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The title of this publication is chosen less for appropriateness than for originality. Poetical selections, as various in talent as in name, have been so multiplied of late, that we have been at no small pains to discover an appellation sufficiently distinctive for our purpose. It is for this reason that we have a certain pleasant melancholy upon our brow, and not because we have banished our readers into the wild waste, far from the strife and turmoil of congregated thousands and the populous city; on the contrary, wherever man hath tabernacled or nature dwelt, there, with a joyous gladness have we followed the leadings of the Muse :-we have tracked her

from sea to sea and from shore to shore; the Old and the New Worlds have alike furnished contributions; and wherever her gifts have been most prodigally dispensed, have we put in our sickle and gathered in the harvest :




June 4, 1836.

Change . .

. . L. E. Landon 98
Crescentius .

Casa Bianca . . Mrs. Hemans 172
Childe Harold's Last Pil-

grimage . . . Bowles 235
Couldst thou but know . Lady C. Lamb 317
Consumption . . .J. G. Percival 338

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Flowers for Mary's Garland . Anonymous 134
Farewell to the Year. J. G. Lockhart 221
Fare thee well .. . .. Byron 223
Farewell . . . .

- 300
Forget thee? . . Rev.J.Moultrie 346

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I am come back to my Bower Miss Jewsbury 31
Irish Melody . . .

Moore 200
I do not love thee . . Miss Sheridan 241
I saw thee wedded . Rev.J.Moultrie 313

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