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cil or trustees and the said notice shall describe the property and the objections of such appellant to such assessment, and such appellant shall also file with the clerk of the district court, aforesaid within fifteen days after the approval and confirmation of such roll by the council or trustees, a copy of said notice of appeal, assessment, or reassessment roll or proceeings thereon, certified by the clerk of such city, town, or village, together with a bond to such city, town, or village, conditioned to pay all costs that may be awarded against the appellant in such sum not less than two hundred (200) dollars and with such surety as shall be approved by the judge of the said court and the case shall be docketed by the clerk of the said court in the name of the person taking such appeal against such city, town or village, as “an appeal from assessment.” Said cause shall then be at issue and shall have precedence over all civil cases pending in said court, except the proceedings relating to the act of eminent domain by cities or towns, actions of forcible entry and detainer. Such appeals shall be tried in said court as in the case of equitable causes, except that no pleading shall be necessary. The judgment of the court shall be either to confirm, modify, or annul the assessment, in so far as the same effects the property of the appellant, from which judgment an appeal shall lie in the supreme court, as in other cases. In case the assessment is confirmed, the fees of the clerk of the city, town, or village for copies of the record shall be taxed against the appellant with other costs.

10. All such assessments shall be known as “Special Assessments for Sewerage Improvements,” and shall be levied and collected as separate taxes in addition to the taxes for general revenue purposes, to be placed on the tax roll for collection subject to the same penalties in. collection, and in the same manner as other city, town, or village taxes.

11. Wherever the mayor, or council or trustees of any city, town or village shall under authority in them vested under any laws of this State, or this act, or the charter or ordinance of such cities, towns, or villages shall cause any sewerage work or improvement to be done under the provisions of this act, or the laws aforesaid, or any sewerage disposal works to be built or constructed thereunder, the expenses which is chargeable to the property within the

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limits and boundary lines of the

sewerage district

or any

any sewerage district formed ordered or laid out under the provisions of this act they may, in their discretion, provide for the payment of the costs and expenses thereof by installments, instead of levying the entire tax for special assessment for such costs at any one time, and for such installments they may issue in the name of the city, town, or village, improvement bonds of the district, which shall be known and designated as "Special Assessment Sewerage Improvement Bonds, District No......," which shall inculde all property liable for assessment within the boundary lines of said improvement district, for such local sewerage improvement according to the city, town, or village charter, this act op any ordinances passed in connection with this act for the purposes of such improvement, payable in installments of equal amount each year; none of which bonds or any of the installments shall run longer than ten years or bear interest exceeding eight per cept. per annum. Such bonds may be issued to the contractor constructing or building such sewer system, or sewerage disposal works or other improvements connected therewith in payment thereof, or the mayor and council, or the trustees by charter or ordinance of said city, town, or village, or other authorized of. ficer or officers of said city, town, or village may sell the same at not less than their par value, net, and pay the proceeds to the contractor, such bonds shall not be issued in excess to the contract price of such work or improvement, except that the installment coupons shall include the interest on such installment coupon to the maturity thereof.

The bond shall be of such denomination as the mayor or council or trustees shall deem proper. When district bonds are issued under this act for improvement, the costs of which are by law charged by special assessment against specific property, the council, or trustees, or other author. ized officer, board, or body shall levy special assessments each year, sufficient to redeem the installments of such bonds next thereafter maturing, but in computing the amount of special assessment to be levied against each piece of property liable therefor, interest thereon at the rate not exceeding eight per cent. per annum from the date of the issuance of said bonds until the maturity of the install

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ments of all bonds next thereafter maturing shall be levied. Such assessment shall be made upon the property chargeable for the cost of such improvements, respectively, and shall be levied and collected in the same manner as may be provided by law, or by the charter or ordinances of said city, town or village for the levy and collections of special assessments for such improvement where no bonds are issued, except as otherwise provided by this act. But the basis of such assessment, whether upon assessed valuation frontage, or otherwise liable for such costs, shall be retained for the assessment of succeeding installments of said bonds. The owner of any piece of property liable for any special assessment may redeem his property from such liability by paying the entire assessment chargeable against his property (upon the clerk mailing him a written or printed notice) thirty days before the issuance of the bonds, that is thirty days before the date of the delinquency of the assessment roll, as hereinbefore provided, or after the issuance of such bonds or such delinquency, by paying all of the installments of the assessments which have been levied, also the amount of the unlevied installments with interest on the latter at the rate of not to exceed eight per cent. per annum from the date of the issuance of the rate bonds to the time of maturity of the last installment. In all cases where installments of the assess ments not yet levied and paid as above provided, whether before or after the issuance of the bonds, the same shall be paid to the city treasurer, who shall receipt therefor, and all sums so paid shall be applied solely to the payment of such improvements or the redemption of the bonds issued therefor. Where any piece of property has been redeemed from liability of the costs for any improvements, as herein provided, such property shall not thereafter be liable for further special assessment for the costs of such improvement, except as hereinafter provided. Nu suit to set aside the said special assessment or to enjoin the making of the same shall be brought, or any objection to the validity thereof shall be allowed after the expiration of thirty days from the date the amount due on each lot or piece of ground liable for such assessment is ascertained or confirmed by the council or trustees. The funds raised by such assessment shall be applied solely towards the redemption of said bonds.

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Such bonds when issued to the contractor construct ing said work or improvements in payment thereof, or when sold as above provided, shall transfer to the contractor, or other owner, or holder, of the right or interest of such city, town, or village in or with respect to every assessment and the lien thereby created against the property of the owners assessed shall not have availed themselves of the provisions of this act in regard to the redemption of their property, as aforesaid, shall authorize said contractor, and his assigns and the owners and holders of said bonds to receive, sue for and collect every such assessment embraced in any such bond by or through any of the methods provided by law for the collection of assessments for local improvements. And if the city, town, or village shall fail, neglect, or refuse to pay said bonds, or to properly collect any such assessments when due, the owner of any such bonds may proceed in his own name to collect such assessments and foreslose the lien thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction, and shall recover, in addition to the amount of such bonds, and interest thereon, five per cent. together with the costs of such suit.

Any number of holders of such bonds for any single assessment or improvement may join as plaintiff, and any number of owners of property on which the same are a lien may be joined as defendants in such suit. And such bonds shall be equal liens upon the property as assessments represented by such bonds, without priority of one over the other to the extent of the several assessments to the several lots and parcels of land.

13. In all cases of special assessments in local sewerage improvements or sewerage disposal works, of any kind, against any property, person, or corporation whatsoever, where any such assessments have failed to be valid in whole or in part for want of form or sufficient informality or irregularity, or non-conformance with the charter, ordinances or provisions of law governing such assessments, the city council or trustees, or other authorized bodies or board shall be and they are hereby authorized to reassess such special taxes or assessments and to enforce their collection in accordance with the provisions of law existing at the time the reassessment was made; and it is further provided that whenever, for any cause, mistake, or inadvertence, the amount assessed shall not be sufficient to pay

the costs of sewerage improvement made and enjoined on the property, or on the owners of property in the local assessment district where the same is made, that it shall be lawful and the city council or trustees, or other authorized body or board is hereby directed and authorized to make reassessment upon all the property in said local assessment district to pay for such improvement, such reassessment to be made and collected in accordance with the provisions of law or ordinances existing at the time of its levy.

14. Nothing shall be construed as repealing or modifying any existing laws and method for cities of the first or second class or that is organized under special or local laws, to make improvements as herein provided for, but shall be construed as additional and concurrent power and authority. Any city whose charter provides for the issuance of bonds for local improvements payable only from the proceeds of special assessments, is hereby authorized to issue such bonds in the manner and in the effect provided in this section, and the owner of any such bonds shall look only to the fund provided by such assessment for the principal and interest of such bonds.

15. The holder of any bond issued under the authority of this act shall have no clain therefor against the city, town, or village by which the same is issued in any event, except for the collection of the special assessment made for the work or improvement for which said bond was issued, but his remedy in case of non-payment shall be confined to the enforcement of such assessment.

A copy of this sub-division shall be plainly written, printed or engraved upon the face of each bond so issued.

16. In the construction of a sewer or sewerage system under the provisions of this act, no sewer or sewerage system which shall be laid, placed or constructed parallel to any water main, water pipe, or conduit, shall be laid, placed or constructed within at least six feet of such water main, water pipe, or conduit: Provided, however, That this provision of this act shall not apply to place or places where said sewer or sewer system shall have to cross either under or over any such water pipe, work, or conduit.

SEC. 13. All sewerage improvement or the construction of sewerage disposal works as contemplated in this act shall be made and done under the supervision of the sew

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