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Photographed for this work direct from Audubon's great colored picture, painted from life.

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A treatise on the natural history and origin of the Name of Turkeys;
the Various Breeds, and Best Methods to insure success in
the business of Turkey growing. With Essays from
Practical Turkey Growers in different parts
of the United States and Canada.


With the assistance of Samuel Cushman, late Poultry Manager Rhode Island
Experiment Station; Breeds and Show Points treated by H. S. Babcock, Sec-
retary Rhode Island Poultry Association and Editor American Standard
of Perfection; Articles by George Wolf, Judge of Turkeys at Chicago
Fat Stock Show, A. F. Greene of Massachusetts, E. Richardson *
of California, George Enty of Pennsylvania, J. F. Barbee of
Kentucky, and other famous breeders of Thoroughbred
Turkeys, or specialists in raising Turkeys for market.

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Copyright, 1897,


No book in existence gives an adequate account of the turkey, its development from the wild state to the various breeds, and complete directions for breeding, feeding, rearing and marketing these beautiful and profitable birds. The present book is an effort to fill this gap. It is based upon the experience of the most successful experts in turkey growing, both as breeders of fancy stock and as raisers of turkeys for market. In the preparation of the work we make full use of the valuable and original work on turkey culture done at the Rhode Island Experiment Station, quote from Harris’ (English) Turkey Book, and print the prize-winning papers out of nearly two hundred essays submitted by the most successful turkey growers in America. We have also given one essay on turkey culture, from different parts of the country, including Canada and New Brunswick, that the reader may see what ways have proven successful in each locality. A method that succeeds in Tennessee might not do in Nebraska; the cold winters of Vermont would kill the turkeys if the systems were in vogue there that succeed in Southern Missouri.

Much of the compilation has been done by Mr. Aaron F. Greene, who includes also many points from his own experience, as well as many points contained in the numerous essays not printed, that will help to success in rearing turkeys for profit and pleasure. It is thus hoped that the book will be found comprehensive and useful and to contain all that is of practical interest on this subject.


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