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way might now with some propriety be down upon the sea which raged on both termed a sea-bridge.

sides below him, felt himself giddy ; but The rude dragoons even looked out the dragoons dragged him across. The old with awe upon the dreadful spectacle which man had already opened the tower, and lay before and below. One of them step- Bertram heard chains rattling. They led ped with folded arms to the door-way, him down several steps, cut the ropes in looked out in silence, and then shaking two which confined him, but in their stead his head said

put heavy and rusty fetters about his feet “ So then that's the round house he and swollen hands. The five agents of must be carried to ?

police then remounted the steps; the door “ Aye,” said the old man (who had was shut; and the sound of bolts, locks, now raised himself from the floor ;) “ des- and chains, announced to the prisoner that perate offenders are always lodged there." he was left to his own solitary thoughts.

“ By G-" replied the dragoon, Vittoria I rode down the whole line of a This, by the way, is somewhat of French battalion that was firing by pla- a libel upon human nature: if four toons: there's not a pin to choose between men could with so much levity dissuch service as that and crossing such a pose of a prisoner to whom they had d-d bridge in a gale of wind like this. no enmity, what becomes of those Nothing but a miracle can save us."

prisoners to whom they have a na" What the h–11!” said the other tional hatred? British dragoons bedragoon,—“ this fellow is to be killed at sides are not usually suspected of deany rate ; so he's out of the risk: but clining any service on the plea of must we run the hazard of our lives just to clap a fellow like him in prison? I'm as

danger; which, great as it was, did, bold as another when I see reason : but I'll not (as the reader soon finds) deter a have some hire, I'll have value down, if I timid young lady from crossing the am to stand this risk.”

same gallery on the same night. Ber“ Oh! it's impossible,” cried the first tram has fallen asleep, and is dreamconstable—"no man can stand up against ing of spring and green fields; when the wind on such a devil's gallery : it has he is suddenly wakened by the dreary no banisters, you see.” “ Shall we pitch the fellow down be- astonishment he perceives a dim light

howling of the wintry wind : to his low?” said the second constable.

in his cell, and a young lady wrapt “ I have nothing to say against it,” replied one of the dragoons.

up in furs standing at a little dist“Nor I," said the other, “ but then

ance ; her he recognizes as the same mind-we must tell no tales.”

whose beauty and touching expres“ Oh! as to that, you know,” said the sion of grief had drawn all eyes on first constable, " we shall say the wind St. David's day. She, who believes carried him out of our hands ; and I sup. him to be Nicholas, and has not light pose there's no cock will crow against us enough to discover her error, comes when the job's done."

to return a letter of frantic passion “ And besides it is no sin," observed which she had lately received from the second ; " for hang he must; that's that lawless person—to furnish him settled ; such a villain as him can do no less. So, as matters stand, I don't see but think of her no more, and to use the

with money-and to conjure him to it will be doing him a good turn to toss him into the water."

means of escape which she will do Unanimous as they were in the plan, her best to put in his way. Before he they differed about the execution ; none

has time to answer, she opens the choosing to lay hands on the prisoner first. door where an officer appears waiting And very seasonably a zealous friend to to conduct her across the bridge, and Bertram stepped forward in the person of vanishes. To this officer, Sir Charles the warden. He protested that, as the pri- Davenant, she confides her distress soner was confided to his care, he must and her wishes. Sir Charles has too and would inform against them unless they much honour to betray her, but flung him down also. Under this dileınma, declines to interpose between the they chose rather to face again the perils of gallows and one whom he thinks so Vittoria. They fetched stout ropes, and fastened them about themselves and the

well fitted to adorn it. In her anextremity of the door-post. That done, guish she addresses herself to her the constables stepped out first, the old man own maid, an amiable girl, who calls in the centre, and after them the two dra- upon her lover to assist. He who goons taking the prisoner firmly under has deep obligations and attachment their arms.

Some' blasts of wird were to Nicholas would have needed no terrifically violent; and Bertram, as he looked such stimulus to such a service : byt



he happens secretly to know that the partake in these “ high jinks" with prisoner is not Nicholas. Mr. Ber- Dulberry : it is dusk: the castletram therefore stands a fair chance gates are left unguarded; and a for a long confinement: but is deli- stranger muffled up in a cloak slips vered in consequence of a in to a lovg saloon where he finds which would be very effective in a Sir Morgan alone. Sir Morgan, melodrama. For this the way is seeing a dusky figure standing in sipaved by a previous scene of high lence, is at first disposed to take it * fun.” Dulberry has taken it into his for the ghost of Rhees Meredith : head to stroll up to the castle gate: but the stranger explains that he his usual Jeremiades about “ Castle- comes to vindicate the innocence of reagh's hussars,” « Manchester mas- Bertram, and to demand his liberasacres,” and “ hoofs of dragoons tion, for that he is not the true Niare not likely to recommend him to cholas, however strikingly he resemthe present garrison : the dragoons bles him. “ But what vouchers,” issue, and get to all sorts of pleasant Sir Morgan asks, “can he give for games with the poor reformer. They all this ; what security?” form a ring, and send round this shining light of politics from hand to Well, you shall. Do you remember that

Security !_You would have security ? hand like so many lauraồnpopor. time, when the great Dutch ship was cruizDulberry's piercing invocations of ing off the coast, and the landing of the the “ Habeas Corpus Act” alarm crew was nightly expected ? ” the castle, and Sir Morgan himself “I remember it well; for at that time issues on

the battlements above. I had beset the coast with faithful fol. And now

great deeds would have lowers : and once or twice I watched myensued we were in hopes,—the two

self all night through.” bores having at length met as for a

“ True : and on the 29th of September solemn engagement.

But this en

you were lying upon your arms behind gagement is short. Each however in the uniform of a sea-fencible joined you:

Arthur's pillar. About midnight a man has time to launch his respective and you may remember some conversation piece of insanity at the other.' Dul

you had with him?” berry from below lodges his complaint Had Sir M. Walladmor been addicted against the dragoons, adding that to trembling, he would now have tremthey had tossed his white hat into the bled: with earnest gaze, and outstretched sea—and had also violated the Great arms, he listened without speaking to the Charter by preventing him from stranger, who continued : 1. You talked drowning himself. Upon which the together, until the moon was setting; and baronet from above replies that he then, when the work was done-Sir Mor. had no objection to his drowning Åred : and in the twinkling of an eye up

gan—when the work was done, a shot was himself, none at all, but will never

sprang the sea-fencible, as I do now allow that a ragged Manchester ra

and he cried aloud, as I do now, Faredical shall pollute the water at his well! Sie Morgan Walladmor!”. And so castle gates which had been hallowed saying the stranger threw open his cloak, by so many of his illustrious ances- discovering underneath a dírk and a brace tors, who had there been used to pre- of pistols ; and at the same time, with an cipitate themselves or their great impressive gesture, he raised his cap from Saxon prisoners. He therefore ap- his head. proves what the dragoons had done. “ It is Nicholas !” exclaimed the ba. Dulberry rejoins by accusing Sirronet. Morgan of high treason upon a cer

“ At your service, Sir Morgan Walladtain statute of the Second of Queen

mor. Do you now believe that your pri. Elizabeth made in behalf of “ those

soner is innocent ?” of the reformed faith” which he ap Sir Morgan threatens to detain plies to the benefit of the Manchester him: but Nicholas has the command reformers.

All present are scan- of the door, and convinces Sir Morgan dalized at such language addressed that he has taken his measures well. to the old Walladmor on his own castle walls: both dragoons, and Sir in particular, least of all men, do ! bear

“ Grey hairs I reverence: and to you Morgan's household, join in snow

malice: though oft, God knows, in my balling Dulberry, and a scene of young days, old Sir, you have cost me an uproarious fun succeeds : every soul ague-fit.” in the castle has issued to witness or He folded his cloak ; looked once again

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upon the old man : and with an aspect, in vocation otherwise is not heroism,
which some defiance was blended with never fail to resume his courage and
a deep sorrow that could not be mis- generosity when he is fairly drenched
taken, he turned away slowly with the in salt water.
words-“ Farewell !-Gladly, Sir Morgan,
I would offer you my hand: but that in has taken place in his absence, through

Sir Morgan finds that an attack this world is not to be: a W'alladmor does

some error in the information of Ninot give his hand to an outlaw !”

Sir Morgan was confounded : he looked cholas, and has been defeated. A on whilst the bold offender with tranquil second attack is known to be medisteps moved down the whole length of the tated in a few urs. But, on this saloon, opened the folding doors, and va same evening, Nicholas falls in with nished. Sir Morgan was still numbering and engages a body of dragoons comthe steps of the departing visitor, as he manded by Sir Charles Davenant. descended the great stair-case : and the last The action is sharp and bloody; but echo had reached his ear from the remote Sir Charles defeats him, and almost windings of the castle chambers, whilst he annihilates his party. The consewas yet unresolved what course he should quence is that about midnight Nipursue.

cholas presents himself at the gate of Bertram is now set at liberty ; be- Walladmor castle-knocks—is adcomes the guest and favourite of Sir mitted-walks into the midst of Sir Morgan: and Nicholas is no more Morgan's guests banqueting in the heard of for some months. At length great hall, and in a robber-Moor-like spring comes on, and Nicholas is scene -- the groupes and attitudes of again on the scene. He suspects which are well studied for effectthat Bertram is making love to Miss surrenders himself, as a man now Walladmor; becomes more fran- without hope and careless of life. tic than ever from jealousy ; writes Next comes down a special coma letter to Bertram, and tells him mission to try him: the morning is that-if that were true-it would come : all the world are flocking to cancel a thousandfold all obligations his trial : the judge has robed: the to him; and finally, having now a court is set: the jury are sworn: staunch party of smuggling lads un there is not room left for a bodkin to der him, meditates an attack on be wedged into the crowd: smugWallaılmor Castle. Sir Morgan has glers even and pirates have ventured this intention betrayed to him whilst into the audience; and Captain le he is on a sea excursion : he returns Harnois himself has risen from the hastily; is in some danger of a sea- dead, and is supposed to be in court. fight; and in a heavy gale of wind, At this point the author takes upon which comes on at dusk, loses one of him to quiz some of our English his boats. Miss Walladmor's maid foibles : Betting goes on in open perishes in spite of the fearless exer court: 15 to 1 are offered that Nitions of her lover to save her-(by cholas does not “ show the white the bye, having so few young women feather," and various odds upon other in his novel, the author should have contingencies. How the indictment been more careful of them): but Miss is id, we are not very clearly inWalladmor herself is saved by Ber- formed: but from the speeches of tram : which enables us to make a counsel it is manifest that some case classical allusion to Tooke's Pan- of treason (whether Cato-street is theon ; viz. that as Antæus recover. not said) is the main count. The ed strength in his turn-up' with counsel for the prisoner, who is called · Hercules by touching his mother “ Master Pritchard,' makes a very earth, so doth Mr. Bertram, whose long speech; so long-that, if any

In general the author is better read in Hollinshed, &c. than in books of more modern costume. By the way, Master P. quotes Æschylus: and we observe that the author approves of this on the ground that it tended to throw dust in the eyes of the court—"not one of whom, as ill-natured Leumund asserts (der böse Leumund), understood a word of what he was saying.” We know not Mr. Leumund (i. e. English reader, Mr. Sncer,) cor Mrs. Candor his sister ; nor much desire to know him ; but we suppose he has read some story of Parson Adams and Æschylus. Things are changed however since then : amongst other improvements in England since the days of Parson Adams, we observe that Swedish turnips have improved-W'clsh geography has improved--and (ireck has

thing should happen to either of the “ Is his body sold ? " consuls, he will be a very proper can

“ Oh no! he's to be dissected here." didate for “surrogation.” However,

Dissected ? Oh that's all my eye. his defence is very fair ; and he does Maybe they'll cut a little into the skin just well to insist much on the madness of to comply with the law : but take my word Nicholas. He tells the jury that it for it, he'll be sent to London : the Lonwas notorious that a passionate at- something. And his skeleton will be kept

doners wouldn't miss such a sight for tachment to a distinguished young in the British Museum.” lady in the neighbourhood had turned

“ Aye, but I hea ," said a third, that the prisoner's brain ; regrets that he the Fressological Society of Edinburgh has was not allowed to call for her evi- bought him.” dence and that of her uncle; and Fressological! You mean Phrenolothat he had it not in his power to gical: I know it very well: Sir Walter subpæna certain persons from the Scott's the president." Continent who could have given de

“ Well, fress or phrenological, for aught cisive testimony to the insanity of the I care: but I hear they say that he has got prisoner for some time back. Here the organ of smuggling in his skull, and the Judge interrupts him, and begs

was born to be hanged." him not to proceed on a topic which

Shift the scene, reader, before the without evidence could be of no jury bring in their verdict, to Walservice to the prisoner, and inflict ladmor castle. Here is Sir Morgan fresh wounds on an eminent family sitting alone, having already on cerwhose peace of mind had already tain accounts a deep interest in Nisuffered too deeply. At this moment cholas, and some misgivings. At an out-break of frenzy from Nicho- this moment steals in Gillie Godber : las, on the allusions to Miss Wallad- all is now accomplished: her day is mor, whose name he wishes to keep come at last, the day she has been clear of ail attaint, does something to preparing through 25 long years: support the statements of his counsel: and the luxury of her vengeance is which he fails not to press upon the perfect. Knowing that it is now too jury. At length Master Pritchard late for Sir Morgan to interfere, she has perorated: the prisoner has made gives him satisfactory proof that Nihis bold defence, in which the only cholas is his son-whom she had thing that looks like a disposition stolen in the very hour of his birth, to conciliate the jury is a slight allu- and had delivered to the captain of a sion to his own unhappy breeding smuggling vessel. At the same moamongst pirates which had taught ment enters Sir C. Davenant: “What him little respect for human laws. is the verdict ?” exclaims Sir MorNight is come, and the jury have re gan, “Guilty!”judgment has passed: tired to consider of their verdict. the prisoner is to be executed on the Betting now recommences with great

following morning : and, to prevent spirit : any odds that Nicholas is a rescue, the sheriff has resolved to game to the last step of the gallows lodge him for this night in Walladladder, if indeed he should come thi

mor castle. Sir Morgan bears all ther : but a young nobleman offers a

with dignity and apparent firmness; 100 guineas to 100 that the jury ace and resolves not to see his son until quit him: we are not told whether after his death. the judge takes this bet. All this in

Now then we come to the winding open court: close behind the prisoner up. And the question is—how shall goes on this little conversation : we dispose of the bold criminal ?

Shall he die ?-We have had one ob“ A stout fellow! by G-: he'll need stinate attempt on his life by drownno stones in his pocket to tighten the ing in the first chapter: and here in

the last volume we have 12 men


improved. So that, as betting is the fashion, and supposing the case to admit of any decision, we would gladly stake 10 guineas to 1 with our German friend that out of the first 12 barristers we should see in Westminster Hall we would produce 4 that should work through a chorus of the Agamemnon ; not so well as Mr. Symmons, or Mr. Von Humboldt; but yet taliter qualiter: and one of the four perhaps that would puzzle as good an editor as Mr. Schütz.

*Fressological:" there is a sort of joke in this mistake to German car, which it is scarcely worth while to explain.

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combining in another attempt upon Thus, mounted sometimes en croupe his life by hanging : shall this be to- behind the novelist in character of lerated? The scenes which follow translator, sometimes flying on the are so tumultuous and full of action wings of abridgment, we have given that we have no space left for them. a rapid sketch of the German novel. Suffice it to say that Nicholas is for We are now expected perhaps by this night safely lodged in the “house some readers to put on the black velof death”—before he can escape, he vet, and pronounce judgment. But has the aerial corridor to pass, and the truth is this : novel reading is so the guard room full of dragoons; and purely a piece of sensuality (elegant the sheriff flatters himself all is safe. sensuality no doubt), that most read" The ides of March are come : ers resent the impertinence of critisaith he: yes, Sheriff, but not passed. cism in such a case, as much as he More than one heart still clings to who sits down to a carouse of imthe guilty Nicholas : steps are mov- mortal wine resents a medical intruing in the darkness for his delive- sion: the day after he may bear it; rance; and hands are at his service but not when he is imbibing the nec(to use the language of a metrical tar, preparing to imbibe it, or having romance) more than either two or just imbibed it. In any of these three." There is an old prophecy cases it is prudent in the medical attached to Walladmor Castle: friend to keep out of his way. The When black men storm the outer door, *

reader sees, without our telling him, Joy shall come to Walladmor.

that there is great life and stir in the

movement of the story; much draHow that should be, the reader matic skill in devising situations ; will think it hard to guess. All, we and an interest given to some of the shall say, is this : that, as the sheriff characters, beyond the mere interest of Nottingham in well-known days of the action, by the passions which was often foiled, we see no reason move them. Two indulgencies howwhy a Welsh sheriff should hope for ever we must suggest to the reader: eternal success; that the British 1st with regard to Cato-street, he Museum is quite rich enough to bear must consider that distance of place a single disappointment; and that has the mellowing effect of distance the Phrenological Society of Edin- in time; and that what might be bad burgh may chance, like Mecca wait- taste or coarseness, in any of usmis ing for her caravan, to “ sicken at less so in a German who did not the long delay.” There are such stand so near to it as we, and to things as smuggling vessels full of whom imperfect knowledge abstracts men from every climate under hea- many of those circumstances which ven: and even amongst enemies make the recollection of it to us painthere may be some friends: and Sir ful or revolting. Secondly we must C. Davenant and his dragoons may allow for errors of manners, or feelchance to find more work than they can ings, in costuming the parts: these manage: and we are in the hands of are not at all greater than in many of a fine scenical artist for arranging our own novels of high credit : grand situations; and he may con- though more obtrusively forced upon trive, just as all things hasten to a our notice, because the manners conclusion, to give us another great painted happen to be our own. And discovery or avayrwpiais; and he may all this it will be the translator's duty bring all his people upon the stage to remove. As to the anachronisms, together, and groupe them in the we doubt whether they are not definest attitudes for parting and for- signed. Sir C. Davenant of the year giveness ; and show South America 1822 is said to be the son of the cein the back ground for any bold man

lebrated Sir William Davenant: conthat has a character to whitewash; sequently, he is (according to ancient and then drop the curtain upon us scandal) by possibility the grandson all; and call upon us for a “ Plau. of Shakspeare, who died in 1616: dite!” with three times three for the either son, or papa therefore, must gay hoaxer and for “WALLADMOR!” have had a tolerable allowance of

life. Bangor Abbey we have noticed

Gate properly (thor); but, for rhyme's sake, door.

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