Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, Volúmenes11-15

Harvard Medical School Alumni Association, 1897

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Página 29 - And Nature, the old nurse, took The child upon her knee, Saying : " Here is a story-book Thy Father has written for thee." " Come, wander with me," she said, " Into regions yet untrod ; And read what is still unread In the manuscripts of God.
Página 9 - SECTION i. All graduates of the Harvard Medical School are eligible to be and may become members, if approved by the Council. SECT. 2. By recommendation of the Council and by a two-thirds vote of the Society at any regular meeting, any member may be dropped. SECT. 3. Every member shall pay an initiation fee of one dollar, and an annual due thereafter of one dollar ; but any member may become a life member by the payment of twenty dollars in one payment, after which he shall be relieved from the payment...
Página 47 - He was never seen to be transported with mirth, or dejected with sadness ; always cheerful but rarely merry, at any sensible rate; seldom heard to break a jest ; and when he did, he would be apt to blush at the levity of it : his gravity was natural, without affectation.
Página 28 - ... can follow. 3. The laboratory method of instruction will be greatly extended and students will be trained to get their knowledge, as far as possible, by the direct study of nature, but the didactic lecture, though reduced in importance, will not be displaced from its position as an educational agency. 4. The work of the students will probably be so arranged that their attention will be concentrated upon one principal subject at a time and these subjects will follow each other in a natural order....
Página 55 - Etenim omnes artes, quae ad humanitatem pertinent, habent quoddam commune vinculum ; et, quasi cognatione quadam, inter se continentur.
Página 10 - The President or the Council shall have the power to call a special meeting of the Association at any time ; provided that at least two weeks' previous notice in writing be given to all members of the Association.
Página 11 - School," and may elect such other committees from its own members or the Association at large as it shall, from time to time, deem expedient to carry out the objects of the Association. SECT. 4. The Council shall have the power to appoint, from time to time, one or more Corresponding Secretaries in the different cities or towns of the United States and the British North American provinces. It shall be the duty and office of such Corresponding Secretaries to promote in their respective localities...
Página 11 - Council shall have the power to fix the number of members of the Association necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of any and all business save that of amending the Constitution, and to fix also the number of their own members necessary to constitute a quorum of the Council. ARTICLE IX. The Secretary, Treasurer, the Council, and the Committee on the Harvard Medical School shall make and submit to the Association, at its annual meeting in each year, reports in writing or print of their...
Página 36 - In and after June, 1901, candidates for admission to the Medical School must present a degree in arts, literature, philosophy, science, or medicine from a recognized college or scientific school, with the exception of such persons, of suitable age and attainments, as may be admitted by a special vote of the Faculty taken in each case.
Página 10 - Association on nomination by the Council. ARTICLE IV. The officers of the Association shall be a President, ten VicePresidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Council of fifteen members. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be exofficio members of the Council. ARTICLE V. SECTION i. The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected for the term of three years. SECT. 2. The members of the Council, not members ex...

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