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In pursuing the same plan

Of Benevolence,
At length fell a Sacrifice

To his Humanity
At Cherson on the Black Sea,

To shew Mankind
That in the Eye of Providence

Not a long life,
But an happy death,
Is the reward


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Perusal of the travels

and benevolent labors of Mr. Howard gave rise to a train of Sentiments, which, in the following publication, the Author has attempted to purfue. It is evident from the authentic accounts, given by that humane man, of the state and manner of confinement in prisons, that their Inhabitants are the most miserable as well as the most helpless of Mankind; it is certain, also, that they are the most abandoned. It was not his intention, neither would it be con



sistent with policy or propriety, to render their Situations so commodious, as to take away the Idea of punishment. But, surely, it must be the wish of every feeling heart, and particularly of those, who profess themselves followers of the compassionate Saviour of the world, to remove every obstacle out of the way of reformation, to consult the spiritual as well as the bodily health of those who are under confinement, and to promote that serious thought and refle£tion among them which may ultimately conduce to render them useful members of Society here, and joyful


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Expectants of Happiness hereafter. Speaking of the treatment of prisoners in Switzerland, Mr. Howard says, • The principal Object here " is to make them better men. 66 This indeed should be the

leading viewinevery House 6 of Correction. As rational “ and immortal Beings, we “ owe this to them; nor can

any criminality of theirs, justify our neglect in these " particulars."

How very beneficial these researches of Mr. Howard have been, are too well known to be recounted; nor would


a 2

* Aprend to the State of the Prisons. P. 89.

the Author of the following pieces of Instruction have ventured to have taken up his pen, had he not thought it the duty of every Christian, much more of every Christian Minister, to second, to the utmost of his Abilities, so glorious an Example. Let it not be faid, that the Object is too large to hope for Success. The World is still larger ; and yet

the Founder of our Religion sent forth his difciples to teach, or make converts of, all nations. In our prisons are collected, within a small compass, men of the most unprincipled, and often infamous, Characters. They


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