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Nutritive values:

Albini. G


Edgar. W. C

Gilbert. J. H

Hartlib, S

Hunt, T. F

Industrial Commission

Klippart. J. H

Lawes, J. B

Lorenz, C

Tull, J

Tusser, T


See Commercial


See growth


See inspection


Galloway, B. T.. . ...

Johnson, S. W

Livingston, B. E

Scientific American

Woods. A. F


King-Parks, H


Kedzie, R. C


Shepperd, J. H

Ten Eyck, A. M


Buflfum, B. C


Marcosson, I. F

New Internat. Ency


See machinery... ._

Insect enemies, growing grain.
Chinch bug:

Howard, L. O

Washburn, F. L

Webster, F. M


Cooley, R. A

Fletcher, J

Garman, H

Howard, L. O

Marlatt, C. L

Pettit, R. H

Popcnoe, E. A

Saunders, D. A

Shipley, A. E

Taylor, C

Washburn, F. L

Webster, F. M

Hessian fly:

Johnson, W. G

Osborn, H .......

Stedman, J. M

Webster, F. M

Joint worm:

Howard, L. O

Webster, F. M


Bruner, L

Howard. L. O

Riley, C. V.

Spring grain-aphis:

Webster, F. M

Insect enemies, stored grain.

Chittenden, F. H

Inspection and grading.

England, C

Foering, J. O

Lyon, T. L,

Montgomerv, E. G

Scofield, C. S


Experiment Stations:

Atwater, W O

Beal, W. H

Colman. N. J

Crosby. D. T.

Schulte, J. I

True, A. C


Allen, E. W

Tri-State Grain Growers'

True, A. C


Hamilton, J

U. S. Dept. Agr.:

Greathouse. C. H

Smith, C. B

Tisserand, E



Insurance Times

Minn. Ins. Commission

Walford, C


Bcals, E. A

Bond. F

Buffum, B. C

Code. W. H

Coffin, F. F. B

Culbertson, H

Dennis, J. S

Elliott, C. G

Gregory, J. W

Hay, R

Hinton, R. J

Irving, H

Johnson, C. T

King, T. H

Mead. E . .

Ncttleton, E. S

Newell, F. H

Powers, L. G

Ross, D. W

Shepard. J. H

Stannard, J. D

Tait, C. E

Teelc. R. P

Ulrich, J. C

Upham, W

Vernon, J. J

Wilson, J. M

See f



Ardrey, R. L

Arnold, A

British Mfg. Industries

Casson, Herbert N.

Chase, Leon Wilsnn

Davidson, J. Brownlce

Farm Machinery Daily

Fitch, C. H

Fowler, E. M

Holmes, G. K

Knight, E

Ladd, S. B

Maxwell. G. H

Miller, M. F

Minn. Bu. of Labor Statis.. . .

Nat. Ass'n Agr. Impl. Mfgrs.. .

Perels, E

Pusey, P

Retrospective exhibit, etc

Roberts, I.P

Rose, )

Scientific American

Skinner, T. C

Stabler, E

Swift. R. B

Thomas, J. T

Wrightson, J


Bigelow, F. H

Burrows, A. T

Soule. A. M

Vanatter, P. O

Wiley. H. W


Gilbert, T. H

Girard, A

Hoffman. C. B

Neftel. K

Nesbit, C

Saunders, C. E

Scientific American

Shutt, F. T

Smith, K

Teller, G. L

Wallace. J. R

Wiley. H. W

Movement of wheat.

See transportation

Pacific Coast.

Holmes, E. S

Port facilities.

Andrews, F


Conrad. J

Crawford, R. F

four. Pol. Econ

Lippert, G

McCulloch, J. R

Noyes, A. D

Peters, E. T

Rogers, J. E. T


Stevens. A. C

Veblen, T. B


Atkinson, E

Kapp, F

McClure, W. F

Peterson, C. W :. .

Quarterly Review

Smith. T. T. V

Thompson, C. W

White, H

Wiedenfcld, K

Williams, J. R

Wirminghaus, A

Wrightson. J


See growth


Allgemcines statis. Archiv

Austin, O. P

Burgel, M

Hourwich, I.A


Mertens, O

Rubinow, 1. M

Thun, A


See diseases


See culture


See breeding

Semi-arid regions.

Carleton. M. A

Merrill. L A

Payne. J. E

Widtsoe, J. A


See diseases


Bonsteel, J. A

Breazeale, J. F

Briggs, L. T..

Cameron, F. K

Dorsey. C. W

Gardner, F. D

Hopkins. C. G ,

Hummel, J. A

Huston, H. A

Hutchinson, W. L

iensen, G. H
ling. F. H

Ladd, E. F

Means, T. H

Shepperd. J. H

Snyder, H

Ten Eyck, A. M

Whitney, M

Soil bacteria.

See bacteria


Conant. C. A

Davis, C. W

Emery, H. C

Hill. J

Hutchinson, B. P

Levy, R. G

Mason, F. H

Nelson, S. A


Passy, F

Pavne, W

Repts. from Her Majesty's, etc. Sayons, A. R

Smith. C. W

Stevens, A. C.

Whelpley, J. D

Steam power.

All the Year Round

Chambers' Jour


See growth

Supply. „

Crawford. R. F

Crookcs. W

Davis. C. W

Drill, R

Fleming. O

Ford. W. C

Giffin. R. .

Grosvenor, W. M...

Hadley. A. T

Hyde, J....

Jour. Pol. Econ

tetter. J......

Marsten. R B

Noyes. A. D

Poynting. J. H

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Saturday Review

Snow. B. W..

Thompson, S.

Veblen, T. B. Tillering.

See growth.. Tran spoliation.

Baker, R. S.


Industrial Commission

Kucynski, R. R..

Railroad Gazette

Walsh, G. E


Boss, A

Hess, E. H

Miller, N. G

Risser. A. K

Scofield, C. S

Watson, G. C


Dewey. L. H

Hays, W. M

Waldron, L. H...


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Acclimatization 49-50


Argentina 313

England 315

India 310-311

Russia 309

United States 304

Adaptation to environment 40, 54

Adulterations of flour 301

Aegilops 3

Ovato 3

Agricultural classes 29-31

Agricultural colleges 32


Argentina 312

Australia 315

Canada 314

China 31

Competition of 30

Early conceptions 30

Europe 31

Governmental support 31-32

India 310

MetWs of 33

Middle West 33

Nature of 29-30

Russia 308

Alkali 120-121

Amylum 283

Analyses of irrigation waters. . .. 141

Ancient cultivation 58

Angoumois grain moth 182-183

Animal breeding 39

Animal power 59, 61

Anthers 14, 20

Antiquity of wheat 2

Aphis, Spring grain 180-181

Appendix 321

Arbitrage - . . . 246

Arctic Circle 4,5

Army worms 181

Arnautka wheat 49

Ash 26-27, 48

Associations, Local grain dealers, 217

AvcnesD 2

Awns 14


Page Page

Biscuits 297

Bleaching of flour 274-275

Blight 169

Blue stem wheat 11, 47

Board of Trade, Chicago 248

Bonanza wheat growing 60

Bran 16

Composition of 25

Bread 286-293

Aerated 290

Ancient 286

Baking of 289-293

Crumb 293

Crust 293

Durum wheat flour 284

Fermentation 21

Gluten 290

Graham '. 289-290

Kinds of 289-290

Leavened 289

Salt rising 290

Unleavened 289

. Yeast 287

Bread baking:

Chemical changes in 290-291

Chemical losses in 290-291

Cost of 293

Bread flour:

Strong 286-287

Weak 286-287

Bread making 287-289

Ancient 287-288

Bakeshops 288-289

Primitive methods 287

Processes of 288-289

Breeding 33-46

Co-operative work of 45

Results of 46

Broadcast seeding 65-66

Bucket shops 255-258

Functions of 257-258

Operation of 256

Buckwheat 5

Bushel of wheat 22

Buyers of wheat 215,217


Calls 243-244

Car shortage 195

Bacteria. Nitrification 130-134

Bakeshops 288-289


Chemical changes in 290-291

Cost of 293

Losses in 290-291

Bananas as food 7

Barley 2,4-5

Beards. ... 14

Bibliography 326. 354

Biological changes in growth 18-20

Birds 154-155

Center of production 4, 303-304


Origin of 2-3

Value of 7

Chaff 14

Composition of 25

Cheat 151

Chemical changes in germination, 17
Chemical composition 23, 49, 50

of one crop 24

Chemistry 25-28

Chess 151


Chinch bug 174-17 5

Distribution of 174

Life history 174

Loss from 175

Remedies 175

Classification 8-10, 321-325

Approximate 9

Basesof 9-10

Geographical basis 10

Climate 48-51

Effects of 44

Gimatic influences 20

Club wheat 11

Cockle 153

Color of wheat 50

Combined harvester and thresher.

Illustration of 104

Combined plow, disc and seeder.

Illustration of 60

Commercial charges 213

Commercial grades 223-224

Composition and 28

Commercial grading 221-222

Commercial importance of wheat, 8
Common bread wheat. Soils for. . 48

Common descent, Theory of 35

Common wheat 11


Commercial grades and 28

Fertilizers and 27-28

Light and 28

Seasons and 27-28

Consumption 7-8, 284-302

Europe 319

Northern hemisphere 319

Per capita 302

Southern hemisphere 319

Cor n 2, 7

Distribution of 7

Indian 6

Production of 7

Selection of 39-40

Value of 7

Corners 249-255

Actual wheat 250

Harper 251

Hutchinson 251

International 255

Leiter 252-255

Lyon 251

Speculative 250

Corn stones 262

Corn trade. Importance of 214-215

Cost of production 103-107

Argentina 105

Europe 105-106

India 106

Itemized per acre 103

Labor required 106-107

Per acre 103-106

United States 105, 106

Crackers 297

Cradle 79-80

American 80

Use of 80

Cranosc flakes 298

Cropping, Continuous 108

Crop rotation 108-1 15

Ancient 110

Argentina 114-115

Canada Ill, 114

Comparative utility of 108-110

Egypt U5

European 110

Experiments in 111,112

Foreign 114-1 I5

Japan J10

Mixed crops 115

New countries 108-109

Russia 114

Types in United States 113-1 14

United States Ill

Crops, Mixed 115

Cross- fertilization 40-46

Artificial 41

Culms 13

Cultivation 2, 58

Continuous 136, 143

Definition of 58

Effect on climate 58

Effect on growth 59

Effect on plant 58 59

One operation 71-72

Selective influence of 58, 59

Subsequent to sowing 72

Culture 29

Customs, Early 73-77

Cut-worms 181


Darnel 152-153

Dealers 242

Delivery' 244-245

Time of 244

Demand 234-235

Description of wheat. . . . 11-24, 321-325

Deterioration of wheat 57

Development of wheat 3

Dibbling 65-66

Differentials 192. 193

Discovery 2

Discrimination, Railway 218-219

Diseases 148-169

Classification 148

Drought 148

Excessive moisture 149-150

Floods 148

Fungous 155-169

Hail 148

Plant influences 150-154

Remedies 45

Storms 148

Unfavorable soil 150

Weather influences 148-150

Distance seaport to primarv mar-
ket 193-194

Distribution 7,8-11

Altitudinal 5

As affected bv soils 47-48

Cost of 213

Historical and geographical.... 6

Latitudinal 4-5

Longitudinal 4

U. S. by States 304

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