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to the commanding officer of the company, troop or battery, in time for it to be delivered to the man on the day on which his term of service expires. In all other cases, enlisted men will not be discharged except upon the receipt of a specific order from the commander-in-chief directing such discharge. The company commander shall, upon his monthly return, report all discharges to his regimental, battalion, or squadron commander.

SEC. 20. At the expiration of the term of service, or

on the acceptance of the resignation of a commissioned officer, the Adjutant General, upon the approval of the Covernor, shall issue to such officer a discharge, showing the reason therefor, and the length of time served.

SEC. 21. It shall be the duty of the assessor of each county in the State, annually, at the time prescribed by law for assessing property, to make out a list of all persons in the respective counties who are liable to do military duty, under the laws of the United States and the State of Idaho, which list shall designate the precinct in which each person named in such list resides, and shall be filed by such assessor in the office of the county auditor of the respective counties, at the same time and in the same manner as is provided by law for the assessment roll, and the Auditor shall keep the same open for inspection, as is provided by law for the assessment roll, and also record the same, alphabetically, in his office in a book kept for that purpose.

SEC. 22. The said military assessment list shall be corrected, in the same manner, and at the same time, as is provided by law for the assessment roll; and it shall be the duty of the county auditor of each county within twenty: days after the list has been corrected; to transmit to the Adjutant General of the State a certificate, under his official seal of the total number of names on such military assessment list, arranged according to the several precincts of the county.

SEC. 23. There may be expended, under the direction of the commander-in-chief, annually, in each county of the State, out of the general fund, not to exceed one hundred dollars, and in addition thereto, the county commissioners of each county may in their discretion, expend annually not to exceed one hundred and fifty dollars, out of the county current expense fund, for rent or purchase of


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armory buildings for the use of such companies of the Idaho National Guard as organized under the provisions of this title, and which shall meet, at least once in each month, in such armory for military instructions.

ARTICLE 3. Staff Departments, Officers and Their Duties. SECTION 1. The Adjutant General shall hold his office for the term of two years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed for misconduct, or in the case of the vacation of his office by resignation duly accepted. He shall distribute all orders from the commander-in-chief; he shall be the organ of all communications from the State troops to the commander-inchief, and shall attend him when required in reviews of the State troops, or whenever ordered in the performance of duty; he shall obey, and issue such orders as the commander-in-chief shall give in relation to all military matters, and shall be entitled to the use of the coat-of-arms of the State as his seal of office, with the words added there: “State of Idaho, Adjutant General's Office.”

He shall annually make return, in triplicate, of all the militia of the State, one copy whereof he shall deliver to the commander-in-chief, on or before the 15th day of December, one copy shall be transmitted to the President of the United States, on or before the first day of January thereafter, and one shall be filed in his office.

SEC. 2. The Adjutant General shall, under the direction of the military board, purchase clothing, camp and garrison equipage, ammunition and such other military stores as may be authorized; and shall, upon requisitions properly approved, issue ordnance and ordnance stores, clothing camp and garrison equipage and such other stores as may be necessary, to the respective commands.

The Adjutant General shall keep in good order and preservation ordnance and ordnance stores, clothing and equipments, camp and garrison equipage, flags, banners, and military relics of all description, which are the property of the State and not issued to troops, and shall have control of the same, subject to the order of the commanderin-chief.

SEC. 3. The Adjutant General shall require bonds for all disbursing and distributing officers of his department, and other officers in charge of public property, the amount

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to be fixed by the State Military Board and approved by the commander-in-chief, which bonds when approved by the military board shall be filed in the Adjutant General's office.

SEC. 4. The Adjutant General shall provide the several departments on their requisition, with the necessary rosters, books of record, blank warrants, enlistments, discharges, rolls and other papers required by law and regulations at the expense of the State.

Sec. 5. The annual compensation of the Adjutant General in time of peace shall be one thousand dollars; ($1,000), and it shall be payable quarterly out of the general fund.

SEC. 6. For the current expense of the Adjutant General's office there is hereby appropriated the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) annually out of the general fund, or so much thereof as the Adjutant General may. sign requisition for, and the State Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to pay the said requisitions upon warrant by the State Auditor, upon bill approved by the State Board of Examiners.

SEC. 7. The deputy inspector general shall hold his office during the term of his detail, and until his successor is appointed and qualified. He shall make such inspection during each year as the commander-in-chief may designate. He shall be reimbursed from the current fund, prescribed in the preceding Section No. 6, to the extent of his necessary traveling expenses, while upon such tours of inspection.

SEC. 8. The State Military Board shall consist of the commander-in-chief, Adjutant General, a field officer, and a captain of the line, to be designated by the commanderin-chief. It shall be the duty of the board to purchase, with the approval of the commander-in-chief, all equipments, stores, etc., required for the National Guard.

SEC. 10. For the purpose of defraying the current expenses of the Adjutant General's department, the payment of the Adjutant General's salary and clerk hire, the arming and equipping of companies thereof as they are organized, there is hereby appropriated out of the general fund for the official year 1903, the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000.) and for the official year 1904, the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000.).

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ARTICLE 4. Discipline, Uniforms, Drills, Etc. SECTION 1. The National Guard of Idaho shall be governed by the military law of the State, the code of regulations, the orders of the commander-in-chief, and, whenever applicable, by the regulations, articles of war and customs of the service in the United States army.

SEC. 2. The uniform and equipment of all the officers in the National Guard shall be the uniform for the officers in the United States army, except as to such minor changes as may be ordered by the commander-inchief.

The word “Idaho” shall appear on collars of all uniforms. The buttons shall have the coat-of-arms of the State.

Facings shall constitute a part of the fatigue uniform and the facings shall be distinct for each battalion, squadron or battery.

Each battalion, squadron or battery may also be equipped with full dress uniforms at the expense of the individual members. But no uniform shall be selected for this purpose until recommended by a board of officers and the recommendation shall have been approved by the cominander-in-chief.

SEC. 3. Any member of the National Guard losing, destroying mutilating or making away with, any of the military property of the United States, thus furnished, or any part thereof, shall be punished at the discretion of the court-martial.

Any other person, not a member of the National Guard, who shall so offend shall be punished according to the State laws for similar offences.

SEC. 4. It shall be unlawful for any person, not a member of the National Guard, to wear any portion of the uniform prescribed for the National Guard of this State. Any person so offending shall, upon conviction, be fined in a sum of not less than five, nor more than twenty-five dollars, or imprisoned in the county jail for a period of not more than twenty-five days. And whosoever shall secrete, sell, dispose of, offer for sale, purchase or retain, after proper demand made, or in any manner pawn, or pledge any uniform, overcoat, clothing or equipage, or any part thereof which shall have been issued by the State, or purchased with company funds, shall be deemed guilty of

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a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than one, nor more than three months, or by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars, nor less than fifty dollars.

SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of the commander-in-chief, if in his judgment the same shall be necessary, to order an encampment of the National Guard to be held each year, such encampment to be held at some convenient point to be selected by the commander-in-chief.

At least one month's notice of such encampment shall be given each company commander by his commanding ofliver.

SEC. 6. Officers and enlisted men, when serving under the orders of the Governor to prevent violation of the laws of the State, or to prevent or suppress riot, or insurrection, or to repel, or prevent invasion, shall, until such time as other provision is made for the payment of the services rendered, receive pay out of the general fund of the State at the following rates: All commissioned officers shall receive the same pay as is paid to the United States army officers of like grade. Sergeant majors, quartermaster sergrants and hospital stewards shall be paid the sum of two dollars per day for the first twenty days' service; first sergeants and acting hospital stewards, one dollar and ser. enty-five cents per day for the first twenty days' service; sergeants and corporals one dollar and sixty five cents per day for the first twenty days' service, and privates, one dollar and fifty cents per day for the first twenty days' service. And privates, one dollar and fifty cents per day for the first twenty days' service. After twenty days' service, fifty cents less per day for each of the above mentioned non-commissioned officers and privates.

The necessary transportation, medical attendance and supplies, quarters and subsistence, shall also be provided for them and reasonable allowance shall also be made for animals necessarily used.

SEC. 7. Payments under the preceding section shall be made by the paymaster; no voucher for any such payment shall be audited unless certified as correct by the proper commanding officer and passed upon by the State Military Board; pay rolls of companies, troops and batteries, and also of field and staff officers, non-commissioned staff of bands and regiments shall be furnished and certified to by the commanding officers of such organization.

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