Big Game Shooting on the Equator

J. Lane, 1908 - 285 páginas

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Página 290 - Without doubt Mr. Oscar Browning has produced a book which should have its place in any library of Napoleonic literature." Truth, — " Mr. Oscar Browning has made not the least, but the most of the romantic material at his command for the story of the fall of the greatest figure in history.
Página 287 - ... will can accomplish when that will is accompanied with an uncommon share of intelligence. MARGARET OF FRANCE DUCHESS OF SAVOY. 1523-1574. A Biography with Photogravure Frontispiece and 1 6 other Illustrations and Facsmile Reproductions of Hitherto Unpublished Letters.
Página 287 - ... rank, she was also a remorseless poisoner, and her trial was one of the most sensational episodes of the early reign of Louis XIV. The author was attracted to this curious subject by Charles le Brun's realistic sketch of the unhappy Marquise as she appeared on her way to execution.
Página 289 - ... and calculating tyrant who allowed nothing, neither human lives nor natural affections, to stand in the way of his all-conquering will, that this volume will come to us rather as a surprise. Modern historians are over-fond of blaming Napoleon for having divorced the companion of his early years ; but after having read the above work, the reader will be constrained to admire General Bonaparte's forbearance and will wonder how he ever came to allow her to play the Queen at the Tuileries.
Página 288 - ANNALS OF A YORKSHIRE HOUSE. From the Papers of a Macaroni and his Kindred. By AMW STIRLING, author of "Coke of Norfolk and his Friends.
Página 287 - Philibert, the founder of Savoyard greatness: and from the day of her marriage until the day of her death she laboured to advance the interests of her adopted land. MADAME DE BRINVILLIERS AND HER TIMES. 1630-1676. By HUGH STOKES. With a Photogravure Frontispiece and 16 other Illustrations. Demy 8vo. (9X5! inches.) I2s. 6d. net. %* The name of Marie Marguerite d...

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