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Al. On the bill (S. 196) for the relief of the owners of bark..
Abbott. On the memorial of Joseph C...
Adams.. On the bill (H. R. 2046) for the relief of Theodore..
Alcorn. On the petition of William....
Allen & Co. On the memorial of D. B.
Allen. On the bill (S. 426) for the relief of Thomas
Arkansas. Report of the Committee on Southern Outrages, presenting

certain testimony given before their committee, and affecting the stand-
ing of one of the Senators and certain members of the House of Rep-
resentatives from....
Army. On Senate bill No. 260, with the petition of loyal citizens of
Loudoun County, Virginia, praying compensation for property destroyed

by fire, and for live stock taken for the use of the....
Armstrong. On the petition of Mary. (To accompany bill S. 879).
Arms by Ordnance Department. On the sale of...

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Bailey. On the bill (H. R. 1288) for the relief of Sluman S...
Baker, of Saint John's, Michigan. On the petition and papers for the re-

lief of Timothy. (To accompany bill S. 956)..
Baker. On the bill (H. R. 112) for the relief of G. S...
Bark A 1. On the bill (S. 196) for the relief of the owners of.
Barr. On Senate bill 835, for the relief of Cecelia..
Barker. On the bill (H. R. 1564) for the relief of William F.
Batelle & Evans. On the bill (H. R. 1700) for the relief of..
Best. On the petition of Dr. J. Milton..
Bestor. On the petition of George C. (To accompany bill S. 107).
Bills for raising revenue. In relation to the prerogative of the House to

Bitter Root Valley, in the Territory of Montana. On the bill (H. R.

2623) to provide for the removal of the Flathead and other Indians..
Black, and Albert R. Cooper. On the bill (H. R. 887) for the relief of

Blake. On the bill (S. 952) to advance Horner C....
Blanchard. On the memorial of William. (To accompany bill S. 674).

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