Right lines in their places; or, The first principles of drawing and design without instruments


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Página 112 - Rub the paint firmly, but not too heavily, or you will not get the colour smooth. Be careful to hold the cake upright, so as to keep the edge flat. When you have rubbed as much colour as you think you are likely to want, do not at once put the cake back...
Página viii - Of four-sided figures, a square is that which has all its sides equal, and all its angles right angles.
Página 81 - Polygons are those which have more than four sides. They receive particular names from the number of their sides ; thus a pentagon has five sides, a hexagon has six sides, a heptagon seven, an octagon eight, a nonagon nine, a decagon ten, an undecagon eleven, and a dodecagon has twelve sides.
Página 57 - TRIANGLES upon the same base, and between the same parallels, are equal to one another.
Página xvi - Panizzi was one of those who felt sincerely that " whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well...
Página 84 - For the polygon may be divided into as many triangles as it has sides, less two (417); and the angles of these triangles coincide altogether with those of the polygon. The sum of the angles of each triangle is two right angles. Therefore, the sum of the angles of the polygon is equal to twice as many right angles as it has sides, less two.
Página 113 - ... be too dark. When you have laid on your colour do not touch it again whilst wet. If it should require retouching let this be done when it has dried, as you will generally make it worse by stirring about* in the wet colour, and will be likely to rub up the surface of the paper. Wherever it is possible, use a large brush in preference to a smaller one, as you will by this means be...
Página 123 - ... addition of Ruling Pen and Horn Protractor ..... . .20 53. Deal Wood Box, painted, Compass, Pen and Pencil, Ruling Pen, Lengthening Bar, Horn Protractor, Drawing Pins, Indian Ink, and Rule . . .26 54. Same, ditto, with Two Compasses . . . .30 55. Same, ditto (54-in.

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