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Laws of the United States.



the twenty-sixth year of the independence of the united states of America, William Graydon, esquire, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit:

“ An Abridgment of the Laws of the United States, or a complete “Digest of all such Acts of Congress as concern the United States

at large. To which is added an Appendix, containing all ex“isting Treaties, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles

of Confederation, the Rules and Articles for the government of “ the Army, and the Ordinance for the Government of the Ter.

“ ritory North West of the Ohio. By William Graydon, Esquire.270 In conformity to the act of the congress of the united states,

Seal o entitled, “An act for the encouragement of learning by securSoff* “ing the copies of maps, charts and books to the authors and

“proprietors of such copies during the times therein men« tioned."

D. CALDWELL, Clerk of the

District of Pennsylcania.

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In case of war, &c. the president skall If not chargeable svith crimes make proclamation

Courts, in ce may hear and make order Ain enemies, how treated ib. | Duty of marshals

3 ACT of July 6, 1798. (Vol. IV. p. 160.)* 1. Sect. I. Whenever there shall be a declared war between the united states and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory incursion shall be perpetrated, attempted, or threatened against the territory of the united states, by any foreign nation or gove ernment, and the president of the united states shall make public proclamation of the event, all natives,citizens, denizens, or subjects of the hostile mation or government, being males of the age of fourteen years and upwards, who shall be within the united states, and not actually natu. ralized, shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained, secured and removed, as alien enemies. And the president of the united states shait be, and he is hereby authorized, in any event, as aforesaid, by his proclamation thereof, or other public act, to direct the conduet to be observed, on the part of the united states, towards the aliens who shall become liable, as aforesaid; the manner and degree of the restraint to which they shall be subject, and in what cases, and upon what security their residence shall be permitted, and to provide for the removal of those, who, not being permitted to reside within the united states, shall refuse or neglect to depart therefrom ; and to establish any other regulations which shall be found necessary in the premises and for the public safety: Provided, That aliens resident within the united states, who shall become liable as enemies, in the manner aforesaici, and who shall not be chargeable with actual hostility, or other crime against the public safety, shall be allowed, for the recovery, disposal, and removal of their goods and effects, and for their departure, the full time which is, or shall be stipulated by any treaty, where any shall have been be. tween the united states, and the hostile nation or government, of which they shall be natives, citizens, denizens or subjects: And where no

The volumes made use of in this work, are the following, viz. Ist. 11:1. ad IIId. printed by Richard Folwell, at Philadelphia, in 1796 ; the IV:h. priniesly ume a Philadelphia, in 1799; the Vth, printed by Samuel Harrison Sininen Washington City, in 1901; and the Vith. printed by William Duare,

such treaty shail hare existed, the president of the united states may ascertain and declare such reasonable tiine as inay be consistent with the public safety, and according to the dictates of humanity and national hospitality.

2. SECT. II. After any proclamation shall be made as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the several courts of the united states, and of each stats, having criininal juriselialion, and of the several judges and justices of the courts of the united states, and they shall be, and are hereby respectively, authorized upon complaint, against any alien or alicn enemies, as aforesaid, who shall be resident and at large within such jurisdiction or district, to the danger of the public peace or safety, and contrary to the tenor or intent of such proclamation, or other regulations which the president of the united states shall and may establish in the premises, to cause such alien or aliens to be duly apprehended and convened before such court, judge or justice; and after a full examination and hearing on such complaint, and sufficient cause therefor appcaring, shall and may order such alien or aliens to be removed out of the territory of the united states, or to give sureties of their good behavior, or to be otherwise restrained, conformably to the proclamation or regulations which shall and may be established as aforesaid, and may imprison, or otherwise secure such alien or aliens, until the order which sliail and may be made, as aforesaid, shall be performed.

3. Słct. III. It shall be the duty of the marshal of the district in which any alien eneny shall be apprehended, who by the president of the united states, or by order of any court, jucige, or justice, as aforesaid, shall be required to depart, and to be removed, as afuresai, to proviçle therefor, and to execute such order, by himself or his deputy, or other discreet person or persons to be employeci by liim, by causing a removal of such alien out of the territory of the united states; and for such removal, the marshal shall have the warrant of the president of the united states, or of the court, judge, or justice ordering the same, as the case may be. [See Naturalization.]


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Transfer, &c. of pension
How pail is aituriey
Kutions may be increased
Horses killed in bantle
Proofre within a limited into
Proup of the value low made
Prace establishment
Number of officers and men
Nionthly pay
Allowance in lieu of forage
L'niform clothing
Prestent 10 arrange, Si
How )
Serience of courts martial, &c.
<!llowance la recruising picer

Bounty ?? recruits

16 How paiid

Disabled officer, &c.

M'idor, Co. of officers doing, &c. 19
Duty of pazymaster
Dury of military agents
Enticing soldiers to desert &c.

8 9 JO

23 Oark to be taken

24 Zuige akocare

25 Faria espenses

26 Sellier not to be arrested, &c. 27 dilowatice i pon discharge, c'e. 28 slou'an 'e to officers derunged, &'c. 29 Corps of Engineers

30 Staciad ar West Point

31 Duty oj secretary of war herein


12 13 14 ib, 15


And every

ACT of March 23, 1792. (Vol. II. p. 27.) 1, SECT VI. From and after the passion of this a'l, no sale, transfer or mortgage of the whole or any part of the pension or arrearages of pension, payable to any non-cominissioned officer, soldier or scaman, before the same shall become due, shall be valid. person, claiming such pension or arrears of pension, or any part thereof. under power of atiorney or substitution, shall, before the same is puid, make oath or affirmation before some justice of the peace of the piece where the same is payable, that such power or substitution is Dot given by reason of any transfer of such pension, or arrears of pen. siva, and any person, who shall swear or aitırm falsely in the premises, and be thereof convicted, shall suffer, as for wilful and corrupt perjury, (Sce Crimes 18.] [The oiber sections of this act arc obsolere.]

ACT of June 7, 1794. (Vol. ill. p. 106.) 2. Sect. III. To such of the troops as are or may be employed on the frontiers, and under such special circumstances as, in the opinion of the president of the united states, may require an augmentation of sume parts of their rations, the president is authorized to direct such aizmentation as he may judge necessary, not exceeding four ounces I beef, two ounces of fiour, and half a gill of rum or whiskey, in addi. tion to each ration, and half a pint of salt to one hundred rationsa [See postea 10.] [The other sections of this act are supplicd.)

ACT of May 13, 1796. (Vol. III. p. 287.) 3. Sect. I. Every officer in the army of the united states, whose duty requires him to be on horseback, in time of action, and whose horse shall be killed in baitle, shall be allowed a sum not exceeding two hundred dollars, as a compensation for each horse so killed.

4. Sect. II. The provision contained in this ac shall have retrospectire operation, so far as the fourth day of March, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine : Provided, That no person shall receive payment for any horse so killed, until he make satisfactory proof to the secretary at war, that the horst, for which he claims compensation, was actually killed under such circumstances, as to entitle him to this provision, in all cases, which have heretofore tako en place, within one year after the end of the present session of cona gress; and in all cases which may take place bereafter, within one year after such horse shall have been killerta

5. Sect. III. The proof of the value of such horse shall be, by the affidavit of the quarter-master of the corps, to which the owner may bekong, or of two other credible witnesses.

ACT of March 15, 181:2. (Vol. VI. p. 17.) 6. Sect. I. The military peace establishment of the united states, fiom and after the first of June next, shall be composed of one regiment of artillerists and two regiments of infantry, with such officers, military agents, and engineers as are herein after mentioned.

7. Sect. II. The regimeni of artillcrists shall consist of one colonil, oue lieutenant-colonel, four majors, one adjutant, and twenty como

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