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Foster, Esq. of Carnegie Park, near Port Maria Clara Murray, Maid of Honour to Glasgow.

her late Majesty, and second daughter of 8. At Boreland, John Menzies, Esq. to the late David Murray, Esq. brother to Miss Sarah Lucy Campbell, daughter of Lord Elibank. John Campbell, Esq. of Boreland.

22 At Birkwood, James Moore Nelson, 10. At Ruletownhead, the Rev. Andrew Esq. writer, Glasgow, to Miss Ann Henner. Scott, Cambusnethan, to Elizabeth, eldest 25. At Merksworth Cottage, James Maxdaughter of the late Mr Thomas Laidlaw. well, Esq. younger of Brediland and Merks

- At Macduff, George Hunter, Esq. worth, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late merchant, Aberdeen, to Helen, daughter of John Ainslie, Esq. M. D. David Souter, Esq. of Gauldwell, Banff- 29. At Ralston House, Robert Orr, Esq. shire.

eldest son of John Orr, Esq. Dublin, to 12. At Queen Square Chapel, Bath, Sir Eliza, third daughter of the late William Thomas Ramsay of Balmain, Bart. to Mrs Orr, Esq. of Ralston. Chisholm of Chisholm.

- At Craigleith House, William Fle13. At Dublin, Captain John Marshall, ming, Esq. banker, Cupar, to Helen, eld91st regiment, to the Hon. Miss Butler, est daughter of Alexander Bonar, Esq. daughter of Lord Dunboyne.

of Ratho, banker in Edinburgh. 14. At Paisley, Mr Allan Stewart, sur. Lately.-- At Mary-le-bone Church, geon in Paisley, to Betsey, eldest daughter James Irving, Esq. of the island of Jamai. of John Thomson, Esq. of West Brae. ca, to Judith Rowen, third daughter of

- At Port-Glasgow, William Lade, Esq. the late Thomas Nasmyth, Esq. M. D. of writer, to Susan, second daughter of Mr the same island. John Cumming, merchant there. - At Edinburgh, Captain A. Campbell,

DEATHS. of the Honourable East India Company's Oct. 31, 1818. At Marzipore, Bengal, artillery, to Margaret, younger daughter Lieutenant-Colonel Bartlet Hugh Kelly, of Charles Hay, Esq. Great King Street. of the Hon. East India Company's ser.

15. At London, Colonel Sir Dudley St vice. He was the son and last surviving Leger Hill, to Caroline Drury, third daugh- child of Hugh Kelly, barrister at law, auter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of Kew, Sur. thor of " False Delicacy," &c. rey.

Dec. 12. At Bombay, John Copland, 16. Alexander Oswald, Esq. to Miss Esq. of the Bombay Medical Establish Dalrymple, youngest daughter of the late ment, second son of Dr Copland, ProfesSir H. D. Hamilton, of North Berwick sor of Natural Philosophy in the Univerand Bargeny, Bart.

sity and Marischal College of Aberdeen - At the house of J. G. Lambton, Esq. Jan. 7, 1819. At Jamaica, in the 24th M. P. in Cleveland Row, London, the Hon. year of his age, Mr Donald M.Queen, sur. H. F. C. Cavendish, M. P. Major in the geon, son of the late Mr Edmund M‘Queen, 9th regiment of lancers, son to Lord George minister of the island of Barra. Cavendish, to Frances Susan, widow of the 30. At Tobago, Captain James SangHon. Frederick Howard, and only daugh- ster, of the Pigot West Irdia ship of Lon. ter of the late W. H. Lambton, Esq. don. M. P.

March 6. At St Mary's, Jamaica, Mr 17. At London, the Hon. Robert Henry James Arthur, from Glasgow. Clive, M. P. of Oakley Park, Shropshire, April 18. At Kaillen, North Uist, M2second son of the Earl of Powis, to the rion M‘Queen, wife of Murdoch Maclood, Right Hon. Lady Harriet Windsor, daugh. Esq. ter of the late and sister of the present Earl 29. At Portaskaig, island of Islay, Mr of Plymouth.

John Hill. - At London, Robert Lowis, Esq. May 14. Off the coast of Ireland, Mr younger of Plean, to Margaret, eldest John M-Kinley of Glasgow, aged 29, asdaughter of David Hunter, Esq. Monta- sistant-surgeon of his Majesty's ship Pike. gue Street, Russell Square.

18. At Spearvale, county of Cavan, Wil- Dr Baillie, R.“ N. to Eliza, eldest liam Spear, Esq. aged 81, one of the oiddaughter of Captain Livingston.

est lieutenants in his Majesty's service. 18. At Paris, Henry Peters, jur. Esq. 22. At Grant Lodge, Miss Jane Grant, to Sarah, daughter of General Christie Bur. daughter of the late Sir James Grant of ton.

Grant, Bart. and sister to the Right Hon. 21. At London, Charles Pascoe Grenfell, the Earl of Seafield. Esq. M. P. to the Right Hon. Lady Geor- 23. At Aberdeen, in the 80th year of giana Isabella Frances Molyneux, eldest her age, Mrs Fraser, relict of the late Wildaughter of the Right Hon. the Earl of liam Fraser, Esq. Kirktown, near InverSefton.

ness. 22. Edmund Hungerford Lechmere, Esq. 26. At Springfield, Blantyre, Mrs Mar. eldest son of Sir Anthony Lechmere, Bart. garet Givan, relict of James Dick, Esq. of of the Rhyd, in Worcestershire, to the Hon. Wheatlandhead, aged 82.

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27. At Rome, Robert Dinwiddie, Esq. daughter of the late George Ramsay of of Germistown.

Barnton, Esq. 28. At Glasgow, Mr John Kemp, ac- 6. At Kirkhill, aged 15 months, Jane countant, Thistle Bank, aged 33.

Mary, youngest daughter of John Tod, 29. Ai Lochmaben, in the 71st year of Esq. W. S. his age, Mr John Gardiner, late Bailie of - At Edinburgh, John Young, Esq. of that burgh.

Bellwood, Perthshire. - At Auchtermuchty, E. M. Gardiner, - At Sanquhar, Mr William Otto, late Esq. of Kilcairney.

Provost of that burgh. 30. At Ashgrove, Jane, daughter of 8. At Dumfries, in the 22d year of his James Coull, Esq. of Ashgrove.

age, Mr James Grant, writer, much re31. At Dornoch, in the 45th year of his gretted. age, John Law, Esq. advocate in Aber - At Sunnyside, Samuel Sandys, Esq. deen, Sheriff-substitute of the county of formerly of Liverpool, aged 65. Sutherland.

- At Edinburgh, Charles Augustin - At Orchardfield Place, Leith Walk, Hallard, eldest son of Mr Hallard, 20, Mr Alexander Bell, Purser, late of his George Street. Majesty's ship Lee.

-- At No. 2, Warriston Crescent, John June 1. At her aunt's house, Thistle Drummond Orr, the infant son of Mr John Street, Elizabeth Campbell Dallas, only Orr. child of the late Torquill Dallas, Esq.

- At Hall, parish of Muirkirk, James - At Spring Bank, in the 57th year of Blackwood, Esq. his age, John Taylor, Esq. merchant, - At Beverley, aged 86, General George Glasgow.

Garth, Colonel of the 17th regiment of - At Cassencairie, Mrs Campbell, wife foot. of George Muir Campbell, Esq. W. S. 12. At Glasgow, after a short illness, - At Auchriosch, Godfrey M‘Calman, James Steel, Esq. M. D.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Greenhill, York - At Fenwick, Captain Thomas Mil. Place, aged 60. ler, of the 31st regiment of foot.

- At Edinburgh, William Arnot, Esq. - At Howard Place, near Edinburgh, of Lumquhat. the Rev. Dr Miller, minister of Cumnock. – AE Walkinshaw, Miss Campbell of

2. At Lauder, Mrs Jessy Allan, spouse Blythswood. of Alexander Dawson, Esq. chief magis. 14. At Tillery, John Chambers Hunter, trate of that burgh.

Esq. of Tillery, in the 76th year of his age. 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Graham of Ore 15. At Edinburgh, Miss Georgina Walchill.

ker Wilson, widow of James Fraser, Esq. - At Loanhead, Mr Robert Riccaulton, Treasurer to the Bank of Scotland. surgeon, R. N.

- At Greenock, Mrs Jane M'Iver, re- At Chillingham, John Bailey, Esq. lict of Mı Iver M'Iver, merchant, Liver.

- At Kilmarnock, Thomas Green- pool. shields, sen. Esq. whose upright and inde - At Aberdeen, Mr William Knight, pendent conduct as a magistrate, and his bookseller, in his 69th year. mild and condescending manners as a gen - At London, John Gardner, Esq. late tleman, secured him the esteem of his fel. banker in Edinburgh. low-citizens.

16. At Birdhurst Lodge, near Croydon, . 4. At Anderston, the Rev. James Stew- Surrey, Samuel Davis, Esq. late a memart, minister of the Relief congregation ber of the Court of Directors of the affairs there, in the 74th year of his age, and 44th of the East India Company of his ministry,

- At Speenbill, Berks, Miss Ann Wil- At Edinburgh, aged 85, Gavin Ral. son, daughter of the late Mr Alexander ston, Esq. of Ralston, barrackmaster of Wilson, Professor of Astronomy in the Piershill Barracks. He was the chief of University of Glasgow. the very ancient and respectable family of - At Saw Mills, Leven, Mr John Bal. Ralston of that Ulk, who held large estates four, in the 89th year of his age. in the counties of Renfrew and Ayr.

- At Tain, Mrs Murray of Rosemount 5. At Jedburgh, Mr J. Thomson, town. 18. At Edinburgh, John Anstruther, clerk, which office he held nearly 35 years. Esq. of Ardit.

- At London, Lieutenant-General Sir 19. At Hackness, in her 24th year, Mar. James Campbell of Inverneil, Bart. G.C. H. garet Anne, wife of George Johnstone. Esa. and K.S. F.

and eldest daughter of the late Sir R. V. B. 5. At Barnton House, Jean, fourth Jolinstone, Bart.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh,






The Scots Magazine.

AUGUST 1819.



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Recollections of Mr John Kemble..... 99 | Some Account of the two last ErupOn the English Dramatic Writers who tions of Mount Etna in 1809 and

preceded Shakespeare (No. V.) cam..... 104 1811, in a Letter to a Friend from On the Unfriendly Dispositions existing an Eye-witness..........

ww160 between Great Britain and America 110 Some Account of the Character and Clerical Portraits, from Peter's Letters Merits of the late Professor Play.

to his Kinsfolk .........macracasosa. 113 Explanation of a Passage in St Paul....120 Remarks on Dramatic Scenes and other

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Poems, by Barry Cornwall....... 121

INTELLIGENCE. Account of Some Discoveries made at University of Edinburgh.-College Mu

the Vitrified Fort on the Hill of Fin. seum.Skeleton of a Whale.-Mo

haven, near Forfar moramo 125 nopoly of printing Bibles, &c. &c..... 169 Tour into the District of Har2........130 Works preparing for Publication ....174 The Silliad, a

Monthly List of New Publications are 175 Remarks on Tytler's Life of the Admi. rable


mananaw 136 On the Progress which the Germans Foreign Intelligencecommons.cocomam...177

have made in writing History..141 | Parliamentary Intelligence coron..... 180 Remarks on Lord Byron's Mazeppa ...145 British Chronicle omaro....mama.. 183 Original Letter of Mr Burckhardt, the Public Amusements, &c. nowocow187

Traveller noen som 152 Patents .... ...contare coronaro sonorarem... 189 Letters from London, by an 'Islander. | Appointments and Promotions.accomaco. ib.

Letter V. meowowa 154 | Meteorological Tablemasmananamnamorson.192 To J. H. Wiffen, on receiving from him i Agricultural Report.c.conra...amma.comcom ib. a copy of his “ Aonian Hours, and Commercial Report.


o m. . 194 other Poems" como..oooooonoraram.159 | Births, Marr

www.como 159 Births, Marriages, Deaths romanow. 197

worama 133


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AUGUST 1819.

the Roman in the

RECOLLECTIONS OF MR JOHN KEM- can never lay aside that classic robe BLE.

of fine associations, in which a thou

sand recollections combine to invest “ In pride of place-here late the eagle

him. Though retired from the gaze flew."


and the applause of crowded theatres,

he has not gone to mope in the inaniTo those who, in seeking, “ at the ty of cheerless solitude, but to spend close of the day," relief from the dis- his last days in elegant pursuits, to tractions of business, and renovation enjoy the affection and respect his of spirits, love occasionally to trans- talents and character have acquired port themselves to that mimic world him, and, as he has authorized us to of gay scenes and interesting event, believe, to occupy himself with those the theatre,—the disappearance of Mr higher duties, J. Kemble from the stage, where, for

Which crave nearly forty years, he had reigned su- Some space between the theatre and preme, its ornament and its pride,

grave; inust have felt like the going down of

That the sun-the glorious sun, that throws He may adjust his mantle e'er he fall.." life and splendour on all things. Per- So engaged, till the curtain finally haps there are few men, (we do not drops upon his mortal scene, admiratalk of players,) who have been fol- tion will haunt his literary solitude. lowed into their retirement by kind. This is some abatement from the lier wishes, or whose persons have common doom of his profession; for been the objects of more endearing in general nothing is so ephemeral remembrances. His name and his and evanescent as histrionic fame. The talents are associated with our earliest painter embalms his genius in the recollections of enjoyment,—and his figures of his canvas, and the statudeparture was like the trying farewell ary erects to his-lasting monuments of some intimate friend of our youth, of marble; the poet, who pours forth for whose merits the lapse of years his soul in verse, lives in his own had not abated, but increased our page, and is enabled thus to commune fondness and admiration. How, in- with a very distant generation ; the deed, should it be otherwise ? He orator wraps himself up in the thunwho so often appeared before us in ders of his volume, and lifts his voice the guise of the hero— that master- to thronging multitudes, long after spirit which again and again lifted his bones have mouldered in the dust. our minds into its own exalted atti

The actor only shrinks from time's award, tude, and gracefully pressed upon Feeble tradition is his memory's guard ; them the noblest sentiments, he who Even matchless Kemble's art so long stood in our sight a majestic . No fixed effect, no model leaves behind. monument of all that was elegant and The grace of action, the adapted mien, dignified in look and deportment, Faithful as nature to the varied scene ;

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