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ate nature. He has chosen for his particular course of the altar the same noble qualities that distinguished
the study of scripture and moral theology. He goes him as a student. His great worth as a priest soon
there an apt student well able to take advantage of became manifest. He was not long in winning the
excellent opportunities offered at the leading Catholic respect and confidence of all with whom his duties
school of the land. While here he made a reputation brought him in contact. Parish interests thrived
for himself in the collegiate, philosophical and theo- under his care and brother clergymen learned to re-
logical departments as a hard and successful worker gard him as an exemplary priest. His appointment
and as an all-round good fellow. The best wishes of as Vicar General was a merited and well-placed honor,
the faculty, students and present staff go with him. and now he may well take an honest pride in the

twenty-five years of his priesthood. Best of all the

Reverend Jubilarian is not an old man. The casual

observer would take him for a young man but recently
T IS a source of great pleasure to us to learn of

ordained. He is no more than in his prime. Many
the honor lately conferred upon the Very Rev.
Dean Canon of Lockport, N. Y. This honor is

years of active life stretch out before him. There is
no less than an appointment as Domestic Prelate by

every prospect that a golden jubilee will greet him when

he is yet in the full vigor of manhood. May golden
the Holy Father. Though the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Canon

bells ring for him on the fiftieth anniversary of his
is not an Alumnus of this institution, we take a lively

ordination to the priesthood.
pleasure in the fact that the Holy Father has seen fit
to so signally honor a pastor of a nearby city and a
prominent clergyman of this diocese. This distin-

guished appointment comes to him as a fitting token

S IS usual at the beginning of every scholastic
of the great esteem had for him in Rome and of his year various changes bave occurred in the corps
time-hon red service in the interests of the church in

of professors for the ensuing year. Three mem-
this diocese. May the purple be a joy to him in the bers of last year's faculty have been assigned to duties
years to come and may he live many to wear it. elsewhere. Rev. C. J. Eckles, C.M., has been ap-

pointed chaplain at St. Joseph's Retreat, Dearborn,

Mich. Fr.Eckles bas been a member of the Rev.Faculty
ILVER bells are again ringing the glad tidings for a number of years. The Index will miss him as one

of a quarter of a century spent in the priesthood of its most generous contributors. Revs. E. L. Carey,
by another of Niagara's sons. This time they

This time they C.M., and H. V. Piper, C.M., have been appointed as
chime for the Very Rev. Father Connery, Vicar professors at St. John's College, Brooklyn, N.Y. The
General of this Diocese. The grand event will take former was Prefect of Studies here during the past
place on the 4th of the present month. From all re- three years and the latter was Prefect of Discipline
ports it will be one of the most splendid affairs of during the last year. Both Rev. gentlemen enjoyed
the kind ever held in this Diocese.

the distinction of being not only able professors, but
Vicar-General Connery has a host of warm friends they also possessed qualities which well fitted them
not only among the clergy and laity of the Diocese, for the positions they held. Father Carey has done
but also throughout the length and breadth of the not a little to bring about an uniform grade in the
land. Many will come from distant cities and towns various classes of the Collegiate Department. The
bringing bright tokens of esteem and hearty words of retiring staff were associated with him for three years
congratulation. To their jubilation will be added in getting out the annual catalogue and thanks to his
the abundant and sincere expressions of felicitation systematic manner of preparing the matter to be
of the people of his own parish where he has labored printed, many of the difficulties of former years were
so long and so successfully. To crown all the Rt. Rev. obviated. As for Father Piper's popularity as pro-
Bernard J. McQuaid, D D., the eloquent Bishop of fessor and prefect the sorrow expressed by all the old
Rochester, will deliver the sermon during the solemn students when the news of his new appointment
service to be held on the occasion.

arrived sufficiently testified to the esteem in which he
It is now twenty-five years ago, the archives say, was held by all.
since the Very Reverend Jubilarian left the old gray Father Egan, who was Father Piper's assistant last
walls of Alma Mater. He made an enviable record year, has been appointed Prefect of Discipline. The
for himself in the class rooms as a conscientious and Rev. gentleman is well known to all of us and of his
successful worker, keen of observation and sound of success in his new appointment all feel assured. Fr.
judgement. He carried with him out into the ministery Tracy succeeds Fr. Carey as Prefect of Studies.





earnestness as a professor during the past years augnrs
well for his success as Prefect of Studies. The newly

ther Matter.
appointed professors are: Revs. J. G. Eckhardt, J.
J. Lee and J. P. Downing. To these Rev. gentlemen

UNDAY, September 17th ult. the Seniors defeated the
the Index in behalf of the students extends a sincere Sun

Juniors in a one-sided and uninteresting game of baseball.
and hearty welcome. These constitute all the changes The winners in five innings made the circuit twelve times,
in the Faculty of '99-'00, and with the hearty co- while their opponents scored but one run.
operation of all the students it is to be hoped that the
grand results of former years will be equalled if not HROUGH the efforts of Father Egen the N. U. Battalion

Duffy. Drill takes place three times a week. In connection

with the battalion, a course in calisthenics has also been insti-

tuted under the instruction of Mr. Duffy. Keep up the good

work, boys.

Again has the great Reaper gone through the ranks
of Niagara's Alumni. This time he has cut down in A" held fuesday, Sept. 19th, the following officers were

his prime the beloved Father Thomas Haire, '85, late

elected for the coming term : Honorary Censor, Rev. C. J.
pastor of the newly erected parish in Olean, N. Y. Eckles, C.M.; Censor, Rev. P. J. Downing, C.M.; President,
Father Haire entered the seminary department of William J. Toohey ; Vice President, John J. Cloonan; Secre-
Niagara in September, '80, and after an unusually

tary, Wm. F. Dunworth ; Treasurer, Robert P. Williamson ;

Seargent at Arms, John W. Byrne.
successful prosecution of his ecclesiastical studies was
ordained priest in '85, for the diocese of Buffalo.
His first important charge was at Attica, a parish dis- A MEETING of the officers and consultors of the B. V. M.

Sodality, took place on the evening of September 16th
tinguished as having been at one time under the care

ult. The officers elected for the first term of the ensuing year
of the present Bishop of this diocese. When it was are as follows: Mr. J. J. Flynn, First Prefect; Mr. A. F.
decided to establish a new parish in the flourishing Mitchell

, Second Prefect; Mr. D. J. Dooling, Third Prefect;
city of Olean, Father Haire was selected to organize

Mr. Keran P. Moran, Recording Secretary ; Mr. T. H. Harri-

gan, Treasurer. Rev. J. V. O'Brien, C.M., has been appointed
it, and this he did with such energy and success as to

Director. The Rev. Director appointed Mr. R. P. Williamson
merit highest commendation from his superiors. He

and Mr. F. T. Hanretty, Sacristans.
was at all times gentle, affable, hospitable, a favorite
among the clergy, beloved by the laity, esteemed by a gadeamus of a higher standard than was that of the

ELDOM, if ever, have the Faculty and students witnessed
the non-Catholics of Olean as a gentleman of culture,
whose influence was all for good in the city where he

17th ult. The Rev. Prefect, Fr. Egen, accustomed to the
labored as a minister of the Gospel. May he rest in

many trials to which the average youth is subject for the first

few days of his college career, sought, in this entertainment,

the remedy for dispelling all attacks of the “blues.” That

his endeavor was successful was best shown by the long and

and earnest applause accorded to each number. These enter-

tainments not only afford great pleasure, but they impart
The diocese of Buffalo has sustained a severe loss

much that is worthy of the study of every student. The zeal
in the death of Father Grant who died on the 16th of with which each one responded should encourage many others
July after a protracted illness. The deceased made to follow their example. The old talent sustained the glory
his classical course at our sister college, Allegany, and

they have already won, while the new speaks much for the

future success of our year's entertainments. The recitation
his theological studies with the Vincentians at Genoa,

of Mr. Donavon and the piano solo of Mr. Ahearn are desery-
Italy. For a short while he was our neighbor, serving ing of special mention. Following is the program :
as parish priest of the Sacred Heart church at Sus- Piano Solo,

Mr. Ahearn
pension Bridge. Il health forcing bis retirement


Mr. Kelly
Vocal Solo,

Mr. Farrell
from that position, he was appointed secretary to Recitation,

Mr. Donavon
Bishop Quigley, and was engaged in that capacity at

Vocal Solo,

Mr. McDermott
Mandolin Solo,

Mr. Clark
the time of his death. He was singularly gifted to Vocal Solo,

Mr. Powers
make and retain friends, not an unimportant quality


Mr. McCarthy
Vocal Solo,

Mr. Moylan
in a priest who, in consonance with his divine calling, Piano Solo,

Mr. Houlihan
is to strive to be all to all. Unassuming, genial,

Vocal Solo,

Mr. Rice

Mr. Larkin
obliging to clergy and to laity, the deceased has left Vocal Solo,

Mr. McDonald
behind him a host of mourners who deplore his pre-

Mr. Houlihan
Trio, Piano, Violin and Mandolin,

Mr. Moran
mature demise. May he rest in peace.

Mr. Clark


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N SATURDAY the 16th ult, the students of the seminary boys have every reason to feel grateful. In the smoking

department, through the kind permission of the Very parlors are a well-fitted billiard table, an excellent piano, and
Rev. President, enjoyed their annual trip to Toronto. In these facilities for games of every sort--indeed the students must
days of alliances, Anglo-Saxton and otherwise, "hands-across- already look forward to the long winter evenings with pleasant
the-sea" sentiment, etc., the party were quite disappointed on anticipation. No expense or labor has been spared on the
landing to see the looks of suspicion and trepidation with part of Fr. Egan and it now remains for the students them-
which they were greeted by the usually genial six-footed selves, by cultivating that spirit of fraternal sociability and
“bobbies” of the Ontario capital. Whether these guardians cheerfulness that has always characterized the sons of Mont
of the law and order of Her Majesty's Canadian domain Eagle, to make the year the happiest and most memorable of
harbored the impression that Uncle Sam, growing restless at

their course.

We repeat again our thanks to tlie Reverend
England's cat-pawing of Oom Paul was about to draw matters Censor and the members of the club for the pleasant evening
into another channel by making a descent upon his nearest they afforded us on the 26th ult,
neighbor and had sent the party in question to reconoiter we
do not know. However, be that as it may, the students soon

PHAT the “Old spirit" has not died out was fully demon-
possessed the freedom of the city and the “bobbies" re-
assumed their smiling geniality. Foronto is a beautiful city

strated Tuesday evening, Sept. 25ult. A gaudeamus of the

good “old times " we hear so much about, one that roused
at any time, but in these days when the mellow glow of
Autumn is turning the foliage to a rich golden lue and a cool

the Sems. to a high pitch of enjoyment and showed the new-
breeze tempers the burning rays of the sun, making in-

comers wliat the spirit of Old Niagara really means. This is

the opening event of tlie Winter season, and from results
spection tours possible for strangers, we give it the palm.

achieved, we can judge whether or not the entertainments
Tlie cathedral, parliament buildings, the university and new

which make life so pleasant during the coming months, are to
city hall claimed the lion's share of admiration. Many inade

be happy successes failures. But
a visit to St. Michael's college where they were treated with

the Semin-

assured that, with the plentiful supply
the Basilian Father's proverbial cordiality. The hands of the

of talent among them, they can make the evenings
town clock turned all too quickly in the direction of the re-
turning hour. The return trip over the lake made up in an

pass pleasantly and entertain the “old boys." Again

the excellent rendition
ample manner the lack of excitement in the moining. Old

of the program called forth
Neptune fumed and foamed and tossed the littlc steamer

tumultuous applause and most of the performers had to re-
Corona up and down like a cork. Added to this, the uncer-

spond to repeated encores. Mr. Hartnett brouglit tears to the
tainty of internal conditions and reflections on suppers paid

eyes of the audience by the pathetic description of the death
for and fed to the fishes were not calculated to add to the liap-

of his good dog “ Rover.” Mr. King was especially pleasing

and his facial expressions in his impersonation of “ Jimmy the
piness of all in the party. This, however, was the fate of but
a few unsophisticated land-lubbers, The party returned late

Driver," convulsed his hearers with laughter. Praise must be
and languid but always willing to repeat the trip. Thanks

given to Mr. Hamilton for the manner in which he rendered

the difficult “
are due to the Rev. Director, Fr. Conroy, for kindness shown

Soliliqy of Hamilet." Mr. Murphy told the
during the trip.

Story of Old John Burns" Other performers were Messrs.
McDonald, Powers, O'Conner, McDermott, Rice, Barkowski,

Cox, Lavey, Malioney and Rigny. Many thanks are due to our
MIDST the fragrant fumes of fine Manilas, a well-

Rev. Director for his efforts to obtain the beautiful piano
tempered ebullition of eloquent oratory and a moderate

which now occupies a prominent place in the Play Hall. Fr.
discussion of delicate danties, the J. J. V. Crescent Club has

Conroy, in response to a request, addressed the Seminarians
re-assumed its active existence for the year '99-'00. On the

at the close of the entertainment. The reverend gentleman
cordial invitation of the club's censor, Father Egen, the

assured his audience that suchi affairs has his unqualified ap-
INDEX staff, on the evening of the 26th ult. found them-

proval, for, as he remarked, they served to cement the union
selves seated at a “spread” that, for its completeness and in-

which should be found in every Seminary and bring out the
exhaustable abundance of good cheer would have done credit

“Old Spirit” which characterizes every good student of
to the festive board of old baronial Britain. The manager

of the affair modestly informed us that it was but an “im-
promptu little affair.” Well, if. “impromptu" always be an
assurance of the thorough enjoyment evinced on every side
during the evening referred to, we beg the members of the J.
J. V. T. C C. never to trouble themselves about preassuring
their guests of an evening's unalloyed pleasure. Mr. Keran HE outlook for a successful season is truly promising.
Moran proved himself well able to act in the capacity of toast-
master, all, whom he called upon responded with admirable most part, which doubtless will yield in time stalwart defen-
alarcity and poured fourth such a stream of wit and humor as ders of the “Purple and White." Preliminary practice has
kept the tables in a continuous roar of laughter. After justice already been indulged in but lightly, owing to the fact that
had been done to the eatables the company repaired to the 'uniforms were not procurable at once.

Drill in the use of
smoking and billiard parlor of the club. Here the honorary signals and the act of punting the pig-skin has made com-
guests were treated to a veritable mirabile-visu surprise. mendable improvement in the football talent. It were idle to
Shady memories of “happy days' when smokes were quietly discuss the merits and qualifications of the players until after
snatched behind the old engine house and in the near vicinity, the first bruising contest, to be held Saturday, October 7th.
floated through their minds. The efforts of Father Egan to What is regarded as the embodiment of the athletic brain and
make as pleasant as possible the recreation quarters of the brawn of Niagara Falls will on that day strive to exhibite their
older collegians were manifest on every side and to him tlie superior powers. Last year's contest between the respective


football '99.

teams was a memorable one. A tie score 0-0, proves elo-
quently how evenly matched the two elevens are. Should the
opening game prove an attraction, a series of three games will
be billed, so that the winner of the majority may be hailed as
champions of the city. Other games scheduled are as follows:
Oct. 14, Tuscurora Indians. In regular succession thereafter,
the Canisteo, Hornellsville, Corning, Brockport, Elmira
Athletic Club, Hamilton College, Colgate, and in the last
game of the season which will occur on Thanksgiving Day,
the Erie Athletic Club will be our opponents.


Rev. Edward Dondonville, '98, who has been assisting Fr.
MtCann at Oregon, Ill., has been transferred to assist at St.
Margaret's church, Ninety-nine and Troop streets, Chicago.

Lawrence O. Murray, '89, lias resigned liis office of deputy
comptroller of the currency at Washington to accept the more
lucrative one of trust officer of the American Trust Company
in Manhattan borouglı, greater New York.

After a pleasant visit of two months with relatives in the
“Auld Dart,” Rev. W. J. Egan, C. M., the popular Prefect of
the junior department, returned to the 'Varsity, Sept. 6th,
Father Egan is to be congratulated on his promotion to the
office of Frst Prefect of Discipline. Long may he reign!

The Faculty entertained Dr. Arthur Smyth, '94, and wife,
Wednesday, Sept. 28th. Dr. Smyth captured all the honors in
sight at the l'niversity of Louisville, thus adding new lustre
to the fair name of Niagara. The gentleman is about to resume
his practice in New York City.

Rev. H. V. Piper, C.M., left last month to assume the duties
of his new position. During liis stay the Reverend gentle-
man endeared himself to the liearts of all by his affability and
watchful care of those under liis charge. Tlie INDEX voices
the sentiments of all in wishing Father Piper success in his
new position, assuring him, that the good will of all attends
him on his way through life.

Another of Niagara's Alumni has won fame in the pulpit.
This time the honor has been captured by Rev. Mr. L. F.
Slarkey, A. B. '95, a former editor of the INDEX. From far-off
Rome comes the good news that at the Villa of the Propaganda
College in Frascati, on the feast of the Assumption, the reverend
gentleman delivered a panegyric. Congratulations from the
INDEX and his many friends at Niagara.



Reviews, Notices, etc.

Recent Guests, Mr. Wm. McNabb, '93, Dr. J. J. Finerty.

Rev. Joseph Franscsici of Brooklyn, was a welcome guest
during vacation.

Rev. Bernard C. Heeney, '94, of Chicago, was a guest of the
Faculty recently.

Mr. F. S. Swaine, '99, is taking a course in medicine at the
University of Buffalo.

Mr. James Higginbotham, '99, is studying his philosophy
at the Cleveland Seminary, Cleveland, O.

Rev. H. Rocchi, C.M., of Rome, Italy, was a guest of the
Faculty for a few days during the Summer.

Mr. Edward H. Burke, '99, has commenced his thcological
studies at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md.

Vincent P. McGean, '99, is pursuing his philosophical
studies at St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, N. Y.

Miss Francis McDonald of Niagara Falls and her sister, Mrs.
Dr. Campbell were the guests of friends at the college.

Mr. Thomas J. McGinn of Brooklyn, N. Y., was recently
the guest of his cousin, Father Grace, of the faculty.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Martin of Philadelphia, accompanied by
their son, Eugene, were callers at the University on the 15th

Dr. John C. Brown, '89, and wife, of Albany, N. Y., called
at the University on the 17th ult. while on their honeymoon

Messrs. Martin Dooley and Bernerd J. Boland are continu-
ing their theological studies at St. Bernard's Seminary,
Rochter, N. Y.

Mr. Daniel E. McGuire, '59, of Chicago, spent a few days
during the past summer reviewing tlie fond scenes of his
youthful days.

The students sympathize with Mr. John E. Callalan, of the
collegiate department, in the loss he has sustained by the
death of his father.

Maurice F. Sammons, '97, for some time past Justice of the
Peace in Clayville, N. Y., has been compelled to resign on ac-
count of multitudiness business interests.

For a short while during the Summer month, Rev. Thomas
Healy of St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, enjoyed the hospi-
tality and reviewed the beautiful scenery of “Old Niagara."

On the 12th ult., Mr. Joseph E. Plielan of the Theological
department received the sad news announcing the death of his
brother-in-law, Mr. Wm. Fitzpatrick. Mr. Phelan left for
Chicago immediately. The Sems, and students extend their
sympathy to himself and the other members of the bereaved

“Compendium Juris Canonici quod in l'suin suorum Audi-

torum scripsit Andreas B. Meeliani, D. D. Roffæ: ex Typo-
graphia Joannis P. Smith, 1899."

This very recent publication by a competent authority is
another proof of the new life that has been infused into our ec-
clesiastical seminaries throughout the country. The time is
gone by when a seminarian fitting himself for the Church is
permitted to be content with only a vague knowledge of
Canon Law cr of the other “ handmaids” to Theology. Time
is not 110w so important as thoroughness; nor is a vocation to
the priestliood guaged merely by piety and good intentions.
Study, long, patient.and successful, not only in theology
proper, but in those branches also which, like “ Jus Canon-
icum ', so ably expounded by Dr. Meehan, have been but too
often rated as secondary, is an essential factor in the develop-
ment of an ecclesiastical student.

Dr. Meehan's work is written entirely in Latin, a fact which
may discourage its introduction, but only in places where the
language of the Church is practically a dead language, and
where even Theologia Dogmatica is vulgarized to suit the

convenience” of seminarians not on speaking terms with
the ancient classics.—The Doctor's treatment of the subject
matter is simple, yet scholarly and quite exhaustive; his
divisions are natural, and in such orderly sequence as to make
the finding of any particular subject within the compass of
the book a task of very few moments.



Index Rerum.

-One tooth.
-Miss O'Neil.
-Dear, Mary.
-Dear, Eddie.
-Hello! Hello!
-Sure, I'm one jay.

- Because I love you !
Did she explain ? ? ?
-Those at Model city.
- Who is this Pauline?
-I and another fellow.
-"Answer this twice!"
-What, is this repose ?
-9.00, 9.30 and 10.00 a. m.

-The divil a' lie in it John.
-All dopes send their love.
-I believe in the Divine law.
-Children wherever they go,
-Who is this dear friend, Ed ?
-The man with the great pull.
--How about that intervallum.
-By the gods! if I come over.
—Isn't Polly a proud little bird ?
—“Coach” is waxing sentimental.
-"Shorty' is trying for the Reps.
—The boy who was pinched twice.
-Maud still endures the volunteer.
-And “Dob," he flunked poor boy.
-The letter it took an hour to write.

-“San” is a little off on definitions.
-Oh! those notes to come to supper.
-Where's that new chief ?-Oom Paul.
-Where, oh where, is our Eddie gone?
-Botheration, Botheration! blow you !
-"Father," give us locks or we are off.
-"My gas is rated at four-candle power,
-Volunteers are inclined to be winning.

- Wanted—Rerum editors, apply at once.
-Do you want any points in philosophy ?

- They took a trip to Model City on bikes.
-Did you see me make that three-bagger?
-It isn't what she says, but how she says it.
-All the dopes were honorably mentioned.

- Big Jim McMahon.
Let's kiss and make up.
Don't forget the picture.
-Exit Native Herbs, enter Dr. Greene's (?)
--He must have been pretty-only one tooth.
-Notice the sign on the door of our sanctum.
--Bernie has already become a prominent factor.
-Quite an experience on or rather off the wheel.
-Wonder if May has addressed him as Station A.
--He found out, much to the amusement of the class.
--George says "she liked me, although she was shy."

- The "billie-du” reminded one of a Quaker meeting.
-Steve wished to lingered and gaze on Katie's beauty.
-"I practice it in my room and then I can't pronounce it."
— “Pop' and McKinley are out ; “Mac's” Aag speech did it.
--"'I can't drink that water; the well is full of moth balls."

- The "Deac" has purchased a brown-stone mansion on the

- The genial Dean of the Philosophers is studying up Poe on
“The Bells."

-It took him just one hour to relate the events of that Sab-
bath afternoon.

- Pompey intends to make a collection of old hardware in
the near future.

"Lovers' Lane" and September 17th are landmarks in some-
body's memory.

-"I vill go mit die ten o'glock car up and come back mit
die railroad track.”

-Ed has lost much in not receiving "Stubs'' latest sketches
on "Lovers' Lane."

-When traveling between Syracuse and Buffalo, by night,
always use a hat pin.

-"Wad” was deserted in three days. He was up against
the “real thing" then.

- The author even blackmailed the innocent birds; the poor
little hawk for instance.

Happy days," has now a new significance. Beware! ye
who use it indiscriminately.

- Pontius and the Dynamiter have formed a dual alliance
against Pompey and Irish John from Mayo.

-If in haste to catch a mid-night train, carry a head-light
and avoid falling over a precipice-especially if in Syracuse.

It is said Eddie claims to be the original of “The Man
with the Hoe." Tony says he is the man with the “whoa."

-"Dris” could eat a horse after his trip, but the reverie
continued until 6:10 and he failed to eat his supper ; likewise

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