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man with whom he had travelled in the coach to Barnstaple, and who had made the attack upon Mary at Ilfracombe. He had scarcely time to observe this, when the robbers, who had been surprised by his sudden appearance, began to advance upon him.—“Stand off!” exclaimed Charles in Italian; “the first who takes one-step is a dead man" and he pointed a pistol towards them. “Put down your arms, young man,” cried the Italian, who seemed their principal; “I have only to make my men retire, and fire on you from a distance, and what use are your pistols then?” “But that you shall never do,” rejoined he firmly, with a steady hand levelling the weapon at his head, which scarcely ‘could have missed him, for he was not more than five yards distant. “The moment you stir,” continued he, “either one way or the other, that instant you shall go to judgment, with all your crimes un-absolved.” Charles saw that he hesitated. - . —“ But —“But hear me,” he went on, remembering what the guide had told him about their ransoming their prisoners—“agree to spare this young lady and myself, never to separate us for a moment, and to leave me my arms, and I will give you an order on my banker at Bologna for a thousand sequins; if not, prepare to join the dead!” - . • * ~ The Italian looked at the Englishman, who whispered something in his ear; but all the ragged wretches who formed his band, lured by the sound of such a sum, immediately vociferated—“The thousand sequins! the thousand sequins!” which turned the day in Charles's favour. “Well,” cried the Italian, “I will take it,” and was advancing; o . . .” a “Stop!”, exclaimed Charles in a loud voice—“first give me your honour, as Italians and soldiers, that you will keep the conditions I have named exactly; and I will, moreover add five hundred sequins to what I have promised, if you will in“ , G 4 stantly stantly send that man,” pointing to the Englishman, “from among you; for he is a spy and a traitor, and the destruction of all who-trust him.” o

Perhaps Charles was not fully justified in this accusation; but this man's former unaccountable endeavour to carry Mary away, and his present association with the robbers, made it evident that his conduct proceeded from some deep design, which induced Charles to take any measures to procure his absence, especially as the banditti by whom he was surrounded might easily be brought to break any conditions whatsoever. But gold with them seemed all-powerful: not five minutes before they had been going to murder him, and now, at his instigation, they turned towards their former companion with looks of such significance, that he was not long in comprehending their meaning, for, springing on a stout grey horse that stood near, he did not wait for warning to be gone, but first turning towards Charles • . with

with a brow that told a tale of deep ferocious determination—“You have not escaped me yet!” he exclaimed, and striking his spurs deep into his horse's sides, he galloped off, while one of the banditti discharged his carbine after him, amidst shouts of laughter from the rest. Charles instantly saw and adopted the plan he must pursue towards those in whose power he was.—“Now,” exclaimed he, in a frank, cheerful voice, “I have confidence in you;” and placing the pistol in his bosom, he held out his hand to the <hief of the robbers. f There seemed something in the straight forward, relying manner of the young Englishman that affected him, for he grasped his hand tight in his, and a glistening drop shone for a moment in his eye. A word, a gesture, will sometimes recall to the worst of us the days of early innocence, and turn his evil a moment from its course; but the robber was scarce

ly so far plunged into wrong; he had been * . G 5 led,

led, or driven, from the path of right, but his heart, was still with it. “For God's sake,” said Charles, looking towards Mary, who still remained in a state of insensibility, “while I draw the order on my banker, some one bring me a cup of water for this young lady " Two or three ran with alacrity to do it, and while they were gone, the others presented him with a little ink, and a pen, made out of a raw feather. No paper, however, was to be procured, till he tore a leaf out of his pocketbook, on which he wrote an order for the sum he had promised in Italian, and added a few words to Mr. Wilmot in the same language, desiring him to see it paid directly. - o As soon as it was written, the pape was handed from one to another, and when they read the sum, and the name of the banker, and directions to Mr. Wilmot, the meagre wretches, seemed as if they would have danced for joy, and they all

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