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the finest compositions of Viotti. On the 6. Expence of advertisements L.33 17 1 whole, we have seldom witnessed a more 7. Incidents and disburseelegant entertainment, and the great delight m ents by the Treasurer and with which it was received was a proof of Secretary, including allowthe good taste of the audience.- Weekly ance to their clerks, and a Journal.

balance due to the Treasur. At a general meeting of the Directors of er on the last Festival - 59 2 31 the Edinburgh Musical Festival, held here Total expences ,

4024 71 the 30th October, John Hay Forbes, Esq. in the Chair ; a state was laid before the Balance due bythe TreasurerL.1232 10 0 meeting by Mr John Russell, of the sums The Directors order the Treasurer to received by him as Treasurer, and of the pay over the sum of L. 1200 to the Lord expences of the Festival, so far as yet as. Provost, Lord President, Lord Justice certained, of which the following is an ab Clerk, Lord Chief Baron, and Lord Chief stract:

Commissioner, who were appointed trustees I. SUMS RECEIVED.

to apply the profits arising from the Musi1. Produce of tickets for the

cal Festival, in terms of the original resoconcerts - - - L. 4774 4 0 lution of the Directors, in aid of such of 2. Produce of assembly in

the charitable institutions of Edinburgh as · George Street Assembly

may appear to stand in greatest need of asRooms

356 9 6 sistance, in such proportions as these trus3. Money received from per

tees shall think most expedient, and after. sons viewing the Parlia

wards to pay over to the trustees such far, ment-house - - - 15 9 0ther balance as may appear to be due, 4. Ditto received from sale of

when all the accounts of the Musical Festi. books of performance - 98 14 0 val are finalled closed. 5. Miscellaneous receipts, con

It appears, from the report of the Treasisting of interest on cash,

surer, that when it was fixed by the Direcdeposited with Sir William

tors that the performances were to take Forbes and Co. &c. - 12 0 7 place in the Parliament House and Thea

tre, it was ascertained, by actual measureTotal sums received L. 5256 17 1 ment, that the Parliament House would

contain 1700, and the Theatre 1300 perII. EXPENCES OF FESTIVAL. sons. The whole number of tickets sold I. Expences of the musical

was 8721, and the following number of department - - L. 3113 18 54 persons attended each of the six performan2. Expences of fitting up the

ces, viz. :Parliament-house and

Tuesday evening - . 1231 Theatre .

. 486 2 10 Wednesday morning . 1546 3. Attendance at the doors and

Wednesday evening - 1169 on the performers, refresh

Thursday morning - - 1621 ments to the performers,

Friday evening - - 1281 and expence of distributing

Saturday morning . 1678 tickets . . 158 2 11 4. Expence of assembly in

8526 Assembly Rooms : - 28 18 6 and that thus there was never present at 5. Expence of printing bills,

any of the performances a greater number books of performance, tick

of individuals than the places of perfor eis, &c.

. 144 5 O mance were calculated to contain.


JOHN BAYNES, of Leeds, Yorkshire, work ins-cutler, one of the people called Quakers; for centain machinery to be attached to carriages for giving them motion by manual labour, or other suitable power. Dated September 27, 1819.

WILLIAM BAINBRIDGE, of Holborn, London, musician and turner; for certain improve ments in the double and single flageolet, or English flute. October 1.

JACOB PERKINS, late of Philadelphia, in the United States of America, but now residing at Austin Friars, London, engineer; for certain machinery and improvements applicable to ornamental turning and engraving, and to the transferring of engraved or other work from the surface of one piece of metal to another picce of metal, and to the performing of metallic dies and mortices; and also improvements in the construction and method

for using plates and presses for printing bank-notas and other papers, whereby the producing and combining various species of work is effected upon the same plates and surfaces, the difficulty of imitation increased, and the process of printing facilitated ; and also an improved method of making and using dies and presses for coining money, stamping medals, and other useful purposes. Communicated partly to him by a foreigner residing abroad. October 11.

CHRISTOPHER HILTON, of Darwin, near Blackburn, Lancashire, bleacher; for a process for the purpose of improving and finishing manufactured piece-goods. October 18.

ANTHONY RADFORD STRUTT, of Makency, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner; for certain im provenients in the construction of locks and latches October 18.




to be British Consul.

Littlenn Grahar shan Barclay


Fred. Loftus, to be Cornet, vice E1mann, dead

7th Oct. Oct. 14.-The dignity of Baronet of the United 19 Cornet Duft, to be Lieut. by purch. tice Kingdom granted to the Rev. John Robinson of

Burton, ret.

15th da Rokeby Hall, county of Louth, Ireland, and the

Hon. G. Hervey, to be Comet d. heirs-male of his body, &c.

Lieut. Dwyer, to be Capt. by purch. Vice 18.-The dignity of Baron granted to Sir John

Paterson, prom. Cradock, G. C. B. by the title of Baron Howden,

Cornet Mildinay, to be Lieut. by parc. of Grimston, and of Spaldington, and of Cradocks.

do. town, county of Kildare, and the heirs-male of his

J. Berners, to be Cornet, by purch, de. body, &c.

24 J. Barron, to be Cornet by purch. riæ 20.--The Earl of Dalhousie to be Captain-Ge

Rocke, prom. neral and Governor-in-chief of Upper and Lower 7 F. Ensign Calvert, from 31 F. to be Lieut. Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Cape Bre

by purch. vice Goldicutt, prot. 60 F. ton, &c.

3. Sept. -Sir James Kempt, G.C. B. to be Lieutenant

Surg. Loinsworth, fm. h. P. FO F. to be Governor of Nova Scotia and its dependencies.

Surg. více Brown, 2 Dr. Gds. do. Nov.5.--Lord Lascelles to be Lord-Lieutenant

tenant 22 Lieut. Keappock, to be Capt. vice N'Ga. and Custos-Rotulorum of the West Riding of

chan, dead Yorkshire.

Ensign Poule, to be Lieut. - The Earl of Egremont to be Lord-Lieute

Hon. F. Cavendish, to be Ensign do nant, &c. of the county of Sussex.

Capt. Teulon, to be Major by pareh. 6.-John Cartwright, Esq. to be British Consul

vice Stovin, prom. 92 F. th Octa General in the dominions of the Ottoman Porte.

Ens. Dalgleish, to be Lieut. by purch. Chicf Magistrates of Scottish Burghs, fc.

vice Mageninis, prom, 37 F. St Andrews-Robert Meldrum

W, A. Stewart, fm. 58 F. to be Ensyn Kirkintilloch-John Freeland Falkland-Francis Deas

T. Jeffries, to be Ensign by pureh. ne New Galloway-John Gordon

Calvert, prom. 7. F.

30th Haddington-Thomas Pringle

Lieut. Meighan, to be Capt. rice Leo Lanark-Robert Hutchison

pard, dead Dingwall-Colin Mackenzie

Ensign Browne, to be Licut. Seth ca. Fortrose-James Fowler

Gent. Cadet A. G. Slacke, fun, Mil Col Forres-James Augustus Grant

to be Ensign

uth do Wiek-George Sinclair

Lieut. Moore, to be Adj. vie Lawrence, Cupar-Fite---George Aitken

res. Adj. only

do. Selkirk-Andrew Lang

Lieut. G. Ledingham, fm. b. p. Cape Dunbar-William Hume

R. to be Payın. sice Sageant ich do Lauder-Alexander Dawson

Lt. Gen. Sir J. Oswald, K.C. B. to be Annan-John Little

Col. vice D. of Richmond, dead Castle Douglas-John Graham

9: Oct Kirkcudbright-John Sanders Shand

T. A. Trant, to be Ensign, vice RoPort-Glasgow and Newark-James Barclay

gers, prom. Cape Cortes 30th Sept Irvine-Licut.-Gen. Montgomerie

Ass. Surg. M.Muru, fm. h. p. 35 F. to Kirkwall-Thomas Pollcxfen

be Ass. Surg. rice Hilod, 85F. Members returned to serve in Parliament. 50 Lieut. Ryan, to te Cept. vice Bt. Naj. City of Hereford-Richard Philip Scudamore,

Rowe, deud

Such Xpt.

Ens. Tew, to be Licut.
Borough of Arundel-Robert Blare, Esq.

Gent. Cadet T. Atunuty, fm. Mil. col.

to be Ensign County of Longford-Sir George Ralph Fether


Lieut. Winterbottom, to be Adj. vice ston, Bart.

Campbell, re. Adj. only d de

Capt. Fitz Gerald, fm. h. . 5 17. to be II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

Capt. vice Russell, 1 Dr. With Oct Oct. --The lion. Bower Le Poer French, late 57 Bt. Lt, Col. Carey, to be Lt (alts Bishop of Elphin, to be Archbishop of Tuam in

purch. via Spring, ret. th Spe Ireland.

Bt. Maj. M.Laine, to be Maj. by purch. 12.-- The Associate Congregation of Carnoustie,

14th Oct. presbytery of Forfar, gave an unanimous call to

Lt. Macdougall, to be Capt. by purch William Parlane, A, M. to be their minister.

Ens. Doig, to be Lieut. by purch. do III.-MILITARY.

H. Shad orth, to be Ensign, by purch 2 Dr. G. Surg. Brown, fm. 9 F. to be Surg. vice 58 G. Rothe, to be Ensign by purch. The Abercrombie, h, p. 60 F,

Stewart, 28 F. 30th Sept. 1819.

Lt. Gokdicutt, fm. 7 F. to be Capt. by 2 Dr. Cornet Heyman, to be Lieut. by purch.

purch. vice Bell, ret. Such do vice Walker, ret.

11th Oct.

Li. Farquharson, to be Capt, by purets. W. Blane, to be Cornet by purch, do.

vice 'Lean, ret. Bt. Maj. Stisted, to be Maj. by purch.

Ens. Orr, to be Lieut. by purch den vice Davenport, res.


Gent. Cadet F. Hawkins, im. Mil Col. Lieut, Lloyd, to be Capt, by purch. do.

to be Ensign by purch.
Cornet Finch, to be Lieut. by purch. 76 Lt. J. Clarke, to be Caps by purch. vice

Rankin, ret.

14th et. J. Floyer, to be Comct by purch. do.

Ass, Surg. Hool, fm, 45 F. to be As
Bt. Maj. F. Russell, fin. 52 F. to be

Surg, vice Bell, dead
Capt. vice Stawell, prom. 23d Sept. 2 W. I. R. Ens, Greenwood, fn, h. p. 1 Bahar
Bt. Lieut. Col. Baker, to be Lieut, Col.

Garr. Comp. to be Ens. Vice Chafers, vice Sir F. E. B. Hervey, dead

dead 30th do.

Gent, Cadet R. Hewan, fm. Mil. Cole Bt. Maj. Mills, to be Major


to be Ens. vice Power, dead
Lieut. Jones, to be Cart.

3i1th Sept. Cornet Parry, to be Lieut.

do Cape Cor. Ens. Rogers, fm. 38 F. to be Lieut, iar W.J. D'Urban, to be Cornet 7th Oct.


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Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, namely, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock in the evening. The morning observations in the first column are made on the Register Thermometer.

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The frost set in early, and severe. The thermometer fell as low as 289 on the 21st October, and on the 20th it descended to 23°, while many potatoe fields in the northern districts were still exposed. The whole were taken up by the end of the month, and are more than one-third below a general return. Some potatoes that had been taken up in the end of September are completely rotten ; their being pitted in a soft or unripe state, brought on a fermentation, by which they were completely destroyed. The greatest part of the wheat is now sown, and, in general, in pretty favourable circumstances, though, in some districts, from the quantity ot' rain that has fallen, the fields have been much poached in harrowing. The early sown has come up equally, and the appar. ance is fully as proinising as in the beginning of November last season. Turnips have improved a little by the late rains, but on dry soils the crop will be uncommonly light. A considerable breadth of stubbles has already been turned over by the plough, and that operation is everywhere going briskly forward. The prices of grain of all kinds continue to look down. At All-Hallow l'air, held annually at Edinburgh in the beginning of November, there were 7800 head of black cattle, being a greater number than in any preceding year. The sale, however, was dull, and those sold brought from 15 to 20 per cent. less than the prices at Falkirk October Tryst. At the sheep-market on Wednesday, the 10th November, there were about 1900 sheep, which sold at from 14s to 30s. per head. The show of horses was great, but sales were dull, except for good saddle-horses. Nov. 13.

Charleton pease that had been sown in the open border on the 8th October gave a braird on the 20th. The first flowers of the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) appeared on the 14th, and the plant was in full blow by the 26th. The flowers of the Aster foliosus were expanded by the 8th November. Wheat brairded on the Ilth that had been sown on the 19th of the preceding month, or in 24 days, the mean temperature, by daily observations at 9 A. M., being 39° during that period. It may be observed, chat the same sort of grain sown on the 25th September gave a brain in 10 days under & mean temperature of 52, Perthshire, 13th November.

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