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For an appreciative and comprehensive criticism of Horace I am especially indebted to W. Y. Sellar's second volume of the Roman Poets of the Augustan Age. My own quotations of Horace in this work are taken from the Oxford edition of his works by E. C. Wickham.

In all quotations of English authors I have followed the spelling and punctuation peculiar to each, as found in the edition of the author used. It is apparent, from the diverse readings of the quotations from Horace, that few of the authors even of the latter half of the eighteenth century used Bentley's edition. Pope openly scoffed at his work; Swift was allied against him; while Fielding, in H. Scriblerus his Preface to the Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great, jests about the annotations of 'Clariss. Bentleium.' I have left all quotations of Horace as I found them, and have put the correct quotation in square brackets, in a footnote, only where the author has either deliberately or inadvertently made radical changes. Certain authors are apt to quote carelessly, as, for instance, Lord Chesterfield, who frequently transposes words or phrases; and such inaccuracies I have not noted.

The Appendix is intended to give all allusions to, and quotations of, Horace in the works of the authors considered. I can only trust that the accomplishment has not fallen too far short of that purpose. In the Appendix, the numbers in brackets on the left-hand side of the page refer, unless otherwise indicated, to the volume and page of the edition of the author used. For the square brackets used around dates and names of persons addressed, in the several series of letters, the editor of the particular author

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