Official (ISC)2 Guide to the SSCP CBK

The SSCP certification is the key to unlocking the upper ranks of security implementation at the world's most prestigious organizations. If you're serious about becoming a leading tactician at the front lines, the (ISC) Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification is an absolute necessity-demanded by cutting-edge companies worldwid

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As people have said about the CISSP CBK, this book is dry as dust.
Basic material seems to be OK, except for a major technical problem in the Cryptography section.
The author states incorrectly that
the Certifying Authority issues a certificate when they only sign the certificate created by the owner.
Pretty serious mistake for a Cryptography section in my book or any book.
The formatting is horrible!
A lot of repetition.
A lot of copy and paste errors.
A lot of cases where the titles formatting is stuffed up.
And they absolutely fail to put publishing date and other identifying details.
And I am not that happy about the Certification itself either.


Domain 1 Access Controls
Domain 2 Secutiry Operations and Administration
Domain 3 Analysis and Monitoring
Domain 4 Risk Repsonse and Recovery
Domain 5 Cryptography
Domain 6 Networks and Telecommunications
Domain 7 Malicious Code
Appendix A Answers to Samples Questions
Appendix B Systems Security Certified Practitioner SSCP Candidate Information Bulletin
Appendix C Glossary
Back cover
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