Scottish Law Magazine, and Sheriff Court Reporter, Volumen2

Thomas Murray and Son, 1863

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Página 40 - The master of a ship, and every person lawfully acting as master of a ship, by reason of the decease or incapacity from illness of the master of the ship, shall, so far as the case permits, have the same rights, liens, and remedies for the recovery of disbursements or liabilities properly made or incurred by him on account of the ship as a master has for the recovery of his wages.
Página 17 - Finds the pursuer entitled to expenses; allows an account thereof to be given in, and remits the same, when lodged, to the auditor of Court to tax and report, and décerne.
Página 24 - Be it therefore declared and enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that — I.
Página 42 - Dog, and shall be liable as such, unless the said Occupier can prove that he was not the Owner of such Dog at the Time the Injury complained of was committed, and that such Dog was kept or permitted to live or remain in the said House or Premises without his Sanction or Knowledge...
Página 119 - Finds the defenders entitled to expenses : Allows an account thereof to be given in, and remits the same, when lodged, to the Auditor to tax and report.
Página 147 - ... liable in expenses ; allows an account thereof to be given in, and remits the same, when lodged, to the Auditor to tax and report.
Página 59 - ... or for or in respect of any money advanced to such artificer for any such purpose as aforesaid : Provided always that such stoppage or deduction shall not exceed the real and true value of such fuel, materials, tools, implements, hay, corn, and provender, and shall not be in any case made from the wages of such artificer, unless the agreement or contract for such stoppage or deduction shall be in writing and signed by such artificer.
Página 94 - Cranworth said that it was a principle established by many preceding cases, "that when a master employs his servant in a work of danger he is bound to exercise due care in order to have his tackle and machinery in a safe and proper condition, so as to protect the servant against unnecessary risks.
Página 24 - ... that the minister of any parish is insane, and thereby disabled from discharging the duties of his office, it is hereby further declared and enacted that it is and shall be the right of the presbytery, unless an arrangement, for the purposes after mentioned, shall have been made on behalf of the said minister to the satisfaction of the presbytery, to appoint a qualified assistant to perform the duties of the charge until the said minister shall be enabled to resume the same, or until the parish...
Página 136 - A man is not to sell his own goods under the pretense that they are the goods of another man; he cannot be permitted to practice such a deception, nor to use the means which contribute to that end. He cannot, therefore, be allowed to use names, marks, letters, or other indicia, by which he may induce purchasers to believe that the goods which he is selling are the manufacture of another person.

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