotation. J. S. Cole.

99, 1906, Macaroni or durum wheats. J. H. Shepard. Tennessee: Bui. 2. Vol. 3,1890. C. S. Plumb.

4, 16. 1903, Influence of climate and soil on the composition and milling qualities of winter wheat. A. M. Soule, P. O. Vanatter. Utah: Bui. 91, 1905. Arid farming in Utah. J. A. Widtsoe. L. A. Merrill. West Virginia: Bui. 105, 1906, Tubercles on legumes with and without cultures.

J. L. Sheldon. Wyoming: Bui. 22, 1895.

25, 1895, Results of three years' experiments in cost and profit of

growing wheat. B. C. Buffum. 37, 1898. The stooling of grains. B. C. Buffum. 41, 1899, Some experiments with subsoiling. B. C. Buffum, W. H. Fairfield.

48, 1901, Experiments in wheat culture. L. Foster, W. H. Fairfield.

60, 1903, Wheat growing on the Laramie Plains. B. C. Buffum.


Annual Reports of the Experimental Farms of Canada 1898-1905.
Central Experimental Farm. Ottawa:

Buls. 26. 1897: 29. 1898; 34, 1899; 36, 1900; 39, 1901; 41. 1902; 44, 1903,

Results from trial plots of grain, etc. W. Saunders.
Bui. 50, 1905, The milling and chemical value of the grades of wheat in the
Manitoba Inspection Division crop of 1904. C. E. Saunders,
F. T. Shutt.

53, 1905 Results obtained in 1905 from trial plats of grain, etc. W. Saunders, C. E. Saunders. Cerealist, reports, 1904, 1905. C. E. Saunders.

Evidence of Dr. Charles E. Saunders before the Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, 1904, 1905. Evidence of Dr. William Saunders, Director Canada Experimental Farms, before Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, 1902,1900, 1903, 1904, 1905. Government of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Bui. 4, Condition of the crops at harvest time, Sept. 20, 1906.


Agricultural implement?

See machinery


Kearney, T. H

Ladd. E F

Loughridge, R. H... Arid farming.

Sec semi-arid regions Argentina.

Baker. E. L.

Baker. W. E

Becker, M.

Bicknell, F.

Dike, G. P.. Bacteria, soil and grain

Edwards, S. F.

Mettalf. H

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Wiley, H. W

Woods. A. F


Allen, E. W

Becker, M

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Howard, L. O-...

Lyon, T. L

Marquts, J. C. . .

Miller. M. F

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Swingle, W. T... . Birds.

Beal. F. E. I

Judd.S. D..

Bonanza farming.

Atlantic Monthly Botany.

Bollman, L

Hitchcock, A. S. Breakfast foods.

See food, human Breeding.

See culture


Laut, A. C

Nelson, M. O. . .

Roper, S- C. D..

Saunders, C. E..

Saunders. Wm. . Cereal breakfast for

See foodrhuman Chemistry




Lawes, J. B

Patten. A. J

Peter, A. M

Richardson, C. .

Shutt. F. T

Snyder, H

Storer. F. H....

Teller. G. L

Traphagen. F. W.

Voorhces, C. C.. .

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Whitney, M _

Wiley. H. W

Wrightson, J


See commercial

Commercial and geographical distribution.

Adams. C. C

Bunker. W. H

Ford. W. C

Fuchs. C. J

Grimes, H. S

Lexis. W

luraschek. v

Matson, C. H

Mo. Summary Com. & Finance

Muller. L

N. Y. Produce Exchange

Payne, W

Plumb. C. S

Railroad Gazette

Rein. 1.


Saturday Review

Schumacher, H

Sering, M

Wiedenfeld, K

Cost of production.

Buffum, B. C

Hunt's Merchants' Magazine. .

Poggi, T

Crop, influence on business.

Andrew. A. P

Crop rotation.

Chilcott. E. C

Cole, J. C

Holmes, G. K

Lawes, J. B


Buffum, B. C

Dalrymple. W

Fairchild. D

Fairchild, W. H

Spillman, W. J


Bessey, E. A.. . .

Carleton. M. A..

Darwin, C

De Vries, Hugo.

Gauss. R

Hanvood, W. S.

Hays. W. M

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Lyon, T. L

Nature .__..!f

Saunders, C. E..

Saunders. Wm...

Shamel. A. D...

Swingle, W. T...

Webber. H. J...

Zavitz. C. A


Carleton, M. A..

Darwin, C

Deherain, P. P..

Foster, L

Penny Magazine

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Pieters, A. J..
Clark, V. A.

Dabney, J. C

Hicks, G. H

Lyon, T. L

Webber, H. J

Spring wheat:

Andrews, C C

Winter wheat:

Hays, W. M

Keyser, A

Lyon T. L....

Williams, C- G


Eriksson, J.......

Freeman, E. M.. .
Galloway, B. T.. .
Selby, A.D..... .

Townsend, C. U..

Tubeuf, K

Woods, A. F


Annals of Botany
Bennett, A. W.. .

Bolley, H. L

Botanical Gazette
Carleton, If. A.. .

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Halsted, B. D

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Marquis, J. C

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Bolley, H. L

Hitchcock, A. S. .

Ladd, E. F

Scientific American

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Swingle, W. T

Wheeler, W. A.. .. Dry farming.

See semi-arid regions Durum wheat.

Carleton, M. A

Chamberlain, J. S—

Chilcott, E. C

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Scofield, C. S

Shepard, J. H



British Almanac Companion

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Minn. K.R. & Warehouse Com. Emmer.

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Farmer, business relations of.

Adams. E. F


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Food, animal.

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Food, human.


Atwatcr. H. W

Current Literature

Douglas, E. S

Johnson's Univer. Cy


Merrill, L. H

New Internat. Ency

Paton. J

Scientific American

Shepard. 1. H

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Voorhees, L. A

Woods, CD

Breakfast foods:

Albini. G


American Cy

Dalton, J C

Hassall, A. H

Snyder, H


American Cy

Chamber's Ency

Johnson's Univer. Cy

New Internat. Ency

Scaramelli, F

Skinner. R. P

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