Myelitis of the Anterior Horns: Or, Spinal Paralysis of the Adult and Child

Putnam, 1877 - 120 páginas

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Página 117 - One authority (Dr. Hammond)* says: "If the muscles can be made to contract with either the induced or the primary currents, the cure is merely a matter of time and patience ; " but I am afraid that this is rather a sanguine expectation. I should give a very guarded prognosis, under these circumstances, in all cases having lasted beyond a year.
Página 17 - October 25, 1874. Patient, when she first came in this year, walked ill with a crutch and stick ; is now able to walk with two sticks (result of education). Cannot stand or walk without help. The patient is a stout and healthy girl, exhibiting nothing abnormal above the hips. Both lower extremities are extensively palsied and much wasted. The left leg (first attacked in 1871) shows no voluntary movement below the knee, with exception of slight separation of the toes. As the patient lies on the bed...
Página 17 - ... of slight separation of the toes. As the patient lies on the bed she is able to raise the extended limb as a whole ; but the strength at knee-joint is small. The thigh is thin and flabby ; the leg is the seat of extreme atrophy, and looks just like the same part in cases of infantile spinal palsy, there being apparently only connective tissue and fat around the bones, the skin being bluish and very cold to the touch. The right lower extremity (paralyzed in 1873) is in a very similar though less...

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