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the aid of foreign importation, with a po. from the averages as his principal. The pulation far more numerous, and with all President of the Board of Trade is abroad, other circumstances conjoined, the markets and the question will therefore be left for have not upon the average of the year risen investigation. above 67s. or 688. per quarter, it must in The weekly average arrivals have been evitably follow that under such an appear- of wheat, 5869 qrs.; barley, 575 qrs.; ance as the crop now presents, with a sur. oats, 12,244 qrs.; English four, 6549 plus from a deficient year, and with a sacks ; Irish ditto, 55 barrels. stagnant trade, the price must fall inde. The average price for wheat, 58s. Id.; finitely. Besides these circumstances, other barley, 33s. 6d. ; oats, 258. 10d. facts bear out very strongly this opinion. The wool fairs have been generally well The actual quantity of wheat which arrived attended. At Lewes, pure down fetched coastwise at the Port of London, during from 36s. to 378. per tod. Half-bred Leithe four weeks, commencing July 28, and cester and down, 538. 6d. and pure Leicesending August 18, 1823, amounted to ter, 32s. At Northampton, the average 40,393 quarters, while the quantity that was from 29s. to 30s. At York, hog wool arrived in the four weeks, beginning July was sold at 17s. 6d. per stone of 16 lbs. and 26, and ending August 16, 1824, was only hog and ewe at 158. 6d. 23,478 quarters, leaving a deficit this year The hop plantations have greatly im. of 16,915 quarters. The quantity actually proved, and they are now coming into burr. sold in the same period of 1823 was 30,667 Those grounds which are backward will do quarters, while in 1824 no more than but very little, but the good ones will pro22,900 quarters were disposed of, being duce full an average crop. The duty has less than the number of quarters sold in consequently risen. 1823 by 7667 quarters. The number of The beef trade in Smithfield is very sacks of flour during the same period which heavy, and but little doing. The price of arrived was in 1823, 40,934; and in 1824, mutton and lamb has fallen, and the top 26,417 sacks, being a decrease of 14,517 price of the former for the general trade is sacks in the four weeks. Nothing can about 1s. 2d. per stone, while beef reaches, prove more strongly the fact that the king- not more than from 3s. 6d. to 4s. dom canı maintain its population than these statements, because they show that notwithstanding the decrease in the quantity of

Aug. 24, 1824. wheat, the millers are so sure of a fall as No remarkable alterations have taken to make them disregard the flux of water, place since our last in the foreign commeror, if not true, they have a sufficient stock cial relations of the kingdom ; but a comin hand to carry them through until after mercial treaty is now pending with the harvest, when they expect the decline. The kingdom of the Netherlands, which it is small arrivals of flour also demonstrate that hoped may establish a liberal system of the bakers have either a great stock, and reciprocal advantage; meantime the Dutch can and will wait ; or will buy only as they government has ordered that, till the require it. If, therefore, the demand was treaty in question shall be concluded, goods great, the price must have risen, instead of imported from the ports of the United Kingwhich it has fallen. From all these facts dom, under the English flag, shall pay no we are led to conclude that there must be more duty than those imported under the an indefinite decline in the price of grain, fag of the Netherlands, with the excepas soon as the present crop comes into the tion of certain goods, which have hitherto market.

njoyed exemptions when imported in NeA great sensation has been caused by therland ships. A treaty has actually been the return made of oats sold in Mark Lane, concluded with Denmark on the basis of during the week ending August 7. The reciprocity. quantity returned was 27,543 quarters, and Cotton.—The market has been on the at an average of 30s. 4d. Such an im- whole rather dull for the last month ; howinense number of transactions has surprised ever there was inore inquiry last week for the every one, and it is very much doubted lower descriptions of Bengal cotton for exwhether there was a sufficient quantity in port, but the market generally for India the market to make the number of bona has been heavy; the Madras were taken fide sales that have been returned to the for consumption, as well as most of the officer. The rise in the price has been Brazils. The sales are 1790 bags, as folcaused, it is said, by effecting joint sales of lows, viz.—580 Bengals, ordinary to midIrish on English oats, and by deducting dling 5 d. and 5dd. ; fair and good fair 10 or 12 shillings per quarter from the 5d. to 5£d. ; good 5&d. to 6d. ; 100 Su. Irish, and adding it to the English, thus rats, fair to good fair 5d. to 6 d.; 340 making it appcar that the former has been Madras, good fair to good 63d. to 6fd. sold at 10 or 12 shillings a quarter, and the very good 6 d.; 150 Pernams, 10 d. to latter at between 30 and 40. It is thought 11d. ; 120 Paras, 94d.; 200 Boweds, 8d. that the receiver will not reject this return to 84. The Liverpool market has like

wise been dull. The sales in five weeks to-day; St. Domingo at 63s. ; in the from July 17 to August 21, were 48,800 other qualities there is little variation. The bags. Arrivals, 31,357 bags.

public sale this forenoon, 327 casks Ja. Sugar.-The business done in Musco. maica and Dominica, sold freely ; good vades for this month past is extremely ex- ordinary rank Jamaica 61s. to 62s.; fine tensive. In the week ending August 3, fine ordinary 698.; Dominica sold at the 5000 hogsheads were sold, but without ad- previous prices. vance in the prices, the holders being ready Spices.-East India Company's Sale, 9th to sell at the currency of the day. In the inst.–Saltpetre, 546 tons, private trade, following week 7000 hogsheads were sold at 22s. to 23s. 6d. ; pepper, black, in four days, (the low prices and alarming 4552 bags, 5d. to 64d. ; ditto white, 75 news from Jamaica inducing buyers to bags Company's, 15$d. to 164d.-Cinnacome forward,) without any advance, till mon, 451 bales, Ist quality, 68. 7d. to Tuesday 10th, when an advance of 6d. to 6s. lld.; 166, 2d quality, 5s. 7d. to 1s. per cwt. was asked. The same alarm 5s. 10d. ; 36, 3d quality, 4s. 70.--Cloves, caused similar effects the ensuing week. Bourbon, ls. 11d. to 28. 2d. ; Bencoolen, 7000 hogsheads were sold from Tuesday to 2s. Id. to 2s. 11d.-Mace, 17 casks, Ist Friday, and more would have been disposed quality, 4s. 71.–Nutmegs, 500 casks, unof, but that a considerable advance had garbled, 2s. 7d. to 28. 11d.-Cassia lignea, taken place, and many holders entirely 51. 16s. to 71. 2s.- Cassia buds, 101. 14s. withdrew their sugars from the market, an. to 141. 18.—Ginger, 22s. to 22s. 6d. ticipating much higher prices ; the advance At this sale the chief article of attraction was ls. to ls. 6d. on brown, and 1s. Od. to was nutmegs, which sold with much spirit, 2s. on finer Muscovades.

owing, chiefly, to the reduced stock on The advance asked last week prevented hand; all other spices went off heavily. the usual purchases : the prices were how Company's stock on band the 1st of ever supported, but the sales were incon- August :-Nutmegs, 336,400 unsold, siderable.

125,500 in buyers' hands.-Mace, 74,500 There appears a greater disposition a unsold, 31,792 in buyers' hands. mong the buyers to purchase Muscovades Oils.—The reports from the Greenland this forenoon, and though the sales are not fishery have been rather unfavourable, but extensive, yet the market appears improve not authenticated sufficiently to cause much ing; there is no alteration in the prices. alteration in the market : the latest accounts

The public sale of Barbadoes Sugar this are rather better, but prices are unchanged. forenoon, 156 hhds, went off freely about General price 221. for parcels here, and ls. per cwt. higher than the previous sales. for arrival 231.

In the Refined market there was little Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.—Tallow has variation in the prices; the fine goods improved, and the advance is firmly maintained the late advance, and low goods maintained ; yellow candle tallow, 1823, were scarce, and commanded high rates. is still 358.9d., and for new 36s. 3d. ; tal

In the Refined market this forenoon there low for August and September shipments is no variation in the prices, but the buyers 36s. 6d. to 36s. 9d.; in hemp or flax there appear more inclined to do business ; fine is little alteration to notice; hemp for July goods are partially in request... Molasses and August shipments 36s. 10d. are rather heavy, 268. to 258. 6d.

At the close of the market to-day, tallow In Foreign Sugars the purchases report was lower; for 1823, 358, 6d.; and new ed were not extensive ; some good white 36s. ; sellers at these prices. Havannah Sugars sold at 38s. 6d.

Silk.--The silk trade continues very Coffee.--The market though Auctuating brisk, but there is little variation in the , bas on the whole been favourable, and prices. prices advancing, the sales have been very Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.—The extensive.

rum market continues firm, but the business The public sales of last week went off lately reported is not extensive ; proof Lee. with considerable briskness, and the late wards and 1 and 2 over 1s. 4d.; the late advance was firmly maintained ; St. Do- prices for stronger qualities are also mainmingo sold freely at 62s. to 62s. 6d.; Ha- tained. The accounts from France as to . vannah 59s. to 63s.; good ordinary Ja- the appearance of the vines are still unfamaica 59s. to 628. ; fine ordinary 64s. to vourable, and there is no doubt there will 66s.

be a great deficiency compared with the It was anticipated the opening of the previous year (which was uncommonly Ports for Foreign Oats would greatly im. productive).—The nearest price for brandy prove the Coffee market, but the event has housed is 28. 7d.; for arrival in cargoes no not produced such a great effect as was transactions are reported.—Geneva congenerally looked for; good and fine ordi- tinues to advance ; for pale Is. 9d. is the nary Jamaica, however, sold 1s. to 2s, higher nearest quotation.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press : with Recollections of Upper and Lower

A Poetical Work, entitled the Bar, with Canada, during the late War. By Lieut. Sketches of eminent Judges, Barristers, &c. J. C. Morgan. 1 Vol. 12mo. and with copious Notes.

Sermons and Charges by Thomas Fan. Commentaries on the Diseases of the Sto- shaw Middleton, DD. Lord Bishop of Cal. mach and Bowels of Children. By Robley cutta, with Memoirs of his Life. By Dunglison, MD. &c. &c.

H. K. Bonney, DD. Archdeacon of BedWho wrote Icôn Basilike ? considered ford. I Vol. 8vo. and answered in Two Letters to his Grace Lasting Impressions : a Novel. 3 Vols. the Archbishop of Canterbury. By the 12mo. Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, Master of Trinity Illustrations of Conchology, according to College, Cambridge.

the System of Lanarck, in a Series of A Description of the Island of Madeira. Twenty Engravings on royal 4to. each By the late T. Edward Bowdich, Esq. Plate containing many Specimens. By Conductor of the Mission to Ashantee. E. A. Crouch.

The Emigrant's Note Book and Guide,

History and Biography.

Darton's New Miniature Atlas, contain-
Self Advancement; or Extraordinary ing a complete Set of County Maps, &c.
Transitions from Obscurity to Greatness; half bound calf. 148.
exemplified in the Lives and History of

New School Atlas of Modern Geography, Adrian Fourth, the Emperor Bazil, Rienzi By J. C. Russell. 8vo. 12s. the Tribune, Alexander Fifth, Cardinal A General Dictionary of Painters, conXimenes, Hadrian Sixth, Cardinal Wol. taining Memoirs of thé Lives and Works sey, Thomas Lord Cromwell, Sextus Fifth, of the most eminent Professors of the Art Alasaniello, Cardinal Alberoni, Doctor of Painting, from its Revival by Cimabue Franklin, King of Sweden. Designed as to the present Time. By Matthew Pilan Object of laudable Emulation for the kington, AM. A New Edition. 2 Vols. youthful Mind. Price 78. 6d.

8vo. 11, 4s. History and Description of the Present Peak Scenery; or the Derbyshire Tour. State of Van Dieman's Land; containing ist. By E. Rhodes. 8vo. 145. Important Hints to Emigrants. By G. W. The Art of French Cookery. By A. B. Evans. 2d Edition. 8vo. 78. 6d.

Beauvilliers, Restaurateur, Paris. Foolscap

8vo. 7s. Medicine and Surgery.

Bibliotheca Britannica, a General Index Chemical Recreations, a Series of Amus. of British and Foreign Literature. By ing and Instructive Experiments. Third Robert Watt, MD. 4 Vols. 4to. 112. Ils, Edition. 3s.

An Attempt to ascertain the Age of the A Series of Questions and Answers in Church of Mickleham, in Surrey, with Chemistry, Pharmacy, Botany, Anato. Remarks on the_Architecture of that

By Charles Mingay Syder. Building. By P. F. Robinson, Architect. 18mo. 58.

Imperial 4to. 21. 25. Royal 4to. 11. 58. Miscellaneous.

Letters on the Character and Poetical The last Military Operations of General Genius of Lord Byron. By Sir Egerton Riego ; also the Manner in which he was

Brydges, Bart. &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d. betrayed and treated until imprisoned at

Typographia, or the Printer's Instructor. Madrid : to which is added, a Narrative By J. Johnson, Printer. 2 Vols. 24mo. of the Sufferings of the Author in Prison. 11 10s. or 8vo. 31. By George Matthews, First Aide-de-camp nions, collected and preserved by Letítia

Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and Opito General Riego. Price 4s. 6d.

The Library Companion ; or the Young Matilda Hawkins. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. Man's Guide and the Old Man's Comfort

Five Years' Residence in the Canadas, in the Choice of a Library. By the Rev. including a Tour through Part of the T. F. Dibdin, FRS. SA. I'Vol. 8vo. United States of America in 1823. By Price 17. 78.

Edward Allen Talbot, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. Elements of the Art of Dyeing. By

11. ls. C. I.. and A. B. Berthollet. Translated

Novels and Tales. from the French by Andrew Ure, MD. The Human Heart. i Vol. post 8vo. FRS. 2 Vols. 8vo. 1l. 4s.

10s. 6d.

my, &c.

Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Books on Sacred Literature, with Notices 2 Vols. crown 8vo. 16s.

Biographical, Critical, and Bibliographical. Guzman D'Alfarache, or the Spanish By William Orme. 8vo. 12s. Rogue. Translated from Le Sage, by J. The Works of Vicesimus Knox, DD. H. Brady. 3 Vols. Foolscap 8vo. Second with a Biographical Preface. In 7 Vols. Edition,

8vo. 31. 138. Od. Redwood; a Tale. By the Author of

Voyages and Travels. A New England Tale. 3 Vols. 12mo.

Journal of a Residence in Ashantee. By 11. ls. Poetry.

Joseph Dupuis, Esq. late his Britannic Remains of Robert Bloomfield. 2 Vols. dom. 1 Vol. 4to. 16 Plates. 21. 12s. 6d.

Majesty's Envoy and Consul for that Kingfoolscap 8vo. 128.

Letters written from Colombia, during a Theology.

Journey from Caraccas to Bogota, and Bibliotheca Biblica, a Select List of thence to Santa Martha, in 1823. 8vo. 8s.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. D. Wilson, AM. of St. Edmund Hall, MA. to the Prebend of South Grantham, also void Oxford, to a Prebendal Stall in the Cathedral of by the death of Mr. Rennell.-- The Archbishop of Rochester, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. York has collated the Rev. Edmund Goodenough, Strachan.-The Rev. R. H. Barham, to the Rec DD. late Student of Christ Church, Oxford, to the tory of the united parishes of St. Mary Magdalene Prebendal Stall of Warthill, in the Cathedral and St. Gregory, in the city of London, vacant by Church of York, vacant by the death of the Rev. the cession of the Rev. R. Webb-The Bishop of John Josias Congbeare. --Edward Fade, Clerk, London bas been pleased to appoint the Rev. Chas. MA. installed in the Prebend of Lyme and HalRose, BD. Fellow of Lincoln College, to a stock, vacant by the promotion of Dr. Carr, to the Preachership at Whitehall.-The Bishop of St. See of Chichester, on the presentation of his Ma. David's has conferred on the Rev. Wm. Hewson, jesty.-The Rev. Roger Frampton St. Barbe, MA. Vicar of Swansea, the dignity of a Prebend in the to the Rectory of Stockton, void by the death of Cathedral Church of St. David's.- The Rev. John the Rev. Henry Good.-The Rev. Dr. Symons, late Bull, BD. Censor of Christ Church, Oxford, and Fellow of St. John's College, and Chaplain to the Rector of Sowton, installed Canon Residentiary Duke of Cambridge, to the Vicarages of St. Mar. of the Cathedral, Exeter, the late Rev. John tin and All Saints, in the city and county of Here. Francis Howell. --The Rev. Carrington Ley, vice ford, on the nomination of the Rev. M. Northey. Vicar of Beere Regis, Dorset, appointed Under -Rev. J. H. J. Chichester, to the Rectory of ArMaster of Blundell's Free Grammar School, Ti. lington, Deron.-Rev. Thomas Carew, to the verton, vice his father, resigned.—The Rev. John Rectory of Haccombe, Devon.-Rev. Robert Roe Owen Parr, BA, to the Vicarage of Duraford, Houston, to the Rectory of Artwick, with the Vi. Wilts, void by the death of the Rev. John Raven, carage of Artsey, Bedfordshire.- Rev. James Cutsenior.-The Rev. George Ernest Howman, MA. ting Salford, BA. to the Vicarage of Mettingham, Vicar of Sonning, Berks, and Domestic Chanlain Norfolk.-Rev. George Hodgson, Chaplain to the to the Marquis of Lothian, presented by the l ishop Bishop of Worcester, has been appointed to Christ of Salisbury, to the Mastership of the Hospital of Church, Birmingham, on the resignation of the St. Nicholas, in that city, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. H. Spry.-Rev. Wm. Phelps, MA. of MelRev. Thomas Rennell. -The Bishop of Salisburylifont Abbey, near Wells, to the Vicarage of has collated the Rev. Thomas Henry Mirehouse, Meare, near Glastonbury.


IN IRELAND. July 14.-The Hon. Mrs. W. Cust, a son.

At Best, county of Kildare, the Hon. Mrs. Frede17. At Houghton Hall, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs. rick Trench, a daughter. Edward Stourton, a son.

In Cavendish Row, Rutland Square, Dublin, the 19. The lady of H. Halm, Esg. of Orchard-street, lady of Sir John Kingston James, Bart, a son.

Wandsworth, two sons and a danghter. 20. At Beddington, Surrey, the Hon. Lady Helen

MARRIAGES. Wedderburn, a son. 28. In Great George-street, the lady of Dr. Lush. July 20:- At St. Mary-la-bonne Charch, by the ington, MP. a son.

Rev. W. Baker, James Lee Hannat, Esq. MD. - At Conway, North Wales, the lady of Sir David

of the Island of St. Martin, to Anne, eldest Erskine, Bart, a son and heir.

daughter of J. Morgan, Esq. of the Island of St.

Vincent, and of the Cirens, Bath. 27. At Oxford, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Bliss, a daughter.

- At Checkenden, in Oxfordshire, Arthur, son

of Theophilus Richard Salwey, Esq. to Frances Aug. 2.-In Montague Place, the lady of Lieut. Anne Poles, only daughter of Vice-Admiral Colonel Cowper, a daughter.

Manley, of Braziers, Oxfordsbire. 3. Iu George-street, Hanover-square, the lady of 21. By Special Licence, John Barnes, Esq. of the Attorney-General, a son.

Chorley Wood House, Herts, to Sarah, eldest 12. At Brighton, Lady Fowke, a son.

daughter of Charles Medley, Esq. of Farringdon, - At North Aston, Oxfordshire, Viscountess Chet Berks. wyod, a son.

- Samuel Beazley, Esq. Architect, to Miss Emily 13. At the seat of the Earl of Winchelsea, the Frances Conway.

lady of Capt. Drummond, Coldstream Guards, At St. Margarel's Church, Westminster, Wm. a daughter.

Bowles, Esq. of Fitzharris House, Berks, to 14. At Ower Cottage, near Fawley, Hants, the Caroline Anne, only daughter of Simon Stephen

lady of Capt. Hyde Parker, RN. a son and heir. son, Esq. of Great Qaeen-street, Westminster. 20. In Euston-square the lady of W. Pritchard, 22. Ai Cheltenham, J. Armitage Nicholsop, Esq. Esq.of Doctors' Commons, twins, sons.

eldest son of Christopher A. Nicholson, Esq. of

Balrath, county of Meath. to Elizabeth R. IN SCOTLAND.

Alexander, third daughter of the Right Hon. At loveriochy, the lady of Coloael Gordon, a son. the Lord Bishop of Meath.

22. At Sidmouth, Charles Butler Stevenson, Esq.

DEATHS. of Emanuel College, to Harriet Mary Ann Gra. ham, daughter of the late James Graham, Esq. July 29.-In her 7th year, Elizabeth Harriet, of Richardby, Cumberland.

youngest daughter of the Hon. Colonel Onslow, 27. At Kensington Church, the Lord Bishop of

of Upton House, Alresford. Jamaica, to Miss Pope, daughter of the late E. 22. At Great Camford, near Poole, suddenly, in Pore, Esq.

his carriage, Admiral Thomas Macnamara RusAug. 3.–At Cheltenham, Ralph Bernal, Esq. MP.

sell, aged 85. of Park Crescent, Portland Place,' to Clara

23. At Bingford Park, the Hon. Henrietta Malone, Christiana, eldest daughter of John White, Esq.

sister to the late Lord Sunderland, aged 79. MD.

24. At the residence of Francis Cross, Esq. - At Millbrook, near Southampton, the Rev.

Duryard, near Exeter, Frances, the wife of John Ashley, eldest son of John Ashley, Esq. of

James Somerville Fownes, Esq. of MecklenAshley Hall, Jamaica, and Clifton, Gloucester

burgh-square. shire, to Catherine, third daughter of the late

25. William Sharp, Esq. the celebrated Engraver, Charles Ward, Esq. of Merrion Square, Dublin,

aged 75. and Holly Mount, Queen's Connty, Ireland.

28. At Fir Grore, Lancashire, Mrs. Parr,relict of 4. At St. James's Church, Joseph Smyth Wind

the late Joseph Parr, Esq. ham, Esq. of Waghen, in the county of York,

30. At Starke Castle, Kent, Major J. B. Hart, youngest son of the late Sir William Smyth,

late of his Majesty's 95th regt. aged 51. Bart. of Hill Hall, in the county of Essex, to Aug. 2.-In Molesworth-street, S. Williams, Esq. Katherine, second daughter of John Trotter, Historical and Portrait Painter, Member of the Esq. of Durham Park, Herts.

Clementine Academy, Bologna, and of the Lately, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Henry Royal Hibernian Academy.

Halford, Esq. only son of Sir Henry Halford, Ai Beckley, Sussex, Anni, relict of the Hon. Bart. of Winstow Hall, in the county of Leices. Lieut.-Gencral Murray.

ter, to Barbara, daughter of Mr. Sergeant 3. At his house, Hertford-street, Park-lane, Hugh * Vaughau.

Bishopp, Esq. in his 69th year. - At St. George's Church, Hanover Square, the

At lier residence, Brighton, Mrs. Decina Rer. Thomas Harding, eldest son of Henry Thackeray, fourth daughter of the Rev. ArchHarding, of Dunnville, county of Dublin, Esq. deacon Thackeray. to Eliza Mary, widow of the late Walter Ross 9. Mrs. Owen, sister of James Scatcherd, Esq. Monro, Esq. MD. formerly President of the Medical Board at Bengal.

10. At Hampstead, aged 19, James, fourth son of

the late W. Walker, Esq. of Thirsk, in the 7. At Mary-le-bone Church, Thomas Royse Mor.

county of York. gell, Esq. of the 8th Royal Irish Hussars, to 13. At Pakefield, Suffolk, aged 17. Jane Anne, Lady Mary Balders, widow of the late Major eldest daughter of the Rev. J.W. Canninghain, Balders, of West Bashan, Norfolk.

Vicar of Harrow, * 10. At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Rev. Joshua

14. At Newburgh Park, Yorkshire, Ratcliffe Rowley, Capt. Rowley, RN, second son of Sir

Medley, Esq. in his 94th year. William Rowley, Bart. MP. to Charlotte, daugh 15. Suddenly. while preaching at the French ter of Johu Moseley, Esq.

Chapel, George-street, Portman-square, before - At Chislehursi, Kent,' by the Hon. and Rev.

his Excellency Prince Polignac, 'the French Edward Rice, DD. Robert Francis Jenner, Esq.

Ambassador, ihe Abbe Papillon, in his 79th of W'enroe Castle, Glanorganshire, to Elizabeth

year. Lascelles, eldest daughter of Herbert Jenner, 16. At Coldale Hall, near Carlisle, Isabella, eldest LLD. of Chislehurst.

daughter of Sir Paulus Amelius Irving, late of 11. At St. George's, Hanover Square, Capt. San.

Robgill Tower, Dumfriesshire. derson, of the Bengal Cavalry, to Elizabeth Oswald, eldest daughter of Alexander Ander

Lately at Sundredge, Kent, aged 49, Mary,

wife of Sir R. Hardinge, Bart. son, Esq. of Chapel-street, Grosvenor Square. 14. At St. James's Church, Capt. Fead, RN. to

At Southampton, at an advanced age, Mary,

relict of the late Colonel Haywood. Helen Mary, daughter of Robert Scott, Esq. of

At Norwich, in her 65th year, Mrs. Dickens, Shincliffe Hall, Durham. :- At Farleigh, Henry Shirley, Esg. of Hyde Hall

wife of H. M. Dickens, Esq. and widow of the

late W. Crowe, Esq. of Lakenham, near that and Etington, Jamaica. to Frances, eldest

city. daughter of Col. Houlton, of Farleigh Castle,

At the Priory, Stanmore, Lady Jane Gordon, Somerset.

eldest daughter of the Earl of Aberdeen. 17. At St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Bi

Nathaniel Philips, Esq. of Siebech Hall, Pemshop of Sodor and Man, the Right Hon. the Earl

brokeshire. of kinnoul, to Miss Rowley, daughter of Sir Lately, at Keninghall Vicarage, Norfolk, sin Charles Rowley, Bart.

cerely regretted, at the advanced age of 89 Lately, Edward Buller, Esq. grandson of the late Hou, Mr. Justice Buller, to Mary Anne, daugh

years, Mr. Killett, formerly of Hackney. ter of the late Major-General Coote Massingham.


At Trenich, in the parish of Aberfoyle, Alexander At Edinburgh (July 26), Henry Englefield, Esq. Graham, Esq. of Stronemacnair, aged 101. son of Sir Henry Charles Englefield, Bart. io

*At Balmuto (July 22), the Hon. Claud Irvine Catherine, eldest daughter of Henry Witham,

Boswell, Lord Balmuto. of Lartington, in the county of York, Esq. The

At Dun House, aged 28, Miss Erskine, of Dun, ceremony was performed by the Right Rev. Dr. only sister of the Countess of Cossilis. Cameron, Catholic Bishop, and afterwards by

At Aberdeen, in the 19th year of his age, Mr. Sir Henry Moncreiff Wellwood, Bart, according

John Winton, Student of Medicine; and on the to the forms of the Church of Scotland. A nu 19th, his brother, Lient. W. Winton, late of the merous party of high rank participated of an Forfarshire Militia. The death of the latter was elegant dejeuner a la fourchette, after which the

awfully sudden, as, although to appearance in new married pair set off for the English Lakes.

his ordinary health immediately before, he At Dalyell Lodge, Fifeshire (Aug. 3), by the Right

dropped down and instantly expired. The bro. Rev. Bishop Low, Robert Lindsay, Esq. second

thers were interred at the same time in one son of the Hon. Robert Lindsay, of Balcarras, grave. to Frances, daughter of Sir Robert Henderson,

ABROAD. of Straiton, Bart.

At Lansanne, Mrs. Allott, wife of the Very Rev. At Edinburgh, Sir Alexander Don, MP. for the the Dean of Raphoe.

county of Roxburgh, to Grace Jane, eldest At bis seat, near Copenhagen, Abraham Markoe, daughter of John Stein, Esq.of Heriot-row. Esq. of the Island of St. Croix, in his Gith ABROAD.

year. At St. John's, Newfoundland (June 20), by the

On board his Majesty's ship Victor, on the 4th of Rev. William Bullock, John Eager, Esq. RN.

May, after only six daysillness, Lieut. J. W.

Thomas, eldest son of Lieut. General Thomas, commanding inis Majesty's ship, Clinker, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Captain Bulloch,

of Brocklill-house, Dar Exeter, RN. of Prittlewell, near Southend, Essex.

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