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confirmed in March 1816 by Louis XVIII. His death will be lamented by the most by causing the estate of Aubigny to be as distinguished characters in this country, signed to him, and granting him the ho- and will be an irreparable loss to the poor nours of the Louvre, as enjoyed by his in his neighbourhood. He was formerly Grace's ancestors. He was a Lieutenant- Preceptor to the Prince Regent. General in the army, Colonel of the 35th Sept. 1. At the advanced age of 101, regiment of foot, Governor of Plymouth, Mrs Susannah M-Kec, relict of Mr Wils Governor of Upper and Lower Canada and liam M.Kee, late of Drumwhey, parish of their dependencies, Lord Lieutenant of the Newtonards. Her lawful issue were 11 county of Sussex, and High Steward of children, 36 grand-children, 66 greatChichester. His Grace was born in 1764, grand-children, and 10 great-great-grandsucceeded his uncle Charles, the late Duke, children--in all 123. It is worthy of obin 1806, and married, in 1783, Charlotte, servation that her inother, in the same house, daughter of the Duke of Gordon, by whom died at the extraordinary age of 100. he had issue seven sons and seven daugh. 2. At Paris, Sir Robert Wolseley, Bart. ters, all of them now living, except his 3. At his house in Great Queen Street, third son, Henry Adam, R. N. who fell Westminster, Elizabeth Flockhart, wife of overboard the Blake, as she was sailing in. Thomas Longlands, Esq. solicitoz, and to Port Mahon in 1812, and was drowned. daughter of the late John Flockhart, Esq. His Grace was distinguished early in life formerly Clerk to the Register of Hornby his duel with his Royal Highness the ings. Duke of York. He was of an open, can. At Grange House, Burntisland, Mrs did, generous temper, and of plain and Hamilton, wife of Mr James Hamilton, unaffected manners, qualities which were Accountant-General of Excise. particularly conspicuous in Ireland when - At Montrose, John Keith, Esq. late viceroy of that country. His Grace is suc- Collector of the Customs. ceeded in his titles and estates by his eldest At Inverness, in the 78th year of ber son, Charles, Earl of March and Darnley, age, Jane, relict of the Hon. Archibald born in 1791, and married in 1817 to Lady Fraser of Lovat, and sister of the late Sir Caroline Paget, eldest daughter of the Mar. William Fraser, Bart. quis of Anglesey, by whom he has issue a 4. At Moncrieff House, George Hugh, son, now Earl of March.

son of the late Encas Mackay, Esq. of 27. At his house in Balranald, in Skye, Scotston. Donald Macdonald, Esq. of Balranald, at At Rothesay, Mrs Wilson, wife of the advanced age of 87.

the Rev. Dr Wilson, minister of Falkirk. 30. Colonel Galbraith Hamilton, of the -- At Dublin, R. Trotter, Esq. late of Madras Establishinent.

Broomdykes, Berwickshire. - At Sanquhar-house, Moray, George - At Edinburgh, Dame Matilda TheGrant, Esq. of Burdsyards.

resa Cochrane Wishart, wife of Sir Thomas At Irvine, Mrs Susan Campbell, eld. Cochrane, Knt. R. N. and daughter of the est daughter of Alexander Campbell, Esq. late Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown, Bart. of Greenfield, and spouse of Richard Reid, 5. At Edinburgh, Miss Harriet Erskine. Esq. writer there.

- At Bessborough, Maria Jane, second At Rosebank, James Dale, Esq. daughter of the late Thomas Riddell, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

of Bessborough. - At Great Malvern, Lady Cope, wife 6. At Whitehaugh, Aberdeenshire, Theof Sir Jonathan Cope, Bart.

odore Forbes Leith, Esq. M. D. F.R.S. in . 31. At Edinburgh, Samuel Kendall, the 74th year of his age. Esq. late of the colony of Berbice.

- At his cottage in Eastbourne, Sir - At London, Mrs George Napier, Arthur Piggott, M. P. in the 69th year oi wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Napier, 3d his age. His strict integrity as a barrister

is well known to the public, and we believe At his seat at Felpham, near Bog. he has been for a considerable time the Fa. nor, in Sussex, Dr Cyril Jackson. The ther of the Bar. He has left a numerous Doctor has been Dean of Christ Church circle of friends to lament his loss, and a for 26 years, and was admired for his disconsolate widow, who has been his wife learning, and revered for his virtues. The upwards of 46 years. The death of this Prince Regent, during his late aquatic exé eminent lawyer causes a vacancy among cursion, visited the Doctor, and expressed the benchers of the Middle Temple, of much concern on finding him in so reduc. which society Sir Arthur was a member. ed a state, but the Doctor felt his heart -At Glasgow, Mrs Grizel Jolinstone, cheered, and his last days brightened, by a in the 9 st year of her age. This lady's sense of the honour which he had thus re- mother died in the 104th year of her age. ceived. He might have risen to the high. 7. At Ramsgate, in the 17th year of his est honours of his profession, if he had not age, the Hon. William Boyle, youngpreferred the enjoyment of lettered leisure est son of the Earl of Glasgow. to the temptations of worldly ambition. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Gibson,


widow of the late Dr William Dalgleish, 17. At Belfast, Robert Bradshaw, Esq. minister of Peebles.

banker, and President of the Chamber of 8. At the Palace in Tuam, after a tedi. Commerce of that town. ous illness, in the 77th year of his age, his 18. On board the Cornwall IndiaGrace the Archbishop of Tuam.

man, near the port of Liverpool, Mr Dam -- William Somerville, Esq. of Ampher- niel Edward M.Cormick, surgeon, third lan.

8011 of the late Edward M-Cormick, Esq. 9. Aged 82, Mrs Weeks, midwife of advocate, Sheriff-depute of Ayrshire, and Exeter, and also to the Exeter Lying-in Solicitor of Teinds in Scotland. Charity.--She followed her avocations al. - At Berryhill, Mrs M‘Lean, wife of most to the last ; was the mother of 22 Capt. Hector M.Lean, late of the 420 Reg. chiklren, all of whom were baptized ; and 20. Mrs Erskine, wife of William Er. had attended at the delivery of more than skine, Esq. of Kinnedder, advocate. 11,000 infants.

- At Montrose, Mr Robert Baird, one 10. At Aberdeen, William Forbes, Esq. of the public teachers in that place. late of Skellater, aged 83.

21. Mr George Coulter, preacher of the 11. At London, the Right Hon. Lady gospel; a character well known in AyrEssex Ker, second sister of his Grace the shire, Lanarkshire, and Galloway. late John, Duke of Roxburghe, Groom of 22. At Edinburgh, Jane Hay Malcolm, the Stole to his present Majesty.

wife of Dr Hennen, Deputy-Inspector of 12. At Brompton, near London, aged 17 Hospitals for North Britain. years, Robert Dalrymple Horn, eldest son At Hills Cottage, Lochwinnoch, of R. D. Horne Elphinstone, of Horn and Elizabeth, only daughter of Hugh MontLogie Elphinstone.

gomerie, Esq. younger of Broadley. 13. On his passage to London, William Ai Edinburgh, Mr. Alexander RoA. Downs, Esq. Auuitor of his Majesty's bertson, engraver, who has rung the muCustoms in Scotland.

sic bells of this city for many years. - At Edinburgh, in the 85th year of her - At Crookston, George Borthwick. age, Mrs Ann Campbell, relict of the late Esq, second son of John Borthwick, Esq, Major Thomas Wood, of the Royal Ma. of Crookston. rines, and daughter of the late John Camp. - At Barley Wood, near Bristol, aged bell, Esq. of Ottar.

72, Martha, the benevolent sister of the At his house in Bury St Edmund's, justly celebrated Mrs Hannah More. William Smith, Esq. in the 89th year of 23. At Trimdon, Mr J. G. Bailey, eld. his age, formerly of Drury-lane Theatre. est son of the late J. Bailey, Esq. Chil. Mr Smith, from the propriety of his con- lingham, Northumberland. duct, his mental accomplishments, and the At Croalchapel, in the parish of superior grace and elegance of his manners Closeburn, Mr John Ferguson, shoemaker. and appearance, was designated by his He was one of the most dexterous curlers friends Gentleman Smith. His perform in the district in which he lived, and enance of Charles, in the School for Scandal, gaged with extraordinary spirit in the boni has been considered one of his most perfect spiels of his own with the neighbouring representations on the stage.

parishes. By his exertions on these occa. - At Edinburgh, Captain Archibald sions he contributed not a little to raise the Mercer Macgachan, 22d regiment of foot. Closeburnians to their present envied su

16. At Ayr, David Limond, Esq. many periority in that ancient and manly amuse. years town-clerk of Glasgow.

ment; and the hearty roar with which he 17. At Carronpark, William Cadell, Esq. hailed the approach of victory will be long of Banton, aged 82. Mr Cadell was one and gratefully remembered by his numer of the original founders of the Carron Iron- ous and affectionate companions in the art. works; and, during the whole course of 24. At Gravesend, on his passage from an active life, was engaged in many useful London to Inverness, Mr William Ettles, and important commercial undertakings. bookseller in Inverness.

- His memory will be long cherished by - At Englefield-Green, Colonel Sir his numerous friends.

Felton Harvey, Bart. Aid-du-Camp to the - At Fulhain House, Sir James Sib- Prince Regent, Secretary to the Duke of bald, Bart.

Wellington, and Lieutenant-Colonel of the - At Haddington, John Welsh, Esq. 14th dragoons. surgeon-a gentleman whose extensive use- 25. At l.evernholme, Helen, second fulness will render his death a subject of daughter of John Wilson, Esq. of Thornly. general regret.

At Ford, Simon Fraser, Esq. of Ford. - At Lindertis, Elizabeth Stuart, - At manse of St Fergus, Mrs Mary youngest daughter of G. L. Meason, Esq. Grott, spouse of the Rev. William Anderof Lindertis.

son, minister of that parish. - At Tynemouth, the Right Honour. 26. At Linlithgow, Mrs Jane Hewit, able Lady Collingwood, widow of the late wife of Thomas Spens, Esq. Collector of Vice-Admiral Collingwood.

Excise, much and justly regretted.

26. At his seat Moccas Court, in the 11. At Burntsfield Links, Mr Douglas county of Hereford, Sir George Cornewall, Gourlay, golf-ball maker. Bart. in the 71st year of his age.

- In the Dock-yard, Portsmouth, Cap27. At Morningside, near Edinburgh, tain Wainwright, Governor of the Royal Mr Robert Sprot.

Naval College, which appointment he on- At Ayr, Mrs Aitken, wife of John ly enjoyed since the promotion of Admiral Aitken, Esq. one of the magistrates of Ayr. Gifford, about ten days.

28. At Blackstone, Miss Napier, senior, Lately, At Kriblowitz, in Silesia, Field. aged 76.

Marshal Prince Blucher, in the 70th year -- At Tannock, near Maybole, Mr of his age. William Hutchison.

On the march from Russelpoor to Jaul. 29. At Edinburgh, Flora, eldest daugh. nah, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Heath, ter of Mr Andrew Duncan, Sheriff-substic of the Hon. East India Company's ser. tute of Zetland, aged 20.

vicc. - At Wharton Place, Margaret, young- . At Demerara, Mr Andrew Hay Rotin. est daughter of Thomas Bell, Esq.

son, surgeon, only son of the late Dr James 30. At Annan, Miss Ann, second daugh. Robinson, of that colony. ter of John Little, Esq. Provost of that At Porto Rico, West Iudies, Captain burgh.

John Boyd, second son of William Bord, - At Clifton, Lieut. Colonel Richard Esq. Berryhill, parish of Kilmarnock, much Thompson, formerly of the 68th regiment. regretted." This gallant officer lost his right arm at In the island of Antigua, at the resithe siege of Flushing in 1809, which ob- dence of her only son, Samuel Auchinleck, liged him to retire from the army.

Esq. the representative of the ancient BaAt Dumfries, Mr Alex. Young, Su- rons of that Ilk, a gallant and distinguished pervisor of Excise

Lowland race, honourably alluded to in Miss - At Glasgow, after two days illness, Porter's historic novel of the “Scottish Mr James Macarthur, teacher.

Chiefs,” Elizabeth, relict of the late SaOct. 1. In Craven Street, London, Ben. muel Auchinleck, Esq. many years Collect jamin Ross, Esq. of Tain, Ross-shire. or of the Customs at Antigua

2. At the manse of Aberlady, the Rev. At Perth, after a very short illness, John Andrew Kemp, minister of that parish. M•Omie, LL. D. long known in that city

- At St Andrew's, in the 90th year of as a diligent and zealous teacher. This ner age, Mrs Magdalene Monypenny. amiable and respected individual was, dur3. At North Berwick, Mr Francis Buching a period of 10 years, rector of the aca

demy at Inverness, but the state of his - At his house in Plough Court, Fetter- health having rendered it necessary for lane, London, Mr John Stalker, printer, him to retire from that situation, he reaged 64.

turned to Perth, his native city, where he 4. At Ayr, Mr David M-Whinnie, writ- continued till his death to employ his

leisure hours in giving private instructions . - At Society, near Hopetoun House, in drawing and geography. Dr M'Omie Mr John Lyon, in his 87th year.

was in the Gith year of his age, and had .- At Southwick, Clementina, daughter long filled, with much credit, the office of of the late Hugh Baillie, Esq.

Secretary to the Literary and Antiquarian 6. At Gourock Bay, Duncan M'Kel. Society of Perth, in the success of which lar, Esq. merchant in Glasgow.,

he always took a very warm interest. It Ai Edinburgh, Mr John Porteous, is somewhat remarkable, that his funeral student of medicine.

took place on the very day for which he 8. At Scotstoun, George Oswald, Esq. had intimated, a few days before, the anof Auchincruive, aged 84.

nual meeting of the society. In conse. - At No. 50, Hanover Street, Mrs M'. quence of a wish expressed by the Presi. Rae Smith, widow of the late Captain dent, the Right Honourable the Earl of Robert Gairdner, of the Hon. East India Kinnoull, the day of miceting was, out of Company's Bengal artillery.

respect to his memory, postponed to a fu9. At Edinburgh, Major-General Dewar ture day.- Perth Courier. of Gilston.

At Chichester, Helen Anne, youngest 10. At Craigorthy, Oliver Gourlay, Esq. daughter of the late Rear-Admiral Thoinpin his 80th year.


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