The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Tales

B. Tauchnitz, 1882 - 304 páginas

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Página 181 - THE NORTH WIND DOTH BLOW he north wind doth blow, And we shall have snow, And what will poor Robin do then, Poor thing? He'll sit in a barn, And keep himself warm, And hide his head under his wing, Poor thing.
Página 215 - Fight on, my men, Sir Andrew says, A little I'm hurt, but yet not slain; I'll but lie down and bleed awhile, And then I'll rise and fight again. Fight on, my men, Sir Andrew says, And never flinch before the foe ; And stand fast by St.
Página 162 - The little wretch!" thought Stephen. Sara returned to her seat, and her needle went almost as fast as her sewing-machine. A glow had arisen now, and rested on her pale cheek: Stephen found himself staring at a kind of transfiguration, back from the ghostly to the human. His admiration extended itself to her deft and slender fingers and there brooded until his conscience informed him that he was actually admiring the breaking of the Sabbath; whereupon he rose. But all the time he was about amongst...
Página 168 - Don't send him to prison, Mr. Archer," shrieked Sara, and laid herself on the floor at his feet with a grovelling motion, as if striving with her mother earth for comfort. There was not a film of art in this. She had never been to a theatre. The natural urging of life gave the truest shape to her entreaty. Her posture was the result of the same feeling which made the nations of old bring their sacrifices to the altar of a deity who, possibly benevolent in the main, had yet cause to be inimical to...
Página 158 - Bradley," she said, in some alarm. " Come into my room, sir, till he's gone up ; there's no harm in him when he's sober, but he ain't been sober for a week now." Stephen obeyed ; and she, taking a key from her pocket, and unlocking a door on the landing, led him into a room to which his back-parlour was a paradise. She offered him the only chair in the room, and took her place on the edge of the bed, which showed a clean though much-worn patchwork quilt.
Página 159 - I've plenty to do mending of Charley's trousers. You see they're only shoddy, and as fast as I patch 'em in one place they're out in another." " But you oughtn't to work Sundays." " I have heard tell of people as say you oughtn't to work of a Sunday ; but where's the differ when you've got a brother to look after? He ain't got no mother." " But you're breaking the fourth commandment ; and you know where people go that do that. You believe in hell, I suppose." " I always thought that was a bad word.
Página 157 - I promise you I won't interfere next time." So saying, he turned, took up his shutter, and proceeded to close his shop. The young woman walked on. Stephen gave an inward growl or two at the depravity of human nature, and set out to make his usual visits ; but before he reached the place, he had begun to doubt whether the old Adam had not overcome him in the matter of boxing the boy's ears ; and the following interviews appeared in consequence less satisfactory than usual. Disappointed with himself,...
Página 155 - ... unknown beyond its precincts, but starry in the eyes of those whose world lay within its tabernacle. People generally do not know what a power some of these small conventicles are in the education of the world. If only as an outlet for the energies of men of lowly education and position, who in connexion with most of the churches of the Establishment would find no employment, they are of inestimable value. To Stephen Archer, for instance, when I saw him first, his chapel was the sole door out...
Página 153 - STEPHEN ARCHER. STEPHEN ARCHER was a stationer, bookseller, and newsmonger in one of the suburbs of London. The newspapers hung in a sort of rack at his door, as if for the convenience of the public to help themselves in passing. On his counter lay penny weeklies and books coming out in parts, amongst which the Family Herald was in force, and tho London Journal not to be found.
Página 169 - ... door. She sat down and cried again. Stephen had gone to find the boy if he might, and bring him to his sister. He ought to have said so, for to permit suffering for the sake of a joyful surprise is not good. Going home first, he was hardly seated in his room, to turn over not the matter but the means, when a knock came to the shop-door, the sole entrance, and there were two policemen bringing the deserter in a cab. He had been run over in the very act of decamping with the contents of the till,...

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