The American Journal of Science and Arts

S. Converse, 1847

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Página 425 - ... we could plainly see that all about the trapezium is a mass of stars ; the rest of the nebula also abounding with stars and exhibiting the characteristics of resolvability strongly marked.
Página 17 - We may therefore safely infer, from physiological grounds, that the Mammoth would have found the requisite means of subsistence at the present day, and at all seasons, in the sixtieth parallel of latitude ; and, relying on the body of evidence adduced by Mr. Lyell...
Página 293 - Mathematics, especially in their application to the construction and combination of machinery, and chemistry, the foundation of knowledge and an all-important study for the mining engineer, and the key to the processes by which the rude ore becomes the tenacious and ductile metal. Geology, mineralogy, and the other sciences, investigating the properties and uses of materials employed in the arts, carpentry, masonry, architecture and drawing, are all studies which should be pursued to a greater or...
Página 17 - Siberian rhinoceros, had hinted, that ' the kind of food which the existing species of elephant prefers will not enable us to determine, or even to offer a probable conjecture, concerning that of the extinct species. No one,' he said, ' acquainted with the gramineous character of the food of our fallow-deer, stag, or roe, would have assigned a lichen to the reindeer.
Página 15 - Mammoth ; the proprietor was content with his profit from the tusks, and the Jakutski of the neighbourhood had cut off the flesh, with which they fed their dogs during the scarcity. Wild beasts, such as white bears, wolves, wolverines, and foxes, also fed upon it, and the traces of their footsteps were seen around.
Página 395 - The precise number differs according to the sensibility of different eyes, but for the same organ it is constant. Upon a paper screen I threw the shadow of a piece of copper, which intercepted the rays of the incandescent platinum : then taking an Argand lamp, surrounded by a cylindrical metal shade through an aperture in which the light passed, and the flame of which I had found by previous trial would continue for an hour almost of the same intensity, I approached it to the paper until the shadow...
Página 17 - ... of the dense enamel, the inference is plain that the ligneous fibre must have entered in a larger proportion into the food of such extinct species. Forests of hardy trees and shrubs still grow upon the frozen soil of Siberia, and skirt the banks of the Lena as far north as latitude 60°. In Europe, arboreal vegetation extends ten degrees nearer...
Página 252 - When the Hibernia steamer arrived at Boston, in January 1847, with the news of the scarcity in Great Britain, Ireland, and other parts of Europe, and with heavy orders for agricultural produce, the farmers in the interior of the state of New York, informed of the state of things by the magnetic telegraph, were thronging the streets of Albany with innumerable team-loads of grain almost as quickly after the arrival of the steamer at Boston as the news of that arrival could ordinarily have reached them.
Página 106 - I am aware, nothing has been published on this subject, and it is of very general interest, I consider it a duty to communicate the results of my experiments. I had already observed, in experimenting with explosive cotton, flax, &c., that these two substances behave somewhat differently towards concentrated acids; and although it has long been known that strong sulphuric acid converts all vegetable fibre into gum, and when the action is continued for a longer period, into sugar, I found that cotton...
Página 125 - Yet the attempt to explain, by the Cuvierian principles, the facts of special homology on the hypothesis of the subserviency of the parts so determined to similar ends in different animals, — to say that the same or answerable bones occur in them because they have to perform similar functions — involve many difficulties, and are opposed by numerous phenomena.

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