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SEC. 24. If at any time there should not be sufficient money in the said Idaho Industrial Reform School Fund to pay the interest coupons on the principal of such bonds when due, the State Treasurer shall pay the same out of the general funds of the State, and shall replace the amount so paid out of the Idaho Industrial Reform School Fund whenever money for said fund shall be received.

SEC. 25. For the payment of bonds herein authorized and the interest thereon according to the strict terms thereof, the faith of the State of Idaho is hereby solemnly pledged; and for the payment of the interest thereon as same shall accrue on the bonds thereby authorized in lawful money of the United States, the Treasurer shall reserve any and sufficient funds in his hands, at the least possible cost, in preference to all other claims whatsoever, except the other bonds hereto authorized by the Legislature of Idaho.

SEC. 26. The Treasurer shall commence negotiations for the issuance and sale of the bonds herein provided for, immediately upon the passage and approval of this act.

SEC. 27. All juveniles sent to the Idaho Industrial Reform School shall be taught the common school branches as taught in the common schools of Idaho, together with such industrial and manual training in the boys' department, and domestic sciences in the girls' department, that the boys and girls shall be enabled to earn a living after being discharged therefrom.

SEC. 28. When any boy or girl of sane mind, between the ages of eight and eighteen years, shall in any court of record, or by any judge of the district court of this State, be found guilty of any crime except murder or manslaughter, or if for want of proper parental care, is growing up in mendicancy, vagrancy or incorrigibility, and complaint thereof is properly made and sustained by evidence, the court or judge may, if in his opinion the accused is a proper subject therefor, instead of entering judgment, cause an order to be entered for such boy or girl to be sent to the Idaho Industrial Reform School, in pursuance of the provisions of this act. A copy of such order under the seal of the court, accompanied by a certificate of health shall be sufficient warrant for carrying such boy or girl to said school, and for his or her commitment to the custody. of the superintendent thereof.

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SEC. 29. When a boy or girl of sane mind between the ages of eight and eighteen years shall be brought before a justice of the peace, probate judge or police magistrate of any county or town of this State, charged with any crime, or misdemeanor, or with mendicancy, vagrancy or incorigibility, it shall be the duty of such probate judge, justice of the peace or police magistrate before whom he or she may be brought, to forth with investigate such charge and take such evidence as he may deem necessary, and, if after such investigation such probate judge, justice of the peace or police magistrate is of the opinion that such boy or girl is a proper person to be committed to the Idaho Industrial Reform School, he shall forth with consign such boy or girl, together with all papers filed in his office on the subject, and a copy of his proceedings thereon, under the control of some officer, to the district judge of his district, who shall then issue an order to the parent or guardian of such boy or girl, or such other person as may have him or her in charge, or with whom he or she has last resided, or anyone known to be related to him or her, or if he or she be running friendless, then to such person as the judge may appoint to act as guardian for the purposes of such case, requiring him or her to appear at the place and time stated in said order, to show cause why such boy or girl shall not be comunitted to said Idaho Industrial Reform School for training and reformation.

SEC. 30. Such order shall be served by the sheriff or other qualified officer by delivering a copy thereof personally to the party to whom it is addressed, or by leaving it with some person of full age, at the place of residence or business of the said party, and immediate return thereof shall be made to said judge of the time and manner of such service.

Sec. 31. At the time and place mentioned in said order, or at the time and place to which the court may be adjourned, if the parent, or guardian to whom such order may be addressed, shall appear, then in his or her presence, or if he or she fail to appear, then in the presence of some competent person whom the judge shall appoint as guardian for the purposes of the case, it shall be lawful for the said judge to take a voluntary statement of said boy or girl, and to take such testimony in relation to the



case as may be produced ; and if, upon such examination or hearing, such judge shall be satisfied that the boy or girl is a fit subject for the Idaho Industrial Reform School, he may commit him or her to said school by warrant. No boy or girl shall be committed to said school who is not of sound intellect, free from cutaneous or other contagious diseases, or who is subject to epileptic or other fits, and he or she must possess that degree of bodily health would render him or her a fit subject for the discipline of such school. And it shall be the duty of the court or judge, committing any such boy or girl, to cause him or her to be examined by a reputable licensed physician, who shall certify to the above facts, which certificate shall be forwarded to said school with the commitment. The commitment may be in the following form:

Order of Commitment. State of Idaho, County of....

In the district court in and for the...... judicial district, in and for said county and State.

Be it remember, that on of......190.., a minor of said county, was charged on complaint of... and brought before me, the undersigned judge of said court, and upon due proof I do find that the said..... is a suitable person to be committed to the instruction and discipline of the Idaho Industrial Reform School.

Now therefore, it is hereby ordered that the said... be and is hereby committed to said school until... ...attains the age of twenty-one years or until...... is legally discharged by the board of trustees of said school.

And I find upon hearing of said matter, that the said.... was charged with...... that....... is a resident said county, and of the age of..... .years.

That...... father's name is......, he resides at... the State of ......, by occupation a....... mother's name is. a resident of the State of... by occupation a.

The names of other near relatives and their residences are as follows.

Witness my hand of... A. D. 190..


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Judge. State of Idaho, County of.........., 88.

I, clerk of the district court of the said district...


do hereby certify that the Hon... whose signature is appended to the foregoing order of commitment, was at the date thereof, and now is, the judge of the district court in and for said...... district.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court of...... A. D. 190...


The certificate of health may be in the following form: State of Idaho, County of....

SS. ......., being first duly sworn, deposes and says: That he is a practicing physician, duly licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Idaho; that at the request of the Hon.... judge of the district court in and for said district, he made a careful medical examination, of

.... and as a result of said examination, he makes answer to the following questions correctly, to the best of his knowledge, judgment and belief:

Has......a perfect vision?
Is......of sound intellect?

Has......sufficient bodily strength to receive instruction?

Has......any tendency to scrofula or consumption?
Is... perfectly free from cutaneous disorders?
Is......subject to epileptic fits?
Has. .. had the small pox?
Has.. been vaccinated?

Is......of sufficiently sound of mind and bodily health to be a proper person to be committed to the Idaho Industrial Reform School?

Ans..... Subscribed and sworn to me this.... day of... ...190.. (Seal.)

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SEC. 32. The judge shall certify in the warrant the place where the boy or girl resided at the time of his or her arrest; also his or her age, as nearly as can be ascertained, and command such officer to take such boy or girl and deliver him or her without delay to the superintendent of said school, or other person in charge thereof, at the place where the same is located, and the showing of such certificate for the purposes of this act shall be conclusive evidence of his or her residence or age; accompanying this warrant the judge shall transmit by the officer executing it, a statement of the nature of the complaint to the superintendent, together with such other particulars concerning the boy or girl as the judge is able to ascertain : Provided, That the expense of conveying said boy or girl shall be paid as in the case of other convicts to the penitentiary.

SEC. 33. The judge of any district court in the State may, either in chambers or in term time, proceed under the provisions of this act: Provided, That any proceedings had before the judge in chamber in any county at a time when the district court is not in session, shall be entered and recorded in the minutes of said court on the first day of the next ensuing term.

Any and all proceedings before the district court, judge thereof, may be reviewed on writ of error by the supreme court, and in the manner provided by law for reviewing criminal cases in said supreme court.

SEC. 34. Each boy or girl committed to the Idaho Industrial Reform School shall remain there until he or she arrives at the age of twenty-one years, unless paroled, or legally discharged: Provided, That it shall be lawful for the board of trustees upon the recommendation of the superintendent of said school to discharge any boy or girl, an inmate thereof, who has arrived at the age of eighteen years, if it be made to appear that while there as an inmate he or she deported him or herself in such a manner as to make it reasonably probable that he or she has reformed and is a proper person to be discharged.

SEC. 35. Whenever any boy or girl under the age of eighteen years has been sentenced by any court of competent jurisdiction to imprisonment in the State Penitentiary, it shall be lawful for the State Board of Pardons, upon the application of such boy or girl, his or her parents

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