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were thought necessary were finally made of cargoes from Egypt and of passengers; and effective by the British Government. Many it is probable that the failure of the cholera to of the cordons had been established to protect spread to Europe is due, first, to the early quarplaces which were either infected at the time antine measures instituted against it, and, secor subsequently became infected, were then ond, to the energetic policy of the British Govabolished, they being no longer of any use, and ernment when it was discovered that the Egypthe British Government directed the enforce- tians were either powerless or incompetent to ment of sanitary measures by the troops then institute proper sanitary measures themselves. in Egypt.

Owing to the large quantities of rags annually The following extract from a report to the exported from Egypt to the United States by State Department, by United States Consul- way of England, it was felt by our GovernGeneral G. P. Pomeroy, stationed at Cairo, ment that great danger existed in the unreunder date of August 16th, will show the ener- stricted importation of infected rags, and sanigetic measures adopted:

tary inspectors were appointed in Liverpool At a recent interview with Surgeon-General Hunter, and London, to inspect the

cargoes of vessels who was sent to Egypt by the English Foreign Office departing for the United States, and to give learned a few facts, which I will here recount. This notification by telegraph of the departure of gentleman, with medical assistants, has just returned infected goods. Collectors of customs were to Cairo from a tour of inspection of the infected dis- forbidden

to allow the entry of Egyptian rags tricts in Lower Egypt, of which the most important until the municipal health officer of the port towns are Damietta, Mansourah, Samanoud, Zagazis, where the entry was to be made should give a Kafr-Zayat, Mahala-Kybir, Tanta, and Benha. Sur certificate that in his opinion no danger need Bir Edward Malet, he communicated to the Minister be apprehended from so doing. This almost of the Interior a decided wish to see promptly exe- stopped the importation of Egyptian rags for cuted in Cairo, and throughout all the infected dis some months, and steamships declined to retricts, the cleaning of the mosques, streets, and ceme-ceive suspected rags as freight. It is now proleast one metre under the ground,

to cover them

with posed that American shippers of rags shall have quicklime, and to destroy by fire the small houses them properly disinfected before shipment, and tainted with the malady, and the pestilential or nox- to that end a sanitary inspector, acting under ious air by which it is produced. In this matter, it is the direction of the United States consul, has country here, from a religious

impulse, have offered whose duty it is to see that the rags have been necessary to state, the Arab people all through the been appointed, and stationed at Alexandria, silenced by naming, as delegates for executing these thoroughly boiled before baling. Machinery on measures, notables, Arab doctors, and employés of a large scale has been shipped to Alexandria by the different government local administrations. Sur- one of the principal paper-manufacturing firms lish Government, with acquiescence of the Egyptian of the United States, whereby the boiling and native authorities, has concluded to form here, as in subsequent drying may be accomplished with India, a permanent Sanitary Commission, which will but little loss of time. From a scientific point be composed, in the beginning, of eight officers and of view, the cholera epidemic in Egypt does not Board (intendancy), who are experienced in the study appear to have afforded any permanent lesson. and practice of this disease, and who will have com- The early cordons were too inefficiently conplete charge and management, in this land, of all pub- ducted to be of material service in settling the lic sanitary measures.

question as to the prevention of its spread, and Consul-General Pomeroy expressed his opin- the several commissions sent by France and ion that the chief cause of the present” cessa- Germany respectively do not appear to have tion of cholera in Cairo, and some other towns, conclusively settled the causation of the disis to be attributed “ to the very high rise of the ease. The German Commission, headed by Nile, which has very lately filled with fresh Prof. Koch, announced the discovery of a miwater the canals of the infected districts, and crobe and bacillus, found principally in the thereby cleaned out the poisonous matter and walls of the lower intestines. The French filth which was the direct origin of the devel- Commission was nominally headed by Prof. opment of cholera. Apart from the cholera Pasteur, but was really headed by M. Thuillier, epidemic, there is at present a great deal of who died at Alexandria, a martyr to his scientyphoid fever in the country, and we have just tific zeal. This commission reported that a got over an epidemic of spotted typhus fever.” micro-organism was found in the blood, lo

While the epidemic lasted, great alarm was cated in the spaces between the blood-globules. felt in Europe, not only among the countries Further experiments are necessary in order to bordering on the Mediterranean, but in Russia, demonstrate the truth of these propositions. which quarantined her Black sea ports, and In the mean time nothing bas been discovered later those in the Baltic, and all Europe quar- which in any way modifies the treatment of antined against arrivals of persons and goods previous years. The “ Fyers' treatment,” which from Egypt, in view of the danger of importa- consists in the administration of emetics and tion of cholera. England departed from her purgatives, has again been brought forward. usual conservatism against quarantine, by lay- This treatment, it will be remembered, origiing the responsibility upon customs officers to nated in Mauritius in 1856. make special investigation of the importation A commission was appointed by the German

Government in 1873 for the purpose of inves- Speaking of the endemic character of the tigating the causes of cholera, and their report yellow fever at Vera Cruz, a local tradition has was made early in 1883. Prof. Hirsch, of the it (Padre Alegre) that yellow fever was incommission, announced his adherence to the troduced there in 1699, by an English ship, doctrine that “from the cholera-patient an in- which arrived with a cargo of negro slaves fectious substance is actually thrown off, which, from the west coast of Africa ; but there does however, is not yet capable of acting directly not appear to be much contemporaneous hisas a cholera-poison, but only obtains its spe- torical evidence to support the tradition. Yelcific infecting influence after it has undergone low fever appeared on the west coast of Mexa certain change, outside the system of the ico, principally in the cities on the coast bor. patient himself, and under the afore-men- dering on the Gulf of California. The disease tioned external circumstances, either upon or appeared at Mazatlan early in September, and in the soil or a succedaneum of the soil." is now believed to have been introduced by a

Prof. Petten kofer announced as his opinion, vessel from Panama. It spread rapidly to that “the reproduction of the cholera-poison Guaymas, Hermosillo, and Manzanillo. The city takes place quite independently of the cholera- of Acapulco inaugurated a rigid quarantine stricken individual (as such), seeing that it against vessels from the other western coast may attach itself to persons, sick or well, or to ports, and escaped the infection. La Paz, in other objects, throngh the instrumentality of Lower California, Mexico, was also infected which it may be carried from place to place, with the fever, which reached the bighest pitch and wherever it finds appropriate conditions of malignancy in September, and deaths in that for its reproduction it may light up an epic town reached 114. The acting United States demic." Tho recomiendations of this com- consul at La Paz, Mr. Viosca, was himself afmission for the prevention of the disease are fected with the disease, as was also Mr. Willard, as follow:

United States consul at Guaymas. Mr. WilOf all the measures which may be applied to the lard estimates that only about 200 persons died prevention and combating of cholera, those take the at Guaymas of yellow fever, out of 3,500 atfirst place which have for their aim the improvement tacked. He estimated that in the capital of of general sanitary conditions; all specific measures against cholera will prove unavailing unless, we pay sick from the disease at one time. The effect

the State (Hermosillo), over 2,000 persons were the strictest attention in inhabited places to tho purifying of the soil from organic and easily putrefying of this scourge on those towns was to paralyze refuse, to the drainage of the soil, to the constant all business and create a general panic in the flushing of the sewers, to the frequent emptying of interior. As usual, on its first appearance, closing those that are really hurtful, the provision of there was much discrepancy of opinion as tó pure water both for drinking and other domestic pur

whether the disease was really yellow fever, poses, and the like.

or simply the ordinary coast bilious fever; Yellow fever prevailed during the year in but as the epideinic progressed, it became imits native home on the island of Cuba; on possible either to conceal the fact that yellow the Mexican shores of the Gulf; in a' less sever was present, or to deny it so effectually degree in Brazil, and to a very serious extent

as to prevent adjacent towns from quaranon the western shores of Mexico. There is tining against them. The American steamer always danger to the Gulf-ports of the United Newbern, which left Guaymas on the 19th of States from the admission of yellow fever from September, arrived in San Francisco on the Havana, Cuba, and from Rio de Janeiro, but 29th, with five of her crew sick with yellow this year it was threatened from a city where fever. Fortunately, the disease was not comthe shipping has hitherto been measurably ex

municated to the city. The United States empt-Vera Cruz, Mexico. No other city on

Government took early precautions against the the Gulf-coast of Mexico suffered severely from admission of yellow fever by keeping inspectyellow fever, but on the west coast the disease

ors at Havana and Vera Cruz to report by teleappeared with unusual virulence.

graph the departure of infected ships. InVera Cruz, like Havana, has cases of yellow spectors were stationed in Arizona at Fort fever the year round. The following table of Yuma and Benson, to prevent the entrance of mortality from yellow fever, at the Hospital de persons sick with yellow fever, or of infected Sebastian, was compiled by Assistant Surgeon baggage from the Mexican cities. An inspector Gaitéras, of the Marine-Hospital Service:

was also stationed at Brownsville, Texas, for the same purpose. The Government maintained a

quarantine at Ship Island, in the Gulf of MexiPATIENTS.

co; a quarantine at Pensacola; Sapelo Sound, on the Atlantic coast, and near Cape Charles in Chesapeake Bay. The local authorities of the United States ports maintained their quar

antines as usual. The Revenue Cutter Service Discharged 216, 38

was instructed to patrol the Gulf-coast for the Dead Remaining

42 purpose of inspecting vessels, and to forbid the

entrance into any port of persons infected, or Total.... 830 48

302 1,756 of vessels having infected cargoes, and to order

Up to Feb. 15,




Admitted.. 350 48

810 217 11

448 59

302 1.756


1571 102
153 115


203 86 215 22

77 8.50 183 864

131 10

810 217 11


418 59

them directly to quarantine. These energetic EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION. The statistical measures prevented the entrance of yellow fe- reports presented to the General Conference ver into any port of the United States. As in of the Evangelical Association, at its meeting the previous year, all matters of quarantine in October, 1883, gave the following items: administration were managed by the Marine- Whole number of members, 120,231; increase Hospital Service, a Bureau of the Treasury De- during four years, 10,458; number of preachers, partment, of which the Surgeon-General is the 1,671; of churches, 1,622, of which the value chief officer, who is responsible to the Secre- was $3,577,883; number of parsonages, 501, tary of the Treasury. On the 16th of August having a value of $307,205; number of Suna local outbreak of the disease occurred in the day-schools, 2,131, with 135,795 pupils. Pensacola navy-yard, and the outlying villages General Conference. The General Conference of Warrington and Woolsey on the naval res- met at Allentown, Pa., October 4th. An acervation, the origin of which is still in doubt. count of the present condition of the Church, The Secretary of the Navy ordered a board of and a review of its progress during the past inquiry to ascertain the cause of the fever, and four years, were given in the address of the they reported as the probable cause that in- bishop. The net gain in members had been fected ballast was used in building the jetties about 8 per cent., or 5 per cent. less than the at Fort McRae, workmen on which lived in the gain during the preceding four years, and 12 per village of Warrington, and went immediately cent. less than the gain during the four years from the jetties to their homes. The board, from 1871 to 1875. The gain in the number however, declined to give any positive opinion, of ministers (itinerant and local) had been but simply regarded it as probable that this about 8 per cent., the increase in the number of was the source of infection. Other causes of churches a little more than 3 per cent., and infection are enumerated and given as possible, that in the number of Sunday-schools about among them the possibility of the hibernation 9 per cent. Much improvement was remarked of the germs in infected goods left over from in the substitution of new church-buildings for the previous year's epidemic in the city of Pen- old ones; and debts resting against churches sacola.

had been paid off to such an extent that all A sanitary cordon was early established the churches in some of the conferences were against the naval reservation, which prevented free from such debts, and nearly all the others travel to or from the reservation during the were in an easy condition. The receipts of prevalence of the epidemic. The efficacy of an the Missionary Society during four years had efficient cordon sanitaire was once more dem- been $384,086, or $103,404 more than those onstrated, for no case of the disease appeared of the previous four years. The work of outside the limits of the reservation. There home missions had been extended to Texas, were a few separate cases of yellow fever in where missions had been organized in Galthe city of Pensacola, evidently developed veston, San Antonio, and Temple, and to Denfrom infected bedding left over from the pre- ver, Col. The receipts of the Publishing vious year, when a serious epidemic prevailed. House at Cleveland, O., during four years, had

As to the causation of yellow fever in gen- been $767,007, or $169,097 more than those eral, nothing has been developed within the of the previous four years; and those of the year, except the investigation of Dr. Domingos Publishing House in Stuttgart, Germany, had Freize, of Brazil, who reports having discov- been $64,359. The Missionary Society emcred the microbion of the disease ; that it is ployed 420 missionaries and supplied 427 developed in the corpses of the deceased; and mission charges, with which were connected that it flourishes to a great extent in the earth 35,767 members; it also sustained 775 misof cemeteries. Dr. Freize has recognized in sion Sunday-schools, with 6,910 officers and the blood of yellow-fever patients the crypto- teachers and 47,230 pupils. Abroad the coccus, to which he has attached the name of society sustained missions in Europe, in aid zanthogenicus. The color of the black-vomit of the conferences in Germany and Switzerhe considers due to this cryptococcus. He has land, and in Japan. The two European conproduced the disease in Guinea-pigs and rabbits ferences employed 67 preachers besides theoby injecting the C. zanthogenicus. He advises, logical students, and included fifty stations as the best means of extermination, the build- with about 700 preaching appointments, and ing of public crematories, and that all persons an enrollment of 8,400 members, and 268 Sundying of yellow fever shall be cremated. The day-schools, with 16,950 pupils. Three periodiBrazilian Government has approved his recom- cals were published at Stuttgart. The net mendation, and a crematory has been erected increase in members in Europe was small, by order of the Imperial Government.

though the additions to the churches had been Dr. Carmona Del Valle, of Mexico, also many, because a large proportion of the conclaims to have discovered the germ of the dis- verts had emigrated to the United States. The ease, and has named it Peronospera lutea. He German churches had suffered much from the finds its mycelium in the black - vomit, and opposition of the state churches. The misclaims to have observed its developinent in the sion in Japan returned 2 American preachers, urine.

4 American woman missionaries, 3 native ERYSIPELAS. See SURGERY,

preachers, 4 student helpers, 3 native Bible

women, a number of teachers in day-schools, extend in the valley of the Rhine and its tributaries, 3 day-schools with 132 pupils, and 4 Sundays causing great damage and suffering at Düsseldorf, schools

, with 191. The Committee on High Mayence, Worms, Mannheim, and Ludwigshaven. Schools and Education reported on the condi- France, and Italy, interrupted by high water. Plot tion of Northwestern College, Naperville, Ill. ; against the Austrian Crown Prince discovered at the Biblical Institute; Union Seminary for Pesth. young men and young women (with which Senate. House of Representatives pass. Pendleton's

4. Sherman's bonded whisky bill passed in the à theological course is connected); Schuylkill civil - service reform bill. Presburg, in Hungary, Seminary, Reading, Pa., a new institution; flooded. Spanish Minister of Finance declares the and the Theological Seminary at Reutlingen, necessity of retrenchment. Germany, where nineteen young men had re- defalcations to the amount of over 8400,000. Rhine

5. State Treasurer of Tennessee absconds, leaving ceived instruction during the quadrennium, flands recede. Death of Gen. Chanzy. The attention of the conference was largely

6. Funeral of Gambetta, at Paris, amid manifestagiven to matters of detail in discipline and tions of public sorrow. the management of the business affairs and 1. Spanish Cabinet resigns. Sinking of the steamer benevolent enterprises of the Church. A re- City of Brussels, run into in a fog the Kirby Hall,

near Liverpool. port expressing the sentiments of the body on

8. Sagasta forms a new Ministry in Spain. various questions of public inorals recom. 9. Presidential succession bill passed in Congress. mended the legal prohibition of the traffic in English ship British Empire burned on the high seas. intoxicating liquors; advised a strict observ- German Emperor subscribes 600,000 marks for the ance of the sanctity of the Christian Sabbath; ment on the question of prohibiting American pork.

Rhine sufferers. The Opposition attack the Governand condemned loose divorce legislation and Spanish Ministry formed under the presidency of speculations in stock and produce. The speedy Sagasta. publication of a series of normal class text 10. Burning of the Newhall House in Milwaukee; books, and the formation of classes for the nearly 100 lives lost. Prussian Diet votes 3,000,000

marks for the relief of the inundated. Flood devasregular study of a course of instruction cor

tates the town of Raab, in Hungary ; many persons ered by them, with certificates of graduation drowned. to be given to those who complete the same, 11, Bill to restore Gen. Fitz-John Porter to his were recommended. Provision was made for rank in the army, without back pay, carried in the the formation of a woman's missionary so. Senate.

Death of ex-Senator Lott M. Morrill, in Auciety auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Berlin. German Reichstag rejects a motion to repeal

gusta, Me. Histrionic triumph of Edwin Booth at Church, for the organization of local branches the anti-Socialist laws, the May laws, and all excepto co-operate with it.

tional legislation, EVENTS OF 1883. The year 1883 was coin- clauses struck out, passed by the House of Repre

12. Shipping bill, with drawback and free-ship paratively devoid of striking political events, sentatives. Arrest of Phoenix Park murderers in but with peace assured in Europe it was a year Dublin. The Czar and imperial family take up their of legislative discussion and activity. The pop- residence in St. Petersburg in the Anitchkoff Palace. ular unrest in Europe, heightened by the grow

13. Fire in a cireus in Berdichev, Russian Poland; ing acuteness of the economical struggle for

800 persons burned to death,

16. Arrest of Princo Napoleon in Paris for issuing life, manifested itself in characteristic ways. a manifesto. The British ship Pride of the Ocean The same circumstances impelled governments destroyed by dynamite. to make commercial restrictions, and, in con 16. Floquet proposal to expel members of royal junction with the absence of military dangers families voted urgent in the French Chamber. Terat home, to seek acquisitions in the outlying to the west coast of Africa.

mination of Portuguese treaty with England relating regions of the earth. There were constitu

17. Execution of two agrarian murderers in Ireland. tional struggles and revolutionary attempts in Swedish Parliament opened. many lands, revealing the instability of their 18. Prohibition amendment in Iowa adjudged inpolitical institutions. There was a more abun- valid. Vote of thanks in the Reichstag for American dant harvest in most countries. The year was in Savoy destroyed by an earthquake.

subscriptions to relief fund. The village of Marais chiefly remarkable for extraordinary natural 19. Disaster on Southern Pacific railway near Tecalamities. A volcanic outburst devastated one hichipa, Cal.; 15 lives lost. Sinking of the Hamburg of the most populous and productive regions steamer Cimbria ; 353 drowned out of 420 on board. of the world, the cholera mowed down the The Russian city Kherson destroyed by fire.

20. Gen. Iglesias proclaimed President in Peru by population of another, earthquakes demolished

a Congress sitting at Catamarca, and accepts on conwhole towns, freshets ravaged the valleys of dition that the people are willing to make peace with Central Europe, and tornadoes spread desola- Chili. Skuptchina (of Servia) approve German comtion in the United States. The minor catas- mercial treaty. trophes and accidents by land and sea, when killing over 30 Chinamen.

Explosion of a gasometer

21. Explosion of giant powder near Oakland, Cal., aggregated, present

an appalling sum of destruc- in Glasgow. Death of Prince Frederick Charles tion, suffering, and death. The following chron- Alexander of Prussia. icle recounts the noteworthy events of 1883 in be-unconstitutional. Arrest in Germany of the offi

22. A clause of the Ku-klux law of 1871 decided to the order of their occurrence:

cers of the English steamer Sultan, which collided January 1. Inauguration of Governor Cleveland at with and sank the Cimbria. The insurgents in EcuaAlbany. Floods at Vienna and on the Rhine ; 500 dor gain a victory. houses destroyed at Worms.

23. John E. Kenna elected Senator for West Vir2. Meeting of New York Legislaturc. inundations ginia, and Richard Coke for Texas. A number of


deaths from starvation in Ireland. Belgian Chamber 20. Panic in a German Catholic school in New York; sanctions the introduction of the Flemish language in 15 children killed. Count Corti demands of the the intermediate schools of Flanders. Closure of Porte satisfaction for insults to Italian consul in Servian Skuptchina. Death of Gustave Doré. Tripoli, under threat of naval action.

24. Senatorial elections in New Jersey and Kansas, 21. Ármy appropriation bill passes the Senate. return of McPherson and Plumb. In New Guinea 16 Burning of the steamer Morro Castle in Charleston sailors are slaughtered by cannibals.

Harbor. Loss of United States steamer Ashuelot; 11 25. Audience of the Russian minister De Giers with drowned. The German Federal Council adopt the the Austrian Emperor. Naval appropriation bill resolution prohibiting the importation of American passed in the House.

pork. New French Cabinet constituted by Ferry. 26. Embezzlements in the Municipal Gas-Works of 23. Mutiny of prisoners, and burning of the PeniPhiladelphia discovered.

tentiary in Jefferson City, Mo. Prof. Swift, of Roch27. Bowen and Tabor elected to represent Colorado ester, N. Y., discovers a new comet. in the Senate. New York State Senate confirms the 24. The Senate adopts revenue bill intended to reGovernor's appointments of Railroad Commissioners. duce customs and taxes $25,000,000. John W. Foster, The German bark Admiral Prince Adalbert wrecked of Indiana, appointed Minister to Spain. Escape of off the coast of Wales.

20 prisoners from the Arkansas State Prison. Decree 28. The French Cabinet resigns. Mutiny of con of Servian King on new organization of the army. victs in Cork Harbor. Hungarian Chamber rejects a 25. The Orleans princes in the French army are proposition to repeal the emancipation of the Jews. retired from active service.

29. French Ministry newly organized with Fallières 26. Bankruptcy of a Roman Catholic church in for Premier. Wrecks on the English coast. Duration Lawrence, Mass., and loss of trust-funds. of International Tribunals in Egypt prolonged till 27. Senate bill of revenue reform referred by the Feb. 1, 1884.

Hlouse of Representatives to a commission. . Bill 30. Fatal snow-slide in Colorado. Switzerland re- against the adulteration of teas passed in Congress. jects the naturçlization treaty proposed by the United 28. The Secretary of State informs the Senate that States.

the Government disapproves the attitude taken at 31. Gen. Manderson elected Senator for Nebraska. Lima by Mr. Partridge, in joining the representatives Gtrike of 3,500 workmen in Limoges, France. Gen. of England, France, and Italy in a friendly interThibaudin appointed French Minister of War. Res- vention between Chili and Peru. Silver wedding of toration of King Cetewayo in Zululand.

the German Crown Prince. Edhem Pasha appointed February 1. Election of D. M. Sabin to the United Turkish Minister of the Interior. States Senate in Minnesota.

March 1. Belgian Chamber refuses to cut down the 2. Resolution in favor of the preservation of forests bishops' salaries. Decree of resumption of specie adopted by New York Legislature. French Cham- payments signed by King of Italy. "Resignation of berpasses the expulsion bill against royal families. Dutch Ministry. Steamer Kenmure Castle foundered in the Bay of 2. Veto of the five-cent elevated railroad fare bill by Biscay.

Governor Cleveland. 3. Inundations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. 3. Retirement of David Davis from the presidency

4. Severe earthquake at Agram. Spanish Cortes of the Senate; Senator Edmunds chosen his successor. refuse to abolish parliamentary oaths.

Passage of the tariff act. Senate tables river and har5. Colvin nominated Financial Adviser to the bor appropriation bill. Egyptian Government.

4. Tariff act signed by the President. Adjourn7. Arrest of Payne, organizer of the Oklahama ment of Congress. Steamboat Yazoo sunk in the Misraids.

sissippi, and 16 lives lost. Death of Governor A. H. 8. The Spanish Governmert emancipate 40,000 Stephens at Atlanta. slaves in Cuba. Opening of Danube Conference at 5. Decision by the United States Supreme Court London.

that a State can not be sued by another State for 9. Death of William E. Dodge. Government pro- claims assigned to it by citizens. James S. Boynton, posal of biennial budgets rejected by the German President of the Georgia State Senate, sworn in as GovReichstag.

ernor in the place of Alexander H. Stephens, deceased. 10. Death of Marshall Jewell.

Resignation of the Prussian Minister of War, Von 11. Breaking of a daun in Louisville, and destruc- Kameke. tion of life and property.

6. Revision of the Constitution negatived by the 12. Prince Jerome Napoleon released from confine- French Chamber. Gale on British coast, 185 fisherment. Coronation of King Kalakaua in Honolulu. mon lost. 13. Minister Fallières proffers the resignation of the

7. Coalition of Democrats and Green backers in French interim ministry. Death of Richard Wagner. Michigan declare for free trade. Bronsard von Schel14. Death of E. D. Morgan.

lendorf appointed Prussian Minister of War. 15. British Parliament meets. French Chamber 8. Retirement of the German Naval Minister, Von adopts the pretenders' bill of Barbey.

Stosch. 16. Bill to return Japanese indemnity passed by 9. Louise Michel leads a demonstration of unemthe Senate. The New York Legislature passes the ployed working-men in Paris, and instigates a bread tenement-house cigar bill, and the bill to reduce ele- riot. The steamer Navarre, sailing between Copenvated-railroad fares. A mining accident in Illinois hagen and Leith, goes down with 65 persons on board. causes the loss of 80 lives. Ukase of the Czar on In Andalusia 1,200 persons are arrested on the charge amending laws relating to the Jews.

of conspiracy as members of the Black Hand Associa17. The Legislature of Pennsylvania rejects the tion. prohibition amendment. The Jeannette investigation 10. Danube Convention signed in London. Death ends in the adoption of a report approving the con- of Coumoundouros, Greek ex-Minister. duct of all members of the expedition. Carey appears

11. Death of Prince Gortchakoff, as a witness for the crown in the Dublin criminal in 12. Turkish Government gives notice of terminavestigation. French Senate rejects the expulsion bill. tion of treaties of commerce with the United States, Norwegian Storthing meets.

Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Den18. The tariff bill passed by the United States Sen- mark. ate. Adverse vote on the measure in the House of 14. The murderer Dukes acquitted by a jury in Representatives. Appointment by the President of Uniontown, Pa. Parnell's amendment to the land the Civil-Service Commission. President Grévy ac- act rejected by the British Parliament. Discovery in cepts the resignation of the Cabinet, and charges St. Petersburg of defalcations by officials amounting Jules Ferry with the formation of a Ministry. to 11,000,000 rubles.

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