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17. In Malone, Alexander Dunlop, at relict of John Howden, Esq. R. N. late of the age of 85 years, 49 of which he lived Skedsbush. with the same family, and had the manage. 31. At Edinburgh, Margaret, infant ment of the farm, in succession, of William daughter of Mr John Stark. Leg, James Templeton, and John Tem. At Muckhart, Perthshire, Isabel pleton, with all of whom he was considered Marshall, lady of Captain Thomas Har. more as a disinterested friend than a ser rison. vant.

- At Wells, aged 80, the Hon. Samuel - At Leith, James Mitchell, Esq. of Knollis, Lieutenant-Colonel in the army, Shettleston.

and one of his Majesty's Justices of the 18. At Kerswell, William Bertram, Esq. Peace for Somersetshire. of Nisbet.

- At Oze, in the Island of Skye, Cap. 19. At Suffolk Street, London, Thomas tain A. Macleod. Gordon, Esq. late of Prenmay.

August I. At her residence, at Mount - At Leith, Mr William Wilson, long Edgbaston, in the 57th year of her age, factor on the estate of Wemyss Castle, in Isabella, widow of the late Mr John Braid. Fite.

wood of Hackney, and mother of Mr - At her house in Brompton Row, after Braidwood, instructor of the General Ina very long and severe illness, which she stitution for Deaf and Dumb, near Birbore with the greatest fortitude and resigna. mingham. tion, the Hon. H. M. Johnstone, second - At Leadenurquhart, Mrs Keith Low, daughter of Francis, fifth Lord Napier, relict of Mr Henry Ballingall of Leadenaged 64.

urquliart. 20. At Holyroodhouse, Miss Murray, - At Aix-la-Chapelle, after a painful daughter of the late Hon. and Rev. Dean illness, James Forbes, Esq. of Albemarle Murray of Killaloe, in Ireland.

Street, London, F. R. S. in the 71st year 22. At St Andrews, Captain Alexander of his age. B. Vilant, Adjutant Fifeshire local militia. - At Glasgow, Mr Mathew Taylor,

23. At Edinburgh, Miss Helen Wright. writer, son of the Rev. Principal Taylor.

24. At Rockhall, Lady Margaret Grier - Mr Robert Thomson, coachmaker, son.

Mound Place. - At Dunfermline, John M‘Robin, 2. At her residence at Blackheath, Mrs

Vansittart, mother of the Right Hon. - At the manse of Barr, Miss Marion Nicholas Vansittart, Chancellor of the ExYoung, daughter of the late Rev. Stephen chequer. Young, minister of that parish.

- At Kensington Palace, Lady Vis- At Edinburgh, Colonel Hepburn countess Molesworth, widow of the late Belshes of Invermay.

Lord Viscount Molesworth, in her 30th - At Ardyne House, A. C. Younger, year.

3. At Canonmills-Garden Cottage, near 26. At Inverness, in the 76th year of Edinburgh, Mrs Scott, widow of the Rev. his age, the 50th of his ministry, and the Archibald Scott, late minister at Pettinain. 32d of his Episcopate, the Right Rev. 4. At Ferntower, the seat of his brother, Andrew Macfarlane, senior Bishop of the General Sir David Baird, G.C. B. Colonel Scots Episcopal Church.

John Baird, of the Aberdeen militia. 27. At the palace of Clogher, the Right 5. At Montrose, Dr Ross, Physiciar.. Rev. Dr Porter, Bishop of that diocese. 7. At Stirling, James Thon,son, sen.

28. At Cupar Fife, Bailie William Cock. Esq. aged 81 years; who at different times burn.

filled the office of one of the Magistrates. - At Blackburn House, Murray, - At the house of Jolin M Far. youngest son of John Rait, Esq. of An- lane, Esq. of Ballencleroch, near Campsie, Diston.

Mrs Elizabeth M.Dowall, relict of the de- At London, Thomas Graham of Kin- ceased Archibald Ji Dowall, Esq. late of foss, Esq. M. P. for the county of Kin- the Castoms, Leith. ross.

- At Dunkeld, in the 100th year of 29. At Cupar Fife, Mr George Con. her age, Janet Galloch, or Urquhart. A stable, jeweller.

brother of Janet, aged 93, lives within 30. At St Augustine's Priory, Shrews. three miles of Dunkeld. bury, Thonias Hawley, Esq.

9. At Moffat, Colonel James Stewart, - At Aberdour, in the 8th year of late of the 42d regiment. his age, Gregory Buchanan, son of Mr D. - At Dumfries, Mr William Hayland, Buchanan, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh coppersmith, aged 62 ; many years Con

- At Craig Lodge, Miss Helen Robert. vener of the Seven Incorporated Trades of son, youngest daughter of the deceased that town. Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Parson's - At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Wright, Greed.

youngest daughter of the late Charles - At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Watson, Wright, Esq. of Phalope.

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9. At Knightsbridge, James Kennedy, 23. At Castleton, Caithness, aged 57, Esq. Clerk of the Check of Sheerness Alexander Coghill, Esq. mercbant, much Dock-yard, aged 48.

and justly regretted by a numerous circle 10. At Forbes Lodge, Mrs Forbes of of friends and acquaintances. Inverernan, in the 67th year of her age. - At Leckie, Robert Moir, Esq. of

- At Lancaster, Mrs Parker, relict of Leckie, M. D. aged 38. the late Thomas Parker, Esq. of Parknook, - At Dalkeith, Mr D. Chalmers. Cumberland.

25. In the 84th year of his age. James 12. At Douglas, Isle of Man, Robert Watt, Esq. (For a character of this very Whiteside. Esq merchant, in his 34th year. eminent man, see p. 203.)

- At Weymouth, Mrs Glendining, wife - At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Hannay, of J. Glendining, Esq. of Burton Crescent. wife of' James Ogilvy Mack, Esq. writer in

- At Maxweltown, Miss Marion Max. Edinburgh. well of Carruchan, in the 79th year of her 27. Ai Kelso, Mr Alexander Dove, inn. age.

keeper. - At Old Aberdeen, Thomas Buchan, - At Hillhead, Mr John Sommerville, Esq. of Auchmacoy.

sen. merchant, Glasgow. 14. At Barnton House, Miss Helen 28. At Paisley, Mrs Mary Thoinson, Ramsay, fifth daughter of the late George relict of the late Mr Thomas Kirkaldie, Ramsay Esq. of Barnton.

manufacturer, Dunfermline. 16. At Dysart, aged 78, John Jameson, Lately. At Port Royal, Jamaica, Wil. Esq. Town-clerk of that burgh, and factor liam Monro, Esq. Captain in the Royal to the Right Hon. the Earl of Rosslyn. Artillery, and Lieutenant of Fort Charles

- At hermiston, Mr John Newton, and the fortifications of Port Royal. merchant in Leith, youngest son of the At Vera Cruz, Lieutenant Gee. Beckwith, late John Newton, Esq. of Currichill. Royal Navy, second son of John Beckwith,

- At Dumbarton, Mr John Laird, aged Esq. and great-grandson of the late Rev. 79 years.

Dr George Wishart, one of the Deans of - At Arbroath, Miss Mary Fraser, the Chapel Royal, &c. daughter of John Fraser, Esq. late of John Lachlan, shoemaker in Ayr, Greenlawhill, and grand-daughter of Ge. known as an intelligent, lively, and faceti. neral Sir James Wood of Bonnington. ous companion. He was better known by

17. At London, Mr George Garrick, the epithet of Sutor Johnnic, by which title nephew to the late celebrated David Gar. he is immortalized by Burns in his exqui. rick, and husband to Mrs Garrick, of the site poemn of “ Tam o'Shanter." Liverpool Theatre.

At Carmarthen, Lieut-Colonel Stewart, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnston of one of the Deputy Lieutenants of that Lathrisk, widow of the late David John, county. ston, Esq. of Lathrisk and Bavelaw.

At Rotherhithe, Captain John Bord, - At Edinburgh, in her 86th year, many years commander of the ship HibMrs Constable, widow of the late Thomas berts, in the Jamaica trade. Constable, Kellie.

At Penang, Mr Adam Gordon, seventh 18. At Aberdeen, Alexander Rhind, son of the late Rev. Dr Gordon, one of the Esq. merchant, in the 64th year of his age. ministers of Aberdeen.

- At Lochhead, near Aberdeen, Mrs At his house, in Gloucester Street, DubRachael Simpson, relict of the Rev. Alex- lin, in the blst year of his age, Sir Tboan:ler Simpson, minister of Fraserburgh. mas Featherstone, Bart. M. P. for the

20. At Eaglescairnie, Mrs Lindesay, of county of Longford. Eaglescairnie, in the 90th year of her age. At Durham Place, Chelsea, Thomas

- At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Scott, Richardson, Esq. in his 81st year. daughter of the late Mrs Thomas Scott, At Clifton, Mrs Spear, the Lady of Craiglockhart

Capt. Joseph Spear, of the royal navy. She 21. At Pitcaithley, Hugh Morris, Esq. was the second daughter of the late Ludomerchant in Glasgow.

vick Grant, Esq. of Knockandow, and a - Lost, while bathing in the Isla, Mr near relative of the Duke of Gordon and John Gordon, surgeon in Keith.

the Earl of Aboyne. 22. At Dunfermline, Mrs Catharine At Linz, the celebrated Austrian GeBeveridge, wife of Mr James Macbean, neral, Count Beaulieu, aged ninety-three writer there.

years. He retained the possession of his - At Hull, aged 84, Roderick Mac- faculties to the hour of his death. cloud, of the 15th regiment of foot, wło At Limberg, of a dropsy, the Baron Von fought at the siege of Quebec, under the Hiller, another celebrated Austrian Genegallant General Wolfe, and was in various ral. other engagements.

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Phrenology, Morals, LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Boswell Redivivus, a Dream.mmmm304

INTELLIGENCE. Addison's Vision of Mirza compared

rza compared Mineralogical Map of Scotland.Edins with Plato's Apologue of Eruscammmm3101.

0 burgh College Museum.-Mr Gor. The Parewellm ansowane 312. donie Nou Partable das Land. Journal of a Visit to Holland. Letter

· Curious Fact respecting the Swal. mwananananananamw3131

low._Red Snow. --Atmospherical or English Writers on Americammomnomm317

Meteoric Dust. Imperial Tea, &c.-361 Rip Van Winkle. A Talean 321 Works preparing for Publication .. . 363 On Dante's Purgatorio mwanacor Monthly List of New Publications mm.365 Verses by Mr .... 333 Curious Account of an Improvisatore. ib. MONTHLY REGISTER. Criticism on a Passage in Livyam .336 Foreign Intelligencemammanummmmm.367 Remarks on the Life of Curran.comm 337 British Chronicle m annen. 369 Recollections of Napoleonasmmmm.343 British Legislation m onimusama375 Recollections of the Great Frederic....347 | Public Amusements, &c. communaumw376 Recollections of Lord Nelson www .350 Patents lately Enrolledwwwwwwwwwwaman...379 The Runaway, a Tale in Four Parts. Appointments and Promotions, &c.a. ib.

Parts III. and IV. (Continued Meteorological Tablecomanemanaranasan 383

from last Number, p. 231)...ummm.353 Agricultural Report annammammmmmmm.. ib. Specimens of Scottish Poetry common.355 Commercial Reportarm a an 385 Paisley Riots rovato wanamamm


an 150 )

356 Births, Marriages, Deaths worcem no387


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PHRENOLOGY, MORALS, METAPHY- as well as to what are more strietly' SICS.

called historical details. The former THE great aim of an enlightened and

are to be gathered more aceurately, benevolent philosophy, is not to rear a perhaps, from the free and almost small number of individuals, who may be unstudied speculations which men of regarded as prodigies in an ignorant and acknowledged powers may indulge in admiring age, but to diffuse, as widely as during a leisure hour, or which gepossible, that degree of cultivation which nius not yet confident in itself may may enable the bulk of a people to pos- be willing to put forth anonymously, sess all the intellectual and moral im. than from those more formal and sysprovement of which their nature is suscep- tematic works which are avowed by tible. The most important of all qualities their authors; and every one knows is a sincere and devoted attachment to

that such occasional productions are truth, which seldom fails to be accompa.

exactly those which are most likely nied with a manly confidence in the clear conclusions of human reason. It is such

to be obtained for a periodical puba confidence, united, as it generally is,

lication. It is certainly not our with personal intrepidity, which forms wish, whatever may be our pracwhat the French writers call force of cha. tice, to neglect any department or racter, one of the purest endowments, it species of literature, which is immust be confessed, of our species ; but portant in itself, or which may be which, of all endowments, is the most es. turned to any useful purpose. At sential for rendering a philosopher (or any present we mean to offer a few reother man) happy in himself, and a bless marks on that study, or science, as it ing to his species.

is wished to be made, which Dr RoDUGALD STEWART.

GET calls Cranioscopy, but which its NOTWITHSTANDING the abstruse followers denominate by what they aspect of our title, we hope to manage consider the more appropriate term of this article in such a manner as that the PHRENOLOGY. most mercurial of our readers may get · We are quite aware that this subsmoothly through it; but if it should ject can hardly be adverted to, withprove otherwise, we trust he will find out exciting the risible faculties of something else in our monthly bill many of our readers. In most minds of fare not altogether repulsive. A there is something ludicrous respectMagazine ought to contain food for ing bumps on the head, and manifesvarious palates, and the more diversi. tations of singular organs, associated fied the better, if there be no delete with the names of GALL and SPURZrious or poisonous matter in any one of HEIM; but the feeling which arises the varieties. If all be in a good spirit, from this association is soon dissipatsomething may be found acceptable ed, if we begin to look seriously at the and beneficial to all readers. The new doctrines concerning the brain. most useful work of this nature, we We are not ourselves converts to these are aware, is that which forms the doctrines; but we are anxious to most faithful record of the times. do them and their professors jusWhen that department is well exe- tice; and the number of the latter, cuted, it becomes of permanent value; we conceive, is already so great, as to but then, it is obvious, that, to be a furnish something like grounds of recomplete record, it must attend to proach against all those who pretend those manifestations of thought and an entire indifference. It has been feeling which are peculiar to the age, remarked by one of our greatest live

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