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shaking it more ominously, when, to opened. So opening it, each fruitless Mrs. Rowland, before the boy Hugh, night he had watched, in order that no she hinted that Kyloe-Jock was on the barrier might interrupt the approach parish too-more starved than Lucky of Reynard. At that did Kyloe-Jock Wood herself ; nay, but a half-natural uncouthly shrug his shoulders up. in wits, by birth even something worse Turning to Will the cowherd, he eyed —an evil example and a bad companion, him with an eldritch grin ; and there of whom the Minister ought to hear was something weirdly in the silence when he came home! These things, in wherewith he put aside that glebegreater privacy, did the boy, roused to boy's advices, stepping back to the resistance by Kirsty's dark insinuations, sheltered nook of the peat-stack, as explain and reconcile to the maternal if to muse alone in a warm place. judgment. He even extolled Kyloe- Notwithstanding which, when Bauldy Jock, and used cunning eloquence to curled himself satisfied to his master's show him to be the only help in this feet, and Will leant deferentially by, case worthy of being depended on ;- with little Rowland at hand, Jock conthus, at least, paving the way for secu- descended to spend a certain interval in rity against Kirsty, should she say, be- easy colloquy, as if to await the time for fore a higher bar, that Kyloe-Jock's action in leisurely discourse. Compared first appearance about the manse had with the knowledge he imparted, what been developed farther in secret than was that of letters? Without parents, the supreme law allowed. He did not, it seemed, or effect of teaching, what however, disclose the full knowledge uninherited lore was his—as if to claim which he already possessed of Kyloe- obeisance from patriarchs before a Druid Jock's purpose to constitute himself, not anointed! He seemed even about unsolicited, the protector of the Manse, to perform some sacrifice, rather than and to bring the true depredator to to slay. Meanwhile he turned his justice by a competent exercise of his thoughts aside— reasoning of adders, own energy in defence of his own how to deal with them in contest, credit.

how to prize their cast-off skins; of How suddenly had Hugh's sensitive- the water-rat, that would defy the weaness to the touch of strangers left him ! sel; of the toad, and of that dreadful That very evening in secret, in the creature from whose touch no mortal dark back-court behind the peat-stack, survives—the Ask or Eft, which like a did he even crouch in company with tiny crocodile is seen amphibious about the glebe cow-herd, to await the com- lonely pools; also concerning the horseing of Kyloe-Jock and Bauldy on their hairs which in water can be converted, mystic purpose. Neither were their through certain observances, into living plans made clearly manifest when they eels. Of Bauldy he spoke-how Bauldy came. No sooner on the household intercepted rabbits from their holes ; premises, indeed, than Bauldy took up nay, how in the course of that last sumthe ground as Jock's own, to be sen- mer Bauldy had been tempted to seize tinelled against the most customary a full-grown hare. For it had lain frequenter or settled occupant. Yet staring close at him; and was so strong, Bauldy followed at a whisper, to con- squealing so loud, that it proved all the sider alone with Jock those places he dog could do to hold her; and Jock had examined—to peer forth with him from been terrified, thinking maybe it might that opened shrubbery-wicket, where be auld Ailie Mathie from Boon, that he looked toward the dark hill; and, was reckoned to be uncanny in her diseven when he would apparently have guises. “Megsty, man-Aih, Wull !" left it open, to counsel in some unac- he said, with a fresh emotion, “ Wasna countable way, that it should be shut I put to 't that time—but gin I hadna again. This was a wicket which the done something quick, the keeper might thoughtless cow-herd had purposely hae been in the plantings and heart

her, it was siccan a clear simmer-day- snow, pressing it together without effect, then a' owre wi’ Bauldy, puir falla'. So but nodding conviction at this sign that I just down wi' my staff, and up wi' a it was frosty still, so that the shower palin' stab, and fair felled her wi' the which now fell scantily and slowly would sharp side o't ahint the lugs о' her, till not long continue. Thereafter he asked she was quiet. Hoo ! hoo! hoo! what to see the old iron rat-trap, which, as think ye I thocht that time ?” chuckled Will had admitted, was in the barn; he wildly:"geyan fear't though I was?” and took it silently, going off with it But when Will could not answer, Jock alone, while his sentinel dog remained. pursued. “Man, I thocht the hare's ee' This was to the end that he might set gat a look o' auld Ailie's, the vera gait down the trap in some particular spot, au'd see't her sleepin' i' the Kirk, aetime beyond the corner of the wall, near I was there—wi' her mooth an' her ee' a spreading fir-shrub there, which stood open, though the Minister was thrang like an ambush toward the back-yard. ca'in' at the De'il an' her! Weel, what He came back from thence, stooping did I do, but I buiry't the hare in-under along the wall, below the ivy and below a whin buss, an' I set Bauldie to watch the barn-eaves, into the gutter close by, the kyloes his 'lane-an' me awa' owre where the hen-house door stood close, the hills to Boon, for nae ither errant with its hutch half-raised as usual. It but to ken gif auld Ailie was to the was seen then, that from his pocket fore yet. Man, Wull, wasna I glad he had been sowing upon his way some when I seed the auld donnart body mysterious seed; the last grains of which sittin' i' the ingle like her ordinar, he sprinkled out carelessly by that place thrang at the stockin'-needles, an' girnin' of egress for the fowls at dawn, and reat the neebors' bairns ? The very minute turned thoughtfully to his former shelter. I was gotten back to the hill, didna I Faster the snow fell for a little, and howk the hare up in a jiffy, an' skinned wavered and floated again, till it came her, and kennelt a bit fire, down by the to a close, and there was through the burn in a lown spot, and pits her birlin' dusk a soft hoary bloom again, with the roond atowre't to roast, on three sticks white tops of things more discernible like a tinkler's. I eatit her. At ony than before, and the woolly fibres of rate, Bauldy an' me eatit her, stoop and the trees reaching at the wan marblings roop. Aih! what wad the Laird hae of the sky. A sigh might have been said ? or Maviswud o' Maviswud ? or thought to come in the stillness from auld Jock Murray o' Wanton-Wa's his- the breast of Kyloe-Jock. It was the sel', even? Hoo, hoo, hoo!” And glebe cow-herd, however; who doubted, more eldritch and weirdly still was the with a shiver, that the fox would ever laughter of Jock, than his solemnity. come in so cold a night.

Suddenly Jock rose, and, with him, “Nicht? Nicht !responded that herd Bauldy uncurling himself sat up on of greater creatures, staring at him sideend. They looked up into the dark, as wise. “Is't nicht ye say? An' div ye at the sound of a hushing whisper that think he wad ralely come, the third passed above; where the wan half-face time, at nicht ava’? Weel-00' dark of the moon had ceased to strive with folk canna but whiles wonder at you the moving blackness, but downward weiss yanes, daft though ye may ca' from her place came wavering some huz! It's easy to be seen ye haena great stray snow-flakes, that lighted enter't into the gaits o foxes. The here and there upon the peats, the third nicht is canny, nae doo't—but it's ground, and the bristling hair of Baul. no till the dead part o’t's weel owre, dy. It was as if they saw in these the that he'll e'en sae mickle as slip out o' scattered feathers of some ravaged fowl in his den by the fir-plantin,- an' no till the upper world, and looked at each other life has begoon to steer again, when ye with significance accordingly. Then the think a's safe, that he'll loup in upon Kyloe-herd took a handful of the former the prey, an' awa'wi't ayont the dyke an' the stank an' the whins, ben intil in siccan yaupish weather, sin' ye fand his hole. There's nae less nor nine the last deed craw ithe ditch-an' holes o' them up bye. Though ye what div ye see first, when ye skirt ahint maunna think they're to be countit by the hen-houses? A yett wide open, holes. Na—they hae aye a front door, that uised for to be aye steekit close. an' a back door, an' may be a bit side Oo'll say ye e'en gang through, for a air-winnock or a keek-hole-an', when that. What see ye neist, on the vera the t'ane door's here, t'ither's maist likely spot ye're to pass, or e'er ye win to the a quarter o’a mile ben the wud. I'

m hen-house door-or whaur the first hens thinkin' there's just aboot three auld boo't to come scartin' oot by day-break, grown-up he-foxes a'thegither, the 'noo, as ye lig in wait aneth the mirkest bield on this side the big plantin'—there's o' a fir-busswhat but the hatch-hole ane a broon colour, anither red, an' lifted like a trap itsel', and the grund or there's anither sandy. I wadna wonder the snaw steered an' smuithed again, gin it's the sandy ane. An', gif it's him, like 's Ann'ra the Bethral hissel had man, he'll juist come, and come, an' howkit a grave inunder? Houts! ye're better come, though there wasna nae no sic a gowk an' a gomeral as juist to need fort-as lang as the scent winnagang loupin' in! Na, I'se warrant ye lie, an' the hunt isna out. Mony a see a heap glegger, ma man Wull, nor ye time has he been huntit, too! Man ! div the' noo—ye see ilka track ye’ve oo've seen aboon twa-score dowgs a' made in the snaw yersel, an' ilka spot efter him full cry, an' Maviswud o that's withoot a track. The lee'-lane Maviswud, an' the Laird himsel', and thing ye dinna see—it's hoo the snaw's Baillie o' Mellerstain, an' sweerin' Jocksel can hae the hairt to work against Murray o' Wanton-Wa's like a vera ye!” deevil, as they'd been dragoons efter yae Finally did the uncouth speaker grow auld covvenannter, as they ca'd it lang- silent, plunging his hands deep from the syne—an' in a moment they lost scent cold, which made the cow-herd's teeth o'him till a' was dumb, ilka yowlin' chatter, till he urged their departure to tyke lickit-back, ilka red-coat glowerin' the barn. There even the dog burrowed at the other, till at last they rade hame into the straw, as if heedless of further in the darkening to drink, as toom an’ watching; while his master drew the fushionless as bourtree whistles. An doors as close behind them, as if the efter a', gif he did come, what could ye soundest sleep were the best; and the boy do wi him?Almost dreadfully did himself hurried gladly back within the Jock ask that question, which none house, to forget the ineffectual sight of could answer. Mournfully he went on their conclave, that seemed idle after scoffing down the paltry purposes of all, in warmth and sleep. glebe-Will.

Coldly, silently did the morning “Gun? Na, na. As for yon bit break, to no apparent consequence but ratton-trap, he'll juist awa' wi't, an' the that of troubled recollections about other chucky forbye, like a teegger doon the things. The blue light dawned on Rud. brae, aff to the neist-hand cover for diman's dull boards, where the book had hame. An', but for what's said at been last thrown before the bedroom winthe Manse here-it wadna been Jock, dow-blind; and the first demand was by far less Bauldy, that wad hae made its early warning to repair past neglect, or meddle't wi' auld Saunders, wha has For the first voice was that of Andrew at gotten faes eneuch, piir lad. Man, the back gate, mounting on the horse couldna ye hae pitten yersel' in his Rutherford ; which neighed and stamped place, withoot help ohuz twa that kens as Andrew left brief word with Nurse him sae weel! Ye've comed oot o' yeer Kirsty, how he was off to Thirlstane hole, oo’ll say, doon by the pailin', across post-office for the expected letter, but the bog, and up the dyke side—no haein' would bring the groceries, the merceries, pykit a bane this twal hours and mair, and what wares besides were wanted.

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It was only as a dream that the earlier lifted whole loads away with them, cock-crow had been followed by alarms tearing out the very earth and pebbles and noises, back into roost, stable-yard, in their course. At length had they byre, and stye, with Rutherford already struggled ; till they had rolled like a neighing at his stall. All this was a ball altogether, and gone rolling till something that had relapsed to the usual they vanished. Here lay the ravished sounds, and had turned on the other chicken, and there ran Kyloe-Jock, and side, as it were, to repose again-by Will ; while in the distance below, no means courting the new daylight. round a knoll of purest white, still And, even now that the daylight snuffed and searched and hovered the had come, the barn doors were still disappointed Bauldy. A snow-wrapped snugly closed, as if on sluggards-s0 block of stone it seemed, or some mithat Hugh had to conclude that the niature of an avalanche, that rested night's enterprise had failed. As he there as a centre of the dog's bewillistens, however, it ever and anon grows dered barking, of his circling, of his replainer that Bauldy by fits was barking treating for aid. All else but his own within the barn—a signal which seems marks was spotless ; save where along to have some meaning, and which tells the hill above, with a hoary sprinkling Hugh to make haste.

on the upper plumes, gloomed the dark When they came out, and gathered of the pine-wood behind its far-ranged again in private, Kyloe-Jock even columns. But Kyloe-Jock spurned the stretched his arms and yawned. It was fleecy ball with his foot, and Will the Bauldy that had sprung round the cow-herd smote it into a powdery corner of the wall, and came sniffling cloud, while through the powder rushed along from it to the still-closed wicket, in Bauldy, snapping, struggling, yelling scraping there eagerly, making the snow painfully in the struggle with a form fly behind him, to get through, or to more savage than himself. Fettered as creep under. Those marks of paws, was the fox, half-enveloped in a wreath of dragging-might indeed be his. But around the snow-ball that clogged his at the end of the train of barley-seed hind-foot, his wicked eye gleamed out, as which Jock had sowed, round the corner, he gnashed his sharp muzzle into Bauldy's near the shelter of the young spruce-fir, throat. Nay, Bauldy was so vanquished what scattered feathers, and stray bird that he turned, dragging both with a down amongst the snow! Some specks convulsive spring upon his master, whose of blood in it, too—and the trap, the blow from a mighty bludgeon was immiburied trap, is there no longer-and, the nently required. Blows rained upon the moment that the gate is opened, like an enemy then; a cow-cudgel wreaked its arrow loosed from the bow did Bauldie revenge upon him ; there were stones dart away across the snowy paddock, by from the nearest dyke that mauled him, the white churchyard, down the stile, out of mere frantic impulse ; Bauldy, down the brae toward the hollow below taking fresh courage, ran in again, and the hill!

bit and shook the motionless hind-leg of Away after him, shouting at the fox's the helpless foe. He was silent stilltraces confused with his, flew scarce less dying, as it seemed, in grim silence ; swift the two herds, scarce less eager stretching himself out; muffling himself the single boy. So singular were those in his white mantle, as it were, and traces, that they soon passed be- heaving the last breath, quite dead : so yond mistake. First scuffling on, over that the others would then have taken the snow, then plucking it crisp from him up in triumph, had not Kyloe-Jock bare ground in patches with long pushed them back. He even gave bounds between, they plunged into Bauldy a kick away, as the dog shook the deeper places, as from a force that the carcass. Yet raising a hedge-stake had bounded still on, indeed, and had he had pulled close by, he came down sprung up again in desperate energy, but with it one mighty stroke behind the head, like an executioner, and for a heap o' us-- Bauldy an' a'. Trap, quo' moment, as the blow descended, that ye! Hoo! what was a ratton-trap to small yellow eye might have been seen to him ? My certy, hit wadna lang hae open. It quivered, it shrank: but never been a fash to Sanders.-Oot o' that, closed again. It stared out wide, from the Bauldy, I tell ye, ye vicious brute ! attitude of a last snarling turn. Then a I'm thinkin', callants, the less oo say second time the blow fell, even a third : aboot this, the better. For Maviswud but all was quiet.

an' the Laird, an' a heap mae, 'll miss Kyloe-Jock looked grim at the others, him geyan sair!” leaning on the hedge-stake. He drew Doubtless the fox was safely deposited the cuff of that tail-coat across his face, away, by him and Will. As for the as it manifestly had often been drawn boy-whether or not there came on before, and surveyed the slain ; not un- him from those words a chill rememheroically.

brance of very different speeches in “It's the sandy ane," he said. “Aih Cornelius Nepos—he hung his head man! But he's been teugh. He juist even as he told at home, in part, how grippit-on to life like roots o trees. accused innocence had been vindicated. Ye'd hae thocht the haill feck o' us was Ere long, Andrew came riding back to dee, afore he wad dee ; an', efter a', from Thirlstane, and brought the exit wasna huz that could hae trickit the pected letter. It appointed the day likes o' him. It was the snaw, man! when Mr. Rowland would certainly I'se warrant he had ten times the gleg- return home. ness, an' the kenninness, o' the haill

To be continued.


“I give this key to the kelpie's keep

ing," He cried, as the key smote the deep

lake's breast; He left her kneeling, in rueful weep

ing, A rayless cell's despairing guest.

For knight and lady are vassals calling;

No voice replies from garden or bower; Again round the castle is darkness falling,

But search is vain in turret and tower. Year after year rolled by without telling

The fearful deed one cell could disclose; Her bones lie white in the dungeon

dwelling The knight for his lovely lady chose. That key is yet in the kelpie's keeping;

He faithfully grasps that iron trust; He heard her rueful cries and weeping, But said to himself, “What I must, I


Away rushed the steed, and the crow

that was winging Its flight to the distant wood was

passed; When morning dawned keen spurs were

stinging The courser's flanks like a frosty blast.


The events which have recently taken place in Syria have again brought the eastern question prominently into public notice, and in such a manner as to draw attention to the position of the Christians in Turkey. It is, therefore,

not so much our object to discuss the eastern question in its present aspect, as to consider the social and political condition of the Christian subjects of the Sultan. The investigation is attended with peculiar difficulty on account of the

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