Journal of the Senate of the State of Michigan, Volumen1

John S. Bagg, printer to the Legislature, 1921
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Página 309 - An Act to provide for the promotion of vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to civil employment", approved June 2, 1920, as amended (USC, title 29, ch.
Página 632 - An act to promote the welfare of the people of this State, relating to the liability of employers for injuries or death sustained by their employes, providing compensation for the accidental injury to or death of employes and methods for the payment of the same, establishing an Industrial Accident Board, defining its powers, providing for a review of its awards, making an appropriation to carry out the provisions of this act, and restricting the right to compensation or damages in such cases to such...
Página 228 - An act to revise the laws authorizing the business of banking, and to establish a banking department for the supervision of such business," being section 7970 of the Compiled Laws of 1915, as amended by Act No.
Página 420 - ... but shall be secured only upon the property and revenues of such public utility, including a franchise stating the terms upon which, in case of foreclosure, the purchaser may operate the same, which franchise shall in no case extend for a longer period than twenty years from the date of the sale of such utility and franchise on foreclosure.
Página 609 - An act to provide for the organization, regulation and classification of corporations ; to provide their rights, powers and immunities ; to prescribe the conditions on which corporations may exercise their powers ; to provide for the inclusion of certain existing corporations within the provisions of this act; to prescribe the terms and conditions upon which foreign corporations may be admitted to...
Página 266 - An act prescribing the fees, taxes and charges to be paid to the state by corporations doing or seeking to do business in this state; prescribing the method and basis of computing such fees, taxes and charges; requiring certain annual reports to be filed by corporations: providing for the disposition of the moneys received under this act and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the provisions thereof," being section 10140 of the Compiled .Laws of 1929, With the recommendation that the bill...
Página 420 - Sec. 24. When a city or village is authorized to acquire or operate any public utility, it may issue mortgage bonds therefor beyond the general limit of bonded indebtedness prescribed by law: Provided, that such mortgage bonds issued beyond the general limit of bonded indebtedness prescribed by law shall not impose any liability upon such city or village, but shall be secured only upon the property and revenues of such public utility...
Página 545 - An act to provide for the registration, identification and regulation of motor vehicles and trailers attached thereto, operated upon the public highways of this State, and of the operators of such vehicles, and to provide for levying specific taxes upon such vehicles so operated, and to provide for the disposition of such funds and to exempt from all other taxation sueh motor vehicles so specifically taxed, registered, identified and regulated, and to repeal all other acts or parts of acts inconsistent...
Página 472 - An act to provide for the examination, regulation, licensing and registration of physicians and surgeons, and for the punishment of offenders against this act, and to repeal acts and parts of acts in conflict therewith...
Página 649 - An act to define and regulate common carriers and the receiving, transportation and delivery of persons and property, prevent the imposition of unreasonable rates, prevent unjust discrimination, insure adequate service, create the Michigan railroad commission, define the powers and duties thereof, and to prescribe penalties for violations hereof," being section 11029 of the Compiled Laws of 1929.

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