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The effect of the President's suspensive veto is more fully and correctly stated at page 91, than in giving the outline of the American constitution at page 34, where there is a slight inaccuracy which escaped observation until the first sheets had been printed.

Many of the working classes attended these lectures, and the author has had some pleasing proofs of their intelligent interest in the inquiry, by which he is encouraged to hope that should this volume find its way into some factories and workshops, it may be the means of promoting among our industrious and skilful artizans such sentiments as are expressed in the following extract of a letter froin one of their number:

“Honoured Sir, I was taught, in my childhood, to love my country, its sovereign, its religion, and its laws, I always loved it, I loved it when I entered the Assembly Room on last Monday evening. But, Sir, when I left that room, that love was greatly enhanced; and had not prudence forbid it, I should have let loose the strength of my voice, and the audience must have heard from me,

England, with all thy faults, I love thee still. And Sir, may the blessings of the God of our nation still rest on her; and may that Divine hand, which has 192


so mercifully saved her amidst wars and difficulties past, still preserve her from internal commotion, and from foreign foes. Sir, I feel more than ever determined to disseminate a spirit of patriotism wherever and whenever opportunity may be afforded me of so doing.

“Most honoured Sir, I most humbly hope you will pardon my thus presuming; it arises from the warmth of my heart, and throw myself on your clemency touching all imperfections, being but an humble mechanic:

“ Begging to subscribe myself, &c.”

J. Chilcott, Printer, Wine Street, Bristol.

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