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consisting of 6000 troops, which formed a censorship shall be exercised on one unicordon round that place and the neighbour form principle throughout the whole mo. hood, infected with the yellow fever, had narchy." suddenly broke up, and retired into Estre. An article dated Carlsruhe, October 29, madura. They had arrived at Santa Olava, states, that the resolutions of the Diet had a small village, but finding no accommo- been promptly put in execution there. dation in so small a place, they had pro The same course has been pursued in Wis. ceeded to Cassilis, a larger town further up baden. the country. The inhabitants, alarmed, The shameful outrages against the Jews proceeded to take arms in their defence, have extended themselves to Dantzic, where when, in order to avoid extremities, a par- the garrison was compelled to remain durley took place, and the troops in conse- ing three whole days under arms. quence halted. It is stated that this unex SWEDEX AND DENMARK.-The conpected movement arose from want of pro. vention concluded between Sweden and visions.

Denmark, through the mediation of Great In the midst of these scenes of terror Britain, provides, by one of its articles, and distress, the young Queen of Spain that the King of Denmark shall henceforth arrived on the 20th ult. at Madrid, and cease to include the Lion of Norway in his her arrival is said to have caused much re- armorial bearings. joicing.

TURKEY.-A revolution has recently Of course, all expectation of completing occurred in the ministry of the Ottoman the equipment of the expedition, so long Porte. His Highness announced a grand destined for South America, has been aban. levee to be held ; the Ministers repaired to doned. The strictest precautions were it; and, quite unexpectedly, the Mufti (or adopted to prevent the introduction of the Lord Chief Justice of Turkey) was turned fever into the capital. .

out of office. A short time afterwards, ITALY.-Accounts from Rome, dated three other Ministers were deposed-the the 9th ult., state that the brigands pursue Grand Master of the Ceremonies, Minister their predatory plans with increased daring, of the Interior, and Grand Marshal. The on the route between that capital and Na poor Grand Admiral was also accused of ples; they seize all travellers indiscrimi, various crimes, sentenced, wrangled, and nately with a view of extorting a ransom. thrown into the sea. A young Genoese nobleman was lately stop.: CORFU, Scpt. ll.-On the 4th inst. at ped by them near Bondi; and his liberation seven o'clock in the evening, we had here was obtained for the sum of 10,000 crowns, such a violent shock of an earthquake, that which was paid by a mercantile house at in an instant the bells of all the churches Naples.

began to ring. As this happened in forty GERMANY.-By the accounts received churches at once, it may be supposed what from Germany, it appears that many of the terror was excited. The inhabitants rushstates of that empire are still in a very agi. ed out of their houses, and several buildtated state. A Brussels paper contains a ings were damaged. The air was quite long article, which seems to have been pub- serene, and the moon shone bright. We lished by some of the Prussian authorities, expect now that we shall hear of an erupin order to shew, that the late arrests in tion of Vesuvius or Ætna, as earthquakes Germany, consequent on the assassination in this country are usually ascribed to such of Kotzebue, were well warranted by the eruptions. existence of an association, the objects of which were to revolutionize all Germany by

ASIA. the most horrible means. It states, that EAST INDIES.-A vessel recently arriv. the persons in prison at Berlin do not ex. ed at Bengal, which touched at Batavia, cced 10 or 11, chiefly young men of the brings accounts of the extreme jealousy Universities, from 20 to 24 years of age, with which the Dutch authorities at Java will soon be brought to public trial. Four. are disposed to treat the British who trade teen associations have been discovered, which in that quarter. They had determined, it are directed by secret chiefs.

appears, to exclude all foreigners from the Prussia, it is stated, has agreed, in the various ports of the island excepting Bata. most unqualified manner, to adopt the via, and their hostility seemed particularly measures proposed by the central commis- directed against the English, of whom they sion at Mentz, for restraining seditious were exceedingly jealous on account of the publications, and for the maintenance of advantages they derived from their settleinternal security and public tranquillity in ment at Singapore. Tlie Government of the confederation. The law agreed to by Java had granted, liowever, to certain india the German Diet, and now adopted by viduals special licences, allowing them to Prussia, orders, that all the hitherto ex. load their vessels at Sourabaya and Samaisting laws upon the censorship of the press, rang, but whether to soften the general seboth in the old and the new provinces of the verity of their measures, or tu tavour them, kingilom, shall be abolishel, so that the was not known. VOL. v.

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paring for a descent upon the north of VeneMOROCCO. A circumstance recently zuela, and for an attack on the ports of that occurred in Morocco, which has there maritime frontier, General Bolivar, the brought the Jews into great favour. A Commander-in-Chief, carried his arms to conspiracy has been formed in one of the the westward against New Granada, and provinces, to attack and rob the Crown appears to have commenced his operations Prince, who had to travel that way: and under happy auspices. On the 25th July but for information which was furnished by he defeated the Spanish army, after a sen a Jew, the result might have been most vere and bloody contest, during which the fatal. The escort was attacked, the Prince Independents were at one time surrounded, wounded, and the treasure carried off by and in the course of which the British the robbers. Of this event the Jew gave troops distinguished themselves by their such prompt information to the Emperor, characteristic bravery ; in consideration of that a large force was instantly sent off, which, Bolivar rewarded our countrymen which not only succeeded in rescuing the with the Star of the Order of Liberators. Prince from the defiles in which his party The Spaniards lostabove 500 men, with arms was entangled, but succeeded in taking an and military stores. It appears that the immense number of prisoners, among whom Spanish Viceroy, after his defeat, abandonwere many Jews, who had been compelled ed Santa Fe, the capital of the province, into the service by their superiors. The which city was afterwards entered by the Jews were all treated with favour, the others Patriots, who threatened to push forward had their eyes thrust out. The Emperor to the neighbourhood of Carthagena, and is married to a Jewess. The Crown Prince were expected to make it the object of an is since dead.

immediate attack. It is mentioned in the recent Paris pa. BRITISH AMERICA.- The Montreal pers, that the plague has entirely ceased at Herald gives a full detail of the trial of Algiers and Tunis.

the Editor of the Niagara Spectator, for a

libel. He was found guilty, by a Special AMERICA,

Jury, of libelling the local authorities of UNITED STATES.- The United States, the Upper Province. Gourlay, the reformwhich have been for a long period suffering er, was also tried for a similar crime. He equally with this country from severe com- made a long and vapouring defence, stamercial distress, we are sorry to state, have ting his knowledge of law, and that he also of late been visited with the fatal yellow would carry the cause to the mother counfever, which has made such dreadful rava- try. He was found guilty, and was orderges in Spain. New York, Baltimore, and ed to leave the province in 24 hours. He Boston, have particularly suffered from this absconded the following evening. dreadful malady; and by the last accounts WEST INDIES. We are sorry to say it continued to rage at the two latter places that distressing accounts have recently been with unabated violence, but at the former received from Jamaica, relative to the health place on the 26th uit. only one new case of the troops in that island. The 50th and had been reported. Its terrors had, how. 92d regiments have suffered severely by the ever, completely suspended all public busi- insalubrity of the climate, and are reduced ness, and thousands are said to have emi to mere skeletons. The names of several grated. Philadelphia, at the date of the officers are mentioned who have fallen vic. last accounts, remained free from contagion. tims to it; among others are those of Cap.

SPANISHI AMERICA.By a vessel ar- tain Mackie of the 92d, Colonel Hill, Caprived at Bristol, advices have been received tain Montgomery, the paymaster of the from Trinidad, of the successful progress 50th, and his son, and several others. The of the Patriot arms under General Bolivar deaths from the fever had been very consiin New Granada. From these it appears, derable in the island, but the garrison liad that while the English expedition was pre- suffered most.


OCTOBER. 14. A new yacht is now building for the Prince Regent' at Portsmouth, which, for elegance, will probably surpass every thing of the kind. The first artists are employed in the embellishments: and it is understood that the gilding of the ornaments alone will cost nearly L. 1000. The burthen of

the vessel is 281 tons, and the upper deck is 103 feet in length. She is to be called the Regent, and her head will be an immense bust of that illustrious personage, supported by full length figures of Britan. nia and Neptune. The vessel will be launched in the spring of next year.

16.- Edinburgh. The Caledonian Hunt

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and Edinburgh Races commenced running dities, and endeavouring to defend his over Musselburgh course on Monday, and blasphemies by proving them justifiable. closed this day. They were well attended, For this purpose, he read over the whole had the advantage of good weather, and of the Age of Reason, and also many pas, afforded considerable sport. On this occa sages of the Bible, commenting upon these sion, although the building of the street in such a manner, as frequently to make running along the Regent Bridge, called the jury shudder. On the second trial he Waterloo Place, is not quite finished, the attempted the same line of defence, and remaining part of the road running over on being told by the Judge that it was the Calton Hill, and joining the old road inadmissible, he appealed to the jury, who near Jock's Lodge, being nearly complete, informed him the course he was adopting the magistrates, with great propriety, order- could not be favourable to his interests ; ed the road to be opened for the accommo- upon which he immediately closed his dedation of the company going to the races ; fence. Carlile, for want of bail, has been and this arrangement, besides, afforded a committed to Newgate until he receive senhigh gratification to the public in general, tence; but in the mean time has stated his Every day during the week the Calton Hill intention of applying for a new trial. In was covered with crowds of spectators, who the course of the third day's proceedings, the assembled to see the return of the immense Attoraey-General remarked that it was evi. cavalcade of carriages, horsemen, and pedes. dently the object of the defendant to give trians, which daily crowded to Mussels currency to the calumnies against the Chrisburgh ; and these, on the other hand, were tian religion which he had brought forward, equally gratified to witness the enlivening by connecting them with his defence. It was spectacle which the asseniblages on the hill important, therefore, it should be underafforded.

stood, that these could not be reiterated Queensferry Passage.--At a meeting of with impunity, for he would take care that the Trustees on the Queensferry Passage, those who might hereafter publish them held to-day, the Lord Chief Commissioner should not pass unnoticed or unpunished. in the chair, it was finally resolved to erect This will prevent Carlile from publishing a new pier, at the present landing place the blasphemous matter as part of his deadjoining the signal-house at the North fence, in any report of his trial which, in Ferry. This work is to be begun early in imitation of Hone, he may hereafter chuse the spring, and of all the improvements to put forth. Since these proceedings, an which have taken place at this Ferry, that information has been laid against Carlile's now proposed, when completed, will be wife, for ontinuing to sell the publicathe means of affording the greatest facility tions in question ; and she will likely also and accommodation to travellers. It is be brought to trial. It is remarkable, that meant to extend the present landing con. three years ago Carlisle, who was then a siderably to the southward-to widen it by journeyman tinman, was with his wife reblowing away the rocks-ind on the west ceiving pecuniary relief; and such has side to erect a pier exclusively for pinnaces. been his success in the iniquitous traffic -When these improvements are finished, which he has since carried on, that some which it is expected will be next summer, weeks ago, in offering himself bail for one we may congratulate the public upon this of his friends, he made oath that he was Perry being the most complete in Great worth L. 4000. Britain.

Northern Meeting. This institution, 18. Trial for Blasphemous Publica- which met at Inverness last week, is among lions.-On Monday the 11th instant, the the oldest of its kind in the kingdom, Court of King's Bench, London, proceeded having commenced so far back as the year to the trial of Richard Carlile, bookseller, 1788. Its avowed object was the promofor publishing Paine's Age of Reason; and tion of harmony and easy social intercourse at the end of the third day, the jury found among the nobility and gentry of the north, him guilty. Next day he was arraigned on a ern counties. The company was but thin similar charge, and found guilty of pub- in the beginning of the week, but towards lishing another blasphemous work, entitled its close many additional visitors arrived, “Principles of Nature,''&c. Carlile conduct and on Friday a party of about 130 ladies ed his own case, and throughout the three and gentlemen sat down to dinner and supfirst days was almost constantly engaged in per. Lord Saltoun presided over the con. altercations with the Judge, who endea. vivialities of that day, and the social powers youred in vain to restrain him in the line of his Lordship were most successfully exof defence le adopted. He did not, like erted to promote the happiness and festive Hone, rest his defence in disproving the gaiety of the brilliant party around him. charge of reviling the scriptures, and bring. On this evening the ball-room was crowded, ing religion into contempt: On the con- and the dance kept gaily up till four o'clock trary, he boldly avowed the most unquali- in the morning. In the absence of Seaforth, fied infidelity, maintaining that the scrip- the Hon. Mrs Stewart Mackenzie sent the tures were a tissue of falselioods and absur- stewards a large fat hart, from the parks of


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in base

Brahan. Handsome and profuse dinners land and Ireland, at the commencement of were furnished through the week by Mr this reign, five are alive, viz. the Earl, now Geddes. Captain Walker favoured the Marquis of Drogheda, the Earl of Carlisle, company with the attendance of the band Earl Fitzwilliam, Viscount Netterville, of the Invernes-shire militia ; and all the and Viscount Bulkeley, all of whom were gentlemen acting as stewards exerted them. under age at the accession, with the excepselves to promote the general comfort and tion of the Marquis of Drogheda, now in accommodation of the company, in a man. his 90th year, and at the head of the Gener that deserved and obtained their warm- nerals of the Army. est thanks.

Dreadful Accident. A terrible accident 22.-Snore in October.-Yesterday there happened in the neighbourhood of Cannohad been a slight fall of snow in and a. bies on Friday week. A gentleman, on round London. In the couise of the night his return from shooting, having a loaded the fall was so great, that the streets this gun in his hand, met in the road a young morning were nearly ancle deep; there woman of his acquaintance, whom he athad been likewise a violent gale from N.W. tempted to kiss." A kind of struggle en- visitations very fatal to the trees and sued, in which some part of the untortunate shrubs, the branches of which, still abound. girl's apparel came in contact with the triging in foliage, are in many instances bro. ger; the gun went off, and its contents ken down by the wind, and the snow with lodging in her breast she expired on the which they were encuinbered. Similar ac- spot ! The unhappy man is said to be in a counts have been received this morning state of mind, in consequence, bordering from different parts of the country. In upon delirium. the vale of Aylesbury the snow lies above 28.- Dreadful Hurricane. The whole three feet high. Between Biggleswade and of the east coast of Britain has been for Stevenage the snow fell so thick, as entire. some days past visited by a violent hurrily to impede the horses in the different cane, in which the shipping has suffered coaches. “At Walthamstow, a number of much. A letter from Fraserburgh of the trees were blown up by the roots, and lay 25th instant says " A shocking spectacle across the highway, compelling travellers presented itself this morning, on the north to go a circuit of several miles. The out. side of Kinnaird's Head light-house, where, side passengers, together with the guards during the night, the brig Adonis, of Liverand coachmen, suffered much from the in. pool, had been driven on the rocks, and clemency of the weather.

dashed to pieces, and all on board perished; 25.-- Accession of his Majesty. This the wreck of both vessel and cargo strewed day his Majesty entered into the 60th year along the shore exhibiting an awful catas. of his reign, a period longer than any of trophe ; the cargo consisting of hemp and his predecessors, in England or Scotland, tallow. Several dead bodies were repeated. occupied the throne. Henry III. reigned ly seen this forenoon, dashing against the in England 57 years, and James VI. in face of the rocks, by the violence of the Scotland 58 years; but the former was waves ; one of whom had the appearance only nine years of age when he succeeded of having been a passenger, as he had on a to the monarchy, and the latter was an in- long black coat ;-several articles of chil. fant when, in consequence of the extorted dren's clothes have been also washed on resignation of his mother, he became king, shore. On a small part of the stern was while George III. was of legitimate age on " Idonis, Liverpool ;” and on a sign his accession to the sovereignty of Great board, “ Adonis, Geo. Atkinson, for Opor. Britain and Ireland. Of the Peers of to." Scotland at his Majesty's accession, only Newgate. There were confined in the gaol the Duke of Gordon, born 1743, who in- of Newgate, on the 2uth of October, 399 herited the title 1752, is alive. The twen- persons, of whom 286 were males, and 113 ty Judges of the Courts of Session and Ex- females. Of these there were 34 under chequer in Scotland have been exactly three sentence of death-31 men, and 3 women. times renewed during this reign; the ap. The prisoners for trial at the present Sespointments to the Bench being sixty in sions are 220, of whom 2 are for murder, 22 number, exclusive of two promotions of for uttering forged notes, and 125 for lar. puisne Judges to the President's chair. Of cenies. the members of the Faculty of Advocates The Mails. Within these few months at the accession, four are alive, viz. Robert many new and excellent arrangements have Craig of Riccarton, and Robert Berry, both been adopted throughout the country for admitted in 1754, and Sir llay Campbell, expediting the mails. Liverpool now reand James Ferguson of Pitfour, the pre-ceives all its letters, with the exception of sent Member of Parliament for Aberdeen- the York mail, early in the morning, inshire, both admitted in 1757. Of the So- stead of at various hours in the day, and ciety of Writers to the Signet at the acces- dispatches them many hours later (after sion, only one, Cornelius Elliot, of Woul. Exchange time) than it formerly did ; with lee, is in existence. Of the Pcers of Eng. a dispzich one day later of its forcign let.

ters intended for the Continent. A com and hospitality with which he was enterplete and direct moving chain of mail tained by the public authorities, and excoaches proceeds about 1000 miles, from pressed his high admiration of the city, its Penzance to Thurso, hy Bristol, Birming- situation, buildings, and public instituham, Manchester, Carlisle, Edinburgh, tions. In viewing Edinburgh from the and Aberdeen. By a late junction at Castle, and from the promenade round the Manchester, Scotland receives and disc brow of the Calton Hill, he frequently patches letters one day quicker each way; burst out into exclamations of “ Grand ! and by a newly established mail-coach fine !_very fine !-finest city in Eufrom Aberdeen, travelling daily to the rope,” &c. Every prominent object or Land's End and Thurso, through a coun- public building which came within his try no stage-coach ever went, and where vicw excited him to some inquiry respectin general no post-horses were kept, in ing their uses or objects. On inquiring most instances the letters reach that ex- the meaning of the round tower raised over tremity of the island several days sooner. the grave of Hume, and learning that it The counties of Caithness, Ross, and Su- marked the spot where the ashes of the therland, each subscribed L. 200 towards great historian of England were deposited, any loss the proprietors of this mail-coach he expressed peculiar satisfaction at this might sustain.

memorial. His Excellency speaks the EngEdinburgh Musical Festival.An ac. lish language pretty correctly. He is a crunt of this grand Festival will be found stout made man, rather above the middle under the head of Public Amusements, in size, of a sallow complexion, piercing black the present number of this Miscellany. eyes, black hair, and a long black beard. NOVEMBER

He was dressed in his national costume, in Executions.-Glasgow, Nov. 4.Pur. rich crimson satin, and a fine large sash of suant to their sentence, Robert VI.Kinlay, the same colour, with a highly finished alias Rough Rab, William Buchanan, dirk, with a large diamond in the centre of Hunter Guthrie, and Alexander Forbes, the hilt. His coach is very neat, painted were executed yesterday, in front of the a bright yellow, and the door pannels are jail. The two former were convicted of adorned with the insignia of the Royal robbing Bothwell Castle ; and the latter Persian order of the Sun and Lion, encira two of breaking into the house of Alexan. cled with a large star. der M Laren, weaver, Kilmarnock. The : Melancholy Accident. A most distres. prisoners had been constantly attended and sing accident happened on Thursday at Ed. assisted in their devotions by Dr Chalmers, monstone colliery, near Ed his assistant Mr Irving, Mr Ewing, and a collier and his wife were descending to the number of the other ministers of the city. pit in the bucket to commence their daily William Buchanan was a native of Glas. labour, when, melancholy to relate, the gow, and spent the greater part of his life rope broke, and they were precipitated to in Gorbals. He had not learned any re- the bottom of the pit, and literally dashed gular business, but occasionally assisted his to pieces. A man who was in the other

er, who is a founder, or machine ma bucket, ascending, also met with very seker. Robert M Kinlay was a native of rious injury, so as to make his life in danGlasgow, had been some time at sea, but ger. What aggravates the distressing achad not a regular trade. Alexander For- cident is, that the collier and his wife were bes was also a native of Glasgow, and by only one year married, and have left an intrade a cloth-lapper. Hunter Guthrie was fart of only three months old. a native of Paisley, and bred a weaver. 8.-Royal Remains.-On Friday forcTill within the last two years he bore an noon the tomb of King Robert Bruce, disexcellent character.

covered about a twelvemonth ago at Duni6.- Visit of the Persian Ambussador to fermline, was, in the presence of an imEdlinlnırgh.-On Saturday the 30th ult. mense number of people, opened, and his Mirza Abul Hassan Khan, Ambassador remains again deposited in a new leaden Extraordinary from his Majesty the King coffin provided for the purpose. The skeof Persia to the Court of Great Britain, ar- leton was found entire, and, after being rived at the Royal Ilotel in this city, on a examined by several gentlenen of the favisit to Scotland, and yesterday set off, by culty present, the skull was taken out, and way of Ilamilton, for Portpatrick, from a drawing and cast of it taken. A numithence to einbark for Ireland. His Excel. ber of leaden boxes were then deposited in lency, during the few days he remained the coitin by Jir Jardine of the Exchequer, here, was busily employed in surveying containing the different coins of the realm, cvcry thing wortly the observation of a both of the last and present coinage; the stranger; and by his conversation and the Edinburgh Directory and Almanack, Lifc various inquiries he made, showed himself of Bruce, History of Dunfermline, a copy a person possessed of no ordinary degree of of all the newspapers printed in Edinburgh intelligence and general knowledge. He the week previous, &c. After the masons was particularly plcasd with the politeness haui proparcd a foundation, the new coffin

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