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Two little boys were walking along the road, on their way home from school, and passed by an orchard in which were trees full of ripe fruit. There was no house in sight, and no one but themselves in the road or in the fields.

"Come, Harold," said Louis, the elder of the two brothers, "let us go over the fence and get some nice apples. Nobody will see us?"

"I am afraid," replied Harold.

"Why are you afraid?"

"I am sure somebody will see us."

"How can any one see us? There is nobody in sight. Come along! I am not afraid."

After some more persuasion, Harold said he would go, and then these two little boys climbed over the fence to take the apples that did not belong to them. It was a sin against God. It was breaking one of his holy commandments. Do you know which commandment it was? — Thou shalt not steal. Yes, my son, that is the commandment these little boys were breaking. And they thought no one saw them. But they were mistaken.

"Who did see them?"

Listen, and you shall hear. Harold followed his brother Louis over the fence, and they went to a tree full of red apples, and commenced throwing up stones to knock the fruit down. Two or three beautiful apples had fallen, when Harold, who had picked up one, and had it nearly in his pocket, let it fall, and said to his brother in a low voice, and with a look of alarm—

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