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net's fiction. He has attained bis wide popularity without appealing to prurient curiosity, or to that'nos. talgie de la boue,' which sells thousands of copies of many a work of fiction, merely for the unmitigated grossness which the buyers count on finding in it."

Westminster review, Nov. Perlbach, M. Die Statuten des deutschen Ordens,

nach den ältesten Handschriften. 1890. “ M. Perlbach s'est imposé la tâche de faire la colla. tion de tous les manuscrits conservés de nos jours. Il en a découvert trente-trois, qui contiennent les anciens statuts, tels qu'ils étaient appliqués antérieurement à 1442, date de la revision faite par le grand maître Con. rad d'Erlichshausen. L'édition de M. Perlbach est parfaite; elle forme un excellent pendant à la règle du Temple que M. Henri de Curzon a donnée naguère à la Société de l'Histoire de France. Mais les conclusions de l'auteur sur la date des statuts ne sont pas certaines; il y est arrivé en s'appuyant sur de fragiles arguments.'

Revue critique, 15 déc. 1890. Perry, B. The Broughton House. Perry, J: Spinning tops; “Operatives' lecture,"

British Association meeting, Leeds. Plainsong and Mediæval Music Society. Mu

sical notation of the Middle Ages exemplified by facsimiles of mss. written between

the 10th and 16th centuries. “ Les 20 planches qui le composent sont bien exécu. tées. La préface résume assez nettement l'état de la question. Les notices qui accompagnent les planches sont maigre et mêine insuflisantes.

Revue critique, 4 août. Prickard, A. O. Aristotle on the art of poetry;

a lecture. " Aristotle looks at the theatre rather from the point of view of modern experience. Mr. Prickard has well brought this out in the elegant and scholarly work be. fore us. ... The narrowness of the vision, and the lim. ited character of Aristotle's conception in poetry as in politics, is astounding. Just as in politics he cannot conceive of a state which is too large to hear the voice of a single town-crier, so in poetry, his views are bounded by the horizon of the plays acted at Athens."

- Spectator, Sept. 19. Rae, W: F. The business of travel; a 50 years'

record of progress. " The book of the jubilee of Messrs. Thomas Cook & Bon. Mr. Thomas Cook's first venture was in the excursion line, and interesting is it now to read of this bold experiment of a trip from Leicester to Long. borough in 1841. From this small beginning the further development of this firm is traced step by step through the last fifty years, and is, as might be expected sugges.

tive enough." Sat. ret., July 18. Revue rétrospective, recueil de pièces intéressantes

et de citations curieuses. Vol. 1-12, 14.

1884-91. Richardson, B: W. T: Sopwith; with excerpts

from his diary of fifty-seven years. “Although not known to fame outside of a limited circle, Thomas Sopworth was, in some ways a remark. able man. He was a musician, an architect, a distinguished engineer, connected with important mines and with some of the early railroads; and in the course of a long and active life he was brought in contact with the Stephensons, with Faraday, and with a great many other famous people. Judging from the specimens here given, his impressions are often interesting, but his reflections are of the trite and commonplace charac. ter peculiar to people who habitually overestimate the

originality of their ideas." - Nation, Nov. 12. Riddles of the sphinx ; a study in the philosophy

of evolution ; by a troglodyte. Roland. La chanson de Roland et le roman de

koncevaux des 12e et 13e siècles; pub. par F. Michel. 1869.

Rozière, E., and Chatel, E. Table générale et

méthod. des mémoires cont. dans les recueils de l'Academie des Inscr. et Belles Lettres, et

de l'Acad. des Sci. Mor. et Pol, 1701-1850. St. Wulstan Society, Worcester, Mass. Origin

and organization. Sauvage, J: Mémoire du voiage en Russie, en

1586. Suivi de l'expédition de Fr. Drake en Amérique à la même époque pub. par L: La

cour. 1855. Scidmore, E. R. Jinrikisha days in Japan. Scripture, E. W. The problem of psychology ;

off-printed from Mind, vol. 16, no. 63.

Zur Definition einer Vorstellung. Sénac de Meilhan, G. Le gouvernement, les

meurs, et les conditions en France avant la Révolution ; Portraits des personnages distingués de la fin du 18e siècle; avec introd.

et notes par M. de Lescure. (1862.) Shakespeare, W: Othello, ou le More de Venise ;

(tr. par) J: Aicard. 1882. Shorthouse, J: H: Blanche, Lady Falaise; a tale.

" Mr. J. H. Shorthouse's name on a book is a promise to many of exquisite pictures, and a delicate apprecia. tion of sensitive characters reaching out vaguely toward higher ideals, described in the most perfect English now written, with an unerring choice of words.”

Literary world, Nov 7. Sivet, D. Les enamourées ; (poèmes). 1885. Stubbs, Rev. C: W: The land and the labourers;

facts and experiments in cottage farming,

and co-operative agriculture. [4th] ed. Theuriet, A. Mademoiselle Roche.

“ Philiberte is one of the best things recently done after the large, sane, human style, not in the absurd exaggeration of passing 'engouement' by a French novelist. Her “Pèlerinage au Charmettes' is as humorous as anything of Charles de Bernard's. Either intention. ally or by accident, M. Theuriet has shown how to do well, in accordance with art and once for all, in a dozen lines the Extreme Unction scene which M. Zola has botched and bored and bungled over in 'Le Rêve' for a

chapter." Sat. rer., Aug. 29. Thomas, S. G. Memoir and letters; ed. by R. W.

Tocqueville, A. C: H: C. de.

Histoire philosophique du règne de Louis xv. 1817. 2 v. Trembicka, Mme. F. Mémoires d'une Polonaise,

pouvant servir à l'histoire de la Pologne

(1764-1830.) 1841, 2 v. Viaud, J. (pseud. P. Loti). Le livre de la pitié

et de la mort. 29e éd. " Cat lovers -- pussopbilists, as J.S. Mill used to call them -- will be the only people who will much like Pierre Loti's new volume of short sketches, except, indeed, admirers of mere style.

Loti's prose poetry has never been more exquisitely displayed than in por

tions of this book." Athenæum, Aug. 22. Whitby, B.. One reason why.

“. Among the most enjoyable and well-written stories

of the season." - Literary world, Nov. 6. Woodburn, J. A. Higher education in Indiana. Wordsworth, E. W: Wordsworth.

" A short biography of the poet, interspersed with critical comments on his works. It seems to be in. tended to serve for a guide to beginners in the study of the poems; but though in some other respects it is not without merits, it lacks the brightness of style and treatment necesary to attract this class of read. ers, while it has nothing fresh or stimulating to of fer to any other." dlhenceum, Oct. 17.

13 v.

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to nos. 277–294 (books received Jan. - Dec. 1891). Words in parentheses after the page-numbers show the heading under which the note referred to will be found.

Aaron, E. M. The new Jamaica, Antioch College. Dedication, Barr, J. Amer. humorous verse, Bertrand, J. Blaise Pascal, 1189. 1189. (Bacon and Aaron.)

etc., 1225.

Besant, W. The demoniac,1181. Abbott, E. Pericler, 1193. Appleton, J: Evangéline,1217. Barrett, F. Between life and For faith and freedom, 1169. Abbott, E. A. Philonythus, 1197. Appleton, W: 8. Descendents death, 1201. A smuggler's st. St. Katherine's by the Tower, Abbott, J.. The Beverleys, 1165. of W: Sawyer, 1177.

cret, 1161.

1209. A chard, L: A. E. Belle Rose, Archaic rock inseriptions, 1169. Barrie, J. M. My lady Nico Bettany, G: T: The world's 1209

Aristoteles. Constitution of tine; When a man's single, religions, 1189. Acland, A. H: D. Guide to the Athens; facsimile, 1181, 1213, 1193.

Bianchi, A. Manoscritti di F. choice of books, 1209.

1217. Ethics, 1181.

Barron, L. Les fleuves de Pacini, 1189. Acworth, W: M. Railways and Arnold, E. The light of the France, 1197.

Biart, L. Le Bizco, 1189. traders, 1205.

world, 1169.

Barthélemy, A. J: B. A. de. Bible. 0. T. Greek. Vetus Adam, P. En décor, 1197. Arnold, E. L. Phra the Phe. Manuel de numismatique an Test. ex cod. Gr. vaticano, 1209, Adams, H. B., etc. Historical nician, 1173.

cienne, 1185.

1185. literature, 1189. Arnold, F: The philosopher in Bartlett, G: C. The Salem

Joh. Epic of the inner Adams, H. Historical essays, slippers, 1173. seer, 1181.

man, 1183. 1225. History of the U. S., Arnold, M. Poetical works, 1185. Bataille, A. Causes crim.,1225.

Psalms. Earliest Eng. 1197. Arundale, F. Re-birth, 1205. Batchelder, I. K. Reunion cel.

prost psalter, 1201. Adams, W: D. Book of Bur. Arundel Society. Chromo.lith. ebration, 1185.

N. T. Syriac. Nov. Test., lesque, 1225.

ographs. Christ among the Bates, A. A book o'nine tales, 1189. Adeline, J. Art dictionary, 1189. doctors; “ The hunt"; Ma 1193.

Bikelas, D. Christian Greece, Agassiz, A. Dredging oif Cen. donna and child, 1165.

Batty, J: Spirit of chivalry, 1189. iral America, 1203. Asiatic journal, 1169.


Bird, 8: R. S. Guide to docs. Agoult, M.. de F. Dante and Atkinson, J: C. Forty years in Baucher, P: Dressage du che. in pub. Record Office, 1201. Gorthe, 1217. a moorland parish, 1201.

val. 1193.

Birdwood. G: Old records of Ainsworth, W: H. The Con. | Aubertin, C: L'esprit publie | Bazán, E. P. L'na cristiana; India Office, 1185. stable of the Tower; Hilary au 18e siècle, 1217.

La prueba, 1201. Un viaje de Bishop, E. Edward vi., 1190. St. Ives, John Law; Lord Austin,...G. Betty Alden, 1217. novion, 1185. A wedding trip, (Ganquet and Bishop.) Mayor of London; Manches. B., E. Coll. d'évantails, 1221. 1205.

Black, W: Donald RONS, 1209. ter rebels; Mydleton Pom. Babeau, A. La vie mil., 1173. Bazin, R. Ma tante Giron; Une Stand fast, Craig-Royston, 1165. fret; The Spanish match,1189. Bacon, A. M. Japanese girls, tache d'encre, 1205.

Black is white, 1181. Aissé, Mlle. Lettres à Mme. 1189.

Bean, W: W. Parl. repres, of Blackmar, F. W. Spanish in Calandrimi, 1225.

Bacon, E. M. The new Jamai. 6 north. counties of Eng., 1165. Ntitutions, 1221. Alarcón, P: A. de. Brunhilde;

ca, 1189.

Beauregard, P: G. T. Batlle Blanc, J; J. L: Discours poli. Moors and Christians, 1225. Bailey, 0. H., & Co. Attlebo of Minassas, 1197.

tiques, 1173. Albert, M. La lit. Fr., 1789 rough, 1221.

Beck, (: Satyricon of Petro. Blanchardyn and Eglantine, 1830, 1223, Baker, W. & Co. The choco nius Arbiter, 1197.

1177. Alcance à los apuntes para la late plant, 1189.

Becq de Fouquières, L: L'art Blaze de Bury, Mlle. Anne Bo. historia, 1177. Balch, E: Old Eng. homes, 1173. de la mise en scène, 1217.

leyn, 1225. Alcott, L.. M. Lulu's library, Ball, T: Autobiography, 1221. Beecher, H: W. 595 pulpit pun. Bliss, G: N. Duffié, 1201. 1189. Ball, W:P. Are the effects of gencies, 1201.

Blondel, D: The silyis, 1185. Aldrich, T: B. The sister's use and disuse inherited, 1165. Bégon, E. Mle. Thérèse, 1213. Blouet, P. A Frenchman in

tragedy; Lyrics and sonnets, Ballou, M. M. Aztec laud; Bellamy, E., W. Old man Gil. America, 1225.
Due north; Due south; Due bert, 1177.

Blyth, A. W.

Public health, Alexander, G: G.

Confucius, west; New Eldorado; Under Bellenger, M. K. Rythmes pit 1165. 1221. the southern cross, 1181.

toresques, 1205.

Bodge, G: M. Soldiers of King Alix, E. L'esprit de nos bêtes, Balsillie, D: Lesson of the Bellermaan, C. F: Die ältes. Philip's war, 1201. 1197. Revolution, 1161.

ten christlichen Begräbniss. Bohn, H: G: Handbook of Allais, H: Tantine, 1189. Balzac, H. de.

tätten, 1169.

games, 1185. Allemagne, H: R. d.' Hist. du Fame and sorrow, 1189. An Bellesheim, 1. Catholic Ch. of Boileau Despréaux,N: Corresp. luminaire, 1213. historical mystery, 1221. The Scotland, 1185,

Cavec] Brossette, 1169. 'Allen, C: G. B. The great ta. lily of the valley, 1185. Sera. Belló, s. Principios de derecho Boissier, G.

La fin du paga. boo, 1169. What's brevi in the phit, 1189. Shorter stories, inti rnacional, 1185,

Disme, 1201. bone, 1209.

1181. Ursula, 1159.

Belot, A. La bouche de Mme. Boldrewood, R. A Sydney. Allen, J. and L. C. Memorial, Bandelier, A. F. A. The delight X; Le testament de César wide Saxon, 1:221. 1223, makers, 1161.

Girodot, 1189.

Bonjean, ... L'hypnotisme, 1221. Allen, J.L. Flute and violin, Bangs, I: Journal, 1165. Belton, J: D. Foreign quota. Bonney, T: G: Abbeys of Eng. 120.. Banville, T: de. Contes hé. tions, 1177.

and Wales, 1181. Allen, T: W: Greek mss., 1217. roïques; Contes pour

les Benedix, J. R. Die Shakes. Booth, W: Indarkest Eng.,1161. Altenburg. C. A. de La T. Mé. femmes; Dames et demoj.

pearomanie, 1221.

Borland, R. Yarrow, 116.), moires, 1217.

selles; Lettres chimériques, Benham, W'. A. C. Tait, 1209. Bornier, H. L'apôtre: Maho. Amante de la Constitucion, EI,

1201. Marcelle Ribe, 209. (Davidson and Benham.) met; Les noces in Atilla, 1177. 1:201.

Nous tous, 1201. Poésie fran. Bennett, F: The marvellous Bossière, P. Diet. fr., 1.221. Amer. Soc. of Microscopists. çaise, 122. Sonnailles et clo. budget, 1181.

Bottone, S.R.

Electro-motors, General index, 1193.

chettes, 1177.

Béraud, P. E. Siege of Lyons, 1165.
Ames, F. Whist, 1177.
Bardoux, A. La fin du 18e siè 1217.

Bouchot, H:

Les ex-libris, pos. Ammen, D. The old navy,1205. cle, 1169.

Bergerat, E. La nuit berga. session du livre, 1197. Des Anderson, L. Cruise in an Barine, A. Bernardin de Saint masque;

Théâtre en vers,

livres modernes, 1217. opium clipper, 1209. Pierre, 1181.


Bourget, P. Un caur de femme, Andrews, W: Yorkshire, 1161. Barker, E: H. Wayfaring in Berlin. Kön. Museum. Die Ge. 116.). Nouveaux pastels, 1217. Anglin, s. Design of

France, 1169.
mälde Galerie, 1205.

l'hysiol. de l'amour mod.,1150. tures, 1217. Barker's facts, 1177. Bernheim, E: Lehrbuch der Bourke, J; G.

Scatalogical Annals of a fishing village.1177. Barkley, H: C.

Asia Minor, historischen Methode, 1209. rites, 1201 Anthologia Greca.) From the 115.)

Bernoni, b). G. Canti popolari Bourne, H: R: F. Emin Pasha garden of Hellas, 1201. Baron, M.B. L'homme à bonnes Venez., 1193.

Relief Exped., 1201. Anthologia Græca. Select fortunes, 1217.

Berr de Turique, J. Jacques Boutell, L: H: Alexander Hamepigrams, 1161. Barr, A. E. H. The beads of et Jacqueline, 1177.

ilton, 1161. Anthologie des poètes fr., 1201. Tasiner, 1201. A sister of Bersier, E. L'hist. des Hugue. Boutmy, E. Eng. constitution, Antient drolleries, 1169.

Esau, 1221.
nots, 1201.



mary, 1177.

grers, 1173.

Bovet, M.. A., de. C: Gounod, Burnett, F. H. Earlier stories, Chamfort, S. R. N: uvres Cook, J., etc. A silver cord 1177. 1201. choisies, 1217.

loosed, 1202. Bowen, J: E. Conflict in Egypt, Burnham, S. M. Struggles of Chapman, E. F. Distinguished Cooke, C: W.R. In Parliament, 1189. the nations, 1225. Indian women, 1205.

1161. Bowes, J.L. Japanese pottery, Burt, M.. E. Browning's wo. Charles, C. Honduras, 1197. Cooke. G: W. Guide-book to 1185. Vindication of the deco. men, 1177.

Chase, G: B. G: T. Bigelow, 1177. Browning, 1186. rated pottery of Japan, 1209. Busch, M. Neue Tagebuchs. Chatel, E. Table des mém. Cooke, R.T. The sphinx's chil. Bowker, R. R. Reader's guide blätter, 1193.

dus les recueils de l'Acad. d. dren, 1209. in econ, sci., 1177.

Butterworth, H. Log school Inscr., 1228, (Rozière and Cooper, T. 8. My life, 1161. Boyesen, ll. H. The mammon holise on the Columbia, 1169. Chatel.)

Copenhagen. k'on. Nord. Olxx. of unrighteousness, 1225. Bynner, E.L. The chase of the Chatelaine, Dr. La folie de J. S«ls. Cabinet d'antiq. amér., Boys, C. V. Soap bubbles,1225. Meteor, 1217.

J. Rousseau, 1209.

1177. Brackett, C. F.,etc. Electricity, Byrom, J: Miscel. poems.1193. Chaucer, G. Birthday book, Copner. J. The faith of a real. 1161. C., J. H. St. Paul's School,1204. 1193.

ist, 1169. Money, 1225. Bradley,J: W. G: Giulio Clovio, (Shattuck and C.)

Cherry, R: R. Criminal law, Coppée, F. E: J. Les paroles 1189. Cadorin, G. Dello amore ai 1173.

sincères, 1181. Théâtre, 1221. Bradshaw's railway time tables, Veneziani di Tiziano, 1189. Chetwynd, G: Racing reminis. Corbett, J. Sir Francis Drake, 1161. Cahun, L. Hassan le janissaire, cences, 1181.

1173 Brady, W: M. Anglo-Roman


Chevalier, C. U. J. Reperto. Corelli, M. The hired baby,1213. papers, 1181,

Caine, H. The little Manx na. rium hymnologicum, 1169. Wormwood, 1193. Brakelmann, J. Les anc. chan. tion, 1225.

Cheyne, T: K. The Psalter, Coronelli, M.V. Feste di Ve. sonniers fr., 1193. Caine, T. H. The scapegoat,


mezia, 1193. Brentano, L:J. Labor, 1209. 12:21.

Child, T. Young people, 1190. Corson, H. Study of Shake. Breton, J. A. A. L: Life of an Caldecott, A. English coloniza. Chittenden, L. E. Lincoln,1205.

speare, 1221. artist, 1161.

tion, 1221.

Choyce, J. Log of a Jack tar, Cory, W: Ionica, 1202. Breusing, A. Die Lösung des Calendrier républicain, 1185. 1190.

Cosmopolitan, The, 1.225. Trierenrätsels, 1197.

Call, A., P. Power through re- Christian,J. Behar prov., 1225. Costa de Beauregard, C. A. Brewer, C. Historic note.

pose, 11
Church, d. J. A young Mace.

Epiloglie d'un regne; l'ro. book, 1183, Calmettes, F. Simplette; Saur donian, 1165.

logue d'un règne, 1173. Brewster, F.C. Disraeli, 1203. ainée, 1177.

Church, E.M. There is no death, Coutts, W: L. A. B. B. Brook. Bridges, R. Shorter poems, 1201. Cambridge, A. The three Miss 1213.

field stud, 1213. Bridgett, T: E. Sir T: More, Kings, 1209.

Church, R: W. The Oxford Cox, H. Eight hours day, 1200. 1189. Cambridge tribune, 1169.

movement, 1185.

(Webb and ('ox.) Briggs, C: A: Holy Script.,1193. Campardon, E. Molière, 1165. Church, W: C. Ericsson, 1165. Crandall, C: H: Sonnets by Briggs, L. B. R. Original char. Campbell. H.. Anne Brad. Cicogna, E., ett.

Biografie dei Amer. poets. 1161. ades, 1183. street, 1169. Digi de Venez., 1193.

Craze, T: F:

Chansons pop. de Brinton, D.G. Rig Veda Amer Campbell, J: The Hittites, Claretie, J. l'étrus Borel, 1221. la France, 1205. icanus, 1197. 1185. l'uyjoli, 1169.

Craven, P. de La F. Le comte Broc, H. France pendant la Campbell, J: G. The Fians, Clark, E. 7th Regt., N. Y.,1173. de Montalembert, 1193. Rév., 1225.


Clark, H: 11. Boy life in U.S. Crawford, F. M. Khaled, 1197. Brochard, V. Les sceptiques Campbell, J. G. H. H. D. S.

The witch of Prague, 19-21. From shadow to sunlight. 1205. Clarke, E: Extradition, 1197. Crawfurd, (). Round the cal. Broglie, J. V: A.

Maurice de Campredon, J. D: M. Défense Clarke, G: 8. Fortification, endar in Portugal, 1161. Saxe, 1213. de Dantzig; La défense du


Croker, B.M. Interference, 1221, Broke, G. Alaska, 1213.

Var, 1177.

Clarke, J. F. Autobiog., 1190. Croll, J. Evolution, 1209. Brooke, M. Eleanor Lambert, Canivet, C: Le long de la côte, Clarke, R..S. In old Quinne. Cudworth, R. Treatise conc. 1183. 1225. basset. 1221.

morality, 1193. Brooks, C: S. The silver cord, Cautacuzene. Altieri, O. Der Clarke, W: Selections, 1217. Cuervo, R. J. Diccionnario de 1193.

nières illusions, 1201.
Clerke, A. M.. System of the

la lengua castellana, 1193. Brooks, P. The light of the Cantel, J. Cléopâtre, 1189.

stars, 1179.

Cullum, G: W. Biog. register world, 1165.

Canterbury (Diocese) Vicar Clifford, A. Tixall letters, 1193. of West Point, 1173. Brooks, W: K. The oyster, 1213. Gjenerul. Marriage licences, Clinch, G: Marylebone, 1197. Cundall, F. Landscape paint. Broughton, R. Alas, 1113.


Cloudesley, U; Passing thoughts, ers of Holland, 1181. Brown, A. Genesis of the U.S., Capelle, P: La clé du caveau, 1161.

Cunningham, W: Money,1225. 116).


Clowes, W: L. Black America, Curtin,J. Myths and folk-tales Brown, H. F. Venetian print. Carew, B. M. Surprising ad. 1186.

of the Russians, 1165. ing press, 1161.

Ventures, 1185.

Clutton, H: Remarks, 1193. Cust, R. H: H. My summer Brown, W: H. First locomo. Carew, F. W. No. 747, 1213. Cluverius, T: J. My life, trial, holidays, 1193. tives in America, 1181. Carey, R. N. Mary St. John, etc.,1193.

Dame, L.L. Typical elms, 1169. Browne, G: L. Nelson, 1169. 1201.

Codrington, R. H: The Mela. Dargène,J. Le feu à Formose, Brugmann, K. Elements of Carlyle, G. Moses, 1201.

nesians, 1217.

1190, ludo Germanic lang., 1165. Carpentier, E. La dame bleue; Coelho, J. G. G. The fidalgoes Darmesteter, A. M. F. R. Ly. Brunet, P: G. La reliure des La maison du bon Dieu; Pierre of Casa Mourisca, 1205.

rics, 1173 livres, 1:217.

le Tors; Saurons le. 1177. Le Coffin, C:C. Freedom triumph. Daudet, A. L'obstacle, 1225. Brunetière, F. L'évolution des

secret du docteur, 1205. La
ant, 1161.

Port Tarascon, 1105. genres, 1173.

tour du Preux, 1177.

Coignet, C. G. La réforme fran. Davenport, G: F. Homes in Brush, C.C. Inside our gate, 1193. Carson, II. L. The Supreme

çaise', 1193.

Salem, 1193. Bry,(i. Précis de droit internat. Court, 1221.

Coignet, J: R. Narrative, 1165. Davenport, R. Works, 1161. public, 1205.

Carstairs, R. British work in Coit, s. Neighborhood guilds, Davidson, R. T. Life of a. C. Buchanan, R. The coming Ter. Indii, 1185.


Tait, 1209. The wedding ring, Carta de un constitucional de Collins, W: W. The lazy tour, Davis, R: H. Gallegher, 1205. 1189. Méjico, 1177.

1213. (Dickens und Collins.) stories for boys, 1225. Buchot, A: Petits poèmes des Cary family. Cary letters, 1193. Collis, S. M. Woman's trip to Davison,F. Poctical rhapsody, champs, 1217. Casati, G. Equatoria, 1193. Alaska, 1165.

1181. Bugbee, J.M.

Mass. Soc. of Castle, E. Consequences, 1205. Colomb, P. H. Naval warfare, Dawson, II: Life, 1181. the Cincinnati, 1165. Cattier, E. Chemins de fer 1209.

Dawson, W: H. The unearned Bunner, H.C. Zidoe Pine, 1189. belges, 1213.

Colonna, F. The strife of love, increment, 1205.
Burgess, J. W.
Polit. science, Cavaignac, G. La formation 1205.

Day, Hi, rte: Art recreations, 1:25.

de la l’ruere contemp., 1209. Compton, H. The dead man's 1200. (Urbino and Day.) Burke, J: B. Colonial gentry, Chailley, J. Dici. d'écon. polit., gift, 1202. Dramatic peerage, Debidour, A. Blixt, diplomat. 1221.

1176. (say and Chailley.) 1187. (Reid and Compton.) de l'Europe, 1177. Burne, J: B. Parson and peas. Chamberlain, B. H. Things Conrad, Ji, etc. Huundwörter Defensa de los padres jesuitas, audi, 1189. Jipanene, 1165.

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works; The pirate Gow, 1190.

ror, 1197.

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