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TILDEN FOUNDATIONS, The attention of School Officens is inyjțed to the following leading features of this Fifth Reader and Speaker.

Its Twofold Purpose. — It will be noted that this book is at once a Fifth Reader and a school Speaker, — two thirds of the matter being included under the former head, and one third under the latter. The prose and poetic selections in the Speaker section comprise many of the finest gems of oratory and poesy, and form a “golden treasury” from which the choicest pieces may be drawn for “declamation afternoons." At the same time the pieces in this section are an integral part of the Fifth Reader, and afford lessons which from time to time should be intercalated as specially fitted by their inspiriting tone and rhetorical excellence for class-room reading.

Matter. - In the tone of thought and feeling embodied in the selections will be found a well-considered advance on that of the Fourth Reader, but care has been taken to avoid the common mistake of making the transition too violent. The presence of a series of lessons under the generic title “Glimpses of Science” will be observed; and it will be noted that these selections are not “dry bones,” but science expressed in the forms of literary art.

Preparatory Notes::- In the.paragroghşunder this head are given brief characterizations of ilfe:authors, and such •explanation of allusions and references as is necessary to the understanding of the pieces. As it is futile to assume that the literary apparatus requisite for the elucidation of such references ana'allusions. is within the reach of scholars, it has been thougla: jidicus to explain whatever needed explanation, to the end of good readmg.

Language Study and Composition. — Under the head of “Language Study” will be found etymological, grammatical, and rhetorical questions and requirements, arranged under three subdivisions : I. The writing of the analysis of a few derivative words, fully exhibited in the Appendix; II. Hints and queries on salient points of practical grammar and sentential analysis; and III. Easy exercises in thoughtanalysis, literary expression, and the most useful figures of speech. The guiding principle has been to “make the exercises such as are fairly within the scholar's powers, and at the same time such as shall call these powers into fruitful activity."

As in the Third and Fourth Readers, syllabuses for composition are appended to each lesson specially fitted for such reproduction.

W. P. IO

Copyright, 1883. by Ivison, Blake man, Taylor, Su Co.

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