John Dryden: The Critical Heritage

Helen and Kinsley Kinsley
Routledge, 2013 M06 17 - 424 páginas
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The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read for themselves, for example, comments on early performances of Shakespeare's plays, or reactions to the first publication of Jane Austen's novels.
The carefully selected sources range from landmark essays in the history of criticism to journalism and contemporary opinion, and little published documentary material such as letters and diaries. Significant pieces of criticism from later periods are also included, in order to demonstrate the fluctuations in an author's reputation.
Each volume contains an introduction to the writer's published works, a selected bibliography, and an index of works, authors and subjects.
The Collected Critical Heritage set will be available as a set of 68 volumes and the series will also be available in mini sets selected by period (in slipcase boxes) and as individual volumes.

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Dryden and Congreve 1693
Congreve to Mr Dryden on his translation of Persius 1693
HIGGONS on Persius 1693
DRYDEN on Examen Poeticum 1693
DENNIS on Oedipus 1693
Tribute from ADDISON 1693
DRYDEN on The Satires of Juvenalis 1693
DRYDEN on Love Triumphant 1694

Drydens Patent 1670
DRYDEN on Tyrannick Love 16701681
DRYDEN on An Evenings Love 1671
DRYDEN as Mr Bayes 1672
Tragedy I says my Masterpiece1673
The Censure of the Rota 1673
Attack by vindication 1673
Mr Dreyden Vindicated 1673
The Athenian Virtuosi answered 1673
RAVENSCROFT requites Dryden 1673
Wits and pedants 1673
MARVELL on The State of Innocence 1674
RYMER on The Indian Emperour 1674
ROCHESTER on Dryden 16757
Comedy and tragedy 1676
Excellent imaging? 1677
DRYDEN on The Kind Keeper 1677 1680
DRYDEN on All for Love 1678
DRYDEN on The Spanish Fryar 1681
Verses on Absalom and Achitophel 1681 1682
Some responses to Absalom and Achitophel 1681 1682
Verses on The Medall 1682
Verses on Religio Laici 16821683
A Satyr 1682
Dryden the Tory poet 1682
SHADWELL on The Duke of Guise 1683
A deists tribute 1683
DRYDEN on his History of the League 1684
Odi imitatores servum pecus c 1685
PRIOR parodies The Hind and the Panther 1687
Gentle George reads The Hind and the Panther 16871689
CLIFFORDs poison pen 1687
Reflections on The Hind and the Panther 1687
Drydens rhyming poetry 1690
Objections to Don Sebastian 168990
Two actors in 1690 1739
MILBOURNE blows hot and cold 1690 1698
LANGBAINEs observations and remarks 1691
Verses on Virgil 1697
DRYDEN on his Virgil 1697
Alexanders Feast 1697
Immorality and profaneness 1698
Fables Ancient and Modern 1700
On a portrait of Dryden 1700
Farce and heroicks 1700
Drydens unnatural flights 1701
SWIFT on Dryden 1704 1710 1735
Verses on Drydens Fables 1706
The Spectator 1711 1712
DENNIS on Dryden 1711 1715 1717 1720 1728
GARTHs memorial to Dryden 1717
CONGREVEs memoir 1717
DENNIS on All for Love 1719
ALEXANDER POPE on Dryden 173043
THOMAS GRAY on Dryden 1742 1754 1765
Instant criticism 1744
JOSEPH WARTON on Dryden 1756 1782
Applauding hands and dry eyes 1759
Sigismunda and Timotheus 1761 1763 1764
ADAM SMITH on The Spanish Fryar 1763
Comments by WALPOLE 177587
DR JOHNSON on Dryden 177981 1750
Comments by COWPER 1780 1782 1784
A professorial view 1783
BURNS reads Drydens Virgil 1788
MALONE on Dryden 1800
No great favourite of WORDSWORTHs 1805
Cause for alarm 1805 1806
The great appraisal 1808
Teutonic strictures 1808
BLAKE against journeymen c 1810
LORD MONBODDO on Drydens Odes n d
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