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yellow. The market reports begin on the but at a reduction of td. on the prices of 21st of September to note the prices as the sale on the 21st. ult. The Bourbons disposed to decline, but do not make any were taken for the country at full rates. change in the quotations ; and though the In the months of July, August, and market has on the whole improved since September, the business done was on the middle of October, it is not till the the whole inconsiderable; in September 9th of November that we find any advance especially it was trifling, with respect stated, where the report quotes sugars as to East India descriptions in expectation rising.

of the sale on the 24th of that month Coffee. The market was tolerably at the India house of 16,000 bales, which steady during the greater part of June, but proved very unfavourable. In the follow. declined in the last week of that month, ing month the market was still heavy, till and on the 29th was very heavy, on which about the close of the third week in Octoday 270 casks of Jamaica, and 1168 of ber the inquiry revived, and in the last foreign were sold by public auction at a three weeks, ending the 16th of November, decline of ls. to 2s. per cwt. viz. Jamaica, the demand has become very animated both good ordinary, 578. to 58s.; fine ordinary, in the London market, and at Liverpool 60s. to 638.; fine fine ditto, 6ās.; low and Glasgow, chiefly on account of informiddling, 69s. to 74s. ; middling, 76s. 6d. mation from America, announcing great to 788.; very ordinary and broken St. damage to the cotton crop in south CaroDomingo sold at 59s. ; good taken in at lina and Georgia, by rains and floods, for 6)s. Though the public sales through the particulars we refer to our report for the month of July were very extensive, the this month. The arrivals at Liverpool in market improved considerably; the finer the last six months were 212,800 bags, the and middling descriptions baving advanced, sales 280,700 bags. and the foreign baving experienced a much Saltpetre and Spices. At the end of more extensive demand, though without any June there was a great demand for cinnaconsiderable rise in the prices. At the end mon of the best quality, for which 78. 4d. of July there was a falling off ; the prices was asked, and also for pimento at 7 d. to. after a partial decline, continued fluctuat. 8d. for good quality. Pepper was also in ing, but on the whole, favourable during demand, and the saltpetre rose from 18s. Odi. August, in the last week of which month, to 20s. 6d. chiefly because the East Indian ordinary descriptions advanced from 2s. to Company had not declared any sale. The 38. ; and the finer qualities from 4s. to 6s. market continued pretty much in the same per cwt. During the first three weeks of state till the East India Company's sale on September the prices were on the whole the 9th of August, the particulars of which maintained, only the Jamaica was brought are to be found in our number for Septemforward in such large quantities that a ber last. Pimento and nutmegs continued small decline was naturally to be expected. in demand at steady and even improving The market during the remainder of Sep- prices ; and white pepper suddenly rose at tember, and up to the 9th of November the latter end of September, 1s. per lb. from was reported heavy, but without any ex. the loss of a vessel with a large quantity on traordinary variation in the prices; the or. board, the East India Company having dinary Jamaica, however, after having been none in their warehouses ; the demand, very much depressed, has begun again to however, soon relaxed, as well as that for sell pretty freely at full prices.

nutmegs, which however remained steady Cotton.-.The market was on the whole at 38.6d. Pimento, in one instance, dull through the month of June, on the realised 9jd. but this was an exception, 25th of which month there was a sale at the the nearest price being 844. From that India house, of which the following are the time (the middle of October) very little particulars ;-Surat, 2732 bales, 69 good, alteration took place, in consequence of the 6fd. ; 873, fair and good fair, 5d. to 6id; East India Company's sale declared for the 1530, ordinary to middling, 5gd. to 54 d.; 9th of this month, of which the following 260, damaged, 24d. to 5&d.; Bengal, are the particulars : Saltpetre, Company's, 1761 bales, 1750, fair, 54d. ; middling, 21s. 6d. to 22s. ; ditto licensed, 21s. to 54d. to 5£d.; 11, damaged, 4fd. to 5d.; 238. ; pepper, black, licensed, 5d. to 5d. Madras, 38, fair, 64d. to 6 d.; Bourboni, chiefly at the latter price; a few 4 d.; cin215, fine and crapley, 104d. to 10$d. ; namon, Ist, 6s. 7d. to 6s. 10d ; ditto 2d, fleecy bright, 94d. to 10d. ; ordinary and 58. 7d. to 58. 8d.; ditto 3d, 4s. 7d. ; ditto middling, 74d. to 9 d.;Total 4646 bales. 4th, 28. 4d. to 28. 9d. ; mace, 4s. 7d. ;

The fair and good fair Surats were prin- nutmegs, 3s. Id. to 3s. 6d. ; cloves, 25. 2d. cipally disposed of for home consumption to 38. at the late currency; but those of ordinary Indigo. In our last general report, we and middling quality were all bought in stated the improvement in the prices of this for account of the proprietors. The Ben. article, which still continued, so that on the gals, which belonged to the Company, and second of July, in two public auctions, 50 were taxed at 5d. per lb., sold with spirit, scrons of Guatimala were sold for 78. 6d.

to 118. 78. per lb. chiefly from 9s. to 10$. ; September shipments, 348. 9d. We do 62 scrons of Caracas, from Os. IId. to not find any improvement noticed till the 13s. chiefly from 108. to 118. At the middle of October, which, however, was Company's sale on the 13th of July, the again checked by accounts of large purprices were 4d. 6d. and, in some instances, chases made in St. Petersburg, reported to eren 9d. per lb. above the prices of the pre- be for this market. The prices have since ceding sale. The prices of the sale were rather declined than otherwise, but this has fully maintained, though the demand was had the effect of improving the demand. rather more languid at the end of August. The latest prices will be found in our usual On Tuesday, October 19, there was a sale monthly report Hemp at the end of June of 5000 chests at the India House, and as was at 351. 128. 6d. for August and Septhere were only 10,000 chests in the ware tember shipments, and at the end of July kouses, and but 4000 expected, till this 2s. 6d. higher; and in the middle of Aus year's crop can come to market, it was an- gust it was at 361. 10s. It declined afterticipated that the prices, particularly forwards to 361. 58. but it recovered, and at the good and fine would be fully main- the end of October, St. Petersburgh clean tained, which was justified by the event, hemp was at 377. 10% and is now about for the shipping qualities sold from 6d. to 371. 58.-In Flax there has been very little }s. per lb. and the consuming from 9d. to variation. At the end of September, old 1s. 3d. per lb. higher than last sale. Madras St. Petersburgh twelve head flax was at Indigo, none fine ; the good middling went 45l. For some time very little was done, about oil. per lb. higher, and the ordinary there being hardly any flas at market. about 6d. per lb. lower. Oude Indigo sold The prices of the newly arrived St. Peterse nearly the same as the July sale, excepting burgh twelve head is froin 45% to 501. the very low and bad, which were chiefly Num. Brandy, and Hollands.-At the bought in at somewhat reduced prices. The end June and beginning of July, the proprietors took in about 1000 chests of the purchases for home consumption were very Oude, and a small proportion of the ship- inconsiderable, but large quantities of old ping sorts of Indigo

rum were taken for exportation ; but as the The Company Ind 1136 chests, which parcels offering for sale were very considerbeing taxed low, were all sold, with the able, the increased demand had not led to exception of ten chests of ordinary. an augmentation in the prices, which even

The present prices are : fine blue and declined a little when the demand subsided. violet, 138. to 13s. 6d. ; fine purple and The accounts respecting the vintage in violet, 12s. to 12s. 9d. ; good ditto, Us. to France having continued unfavourable for Ils. 9d. ; fine and good violet and copper, some time, a rise in the prices took place 31s. to 11s. 6d.; middling, 10s. Od. to here at the beginning of August, but not ils.; fine and good copper, J0s. 3d. to equal to the augmentation in France itself. 138. ; fine Oude squares, 8s. to 98. 9d.; The holders, however, were more firm, and good middling and middling ditto, 5s. to were not disposed to sell for arrival. For 78. Od; low and bad, 3s. to 49.; con some weeks but little was done in the mar. suming qualities, 9s. to 11s.; Madras good ket : rum continued firm, but the buyers middring, 9s. to 10s.; ditto middling and held back; and in the second week of Sepordinary, 5s, to 8. 68.

tember an extensive failure caused an en: Hemp, Flax, and Tallow..During the tire suspension of business for some days; months of June and July, the tallow mar other failures followed, which so much deket was in a depressed state, and the de pressed the trade, that even the unfavourmand very limited, though rather improved able news of the vintage in France did not at the end of July, when the prices were raise the prices of brandy here as would as follows: new yellow candle tallow, otherwise have been the case. At the be34s. 6d.; old 33s. 6d. Tallow for August ginning of October, however, brandy housed and Scptember shipments, 36s. ; free on could with difficulty be purchascd at 2s. 7d. board, 298. to 20s. 10d. ; at these prices it and the good and fine qualities of nim, of remained steady, and even improved in which the supply was deficient, maintained consequence of the apprehensions that the their price, while the inferior were exceedGreenland fishery would prove unfavour- ingly heavy and low. The demand for the able. At the end of August the demand low Leewards however revired, and that here having slackened, and the prices at for the finer descriptions of Jamaica for St. Petersburgh fallen, a reduction of 61. home consumption was considerable. In to Is. per cwt. took place here, nor did the the first week of November, 1200 puncheons news of an advance at St. Petersburgh, were sold, chiefly strong Jamaica for home received towards the middle of September, consumption. The produce of the vintage produce any favourable effect here; the in France will only be one-third of last market continuing to decline to the end of year ; but though this fact is now ascer. that month, when the prices were: yellow iained, it has had but little effect on the candle tallow of 1823, 3is. to 348. 3d.; prices of brandy; the market is, however, new, 31s. Gd. to 31s. Id.; for August and firm, and on the Ith instant, parcels hossad

could not be had under 2s. 98. In Geneva, was again at 237). It did not exceed that few purchases have been reported, nor have price above, or fall below 237 till the there been any fluctuations worth noticing ; 19th, when it was 236, 237. It did not the prices have, however, gradually ad- afterwards reach 237, but with a tendency vanced from 1s. 71. to ls. Id. but at pre to decline, fluctuated between 2362 and sent there is none in the market.

235į, till it closed, September 3d, at 235, Tea.At the India sale in the beginning 47; and no price is quoted till October 12th, of June the prices were rather lower than when it was at 2377, ex div. On the 13th, at the preceding sale; but in about a 233, ex div. From that time to Norem. month afterwards, some kinds bore & pre- ber 3d, it fluctuated, not rising above 2344, mium, especially Pekoes, which were in or falling below 233. The 6th and 8th it great request, at an advance of 20. per lb. was at 232, 13, 1, 2; then to the 20, beAt the September sale, Boheas and Congous tween 2344, 2331 ; then on the 10th, 2314, sold rather higher, and Twankays rather 2, which is the price on the 16th, 231° cheaper. No alteration worth notice has having been the lowest. since occurred.

THREE PER CENT. CONSOLS.-June Oils.—The uncertainty respecting the 1st, 93}, shut from 24 to July 6th, when produce of the fishery naturally prevented they opened at 93%; they have since been any very considerable fluctuations. The very steady, without any great fluctuations : prices at the beginning of July were for the 16th, 934; 20th, 923; 24th, 913, Greenland, 21. 10s., and Spern 37. The which was the lowest, the price being genumber of vessels sent out has diminished nerally above 92, not rising till August of late years, being in 1822, 121 vessels ; 5th to 93%; the 7th, 94, 931. They 1823, 115; 1824, ill. The first ac continued above 93, and on September 4th counts of the Greenland fishery were re reached 94. They did not again fall below ceived on the 26th, from Altona, they 93] ; reached 95 on the 20th ; 95), the were unfavourable, but were not credited, 27; and continuing above 95 till October and had little effect. Subsequent accounts, 13th, when they were at 964. They have however, were not favourable, but then the since been generally above 96, declining season for fishing was not over ; Greenland only occasionally to 95 and a fraction; are oil, therefore, was still at 221. and accounts now, November 16th, 954. were anxiously expected of the fishery in FOUR PER CENTS. OF 1822.-June 1st, Davis' Straits, to which the greatest num 107}; shut till July 6th, 1064; 17th, ber of vessels was sent. No accounts 1053; 21st, 105; above which they rewere received till an unusually late period, mained, once or twice reaching 106, till so that it was feared the vessels had got August 7th, 106. Through the whole of inclosed in the ice. The accounts, how. August and September they seldom fell ever, by the first vessels in the first week of below 106; but it was not till October 8tha October being unfavourable, considerable that they rose to 107; the 13th 108, at a speculations were made, and Greenland oil fraction above or below which, they have rose to 25l. and by the third week in Octo- since been, and are now, November 16th, ber to 271. 10s. and by the latter end of the 108). month some holders even asked 301. But FOREIGN FUND8.-The fluctuations in the ships from Davis' Straits having, con these Funds have not been so ruinous and trary to the previous reports, arrived in sudden as in former periods. The Colongeneral well fished, the prices have since bian 6 per Cent. Bonds, which were at 80 declined, and Greenland has fallen to 24. on the 1st of Junc, are now 82). The the market being dull at that price. highest price was, June 15th, 86 ; and the

lowest, September 14th, 744. The Chili

6 per Cent. Bonds at 79 on the 8th of THE FUNDS.

June ; and now, November 16th, 7715

have not been above 794 (10th August and View of the Fluctuations of the principal 20 November) nor below 72 (27th July). Stocks, viz. Bank ; 3 per Cent. Consols ; Mexican, at 524 the 27th July, is now and 4 per Cent. of 1822.

66%; the lowest price was, August 20th, BANK STOCK. June 28th, 2383. 415; the highest, November 20, 674. We July 2d, 2373; 6th, 237; fluctuating have now also a Greek loan, which has about è per cent. above or below 237 (reach varied much, being on July 20th at 18 ing however 238 on the 12th) till the 10th, discount; and the 9th November, 44 diswhen it was at 2353. It did not again risc count. A Buenos Ayres loan, having been abovę 236 till the 28th, when it was at at a small premium, and afterwards at 4 2365, and on the 29th, 2375; but it fell per cent. discount, is now at par. immediately to 236), and on August 10th

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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press : counts of the Expenses of Housekeeping,

An Epistle to Archdeacon Nares, V. P. and the Elements of Domestic Economy, of the Royal Society of Literature, from By William Kitchiner, MD. Author of the R. Polwhele, an Honorary Associate. Cook's Oracle ; to which is added, Tom

Maps and Plans Illustrative of Hero- Thrifty's Essay on the Pleasure of Early dotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon, chiefly Rising, and Scheme for an Early Hour selected from D'Anville, Rennell, Ana Company charsis, and Gail.

A small Collection of Geographical Chronicles of London Bridge. By an Papers, by various Hands, respecting Antiquary of London.

New South Wales, by Mr. Field, late A Greek Derivative Index, in pocket Chief Justice of the Colony. size, containing the principal Technical The Sertum Cantabrigiense, or Cam. Terms, used in Anatomy, Botany, Chemis. bridge Garland, containing an Alphabetical try, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Surgery, for Digest of the Tripos Lists from 1754 to the use of Students. By Mr. J. Č. Litch- 1823; by the Rev. Archdeacon Wranga field, MRCS. &c.

ham. Wanderingsin in Wales, 1 vol. post 8vo. The Museum, a Poem, Cantos I and

An Estimate of the true Value of Vac. II, by John Bull. cination as a Security against the Small Odd Moments, or Time Beguiled. Pox. By T. M. Greenhow.

Mr. Britton's History and Antiquities of The Good Nurse ; or Hints on the Ma. Bath Abbey Church, with 10 Engravings nagement of the Sick and Dying—in the by J. and H. Le Keux, &c. from Draw. Chamber and the Nursery. By a Lady. ings by Mackenzie, &c. In 1 vol. 12mo.

The First Volume of Architectural n. The Third Volume of Mr. Britton's lustrations of the Public Buildings of Beauties of Wiltshire was consumed in London. By J. Britton and A. Pugin. the fire at Mr. Moyes's, and is reprinting. It will consist of 70 Engravings, and at It will be principally devoted to North least 300 pages of letter-press, illustrative Wiltshire ; and comprise Accounts of of the Architecture and History of the Malmsbury and Lacock Abbeys, Avebury, Theatres, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westmine &c.; a Map of the County, and 13 En. ster Abbey and Hall, the Churches of St. gravings.

Martin, St. Stephen, Walbrook; and St. The Housekeeper's Ledger; a Plain Bride, Fleet-street; and other edifices. and Easy Plan of keeping Accurate Ace

Architecture, fc.

paratus and Instruments employed in the The History and Antiquities of Wells various Operations of Chemistry, By a Cathedral, illustrated by 24 Engravings, Practical Chemist. ' 8vo. 168. by J. and H. Le Keux, Sands, &c. from Turner's System of Medico-Chirurgical original drawings by Martin, Gandy, Education. 8vo. 125. Shaw, &c. comprising a comprehensive Account of the See and Church, &c. By

Miscellanies. J. Britton, F. S. A., &c. Price 2. 10. Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron, Med. 4to., and 41. 4s. Impl. 4to.

from the Year 1808 to the End of 1814. History and Biography.

By the late R. C. Dallas, Esq. 8vo. 15s. The Life of John Buncle, Esq. By Salmon and Channel Fisheries. By J.

A View of the present State of the Thomas Amory, Gent. 3 Vols, Post 8vo.

Cornish, Esq. 8vo. 6s. 6d. 14 108. Memoirs of the Life of John Law of Alexander M‘Donnell, Esq. 8vo. 108. 6d.

Considerations on Negro Slavery. By Lawriston. By John Phillip Wood, Esq.

Friendship's Offering, or the Annual Foolscap. 68.

Remembrancer for 1825. 128. An Historical Inquiry into the principal Circumstances and Events relative to the the whole Stamp Law and Duties. By

A practical Epitome and Exposition of late Emperor Napoleon. By Barclay J. A. Heraud. 6s. 6d. Mounteney. 8vo. 16s.

English Life ; or Manners at Home: in , Medicine and Surgery.

four Pictures. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 148. An Epitome of Chemistry. 3s. 6d. Urania's Mirror; or a View of the An Explanatory Dictionary of the Ap. Heavens: on a Plan perfectly Original.

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Designed by a Lady. 11. 8s. plain, or Bay Leaves. By T.C. Smith. Foolscap
1. 148. beautifully coloured. Fitted up in 8vo. 6s.
an elegant Box.

Patmos, and other Poems. By James
A Topographical Dictionary of the Edmeston. 12mo. 38.
United Kingdom. By R. Capper, Esq. Miscellaneous Poems. By Robert Power.
8vo. 308.

2 Vols. Post 8vo. 14s.
Novels and Tales.

Walladmor, “ freely translated from the

The Duty of Family Prayer, a Sermon.
English of Sir Walter Scott," and now
freely translated from the German into Chester), Rector of St. Botolph's, Bishops-

By C. J. Blomfield, DD. (now Bishop of
English. 2 vols. post 8vo. 16s.
Decision, a Tale. By Mrs. Hofland.

gate. 8vo. Is.

A Manual of Family Prayer. By The
Foolscap. 68.
The Sisters of Nansfield, a Tale for

Lord Bishop of Chester. 18mo, Is. 62.;

fine Young Women. By the Author of The Stories of Old Daniel. 2 Vols. Foolscap. 8s.

A Synopsis of the Evidences of Religion, Gilmour, or the Last Lockinge. 3 Vols. Butler, Paley, Doddridge, and Marsh ;

drawn principally from the Writings of J2mo. 11. ls. Rothelan, a Romance of the English Rev. J. Topham, MA. FRSL. 2s.6d.

designed as a Manual for Youth. By the, Histories. By the Author of Annals of

School Bible, or Scripture Narratives. the Parish, &c. 3 Vols. Il. ls.

By the Rev. S. Barrow. 12mo. 78.

Lectures on the Lord's Prayer. By the
Theodoric ; a Domestic Tale, and other Rev. Luke Booker. 12mo. 4s. 6d.
Poems. By Thomas Campbell. Fools Christian Truth Explained, in familiar.
cap. 8s.

Letters. By the Rev. C. Powlett. 8vo. 9s.

paper, 3s.

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ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. W. Birkett, to the Vicarage of South Suffolk.-The Rev. C. Cutler, MA. to the Master Tawton, Devonshire. - The Reverend Chancellor ship of the Free Grammar School, at Porches. March, to the Prebend of Chute and Chinenbury; ter.-The Rev. Thos. Mills, to the living of and The Rev. W. H. Majendie, to the Prebend of Faston and Bringhurst, Leicestersbire. - The Beaminster. Prima, Salisbury Cathedral.The Rev. Joshua Rowley, to the Rectory of Holton, Rev. Frederick Charles Blackstone, to the Vicar Suffolk.-The Rev. Hugh Owen, DCL. Rector of age of Heckfield, Hants, vacant by the death of Beccles-cum-Endgate, Suffolk, to the Vicarage of the Rev. W. Milton.-The Rev. T. H. Elwin, to Rendisham, in the same county. the Rectory of Bradfield St. Clare, Suffolk, vacant CAMBRIDGE. - The Seatonian Prize is ad. by the death of the Rev R. Davers.- The Rev. judged to the Rev. Hamilton Sidney Beresford, Edgar Rust, BA. to tbe Rectory of Drinkston, Sur. MA. of Clare Hall, for his Poem on “ the Death folk.-The Rev. W. Maddock Williams, BA. of of Absalom." Baliol College, Oxford, appointed Domestic Chap Thomas Le Blanc, Esq. LLD. Master of Tri. lain to the Marquis of Londonderry:-The Rev. pity Hall, is elected Vice-Chancellor of this Dr. Fea, appointed Domestic Chaplain to HRH. University for next year. the Duke of Sussex.-The Hon. and Rev. South. The following is the subject of the Norrisian, well Keppel, MA. to the Rectory of Snitterton St. Prize Essay for the ensuing year:-"No valid arAndrew, with All Saints, Norfolk; Patron, the gument can be drawn from the incredulity of the Earl of Albemarle.-The Rev. R. Cobbold, to the Heathen Philosophers against the Truth of the United Rectories of Everard and Wortham Jervis, Christian Religion."

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11. At Jersey, the lady of Major Fyers, of the

Royal Engineers, a daughter.
Oct. 17.-At Queenhithe, the lady of Alderman 12. The lady of A. L. Prevost, Esq. a daughter.
Venables, a son.

At South Lambeth, the lady of w. Hesseltine,
22. At Enkie House, the lady of Sir J. Hope, of Esq. a daughter.
Craighall, a son.

- At Brighton, the Countess of Normanton, a son. 27. At Shooter's Hill, Kent, the lady of Sir Thos. 14. The lady of Dr. Goodenough, head master of Bloomefield, Bart. a son.

Westminster School, a daughter,

At Riching's Lodge, Backs, the lady of the Rev. Nov. I.-The Hon. Mrs. Toler, a son.

H. Pepys, a son. 2 In Stanhope-street, Mayfalr, the lady of the 15. ln Albemarle-street, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, a son.

Weldon, twins.
3. At the house of ber father, Sir George M'Keith, 19. The lady of Robert Haig, Esq. of Green-street,
Bart. the lady of J. F. Ellerton, of the Hon.

Grosvenor-square, a son.
East India Company's Civil Service, a daugh-

8. At

the Palace, at Chester, the lady of the Bishop la George-street, Edinbarth, the lady of Lieute of Chester, a danghter.

Gen. Sir John Hope. GCB. a son. 9. At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweedale, In Prince's-street, Edinburgh (Nov. 8), the Hon. son.

Mrs. Sinclair, of Ulbster, a son.

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