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Nos. 201 TO 354 INCLUSIVE

[This publication was suspended with No. 354.]


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Adams, C: F. Massachusetts, its historians and

its history; an object lesson. * Adams, M. Creation of the Bible. Aldrich, T: B. Mercedes; a drama, as performed

at Palmer's theatre.

An old town by the sea ; (Portsmouth, N. H.]. Ancona, A. d', and Bacci, O. . Manuale della let

teratura italiana, Vol. 1-3. 1892-93. 3 v. Annunzio, G. d'. L'Innocente. 2a ed. 1892. Archer, T: The Highway of Letters; (Fleet St.,

London), and its echoes of famous foot.

steps. Illust. Aristoteles, pseud. Lydgate and Burgh's Secrees

of old philisoffres ; a version of “ Secreta secretorum ;" ed. from Sloane ms. 2464, with introd., notes, etc., by R. Steele. (Early

Eng. Text Soc. Pub.) Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. Arts and

crafts essays; with a preface by W: Morris. Ashley, W: J. Introduction to English economic

history and theory. Vol. 1. 1892-93. Baissac, J. Les grands jours de la sorcellerie.

1890. Ball, W. W: R. Essay on Newton's “ Principia." Ballantyne, A. Voltaire's visit to England, 1726–

29. Balzac, H. de. The village rector; tr. by K, P.

Wormeley. (Comedy of human life.) Barber, E. A. The pottery and porcelain of the

U. S.; an hist. review of American ceramic

art. Barbey d'Aurevilly, J. A. L'ensorcelée ; [et Ri

cochets de conversation). 1859. Bardoux, A. Etudes d'un autre temps.

1889. Contents. Correspondance de Thomas et de Ducig.Correspondance de Mirabeau et de Chamfort. –Rivarol et la société française. — Andrieux.-M. de Fox, un sur. vivant du 18e siècle. – Edgar Quinet. - M. and Mme. de Lamartine. - Portraits contemporains : M. le duc d'Aumale. - Causerie sur les livres; (on the twenty best books). - Les amis morts : M. Thiers, Edouard Laboulaye, Ernest Picard, Charles de Rémusat, Du. faure, Allou, - A propos du centenaire de 1789.- Notes

d'un bourgeois sur des questions à l'ordre du jour. Barr, Mrs. A. E. H. A singer from the sea. Batchelder, S. F. Christ Church, Cambridge;

some account of its history and present con

dition; especially prepared for visitors. Bates, K.. I.. The English religious drama. Baxter, J.P. Christopher Levett, of York, pio

neer colonist in Casco Boy. (Gorges Soc.

Pub.) • Bell, 1.. Love affairs of an old maid. Berger, S:

Histoire de la Vulgate pendant les premiers siècles du Moyen Age. Bertin, G: Joseph Bonaparte en Amérique, 1815

32. Bevis, Sir, of Hampton. Romance of Sir Beves of

Hamtoun; ed. from 6 mss. and the old printed copy, with introd., notes, etc., by E. Kölbing. 1885-94. (Early Eng. Text Soe.

Pub.) Binger, L: G. Du Niger au Golfe de Guinée par

le pays de Kong et le Mossi. 1892. 2 v. Black, A. Photography indoors and out; a book

Black, W:

The handsomne Humes; a novel.

Blampignon, E. A. Un grand seigneur au 18e

siècle ; le duc de Nivernais d'après sa correspondance inéd. avec les principaux persone

nages de son temps. 1888. * Boyd, A. K. H. Our homely comedy and trag

edy, 1887. Bradley, E: Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green,

an Oxford freshman, by Cuthbert Bede, (pseud.). 2 v. Illust. Little Mr. Bouncer and his friend Verdant

Green ; also, Tales of college life; by Cuth

bert Bede (pseud.). Illust. Brink, B. ten. Geschichte der englischen Littera

tur. Vol. 2: Bis zur Reformation.

Note. Ed. by A. Brandl. Brooks, P., Bp. Letters of travel. Brownlow, W. R. Lectures on slavery and serf.

dom in Europe. 1892. + Bureau of the American Republics, Wash., D.C.

Bolivia. 1892. Burnham, Mrs. C. L.. Next door. 22d ed. (1886.)

A sane lunatic. (1882.) Byron, G: G. N., 6th Baron. Lara, a tale; Jacque

line, a tale, [by S: Rogers). 1814. Cartwright, J. (now Mrs. H: Ady). Madame; a

life of Henrietta, daughter of Charles 1., and

Duchess of Orleans. Casgrain, l'abbé H: R. Guerre du Canada, 1756

60; Montcalm et Lévis. 1891. 2 v. Cavvadias, P. Fouilles d'Epidaure. Vol. 1. 1891.

Chambrun, M., J.. G.-D., comtesse de.

Poésies; [avec mémoire). Illust. Chandler, H. P. The lover's year-book of poetry :

coll. of love poems for every day in the year; married life and child-life. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Jan.-June. Vol. 2. July-Dec. • Channing, W: E. The perfect life; in twelve

discourses; ed. by W: H: Channing. 1876. Chapin, W.0. Masters and masterpieces of en

graving. Illust. Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893.

Official views, issued by the Department of

Photography. Chittenden, L. E. An unknown heroine, (Mrs.

Van Metre) ; hist. episode of the war be

tween the States. Cholmondeley, M.. Diana Tempest; a novel. Clement, Mrs. C. E. The queen of the Adriatic;

or, Venice, mediæval and modern. † Colombo, C. Letter on the discovery of Amer.

ica; fac-simile of the pictorial ed. ; with tr. and a reprint of the oldest 4 eds. in Latin ;

printed by the Lenox Library. 1892. - † letter on the discovery of America; fac-sim.

ile reprint of pictorial ed. of 1493; with literal tr. and introd.; printed by the Lenox

Library. 2d ed. Colombo, F.or H. Aelteste spanische Weltkarte

von 1527 ; das Original befindet sich auf der

Grossh. Sächs. Bibliothek zu Weimar. Coppée, H: General Thomas. (Great command


† Received by gift.

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