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which we have endeavoured to describe. Somerville was travelling towards Italy. These properties had, doubtless, their cor with his sister, Miss Somerville. With his responding foibles, arising out of a sanguine usual kindness, he had left his surgeon betemper and quick feelings. But these were hind him at Pontarlier, to attend a counof a nature so innocent, that, like a slight tryman of distinction, whom he found exirregularity in a beautiful countenance, tremely ill at that place. He himself enthey rather gave individuality to the cha- joyed his usual state of health until he was racter than impaired its lustre. Although attacked by a dysentery at Vevai, of which Lord Somerville's health had been early the symptoms soon proved moruul. He impaired by the consequences of a severe lingered till the 5th of this month, possesfall from a curricle, it was so far restored sed of his senses, reconciled to his fate, and that his friends might, in the course of na endeavouring to soothe the sorrows of those ture, have long enjoyed the happiness of around him. The presence of an English his society. Diis atiter visum ! And we clergyman afforded him in his last moments may add, that it is no good omen of the the consolation of receiving the visible syntimes, otherwise gloomy, when those so well bols of that religion which he had always sinqualified by situation and talents to sustnin cerely professed. On the oth he expired, the best interests of the country, are remo when, to borrow an idea from a poet whom ved from us when their services inight ba he read and relished, a wariner heart was most availing.

never made cold by death. When the fatal period arrived, Lord Oct. 1819.



6. At New, Mrs Dr Porbes, Stratlidon, Sept. 18. At Florence, the Lady of a son. Roderick M‘Niel, Esq. a daughter.

8. At Loclinaw Castle, Lady Agnew, a 25. At Young Street, Charlotte Square, son. the Lady of Captain William Marshall, of 10. At Inverugie, Mrs Stuart, a son. the Hon. East India Company's service, At Arch Cliff Fort, Dover, the Lady a daughter.

of Captain Duncan Grant, royal artillery, - At Gatehouse, the wife of Mr George a son and heir. M Nish, carpenter, two sons and a daugh 11. At his Lordship's house, in Berkeley ter, all full-grown children.

Square, London, the Countess of Jersey, a 26. At Melsetter, the Lady of Robertson. Heddle, Esq. of Melsetter, a son.

14. At Stone Lodge, near Ipswich, the 28. The Lady of Dugald M.Dougall, Lady of the Honourable George Lennox, Esq. of Gallanach, a daughter.

a daughter. 30. At the house of his Majesty's En. - At Paris, the Lady of Alexander H. voy at Berlin, the Lady of George Sholto Hamilton, Esq. of the Retreat, in DevonDouglas, Esq. Secretary of Legation at that shire, and of Hullerhirst, in Ayrshire, a Court, a daughter.

daughter. Oct. 1. The Lady of Major Nickle, 88th 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Morehead, wife regiment, a son.

of the Rev. R. Morehead, a daughter. - Mrs Buchanan, 16, Duke Street, - At Kennington, Mrs J. Mackie, & Edinburgh, a daughter.

daughter. At Edinburgh, Mrs Colonel Max. 16. Lady William Russell, a son and well, a son.

heir. · 2. The Lady of Captain James, of the 2d, 17. At Boath, Lady Dunbar, a son and or R. N. B. Dragoons, a daughter.

heir. - At King's Place, Leith Walk, Edin. - Mrs Lyon, Forth Street, Edinburgh, burgh, Mrs Captain M'Vicar, R. N. a a daughter. daughter.

- Mrs Alexander Ross, George Square, 3. At Dublin, her Excellency the Count Edinburgh, a son. ess of Talbot, a son.

- The Duchess of Mecklenburgh, a - At Lochmalony, the Lady of Major daughter. Horsburgh, a son.

18. At 'Auchlunies, Mrs Gordon, a 4. At Foss, Mrs Stewart of Foss, a son. daughter.

5. In Great Wellington Street, Leith, 20. At Hopetoun House, the Countess of the Lady of Captain Romer, royal artillery, Hopetoun, a son. a daughter.

21. At Tayside, Mrs Dawson, a son. 6. T'he Lady of Peter Horrocks of Pen 22. At Belvidere, the Lady of Jolin Rowortham Lodge, Esq. a son.

bertson, Esq. of Foveran, a son.

· 23. At Dublin, the Lady of Major Men 4. At Leith, Joseph Johnston, Esq. zies, 42d regiment, a daughter.

merchant, Dundee, to Charlotte, eldest At Eskmount, the Hon. Mrs Ogilvy daughter of Robert Coldstream, Esq. merof Clova, a daughter.

chant, Leith. 25. At Camberwell Grove, London, Mrs At Stewarton manse, Mr John Tor. William Scott, a son.

rance, surgeon, Kilmarnock, to Miss Jana 26. Mrs Hogarth, Hart Street, Edin. Douglas, eldest daughter of the Rev. W. burgh, a daughter.

Douglas. Nov. 1. At Nelson Street, Edinburgh, 5. At Teignmouth, Devonshire, John Mrs Dalrymple, a son.

Cave, Esq. of Brentry House, Gloucester. Lately. A poor woman, the wife of a shire, to Catharine Margaret Strachan, labouring man, named Scully, residing at daughter of John Strachan, Esq. of StraGlengariff, near Bantry, was safely deliver- chan, county of Stirling. ed of four children, three sons and a daugh- - At St Mary-la-bonne Church, London, ter, who are likely to live and do well. Major-General Sir Herbert Taylor, to Char. Mrs White humanely supplied the mother lotte Albinia, eldest daughter of the late Ed. and infants with every necessary. It is not ward Disbrowe, Esq. a little extraordinary, that, twelve months 6. At Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, Sir ago, another poor woman, living in the Francis Brian Hill, K. T. S. son of So same place, was brought to bed of three John Hill, Bart. of Hawkestone Park, children, at a birth, who were provided for Shropshire, to Emily Lissy, youngest by Mrs White, and are all living at present. daughter of the late Thomas Powys, of

Berwick-house, Esq.

8. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, ArSept. 8. At Gretna Green, on the 8th chibald James Hamilton, younger of Dal. ult. and at St Andrew's Church, Holborn, zell, Esq. to Margaret Sibella, second London, on the 4th October, William Plo- daughter of William Ramsay, Esq. banker. mer, Esq. son of the late Sir William Plo. 10. At London, Charles Bertram, Esq. mer, to Catharine Wilhelmina, only daugh- of New Bond Street, to Anne, youngest ter of William Pagan, Esq. Edinburgh. daughter of Thomas Price, Esq. of Warham,

15. At Perpignan, near Toulouse, France, Herefordshire. the Marquis de Chesnel, Lieutenant-Colo- II. At Luchenbreck, David Irring, Esq. nel of the Legion of Light Infantry of the surgeon in the service of the Hon. Last 10Pyrenees Orientales, to Mary Louisa, eld. dia Company, to Margaret, daughter of est daughter of Brigadier-General Sir Sam. William Brown, Esq. of Linkins. Bentham, R. S. G. of Berry Lodge, Hants. - At Hallrule, in Roxburghshire, Wil.

21. At Paris, Captain George Tyler, liam Filder, Esq. Deputy Commissary Ge Royal Navy, to Miss Sullivan, daughter neral of the Forces, to Anne, eldest daughof the Right Hon. John Sullivan of Rich. ter of John Wilson, Esq. of Hallrule. ings Lodge, Bucks.

12. At Renfrew, Mr Thomas Black, of 27. Colonel Sherlock, of the 4th regi. the Excise, to Marion, second daughter of ment of dragoon guards, to Emma, daugh- George Boyd, Esq. Renfrew. ter of the Rev. Dr Wylde, Prebendary of - At London, William S. Cumming, Southwell, and Rector of St Nicholas's, Esq. surgeon in the Hon. East India ConNottingham.

pany's service, to Ann, second daughter ef 28. At Kinouchtree, Sir James Dalrym. John Stewart, Esq. of Burton Crescent ple Hay, Bart. of Park Place, to Elizabeth, 14. At Birdsyards Cottage, near Fortes, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir Lieutenant Arthur Gray, 24th foot, to MaJohn Heron Maxwell, Bart, of Springkell. ry, fourth daughter of George Kay, Esq.

29. At Tweedhill, Mr Thomas Logan, 15. At Dalkeith, James Alexander, Esq. to Miss Catharine Logan, daughter of the banker, to Catharine, daughter of Doctor late George Logan, Esq. of Edrom.

Andrew Graham, Dalkeith. . 30. At Paris, Winchcombe Henry Hart - At Edinburgh, William Forman, ley, Esq. late Judge at the Cape of Good Esq. surgeon in Shields, to Anne, youngHope, to Mary, daughter and sole heiress est daughter of Mr W. Ballingall, of the of the late Wilbraham Harris, Esq. of Rose- London Shipping Company's smack Suwarren House.

perb. Oct. 2. At Brighton, Robert Lewis, Esq. - At Glasgow, the Rev. Andrew M to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Sir Rich. Neil, Blantyre Works, to Margaret, eldest ard Onslow, Bart. G. C. B. an Admiral of daughter of the Rev. James Imrie, Glasthe Red, and Lieutenant-General of Ma- gow. rines.

16. Dr Burnside, Royal Navy, to Sophis, 4. Robert Allan, Esq. surgeon, to Mrs daughter of the late David Burnside of Sophia Bertram, daughter of the late Rev. Ardmore, Esq. Dr Thomas Hardy, Professor of Ecclesi. 18. At London, Colonel Fitzclarence, ta astical History in the University of Edin- Miss Wyndham, second danghter of the burgh, and one of the ministers of that Earl of Egremont.



18. At Gartcows, George Meek, Esq. ofl. At Haddington, David Skirving, Esq Campfield, to Jess, second daughter of John Garleton, to Margaret Lindsay, youngest Heugh of Gartcows, Esq.

daughter of the late Rev. Robert Scot, one - At Ayr, Patrick Gilmour, Esq. of the of the ministers of Haddington. city of Londonderry, to Miss Christie Ha. - At Innerkip, Mr Neill Whyte, mermilton, eldest daughter of Charles Dal. chant, Greenock, to Miss Janet Smith, Inrymple, Esq. Gill's Cottage, county of Lon- nerkip.

2. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Armour, mer19. At Edinburgh, William Whyte, chant, to Isabella, youngest daughter of merchant, Leith, to Margaret, daughter of Alexander Brown, Esq. of Meiklehill. the late Robert Miller, of Milntown, Dum Lately. The Archdeacon of Kildare, eldbartonshire.

est son of the Lord Bishop of Kildare, to 20. At Barry Cottage, James Gordon, Ann, eldest daughter of Owsley Rowley, Esq. Paymaster of the 92d regiment, to Esq. of the Priory, Huntingdonshire. Margaret, youngest daughter of Robert - At Bath, Henry Andrews Drummond, Knight, Esq. Portsoy.

Esq. Commander of the Hon. East India 21. At Greenwich, by the Rev. R. Dal. Company's ship Castle Huntly, to Maria, lin, Abram Constable, Esq. of Mount only daughter of the late Captain TurPleasant House, Lewisham, one of his Ma. quand, Royal Navy, jesty's Deputy Lieutenants for the Coun- -At Woodhouse, Mr Turnbull of Ox, ties of Kent and Surrey, to Jane, eldest Dam-Row, to Miss C. Scott, second daughdaughter of Mr Edward Brown, coal-mer- ter of Mr Scott, Woodhouse, near Jedburgh, chant, London Street, Greenwich. - At Dungannon, Ireland, David Ro

DEATHS. bert Ross, Esq. of Rosstrevor, to Miss Har. May 2. At Sattara, in the East Indics, riot Knox, second daughter of the Hon. in his 32d year, after a short illness of and Very Reverend the Dean of Down, and seven hours, caught by infection, while ad. niece to Viscount Northland.

ministering relief to a poor native Indian, 25. At Athlone, Jobn M‘Roberts, Esq. Alex. Gordon, Esq. Surgeon on the Bombay M. D. second son of James MʻRoberts, establishment, eldest son of the late Rev. Esq. of Listoodor, county of Down, to Ma- Dr Gordon, one of the ministers of Aberry, second daughter of the deceased Wul deen. liam Finlayson, Esq. late of Union Place, June 14. At the Cape of Good Hope, Aberdeen.

Capt. Gregory Page, of the Bengal Esta- At Whitehouse, James Skinner, Esq. blishment. writer, Edinburgh, to Jean, youngest July 18. At Rio Bueno, Jamaica, Mr daughter of Robert Vernor, Esq. late of Charles Bruce, of Musselburgh. Fisherrow.

26. At the island of Jamaica, of the - At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Braid, yellow fever, Mr James Robertson, second Paisley, to Miss Anna Lang, eldest daugh. son of Adjutant James Robertson, of the ter of Thomas Lang, Esq. of Flemington Berwickshire yeomanry cavalry, aged 19.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Gardner, - At Bellfield Plantation, Demerara, to Eliza Mary, daughter of Mr Alexander Mr George Reid, son of the late James Grant, writer.

Reid, Esq. of Ardoch. 26. At Castlebellingham, Ireland, the dug. 6. At Kingston, Jamaica, after Rev. Thomas Plunket, eldest son of the three days illness of yellow fever, in the Right Hon. William C. Plunket, to Lou- 24th year of his age, Mr John Morison, isa Jane, second daughter of the late John surgeon, second son of Mr James Mori. William Foster, Esq.

son, White Hart Inn, Dalkeith. - At Hillhouse, Robert Ramage Liston, 13. At Philadelphia, Mrs John Chalmers, Esq. to Janet, eldest daughter of George formerly of Brownfield, Glasgow. Her Johnston, Esq. of Hillhouse.

death was occasioned by bathing in cold 29. At Edinburgh, Sir Joseph Radcliffe, water when the body was overheated. Baronet, of Mill-bridge House, in the coun- What is remarkable, her husband died the ty of York, to Jacobina, youngest daughter same time last year, by drinking cold of the late Captain John Macdonell, Ber. water, soon after his arrival from Britain. wick-upon-Tweed..

22. At Jamaica, Lieutenant-Colonel E. - Robert Marshall, Esq. writer to the P. Sparrow, Deputy Adjutant.General on signet, to Mrs Shirley, late wife of Captain that station. Shirley.

23. At the Lodge St Vincent, George - Mr John Pillans, printer, to Helen, Whitefield, Esq. eldest daughter of Mr Archibald Glen, 28. At Úp Park Camp, Jamaica, of yelcorn-merchant, Edinburgh.

low fever, after an illness of 48 hours, Nov. 1. At Edinburgh, William Ronald, Lieutenant George Mackie, 92d regiment. Esq. C'aptain in his Majesty's 6th regiment, Lieutenant Mackie was the 6th surviving to Elizabeth George, daughter of the late son of the late William Mackie, Ormiston, Lieutenant General Benson.

East Lothian. He began his military lifc as Ensign in the 924 regiment, or Gordon 4. At Ayr, Mr David M-Whinnic, Highlanders, in which he served for the writer. period of eleven years, the last four of 5. At Florence, the Dowager Countess which he filled the situation of Adjutant to of Shaftesbury. the corps. He was present with this dis. 6. In the 34th year of her age, Eliza. tinguished regiment during its campaigns beth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr Mac. in Portugal and Spain, and shared its glo. leod, Rector of St Anne's, Westminster. ry in the field of Waterloo, where it made And, on the 3uth of August last, in the itself so conspicuous, where all were brave. 5th year of his age, his grandson, Roderick There he received a wound, from the effects Macleod. of which he was continuing to suffer at the - At Gourock Bay, Duncan M.Keller, time of his decease. Mild in his temper, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. but ardent in his affections--eager, as far as 7. At Anderston, Captain and Adjutant his power extended, to promote the happi. Martin Robertson, 3d regiment Royal Laness of others, Lieutenant Mackie was, in narkshire local militia. his turn, a favourite with all, while his . - At Crieff, Mary Drummond, wife of keen sense of honour, and the refinement Mr David Porteous, distiller. of his manners, made love be always min. - At Dawlish, Devonshire, in the 49th gled with respect. In the affairs of life, year of his age, the Hon. William Leason, there is generally a combination of circum- third son of Joseph the first Earl of Millo stances, and a favourable conjuncture of town. events, without the aid of which, merit is . 8. At Forres, suddenly, Neil Smith, M. kept comparatively obscure, but in the D. surgeon, royal navy. clearness of his perception, in the sound. -- At St Andrew's, William Spink, ness of his judgment, his accurate discharge Esq. of duty, and the ansiety he evinced to rise. At Peattown House, Dumbartonin his profession, there was enough to war. shire, in the 68th year of her age, Isabella rant the conclusion, that, had life been Drummond, relict of the late Dugald spared, and a wider field been opened for Campbell, Esq. of Peattown. exertion, he would have left behind him a 9. In Bedford Row, London, aged 53, more unperishing memorial, than the affec- Lady Burrough, wife of the Hon. Mr Justionate regrets of his admiring friends. . tice Burrough. . .

28. At Stoney Hill, Jamaica, of the yel. " At Aberdeen, Mrs Captain Liring. low fever, Lieut-Colonel Blainey, of the ston. 92d regiment of foot. It would be impos- 10. At Craigrothy, Oliver Gourlay, Esq. sible to do justice to the memory of this in his 80th year. very excellent officer, by enumerating his - At Garngad Hill, near Glasgow, Mr many amiable qualities; it is only those Joseph Shearer, late Quartermaster of die who had the happiness of knowing him royal artillery. that can justly appreciate his untimely loss, 11. At Bernice, Argyleshire, Donald which is so deeply felt by his disconsolate Fletcher, Esq. of Bernice. widow, his family, and the regiment to - At Anniston, John Rait, Esq. of which he belonged.

Anniston. 31. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, in the At Glasgow, Mrs Hamilton, widow 20th year of his age, Mr George Clark, of the deceased Arch. Hamilton, Esq.

son of the late Mr William Clark, - In the Dock-yard, Portsmouth, CapBlair's Arms Inn, Portpatrick.

tain Wainwright, Governor of the Royal Sept. 21. Mr George Coulter, preacher Naval College, which appointment he only of the gospel ; a character well known in enjoyed since the promotion of Admiral Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, and Galloway. Gifford, about ten days.

23. At Lambridge-house, near Bath, 12. At Townend of Symington, John Edward Percival, M. D. member of seve- Boyd, Esq. of Townend. ral Medical Societies in London, Edin. At Ayr, after an illness of 15 years, burgh, and Dublin, eldest surviving son of Mr John M Kinnon, in the 34th year of the late Thomas Percival, M. D.

his age. 25. At Edinburgh, Mr George Yooll, - At Langharne, Carmarthenshire, writer.

John Langharne, Esq. Vice-Admiral of 26. At Kirkwall, Barbara Manson, re- the White. lict of the late Dr Paterson there.

- At Symington, Mr William Brown, 30. At Annan, Miss Ann, second daugh. late watchmaker in Edinburgh. ter of John Little, Esq. Provost of that 14. At the Hague, her Royal Higliness burgh.

the Princess Dowager of Brunswick LuncOct. 1. In Craven Street, London, Ben. burg. Her Royal Highvess was born 28th jamin Ross, Esq. of Tain.

November 1770, and was consequently not 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Robertson, quite 49 years old. daughter of the late Rev. Francis Robertson, - At Greenock, D. M‘Fayden, Esg. sure minister of Clyne, in Sutherlandshire.

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