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Tars, &c. of Great Wars, &c. of Continental Wars, &c. of Great Wars, &c. of Continental
States of Europe.


States of Europe. 1817.

Revolutionary move-
Burmese War.

War between Turkey
ments in Germany
Ashantee War.

and Greece.
and Sweden.
Army of occupation

Lord Byron's expedi- War between Spain in France.

tion against Le- and the South Ame1818.


rican Republics.

Recognition of the in-

between War in India.

the War between Spain British troops con

Dutch and Celebes and her American

dependence of the

revolted colonies of and Sumatra, tinue in France. colonies. Assistance to the re- War in Turkey with

Spain. volted colonies of the Wahabies.

1825. Spain ; Lord Coch- Disturbances at Con- Burmese War.

War between Turkey rane takes command stantinople.

Ashantee War.

and Greece. of the navy of the Quarrel between Ba- Siege of Bhurtpore. Dutch War with Java. patriots. varia and Baden,

Insurrections in Spain. 1819.

1826. War in India at the War between Spain Burmese War. War between Turkey commencement of and her American

Ashantee War.

and Greece. the year.

War in India.

War between Russia Assistance to the re- Serious disturbances

Expedition of British and Persia. volted colonies of in Spain.

ffeet and troops to Spain prepares for war Spain. Insurrections in Tur


with Portugal; inkey.

surrections in both 1820.

countries. Lord Cochrane and a War between Spain body of British sea- and her American

1827. men capture Valdi- colonies.

Rupture with Turkey. War between Russia via, and make an War between the

Operations of British

and Turkey. expedition against Dutch and Sumatra.

army in Portugal. War between Turkey Lima.

Revolutions in Spain Dispute with Runjeet and Greece (as-
and Portugal.

sisted by the Great Insurrections in Pied

Powers). mont and Naples.

Civil War in Spain. Revolt of Moldavia

1828. and Wallachia. War with Turkey. War between Russia 1821.

British army in Por- and Turkey. Conflicts in India. War between Spain tugal.

Expedition of French Policy of Great Britain and her American

troops to Greece. adverse to the Holy colonies.

Civil War in Spain Alliance. War between Turkey

and Portugal. Assistance to the re- and Persia; also

War between Naples volted colonies of between Turkey and

and Tripoli. Spain. Greece.

1829. Revolutionary move

Dispute with China. War between Russia ments in Spain and

and Turkey. Italy.

Russian invasion of Austrian military ope

Circassia. rations in Italy.

Civil War in Portugal, 1822. Assistance to the re- Turkey at war with

1830. volted colonies of Persia and Greece. Dispute with China. War between Holland Spain. Spain at war with her

and Belgium. Quarrel with China. colonies.

War in Poland.
French army marches

Russian War in the to the Pyrenees.

Caucasus. 1823.

French War in Algeria. Burmese War. War between Spain

Revolution in France. Imminent danger of and her colonies.

Civil War in Spain war with France. War between Turkey

and Portugal. Lord Byron's expedi- and Greece.

Insurrection in Altion to Greece. Invasion of Spain by

bania. a French army.

Convulsions in GerRussia makes war in

many, Italy, ani Circassia.


Wars, &c. of Great Wars, dc.of Continental Britain.

States of Europe.

1831. War in India.

War between Holland Expedition to the and Belgium. Scheldt.

Hostilities between Dispute with China.

France and Portugal. French expedition

against Holland. War in Poland. Russian War in the

French War in Algeria.
Revolt of Mehemet

Civil War in Portugal.
Insurrections in

France, Germany,

and Italy.

1832. War with Holland. War between Holland

and Belgium (assisted by Great Bri

tain and France) War between Turkey

and Egypt. French Warin Algeria. Russian War in the

Caucasus. Insurrections in Italy;

Austrian troops oc

cupy Bologna. Civil War in Portugal

1833. Dispute with France. War between Turkey English protestagainst and Egypt. Treaty of Constanti- Cracow occupied by nople between Rus- Russia and Austria.

sia and Turkey. French Warin Algeria. Dispute with the Russian War in the Caftres.

Civil War in Spain

and Portugal Insurrections in Ger

many and Italy.

1834. War in India.

French War in AlHostilities with the geria. Caffres.

Russian War in the Affray with the Chi- Caucasus.

Civil War in Portugal. Disturbances in Ca- Occupation of Ancona nada.

by Austria. Treaty for expulsion of

Don Carlos and Don

1835. British troops arrive French War in Algeria in Spain.

Wars, dc. of Great Wars, &c. of Continental Britain.

States of Europe.

1836. Battle between Bri- Civil War in Spain.

tish troops and the French Warin Algeria. Carlists.

Russian War in the Rebellion in Canada. Caucasus. British merchants ex- Revolt of Cracow, pelled from Canton. crushed by Russia

and Austria.

1837. War in Canada with Civil War in Spain.

rebels and Ame- French Warin Algeria.

rican sympathisers. Russian War in the British troops in Spain. Caucasus.

1838. War in India.

War between France War in Canada.

and Mexico. British troops in Spain. War of the French in

Russian War in the

Civil War in Spain.

1839. War with India. War between France War with China.

and Mexico. British troops in Spain. Revolt of Pacha of

Civil War in Spain.
French Warin Ålgeria.
Russian War in the


1840. Affghan War.

War between Turkey War with Egypt.

Russian War in the
Dispute with China. Caucasus.

Civil War in Spain.
Insurrection in Alba-


and Egypt. War with China. Civil War in Spain. Expedition of British French War in Al

fleet to Naples. geria.
British troops in Spain. Russian War in the
Disputes with France Caucasus.

and with the United

War in India.

Civil War in Spain. War with China. Civil War in part of Dispute with the Uni

the Turkish Empire. ted States.

French War in Al

geria. Russian War in the


1842. War in India.

Civil War in Spain.
Hostilities with the War between Turkey

Boers at the Cape. and Persia
War with China. French War in Al-

Russian War in the


1843. War in India.

Otaheite occupied by Annexation of Natal the French. to the Cape.

Insurrections in the

Turkish Empire.
Russian War in the

French Wars in Al-

geria, and Senegal.




Wars, dc. of Great Wars, &c. of Continental Britair.

States of Europe.

1844. Insurrections in India. War between France Quarrel with theSikhs. and Morocco. Arrest by the French Insurrection in Spain.

of the English Con- Russian War in the sul at Tahite.

French Wars in Al-

geria, and Senegal.

1845. Sikh War.

Insurrections in Italy. Attack on the pirates French War in Alof Borneo.

geria. Labuan occupied by Russian War in the the British

Caucasus. Dispute with the United States.

1846. Sikh War.

Civil War in Portugal. Engagement with New Annexation of and inZealanders.

surrection in Cracow. Expedition to the Agitation in Hungary. Tagus.

French War in AlDissensions with geria. France in

Russian War in the quence of the Spa- Caucasus. nish marriages and Revolt of Sleswig and

the affairs of Greece. Holstein (encouRevolt of Boers at the raged_by Prussia) Cape.

from Denmark. Revolution in Switzer

land. Quarrelbetween Greece

and Turkey.

1847. War with Caffres and Civil War in Spain, Boers.

Portugal, and SwitWar with China.

zerland. Insurrections in India. Disturbances in Italy ;

Austria occupies

Ferrara. Insurrection in Poland. French War in Alge

ria, and with Cochin

Russian War in the


1848. War in India.

War between DenCaffre War.

mark and the DuEnglish Ambassador chies (aided by Pruscommanded to leave sia). Madrid.

War between Austria

and Sardinia. War in Hungary: War in the Duchy of

Revolutions in France,

Austria, Prussia,
Italy, and several

German States.
Insurrections in Spain

and Italy.
Russian War in the

French War in Algeria.

Wars, &c. of Great Wars, dc.of Continental Britain.

States of Europe.

1849. War in India.

French occupy Civita Disturbances in Ca- Vecchia, and besiege nada.

and storm Rome. Admiral Parker enters War in Hungary. Besika Bay.

War in the Duchies of

Sleswig and Hol

stein. Russian War in the


French Warin Algeria.

1850. Blockade of the Piræus War in the Danish

by the British fleet. Duchies. Catfre War.

Insurrection in GerWar in India.

many and Italy. Destruction of Chinese Prussia on the brink junks.

of war with Austria Dispute with France ; concerning Hesse

French Ambassador Cassel. recalled.

Russian War in the Angry despatch ad- Caucasus.

dressed to Great Bri- French War in Altain by Russia. geria.

French troops occupy


1851. Caffre War.

Insurrection in PorInsurrection of Hot- tugal. tentots.

Coup d'état of Louis Expedition to Ran- Napoleon. goon.

French War in Al

Russian War in the

French troops occupy


1852. Second Burmese War. French War in AlCaffre War.

Russian War in the


troops in Rome.

1853. Preparations for War War between Russia with Russia.

and Turkey. Insult to British sub- French War in Aljects at Madrid.

geria. French troops in


1854. War with Russia. Russia at War with

Turkey,France, and

Great Britain. Austrian army enters

the Principalities. Insurrections in Italy

and Spain. Rupture between Tur

key and Greece. French War in Al

geria. French

troops in Rome.

Wars, &c. of Great Wars, dc. of Continental Comparing these statistics with anteBritain,

States of Europe. cedent periods of history, it does not

1855. War with Russia. Russia at War with

appear that there is evidence of a gradual Insurrection of Santals Turkey, France,

cessation of warfare and other serious in Bengal.

Sardinia, and Great violations of the peace of nations. The Disturbances at the Britain.

table does not exhibit one year from Cape.

French War in Al-

1815 to the present date in which ourown French troops in country has not been either engaged in Rome.

actual hostilities in some part of the world, 1856.

or in some quarrel or proceeding likely to Peace with Russia in Russian War in the end in war. Much less does it show a

March, against the Caucasus. wishes of the British Insurrections in Spain. single year in which all Europe was at nation.

Insurrectionary move- peace. Nor is the significance of recent War with Persia. ments in Italy wars to be estimated by reference solely War with China. Rupture between Prus

to the amount of blood and treasure they Rupture with Naples. sia and Neufchâtel. Oude annexed. French troops in

have cost ; for the struggles of Russia Rome.

with Turkey, the campaigns of the French 1857.

in Algeria, Senegal and Lombardy, War with China. Russian War in the the conflicts of Great Britain in India Indian Mutiny:


and with China, and the aggressions of War, in the early part French troop in of the year, with Rome.

Spain upon Morocco, are of moment Persia.

rather as prophetical than as historical Insurrection at Sarā

facts. Besides, it should be remembered wak.

that the period from 1815 to 1854, 1858.

which has been so erroneously referred Serious differences Dispute between with France.

France and Portu

to as giving proof of the peacefulness of War with the Sepoys.

the modern spirit, began at the terminaWar with China. French fleet des- tion of the greatest war in the history of Bombardment of Jed- patched to Lisbon.

mankind; one which by its very sevedah. Russian War in the

rity necessitated a long forbearance from Caucasus. French troops in

hostilities on a great scale, adding as it Rome.

did, for example, more than £600,000,000 1859.

to the debt of Great Britain, and exPreparations by sea France and Sardinia

hausting France of all her soldiers. and land against at war with Austria. invasion ; organiza- Revolts in Central

Contrasting one age with another, ; tion of Volunteer Italy.

Great Britain seems never to have been Rifle Corps.

France and Spain at so free from war in this century as in Rebel army in Nepaul.

with Cochin

Sir Robert Walpole's time. From the Hostilities with the China. Chinese. Russian War in the

treaty of Utrecht in 1713 until 1739, Island of San Juan Caucasus.

the peace was only broken by occasional occupied by Ameri- War between Spain hostilities with Spain of no considerable can troops. and Morocco.

importance, and Walpole's administraFrench bombard Te

tion is commonly regarded as crowned tuan. French troops in by almost unbroken peace. But the Rome.

nineteenth bears in this respect a still less 1860.

favourable comparison with the sevenExpedition to China. War between Spain Distrust of the designs

teenth century. From the accession of and Morocco.

James I. until the civil wars, England may of France.

French expedition to Defensive preparations China.

be said to have enjoyed continued peace, continue.

French troops in Lom- for such operations as the expedition to

bardy and Rome. Rochelle scarcely deserve a place in the Annexation of Savoy history of war. Going farther back to the

and Nice by France. Carlist rising in Spain.

hundred years between the battle of BosInsurrection in Sicily. worth and the commencement of the




struggle with Spain in Elizabeth's time, cause of their analogy to a process which considering too the bloodless and is still going on in Europe, and still theatrical character of Henry the

the giving rise to problems of which no Eighth's campaign.i', and the unimport- peaceful solution has yet been found ance of the military annals of the two possible for the most part,—knots, as next reigns, we hardly exaggerate in it were, which must be cut with the saying that England was free from war sword. from the union of the Roses until the The efforts of the English sovereigns equipment of the Spanish Armada. in the middle ages for the annexation of Confining ourselves to English history, Wales, and the reduction of Scotland to it would thus appear that the portion of the position of a dependency, were the the nineteenth century already elapsed necessary antecedents of a political unity has been less peaceful than the corre- of Great Britain, corresponding with its sponding period of each of the two pre- natural or geographical unity, and conceding ones. And, indeed, it may be ducive both to the internal peace of the doubted whether any prior hundred island, and to its security from foreign and twenty years since the Conquest aggression. It was absolutely indispenproduced so many battles as sable for the civilization of England fought between 1740 and 1860.

that the Heptarchy should be consoliA writer, already referred to, remarks dated, and it was equally so that Ireland, that, “in the middle ages, there was Wales, and Scotland, should become never a week without war.” But if we integral parts of a united kingdom. It are to reckon all the feuds of the barons is obvious that the causes and chances and squires in comparing the frequency of war would be infinitely multiplied of mediæval with modern hostilities, we were these three countries still separate must weight the scale of the latter with and independent States, and that their all the bloody revolutions, rebellions, union with their more powerful neighand insurrections of modern times, and bour was requisite for the tranquillity with greater justice in consequence of and improvement of all, while it was prethe tendency of these elements of dis- ceded by struggles which, so far from order, peculiar to our era, to produce being peculiar to barbarian or the middle international strife or war in a wider ages, find almost exact parallels in the sphere.

latest annals of human progress. Nor It is not an impertinent fact that from is it unworthy of remark that Edward I., 1273 until 1339 England remained the ablest prince since the Conquest, throughout at peace with the Continent, applied himself with equal zeal and if at least the years 1293 and 1297 bé ambition to the reduction of Wales and excepted; in the former of which there Scotland, and to the establishment of was a collision between the French and law and order throughout England. In English fleets, although their respective like manner the complex movement countries were not otherwise at war; which in one word, fruitful of mistakes, and in the latter, Edward I. conducted we call civilization, while bearing over an expedition to Flanders, which ended the globe the seeds of future peace, has without a battle. It is true that in this entailed all the maritime, colonial, and period there were intermittent hostilities commercial wars of modern Europe. with Wales and Scotland. In a mili- The art of navigation discovered upon tary sense the Welsh wars of England the ocean a new element for the practice hardly deserve more notice than those of of hostilities. It was certainly not in a the Heptarchy. But there is a point of barbarous age, or by barbarous weapons, view from which the conflicts with that the Colonial Empire of Great Wales and Scotland, and those of the Britain was established. And what but Heptarchy, alike possess political import- the commercial spirit of the nineteenth ance, and have a bearing upon the century has carried the cannon of Great question now under consideration, be- Britain into China ? Surely it was not

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