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tions of the United Kingdom has transpired Wheat. Barley. Flour. within the last month. Russia has, how1822. 26,258 2,574 31,135 ever, been obliged, it should seem, to relax 1823. 25,212 2,019 30,686 in some degree its rigorous system of pro1824. 27,925 1,184 29,161 hibitions and heavy import duties. An Sales.

Ukase, signed some time back, but only Wheat. Barley.

lately published, allows the importation, 1822. 37,116 2,066

duty free, of white calicoes, for the purpose 1823. 36,610 1,729

of being printed upon ; no white calicoes at 1824. 31,778 1,280

all suitable for the purpose being manu. From the foregoing statement it does not factured in Russia. The negociations for a appear that there is any sufficient difference commercial treaty with the Netherlands in the arrivals or the sales to lead to the sup- are still pending. position of a great demand on the part of Cotton. The business done in the cot. the merchants. By the number of quarters ton market during the last month has been sold over and above the quantity arrived very trifling, and as far as East India delast, there does appear to have been some scriptions are concerned, is nearly at a demand in consequence of the supposed stand, awaiting the result of the sale at the failure of the crop and the expected rise. India House, which will take place on The late fall in the price of flour also gives Friday the 24th. The prices at the comreason to suppose, that the demand for mencement of this month, and which have that article is small, or that the millers hardly varied since, were as follows:-By have taken advantage of the abundance of private contract, Bengals 5}d. to 5 d.; water, and sent a large quantity into the Surats 54d. to 64d. ; Madras 5£d. to 64d.; market. The average prices of the dif- Paras 91d.; Boweds 7d. to 8d. all in ferent years are rather more at variance, bond; and by public sale, Carthagenas this year being considerably the highest. 67d. and 7fd. duty paid, 6 d.; Boweds But although this might indicate a demand, 8jd. ; Orleans 93d. in bond. some slight demand on the part of the mer The sales at Liverpool in four weeks chants is still much more likely to arise have been 32,910 bags; the arrivals 30,835 from the power of the farmers to hold their bags. stock, and thus to create an advance. If Sugar.-In the last week of August any great advance in the price of grain was little was done, and the holders being disanticipated there would be ground for sup- posed to sell, prices declined a little. Full posing that some anxiety to buy would prices were paid for lumps for the Hamdisplay itself, but it is scarcely probable that burgh market. In the following weck the in the face of an acknowledged productive buyers were much inclined to purchase, harvest-knowing that even last year, with and would have taken large parcels if the a deficient crop, and with a demand greater holders would have given way 6d. or ls. per by 3000 quarters than during the same cwt. but they were very firm, and few sales period this year—knowing that although were reported. There were considerable the same quantity of flour has come into deliveries from the West India warehouses. the market during the same period this year Foreign sugars were in demand, and conas during last, and that the price has fal- siderable sales were effected ; good white len,-it is scarcely probable that the mer. Havannah 36s. to 38s.; yellow 28s.; chants would in the face of all these facts brown Brazil 32s. Last week the demand be very anxious to purchase.

for Muscovades increased, and some of the The turnip crop has been greatly im. holders being disposed to sell a shade proved by the late rains, and those late lower, to induce buyers to come forward, sown will be forwarded with such rapidity considerable purchases were reported. Very that they promise most abundantly. little has been done this morning, the

The averages are for wheat 578. 8d. buyers wishing to see the result of the pubbarley 32s. Id. and oats 23s. 2d.

lic sales ; 200 hogsheads of St. Lucca sold The hop picking is now general, and the heavily at prices 1s. per cwt. under the quality is said to be good. Prices sold previous market currency, 528. 6d. to 578. ; from 100s. to 120s. but few pockets came 130 casks of Barbadoes sold at the previous to market.

sales, 55s. to 678. 6d. In the refined mar. For beef and mutton there was a free ket, the fine descriptions are neglected ; demand in Smithfield.-Lamb is however the low are in request, and sell at full a heavy sale.—The highest for beef is 4s. prices ; 127 bags of Mauritius sugar sold and for mutton 4s. 4d. and for lamb 5s. 2d. on Friday, fine yellow at 23s. 6d. to 24s. ;

fine brown 228. ; molasses remain at

258. 6d. Sept, 21, 1824. Coffee. In the last week of August We do not find that any thing particu- prices advanced 28. to 38. per cwt. and the v affecting the foreign commercial rela. tiner descriptions 45. to 6s.per cwt. Though


there have been some fluctuations the prices. the north, or into Lancaster Sound, and have in general kept up, only such large perhaps be shut in by the ice. The prices parcels of Jamaica were brought forward are nominal. Greenland new parcels 231. that a reduction of Is. per cwt. took place. Seed oils rather lower. Other descriptions supported the late cur. Silk.— The silk trade continues very rency, but the market this day week brisk, Bengals and Chinas at the advance was without briskness. The public sales of of ls, to ls. 6d. per lb. on the late India coffee last week went off very heavily, and House sale prices, and the request extenall the ordinary descriptions of British sive at the improvement. plantation and foreign were 1s. to 2s. per Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. The tallow cwt. lower ; all the qualities from middling market has been very heavy ; yellow candle to fine maintained the former currency, and tallow of 1823 quoted 348. 3d. and new sold freely ; St. Domingo, of middling qua 34s. 9d. and for August and September lity, sold 61s. 6d. There were two public shipments 348. 9d. The last letters from sales of coffee this forenoon, 163' casks Petersburgh state, the prices of 100 roubles ; British plantation, 583 bags foreign ; the Exchange 94d.—Hemp is a shade lower. latter good ordinary pale St. Domingo, ra- .-In Flax there is no alteration. ther mixed, 61s. to 6ls. 6d. and 623. The There appears some revival in the de. British plantation coffee went off steadily at mand for Tallow this morning, and Tallow the prices of last week; the middling and of 1823 may be quoted 348. 9d. ; 1824, fine continue to sell at exceedingly high 358. 6d.-Hemp is also in more request, prices. Generally of the coffee market to and rather higher. day, there is more appearance of firmness Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.—The than for some time past.

accounts from France respecting the vinSpices on the whole have been in good tage are very unfavourable ; the prices of demand, especially Pimento. Nutmegs Brandy are from 4d. to 6d. per gallon are in request at 28. 11d. to 3s. 1d. Pi. higher than in London: the quantity here mento of good quality 84d. Black pepper prevents any advance, but the market is rather heavy. White pepper has advanced evidently firmer ; the nominal price of 1s. per lb. owing to the loss of a vessel Brandy housed 2s. 7d. ; the state of the with a large quantity on board, and the trade, from the late failure, prevents any East India Company having none in their transactions in Spirits.-Rum remains nowarehouses.

minally the same as we have lately quoted, Salt petre at a public sale this forenoon, but the purchases lately reported are quite no refraction, 35 tons, sold 21s. to 21s. 6d. inconsiderable-For the Geneva on the Oils.—Little has been doing, in expecta- quay ls. 10d. is asked, but

ere are as yet tion of news from Davis' Straits ; but it is no purchases. now generally apprehended, that the ac The first sale of Brandy for some time counts will be very bad; it is thought is just reported, housed at 2s. 7d. the vessels may have ventured too far to

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press : Peculiarities, combining a copious Fund of

Walladmor : freely translated from the Amusement and Instruction. English of Walter Scott ;-re-translated An additional Volume of Letters by from the German. In Three Vols. Post Anna Seward, to which will be prefixed, 8vo.

an Essay on Miss Seward's Life and LiteMemoirs of the Life and Writings of rary Character. By W. Harral. the late Rev. Edward Williams, DD. with Amaldo, or the Evil Chalice, and other an Appendix, including Remarks on im.' Poems. By the Author of Lyrical portant Parts of Theological Science. By Poems, The Siege of Zaragoza, Childe Joseph Gilbert. One Vol. 8vo.

Harold's Pilgrimage to the Dead Sea, &c. A new Edition of the late Dr. Fawcett's Mr. Forbroke, Resident Surgeon at Essay on Anger ; to which is prefixed, a Cheltenham, is about to publish some ObBrief Sketch of the Memoirs of the Au. servations on the Treatment of Deafness thor. One Vol. 12mo.

on improved Principles, illustrated by one My Children's Diary, or the Moral of Case of 20 Years, and others of long standthe Passing Hour, a Tale for Young Per. ing, successfully treated. sons not under Ten Years of Age. One Vol. I. of the Lectures of Sir Astley Vol. 12mo.

Cooper, Bart. on the Principles and PracThe History of Origins, forming a Col- tice of Surgery, as delivered at St. Tholection of Antiquities, important Historical mas's and Guy's Hospitals. With additional Facts, singular Customs, Political and So- Notes and Cases, by Frederick Tyrrell, cial Institutions, and National Rites and Esq. Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital.

scapes, &c.

The Second Number of a new Series of of the English Church and Sects, bringing Original Sketches, after the style of Mor- down the Narrative to 1810. land. By M. Campion. Intended as easy Poems, entitled Dublin University Prize and progressive Lessons in the Art of Poems, with Spanish and German Ballads, Sketching Rustic Figures, Animals, Land- &c. By George Downes, Author of Let

ters from Mecklenburgh. Der Freischütz, or the Seventh Bullet, a A Practical Treatise on Fruit Trees, and a Series of Twelve Illustrations of this popu. Description of all the best Fruits in Cul. lar Opera, drawn by an Amateur, and tivation. By Mr. Bliss. etched by George Cruikshank, with a Brief Practical Remarks on the ManageTravestie of the Drama.

ment and Improvement of Grass Land, as Saint Baldred of the Bass, a Pictish Le- far as relates to Irrigation, Winter Flood. gend ; the Siege of Berwick, a Tragedy; ing and Draining. By C. C. Western, Esq. and other Poems and Ballads, descriptive of MP. East Lothian and Berwickshire. By James Old Heads upon Young Shoulders, a Miller. In One Vol. 8vo.

Dramatic Sketch, in One Act. By ThoDunallan, or the Methodist Husband. mas Wilson, Teacher of Dancing, Author In Three Vols. 12mo. By the Author of of The Danciad, &c. Price 1s. The Decision, Father Clernent, &c.

In One Volume 4to. Joannis Miltoni The Doctrine of Election, viewed in Con. Angli De Doctrinâ Christianâ Libri duo nection with the Responsibility of Man as posthumi, nunc primum Typis Mandati ; a Moral Agent. By the Rev. William edente C. R. Sumner, MA. In One Vol. Hamilton, DD. of Strathblane In 12mo. 4to. ; and at the same time will be pub

The Works of the Rev. John Newton, lished, uniform with the above, A Treatise AM. late Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth, on Christian Doctrine. By John Milton. &c. With a Life and View of his Character Translated from the Original by Charles and Writings. By the Rev. Richard Cecil, R. Sumner, MA. Librarian and HistorioAM. a new Edition. In 6 Vols. 8vo. grapher to His Majesty, and Prebendary of

The fourth Volume of Grant's History Worcester.

WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED, History and Biography. Young Ladies. By the late William The Life and Diary of Lieut..Colonel Butler. Tenth Edition. With an ApJohn Blackader, of the Cameronian regi- pendix, by which the Stars may easily be ment, who served under King William known. By Thomas Bourn, Teacher of and the Duke of Marlborough, in the Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography. Wars of Flanders and Germany, and after- 12mo. 6s. boards. wards in Scotland, during the Rebellion Gray's Book of Roads, with coloured of 1715, when he was appointed Deputy Maps. 12mo.. 15s. half bd. Governor of Stirling Castle. By Andrew

Herve's Guide to Paris. 12mo. 108. Crichton, Author of the Memoirs of the A Whisper to a newly Married Pair from Rev. John Blackader. I Vol. 12mo.

a Widowed Wife. 12mo. 38. 6d. Price 78. 6d.

L'Enfer de Dante Alighieri. Traduit The Two Mothers, or Memoirs of the en Français, par J. C. Tarver. 2 Vols. last Century. 12mo. 5s.

Post 8vo. 11. 18.

Geography illustrated on a popular Plan. Medicine and Surgery.

By the Rev. J. Goldsmith. A New EdiThe London Dispensatory. By A. T. tion, 12mo. 14s. Thomson, FLS. 8vo. 158.

A Treatise on Field Diversions. By a Observations on the nature and cure of Gentleman of Suffolk. 12mo. 58. Dropsies. By John Blackall, MD.

Illustrations, Critical, Historical, BiograFourth Edition, 8vo. 108. 6d.

phical, and Miscellaneous, of Novels of

the Author of Waverley. 3 Vols. 12mo. Miscellanies.

11. 8s. The Spirit of Partridge, or the Astrolo The Emigrant's Note Book and Guide. ger's Pocket Companion. Part I. 28. By Lieut. S. G. Morgan, HP. 12mo.

Exercises on the Globes and Maps ; in. 78. 6d. terspersed with some Historical, Biogra Memoirs of the Rose, comprising Bophical, Chronological, Mythological, and tanical, Poetical, and Miscellaneous ReMiscellaneous Information; on a New collections of that celebrated Flower. In a Plan. To which are added, Questions for Series of Letters to a Lady. Royal 18mo. Examination, designed for the Use of 48.

Novels and Tales.

&c. with a neat Engraving. 18mo. 2s.6d. Miss Barber's Tales of Modern Days.

boards. 12mo. 6s. Whittingham's French Classics. Vol. 5.

Poetry and Drama. containing Télemaque. Par Fénélon. Poems appropriate for a Sick or a Me24mo. 68. 64. bds.

lancholy Hour. 12mo. 58. Whittingham's Pocket Novelist. Vols. Translations, Imitations, &c. By the 22 and 23, containing Edward. By Dr. Author of “ Ireland.” - A Satire. Fools. Moore. 68. bds.

cap. 8vo. 78. Tales of Traveller. By Geoffry Crayon, Gent. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 4s.

Thcology. Caprice, or Anecdotes of the Listowel Christ's Victory and Triumph in Heaven Family. An Irish Novel, in 3 Vols. By and Earth, over and after Death. By an Unknown. 11. ls.

Giles Fletcher. With an original BiograHarriet and her Scholars: a Sabbath phical Sketch of the Author, accurately and School Story, with a Plate. 18mo. ls. 6d. handsomely printed from the Edition of boards.

1610. 38 The Lady at the Farm House ; or, Re Sermons on the Fifty-first Psalm, with ligion the Best Friend in Trouble. By others on Doctrinal and Practical Subjects: the Author of “ Jane and Her Teacher,” By the Rev. J. Bull, MA. 8vo. 108.

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The Rev. Charles Wm. Stocker, MA. Fellow and the Vicarage of Bampton, void by the resignation Totor of St. John's College, Oxford, and one of the of the Rev. Dr. Richards.-The Rev. Joseph Ba. Public Examiners of that University, to the Mas dely, to the Vicarage of Blewbery, Berks, vacant tersbip of Elizabeth College, Guernsey.--The Rev. by the resignation of the Rev. John Keble.- The George Woodhouse, MA. of Trinity College, Ox. Rev. John Jago, DD. to the Vicarage of Milton ford, instituted by the Bishop of Hereford, to the Abbot, in Devon, on the presentation of his Grace Vicarage of Leominster, in the county of Hereford. the Duke of Bedford.-The Rev. Thomas Freke, -The Rev. Wm. Frederick Hamilton, BA. of St. MA. to the Vicarage of Loddiswell, with the ChaPeter's College, Cambridge, appointed Domestic pel of Tous Saints annexed, in Devon, on the preChaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Mel. sentation of Francis Freke Gunston, of Bishop's bourne.-The Rev. G. B. Tuson, Curate of Bath Hall, in Somerset, Esq.-The Rev. David Jenwick, Somerset, to the Vicarage of Huish, with kins, AB. to the Vicarage of St. Goran, Cornwall, the Chapelry of Langport annexed.—The Rev. in the patronage of the Bishop of Exeter:- Thé Thomas Brown, Clerk, to the Rectory of Hem Rev. William Palmer, MA. of Queen's College, ingston, in the county of Suffolk, on the presenta has been presented by the Lord Chancellor to the tion of Sir William Fowie Middletou, Bart. of Vicarage of Polesworth, in Warwickshire, on the Shrubland Park.- The Rev. Dr. Ingram, Presi. recommendation of the trustees of the late Sir dent of Trinity College, Oxford, instituted by the Francis Nethersole. --The Rev. John Hatchard, Bishop of Oxford, to the Rectory of Garsington, jun. MA. instituted by the Bishop of Exeter, to Oxfordshire.—The Rev. C. L. Kirby, BCL. Vicar the Vicarage of St. Andrew, in Plymouth, on the of Stoke Talmage, and formerly Fellow of New presentation of John Hatchard, Esg. of PiccadilColiege, presented to one of the three portions of ly, void by the death of the Rev. John Gandy.

Aug. 14.-At Mellington Hall, Montgomeryshire,

the lady of E. Filder, Esq. a.son.
Sept. 4.-At Beaulieu Lodge, Winchmore Hill,

the lady of Frederick Cass, Esq. a son. 10. At Charlecote, the lady of George Lucy, Esq.

MP. son and heir. 12. At Rusball, Wilts, the lady of the Rev. Wm.

Ramsden, a daughter. 14. In Upper Wimpole-street, the lady of F. H.

Mitchell, Esq. a son. - At Upper Homerton, the lady of Thos. Pares,

Jun. Esq. MP. a son. 13. At Ealing, the lady of the Rev. Henry Harvey,

MA, a son. 19. In Upper Baker-street, Portman Square, the

Jady of James Locke, Esq. Surgeon, a son and

daughter. 21. Lieut. Col. Rolt, CB. and KTS. of the Second

or Queen's Royals, to Anne. youngest daughter of
George Casswall, Esq. of Sacombe Park, Herts.

At Castle Ward, in the county of Down, the lady

of Edward Wolstenholme, Esq. a son.

At Florence, the lady of John Craufurd, Esq. of
Auchinames, a son.

Aug. 16.-At Cranford, the Hon. Grantley Berke.

ley, son of the Earl of Berkeley, to Caroline,
youngest daughter of tbe late Paul Benfield,

Esq. 28. Ai Reynoldston, Glamorganshire, John Nicho.

las Lucas, Esq. eldest son of John Lucas, Esq. of Stont Hall, in the same county, to letitia, youngest daughter of the late Nicholas Loftus Tottenham, Esq. many years Member for the county of Wexford, and grand daughter of the late Sir James May, Bart. of Mayfield, in the county of Waterford, and cousid to the Mar quisses of Ely and Donegal. 31. At Lambeth, the Rev. Bernard John Ward,

tbird son of the Right Hon. Robert Ward, of Bangor Castle, in the connty of Down, to 1sa. bella Frances, youngest daughter of the late Robert Phillips, Esg. of Longworth, in the county of Hereford.

- At St. George's, Hanover Square, Lieut.-Col. Lately, . at Blythe Hall, Warwickshire, Lady

Allen, late of the 23d Lancers, to Miss Mitchell, Georgiana West. eldest daughter of the late Col. Campbell Mitchell, and niece to Lady Fletcher, of Ashley Sept. 2: Jeffery Foot, Esq. of the Holly Park

one of the aldermen of the city of Dublin. Park, and to Lady Leitb.

After an illness of three days, in his 40th year, - At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Rev. C. Shef.

Mr. J. H. Bohte, of York-street, Covent-Garfield, the Rev. Henry L. Neave, second son of Sir Thomas Neave, Bart. to Agnes Ann, eldest

den, Foreign Bookseller to his Majesty. daughter of the late Rev. Sir Robert Sheffield,

3. At Woburn, the Hon. Mrs. Seymour, wife of

Henry Seymour, Esq. and daughter of the late Bart.

George Viscount Torrington.
Sept. 4.-At St. George's, Hanover Square, Wm.
Adair Carter, Elizabeth Hyde, only sister

4. In Tavistock-place, aged 65, Jesse Gregson, of Joseph Hayne, Esg. of Haddon, Jamaica,

Esg, of Moor-house, Hawkhurst, Kent. and of Burdrop Park, Wilts.

- Aged 54, Catherine Lady Lawson, wife of Sir - At Shrewsbury, Richard, son of Bryan Smith,

Henry Lawson, Bart, of Brough Hall, in the

county of York. Esq. of Liverpool, to Mary done, daughter of W. Egerton Jeffreys, Esq. of Coton Hill, Salop.

6. At Linstead Lodge, Kent, aged 57, the Right 6. At Swansea, by the Rev. Thos. Morris, the Rev.

Hon. John Roper Lord Teynham. His Lord. George Wm. Fauquier, to Caroline, sister of Sir

ship dying unmarried, is succeeded by his first John Morris, Bart. of Sketty Park, in the county

Cousin, Henry Francis Roper Curzon, eldest of Glamorgan.

son of the laté Hon. Francis Roper. His re

mains were interred at Linstead on the 16th. 8. At Lanchester, Durham, the Hon. and Rev. Edward Grey, brother to Earl Grey, to Miss

At Brompton, Huntingdonshire, in his 90th Elizabeth Adair, niece to Lady Clavering, of

year, William Palmer, Esq. one of the DirecAxwell Park, in the same county.

iors of Greenwich Hospital, and upwards of 30 - William Warren Hastings, Esq. of Gray's Inn,

years one of His Majesty's Commissioners of to Sophia, eldest daughter-and John Nelson; 7. At Cranbrook, Kent, Mrs. King, wife of Mr. Esq. of Doctor's Commons, eldest son of the late R. A. Nelson, Esg. Secretary of the Navy,

King, banker, of that place. to Caroline, second daughter-of Dr. Burrows,

9. At his residence, jn Berkeley-square, in his of Gower-street, Bedford Square.

76th year, John Viscount Hampden, who had - At Manchester, Lieut.-Col. Sir Thomas Reade,

succeeded to the title only a few days. The title to Agnes, eldest daughter of Rich. Clogg, Esq.

and estates now devolve upon the Right Hon. of Longsight Lodge.

George Earl of Buckingham. (See above.) 9. At Caversham Park, by special license, Sir

10. At Scarborough, Gawan Taylor, Esq. Thomas Elmsley Croft, Bart. to Sophia Jane,

12. Near Southainpton, in his 730 year, the Rev. only child of the late Richard Lateward, Esq. of

Sir Charles Rich, Bart. Ealing Grove, Middlesex.

16. At Kentish-town, aged 66, Dr. Clough, of

Berner's-street. 11. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, by the Bishop of Chichester, John Mitchell, Esg. MP. to Eliza,

16. In Baker-street, aged 70,. Lieut.-General eldest daughter of John Eliot, Esq. of Pimlico

Andrew Anderson, of the Hon. East India Lodge.

Company's service, on their establishment of - At St. Mary's, Lambeth, James W. Cooper,


19. At Newbold Conyers, Warwickshire, the resi. Esq. of the Treasury, to Harriet Augusta, daughter of Thomas Evans, Esq. of Park Place, Ken.

dence of her nepbew, Edward Willis, Esq. Su. nington.

sanna, the lady of Sir Robert Peel, Bart. in her 14. Ai Kirkdeighton, John Evans, Esq. of Tavistock Square, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter

23. At his house in Burton Crescent, having com. of the Rev. Dr. Geldart, of Barnewell Priory,

pleted, within a few days, his 81th year, Major Cambridgeshire, and Rector of Kirkdeighton,

John Cartwright, a strenuous friend of civil and in the county of York.

religious liberty.' He was third son of William 15. By special license, at Rear Admiral Digby's,

Cartwright, Esg. of Marnham, Notts. He enHarley-street, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells,

tered the Navy in 1756, under Lord Howe, being Lord Ellenborough, to Jane Elizabeth Digby,

then 18 years of age; in the same year he was

at the siege of Cherbourg, and in ihe next in only daughter of Rear Admiral Digby, and Vis

the action where Sir E. Hawke defeated Concountess Andover, and grand daughter of T. W. Coke, Esq. MP. of Holkham, Norfolk.

flans. Major Cartwright was the author of se16. At Burnley, the Rev. W. Thursby, second son

veral Political Treatises, of which the earliest of John Hervey Thursby, Esq. of Abington

were those written during the American war, in abbey, Northamptonshire, and of Harding.

favour of the independence of that country. In stone in the same county, to Eleanor Mary,

1780 he was the original mover of a meeting in eldest daughter of John Hargreaves, Esq. of

the county of Notts, for Parliamentary Reform, Ormerod-house, Lancashire.

in beball of which he continued, until a very 16. At Bolton Percy, by His Grace the Archbishop

late period, to exert himself most warmly, conof York, Georgiana, youngest daughter of Arch

stantly attending all public meetings connected

with that object. deacon Markhain, to George Baillie, Esq. eldest son of George Baillie, Esq. of Jerviswode,

- At his house in Bedford Square, Thos. LeverScotland.

ton, Esq. one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for the counties of Surrey, Kent, and

Middlesex, and for the city of Westminster. DEATHS.


Fanny, daughter of William Armstrong, Esq, Aug. 16.-In Upper Gower-street, Lady Elizabeth,

of Mohallitfe, in the county of Tipperary, and wife of Lord Maurice Drummond.

grand-daughter of the late Archbishop of fuam. 20. In Green-street, Grosvenor-square, Thomas

Trevor Hampden, Vicount Hampden, and Baron
Trevor of Bromham. His Lordship was born

At Dairsie, Fifeshire, the Rev. Robert M'Culloch, Sept. 11, 1740, and succeeded his father, August

DD. Minister of that parish, in the 85th year of 22, 1788. He was twice married, first (June

his age, and the 63d of his ministry. 13th, 1768), to Catherine, only daughter of Ge.

ABROAD. neral David Græme; secondly (July 12th, 1805), Sept. 16.–At four o'clock in the morning.. His to Miss Brown, sister of Lady Wedderburn. Most Christian Majesty, Louis Stanislaus He was succeeded by his brother, who is since Xavier XVIII, King of France. He was born dead. (See Sept. 9.)

at Versailles, Nov. 19th, 1755; in 1771, he 24. At the residence of his son, in the Vale of married Maria Josephine Louisa of Savoy (who

Neath, the Right Hon, the Earl of Dupraven, died in 1810); he succeeded as King in 1795, aged 72.

and was restored in 1814. He is succeed29. Mr. Patrick, Surgeon, of Devonshire-street, ed by his brother the Count d'Artois, now Queen-square.

Charles X. 30. At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs. Frances Wall, At Zante, on his return from Athens, Edward,

daughter of the late Lord Fortrose, and sister third son of Christopher Blackett. Esq. of to the Earl of Seaforth.

Wylam, Northumberland.

22d year,

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