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COLONIAL PRODUCE.--Sugars.-The demand for Muscovadoes during the month has continued steady, and the business done last week was more considerable than for some time preceding. The market has again, however, become heavy, though there are no sellers at any reduction in price. The request for refined goods has kept steady, and the transactions reported last week were very considerable. Two considerable pub. lic sales of East India sugar took place last week, and the prices were from 2s. to 3s. under the last East India House sale.-Cotton. An extensive sale took place at the Iudia House on the 1st instant, when 8000 bags were actually sold ; the Surat at a decline of įd. to ld per lb. the Bengal at a decline of Is. 4d. to 3s. 8d. The demand last week was languid, and the purchases confined to East India descriptions. This forenoon 246 bags Vera Cruz sold very high, realizing 2d. and 24d. Coffee. The mar. ket has been heavy, and a very considerable reduction in price has taken place. Two public sales this forenoon went off with briskness, and at prices rather higher than the preceding week.-Rum. The demand for Leeward Island has greatly revived since last week; the quantity then taken for immediate exportation was reported to be very considerable.-Tobacco has continued in steady demand, and large purchases have been made ; the manufacturers have been buying, and as the season is now advancing, a good demand for home consumption is expected. Oils. The prices of Greenland have given way about L. 3 per ton, and the sales are heavy at the decline. Spermacetti has fallen about the same rate ; and other oils are in limited request, although no reduction of price is quoted.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE. Tallow. The arrival of the missing whale ships, and the favourable reports of the fishing, have occasioned a great stagnation in the tallow mar ket, and little business has been doing. Hemp has also given way; and Flar con tinues heavy. The last accounts from St Petersburgh state the exchange a shade high. er, 10 9-10ths. Brandy has declined considerably in price ; and Geneva is still without inquiry. October 12.

Course of Exchunge, London, Oct. 12.-Amsterdam, 12 : 0. Ditto, at sight, 11 : 17. Rotterdam, 12 : 1. Antwerp, 12 : 3. Hamburgh, 36 : 4. Altona, 36 : 5. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 30. Bourdeaux, 25 : 60. Frankfort on the Maine, 152. Madrid, 35. Cadiz, 36. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 478. Genoa, 431. Lisbon, 524. Oporto, 534. Rio Janeiro, 57. Dublin, 114. Cork, 1) per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.-Portugal gold in coin, L.3:17 : 104. Foreign gold in bars, L.3: 17:10). New doubloons, L.3: 13:6. New dollars, L.0:5:0. Silver in bars, standard, L. 0:5 : 2.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's. Guernsey or Jersey 15s. to 20s.-Cork or Dublin 158. 9d.--Belfast 20s.--Hamburgh 153. 60.- Madeira 20s. to 255.--Jamaica 30s. to 358.-Greenland out and home 30g. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from Sept. 20 to Oct. 13, 1819.

Sept. 20., Sept. 28. Oct. 6. 1 Oct. 13.

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Bank stock, ....

2191 3 per cent. reduced, 3 per cent. consois, ..................

69 3 per cent. do. ...

77 4 per cent. do. racer norococo..... 5 per cent. navy annuities corocco


103 India S Bonds, accompany

8 lv pr. 7 pr. 7 pr. 14 pr. Exchequer bills, 2d. ... ......

5 7 dis. 5 8 dis. 5 7 dis. 1 pr. 1 dis. Consols for acct. mareconoce

701 69% 7046 9! French 5 per cents.. tovorn a

71fr. 30c. (69fr. 95c. 170 fr. Oc.(70fr. 15c. TOL. V.








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LEITA. GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. Lordos. TEA, Bohea, per lb... - @

1 8 1 1 Congou, · · ·

2 11 3 4 Souchong, . . . SUGAR, Musc. cwt. · B. P. Dry Brown,

58 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid.

Fine and very fine,
Brazil, Brown, ·
White, . . . . . -

44 Refined, Double Loaves, , .135

(ib.) 14 Powder ditto,....112

114 Single ditto,..... |108

114 Small Lumps, . .


116 Large ditto, . ..


Crushed Lumps, ...
MOLASSES, British, ...
COFFEE, Jamaica, .
Ord. good, and fine ord.


108 Fine and very fine,

132 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 85 96

98 Ord. good, & fine ord. | 98 116

110 St Domingo, .....95 105

106 PIMENTO (in Bond), lb. .17 8 63 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P./ 3

3 3

2 6 Brandy, gal.. 5 0 53

310 Geneva, . .... 34

28 Wines, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd.

350 65 Portugal Red, pipe, .

540 GO 0 Spanish White, butt. .

280 68 0 Teneriffe, pipe, ...

Madeira, . . . Logwood, Jamaica, ton, .


7 0 Honduras, ...

6 0 6 5 6 15 7 Campeachy, . .

6 15 70 Fustic, Jamaica, ...

8 0 8 10 9 9 10 0 Cuba, . . . . . 10 Il

| 10 0 10 10 Indigo, Caraccas fine, Ib. Is 6d 11 6 8 69 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 20 2 2 Ditto Oak, . . .

4 0 * Honduras Mahogany, 14 TAR, American, brl. .. 16

Archangel, .. ., Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle,

Home melted, cwt. . HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton,

Petersburgh Clean, .
FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra.
Dutch, .....

Irish, . . . . .
MATS, Archangel, ..
BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts,
ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl,|
Montreal ditto, cwt.

Pot, ...
Orl, Whale, tun, ..

Cod, . . . . . (p.brl.) Tobacco, Virg. fine, Ib..

731 0 6 0 7 inferior, . .

0 3

0 3 0 4 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

1 1 31 01 21 1 1 3! Sea Island, fine, ..

2 6 2 9 2 5 2 7 2 0 2 8 Demerara and Berbice,

14, 1712 1713 17

171816 17 6 8 Maranham, : . ..!

15 16'i 41 I 611 5 1 6

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· ALPHABETICAL LIST of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced in September 1819,

extracted from the London Gazette.

Andrews, J. Manchester, dealer
Ashton, s., J. Higginson, and J. Ward, Man-

chester, calico-printers
Brown, W. London, fishmonger
Barnett, J. Plymouth, watchmaker
Brain, R. Bitton, Gloucester, dealer
Bott, J. Birmingham, linen-draper
Baron, H. Over Darwent, Lancaster, calico-print-


Blain, J. London, grocer
Bissix, W. Bristol, pipe-maker
Cawood, R. Arinley, Leeds, clothier
Campbell, W, H. London, ale-merehant
Coates, J. Worcester, woollen-draper
Dixon, W. Manchester, calico-printer
Devev, W. J. and F. London and Surrey, coal-

merchants, coal-factors, and ship-owners
Fayer, J. Northampton, farmer
East, C. and H. Biriningham, coal-merchants
Fuller, J, Bellericay, Essex, horse-dealer
Pindlay, R., and G. H. Old Broad Street, Lon-

don, silk-manufacturers
Fisher, S. Winchcomb, Gloucester, mercer
Gray, J. London, baker
Hall, J. R. Newington, Surrey, merchant
Harrison, W. Yeldersley, Derby, dealer
Hudson, T. Armley, Leeds, clothier
Haynes, W. Lowestoff, fish-merchant
Hart, A. London, pavy agent
Holland, P. South Blyth, Northumberland, ship-

Hodgkinson, A. Lancaster, cotton-manufacturer
Hockley, D. London, goldsmith
Hudson, W. London, ship-owner
Hudd, George, Norwood, Middlesex, miller
Johnston, G. Douglas, Isle of Man, linen-draper
Jowitt, j, Huyton, near Prescott, Lancaster,


Johnston, R. Jun. Ripon, York, oil-merchant
Johnston, J. London, shoe manufacturer
Jennings, J., and J. Naylor, Liverpool, coach-

Knapton, W. Leeds, joiner
Kilshaw, J. jun. Leeds, tallow chandler
Leach, W. Clithero, Lancaster, cotton manufac-

Langston, E. Manchester, ontton-merchant
Locke, S. Temple Place, Surrey, dealer
Marsden, E. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, cabinet-

Minchin, T. A., W. G. Carter, and A. Kelly,

Portsmouth, bankers
Mendus, T., jun. London, cabinet-maker
Moss, M. Lambeth, merchant
Neville, S. Leeds, four-seller
Parnell, E. Congleton, Chester, milliner
Pollard, T. Worcester, butcher
Preston, T., and G. Gill, Manchester, calice-

Read, A. London, wine-merchant
Roddam, H. R. North Shields, victualler
Rudman, S. Sornerset, quarry-woman
Storkey, J. Bristol, eheese-factor
Sargent, T. Westminster, timber-merchant
Sleddon, w. Stockport, Chester, machine-maker
Sellers, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant
Taylor, W. Strand, Middlesex, tavern-keeper
Trokes, M. Liverpool, inerchaut
Unsworth, W. Liverpool, flour-dealer
Webster, W., and J. Yates, Lancaster, irop-mongo

Watson, H. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, druggist
Wigney, G. A., and G. Seymour, Chichester,

brewers Wright, J. Bermondsey, vinegar dealer Yates, J. Burnley, Lancaster, money-scrivener


September 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

M'Symon, J. jun. Dumbarton, baker and grain.

dealer Black and Isaac, Glasgow, merchants

Maitland, J. Ayr, flesher and cattle-dealer Blyth and Lesslie, Edinburgh, hatters

Muirhead, J. Glasgow, mason and builder Brown, Alexander and Co. Arbroath, merchants Nisbet, J. Aberdeen, merehant and manufacturers

Smith, W. Hamilton, innkeeper Caw, J. Perth, merchant

Smith and Blackburn, Glasgow, cotton yarn merCowan, T. jun. Newburgh, brewer and com

chants dealer

Tait, J. jun. and Co. Glasgow, merchants Ferguson, J, Glasgow, manufacturer

Watt, Isaac, Dundee, merchant
Graham, R. Glasgow, merchant and manufacturer

Wilson, J. and Son, Glasgow, wire-workers
Hamilton, J. Dumbarton, haberdasher
Hart, J. Kelvin Docks, near Glasgow, grocer
Jaffery, J. Airdrie, baker and grain-dealer

Kelman, A. Aberdeen, brewer and baker
Lawson, J. Glasgow, clothier

Clark, M. Glasgow, bricklayer ; by W. M'Creadie, M'Donald and Son, Glasgow, clothiers

brickmaker there, 3d November M'Knight, J. jun. Kirkcudbright, corn-merchant, Kidd, 1. Edinburgh, spirit-dealer ; by R. Mit*ship-owner, and general merchant

chell, spirit-dealer there, 1th October.


BIRTHS. March 17. At Fort William, Bengal, the lady of Major P. L. Grant, Acting Fort and Town Major, a son.

August 2. At Corfu, Mrs Hood, widow of the late Captain Hood, of liis Majesty's 75th regiment of foot, a daughter.

24. At Lieutenant-Colonel Sir David Ogilby's house in Charles Street, Manches. ter Square, London, Lady Ogilby, a son.

31. At Rosiere, near Lyndhurst, the Countess of Erroll, a daughter.

September 3. At Dunnottar, Lady Kennedy, a son.

7. At Rockbank, Mrs Colin Campbell, Jura, a daughter.

- At Drakies, the lady of L. Mackintosh, Esq.

At Athlone, the lady of Major-Gen neral Macleod, 78th regiment, a daughter,

3. In Wimpole Street, London, the lady Montresor Standen, Esq. of Upper Gower of Edward Marjoribanks, Esq. a daugh Street, London, to Henrietta Sophia, fifth ter.

daughter of the late Sir William Fraser, 9. At Hawkhill, the lady of the Lord Baronet. Justice Clerk, a son.

September 1. At Glasgow, Mr Gabriel 10. The lady of Colonel Hastings, a Stevensan, of Hamburgh, to Margarein son.

youngest daughter of Mr John M.Nair, 14. At Edinburgh, the lady of Henry manufacturer, Glasgow. Meredith Jervis White Jervis, Esq. a son. 3. At Dunbar House, Edward Stanley

15. At New Saughton, the lady of nf Cross Hall, county of Lancaster, Esq. to James Watson, Esq. of Saughton, a son. Lady Mary Maitland, second daughter of

-- At Thirlestane, in Etterick, the lady the Earl of Lauderdale. of the Hon. Captain Napier, royal navy, a 6. At Kirkcudbright, Captain Dun, of son and heir.

the Galloway militia, to Marjory, daugh. 17. The lady of Duncan Robertson, ter of Alexander Melville, Esq. of Bar. Esq. of 'arrop Vale, a son and hcir. whar.

19. At Hawick, Roxburghshire, Mrs --- At Glasgow, John Kinross, Esq. of Jane Hope, a son and daughter, after be- Cork, distiller, to Isabella, only daughter ing 18 years married. The mother, with of John Gibson, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. the children, are doing well.

8. At Paxton House, Rear-Admiral Sir 21. The Duchess of Berri, a daughter. David Milne, K. C. B. &c. &c. to Miss

22. At Pittrichie House, Mrs Mackenzie, Stephen, daughter of the late George StePittrichie, a son.

phen, Esq. of the island of Grenada. - At Penicuik House, Lady Clerk, a. 13. Ať Castleknock Church, Dublin, son.

Michael Law, Esq. eldest son of Robert 23. The Honourable Lady Fergusson, a Law, Esq. banker, to Jane Hannah, second son.

daughter of Hans Hamilton, Esq. one of - At Lisbon, Lady Buchan, a son. the Representatives in Parliament for the

24. Mrs Arbuthnot, Charlotte Square, county of Dublin. Edinburgh, a daughter.

14. At Abbey of Luce, Doctor James 25. Ai Glasgow, Mrs Maxwell, Buchan, Anderson, physician in Belfast, to Miss an Street, a daughter.

Jane Learmoni, daughter of the Rev. Wil. - At Balkail, Glenluce, the lady of liam Learrnont. Captain J. Ross, R. N. a son.

16. At Carfrae, John Paterson, Esq. - At Young Street, Charlotte Square, Gayrield Square, Edinburgh, to Jane, se. Edinburgh, the lady of Captain William cond daughter of Robert Hogarth, Esq. Marshall, of the Hon. East India Com - In the parish church of Trentham, pany's service, a daughter.

in the county of Stafford, the Right Hon. 27. At Sunbury, Mrs Haig, a son. Lord Viscount Belgrave, eldest son of the

Ortober 3. Mrs Bridges, Dundas Strect, Earl Grosvenor, to the Right Hon. Lady Edinburgh, a daughter.

Elizabeth Mary Levison Gower, youngest

daughter of the Most Noble the Marquis MARRIAGES.

of Stafford. August 27. At Gloucester, Charles Ba- - In London, Michael Stewart Nicola thurst, Esq. eldest son of the Right Hon. son, Esq. of Carnock, eldest son of Sir Charles Bathurst of Sidney Park, to Miss Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart. to Eliza Fendall, only daughter of the late William Mary, daughter of Robert Farquhar, Esq. Fendall, Esq.

of Portland Place. - At Biggar, Robert Craig, Esq. of 17. At Edinburgh, Patrick Dallaway, Guildie, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter Esq. to Mrs Isobella Howie Garson Currie, of Mr John Young, manufacturur, Little youngest daughter of the late John Currie, well.

Esq. of Dale Bank. 28. At Bayreuth, hy proxy, his Majesty - At Edinburgh, Adolphus Macdowall Ferdinand VII. King of Spain, to the Ross, Esq. M. D. second son of the late Princess Josephine-Emelia-Beatrice of Colonel Andrew Ross, of the 21st regiment Saxony.

of foot, to Miss Catharine Hume, young. 30. The Hon, Henry Caulfield, of Hock est daughter of David Hume, Esq. adve. ley Lodge, county Armagh, only brother cate. to the Earl of Charlemont, to Elizabeth 21. At Edinburgh, Mr James Anderson, Margaret Browne, second daughter of Dod. civil engineer and land-surveyor, to Mar. well Browne of Rabines, Esq. county garet, only daughter of Mr Robert WalkMayo, grand-daughter of Sir Neal O'Do. er, Prince's Street. nel, Bart. deceased, and niece to Lady 2 2. At Campbelton, Mr Donald MaclelMolyneux, of Castle Dillon, county Ar. lan, merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, magh.

daughter of John Armour, Esq. CampbelAt Windlesham, Surrey, James ton.


uniformly cheertul, peaceable, unassuming Nov. 5. 1818. At Seharunpore, David disposition for nearly 80 years, endeared Hastie, M.D. on the Bengal establishment, him to a most extensive circle of friends formerly of this city.He fell a victim to and acquaintance. Having been thus ada malignant fever, which has carried off mired and beloved in prosperity, he was no great numbers during the last two seasons. less revered and respected by all ranks of

Fib.7. 1819. At Allahabad, Bengal, society during the adversity of the last four Archibald Murray, Esq East India Com- years of his life, an adversity produced by pany's civil service, son of the late Wil. the virtue and goodness of his heart. Una liam Murray, Esq. of Polmaise.

acquainted with iniquity, he feared no evil, 17. At New South Wales, Dugald and gave unlimited confidence to specious M.Dougall, Esq. commander of the Totten- villany. As he lived he died, in peace ham East Indiaman, son of the late Allan with all mankind, leaving an example beM.Dougall, Esq. writer to the signet. hind him of the instability of human affairs.

March 19. Lieutenant-Colonel Fraser, Neocastle Courant. of the Royal Scots. This gallant officer 24. At Fasque, Lady Ramsay of Bal. was killed while rallying the advanced par- main. ty of our troops before Asseerghur, upon - At Bullingate, county of Wicklow, whom a desperate and unexpected attack Ireland, Major Edward Tandy, of the had been made by a sally from that for. Hon. East India Company's service. tress.

26. At Gosport Barracks, John C. Cow, April 5. On board the Wellington, on ell, Esq. late Lieutenant-Colonel Royal his passage from Calcutta to the Cape of Scots. Good Hope, whither he had been going for At Paris, Emma Sophia, the lady of the benefit of his health, Mr John Gray, Major-General Sir William Parker Car. youngest son of William Gray of Oxgang, roll, Knight of Charles Ill. of Spain,

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6. At Madras, William Campbell, 27.-DEATH OF THE DUKE OF RichEsq. third son of R. Campbell, Esq. of MOND. His Grace the Duke of RichHelentonmains.

mond died suddenly in Upper Canada, 10. At Madras, Mr John Duncan, while making a tour through that prothird Member of the Medical Board at vince. The cause of his death is thus stat. that Presidency.

ed in a letter from Quebec :-“ While at June 23. Ať St Helena, Henry Porteous, his summer residence at William-Henry, Esq. in the Hon. East India Company's before he commenced his tour to the upper service.

province, he was bitten by a tame fox, 28. In the Island of Jamaica, Mr which shortly afterwards died of the maAngus Ferguson, son of the Rev. John lady. No symptoms, however, appeared Ferguson, minister of Uphall, aged 19 for nearly forty days after the circumstance, years.

when his Grace being on his return from a July 18. At Rio Bueno, Jamaica, Mr visit to a new settlement, in a very obscure Charles Bruce, of Musselburgh.

situation, where he had to walk thirty miles Aug. 6. At Kingston, Jamaica, after on foot in excessive hot weather, no road three days illness of yellow fever, in the for a horse being yet made, he found him. 24th year of his age, Mr John Morison, self affected. It is stated bis Grace was surgeon, second son of Mr James Morison, sensible of his approaching fate as soon as White Hart Inn, Dalkeith.

his indisposition manifested itself, and ex12. After labouring for several years pressed his apprehensions to his attendants. under a paralytic affection, George Lang. On approaching to descend the Ottawa, or ton of Langton, Esq. in the 48th year Great River, the sight of the water instantof his age ; and, on the Monday follow. ly threw him into convulsions, and, in liting, worn out by her unremitted attend. tle more than twenty-four hours, this most ance on him, Mrs Langton, his widow, dreadful malady terininated his existence." aged 32.

His Grace was, according to his own re18. At Kirchberg, Prince Christian Fre- quest, interred in the cathedral church of deric Charles de Hohenlohe-Kirciiberg, he- St Paul's, at Quebec, on the 4th Septeinreditary Marshal of Wirtemberg. He was ber. His Grace was the lineal descendant the oldest prince in Germany, having at. of the first Duke of Richmond, natural son tained his 30th year.

of King Charles Il. by a French lady, who 23. In the city of Durham, John Good. was created by his Majesty Duchess of child, Esq. late of Pallion, in the county of Portsmouth, and by Louis XIV. Duchess Durham, aged 83 years and 2 months of Aubigny, in France. His titles were, a gentleman whose ancestors have been Duke of Richmond, Earl of March, (Engclassed for nearly 300 years amongst the lish honours,) Duke of Aubigny, (French most respectable inhabitants of the neigh- honour,) Duke of Lennox, Earl of Darnbourhood in which he lived, and whose ley, and Baron Methuen of Torboltong honourable mind, tranquil happy life, and (Scots honours.) The title of Aubigny was

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