The Factory Acts: Comprising the Statutes ... with Their Respective Schedules : Also Notes and a Full Reference to Cases, Together with a Copious Index

Shaw and Sons, 1855 - 124 páginas

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Página 12 - And be it further enacted, that this act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.
Página 34 - ... forth the offence), contrary to the statute made in the year of the reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth...
Página 85 - ... employed in preparing, manufacturing or finishing, or in any process incident to the manufacture of cotton, wool, hair, silk, flax, hemp, jute, tow, china-grass, cocoa-nut fibre or other like material, either separately or mixed together, or mixed with any other material, or any fabric made thereof...
Página 85 - mill-gearing" comprehends every shaft, whether upright, oblique, or horizontal, and every wheel, drum, or pulley by which the motion of the first moving power is communicated to any machine appertaining to a manufacturing
Página 135 - BULLER'S ACTS, 11 & 12 Victoria, cc. 82, 91, 110, 114, relating to the PAYMENT of PAROCHIAL DEBTS, the Audit of ACCOUNTS, the CHARGEABILITY of PAUPERS upon UNIONS, and the EDUCATION of the INFANT POOR, with Practical Notes and Index. By JF ARCHBOLD, Esq. Barrister-at-Law.
Página 34 - Correction] at aforesaid, and there deliver him to the keeper thereof, together with this precept : And I do hereby command you, the said keeper of the said...
Página 70 - Act, and also by what person such offence had been committed, and also that it had been committed without the knowledge, consent, or connivance of the occupier and in contravention of his orders, then the inspector shall proceed...
Página 54 - The declaration is therefore insufficient, and the judgment of the Court below must be affirmed. Judgment affirmed.
Página 69 - Act, and that the said other person had committed the offence in question without his knowledge, consent, or connivance, the said other person shall be summarily convicted of such offence, and the occupier shall be exempt from any fine.
Página 38 - To examine either alone or in the presence of any other person, as he thinks fit, with respect to matters under this Act, every person whom he finds in a factory or workshop...

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